Kevin Mawae is still hoping for a call

In a Tuesday appearance on ESPN’s NFL Live, free-agent center Kevin Mawae once again reiterated his desire to continue to play pro football in the league that doesn’t begin with a “U”.  And he once again reiterated his suspicion that, possibly, he’s being blackballed due to his role as president of the NFLPA.

Explaining to host Trey Wingo that that the 39-year-old lineman hasn’t received even one phone call, Mawae at one point mentioned the “C”-word (collusion).  But he acknowledged that it would be impossible to prove any improper motivation.

Eventually, Mawae admitted that he believes his union activity is “part of the equation.”  And he’s likely right.  For any players, the decision to sign or not sign him results from a stew of factors.  Mawae’s NFLPA presidency would fall into the “con” column.

The other reality is that, as Mawae and Mark Schlereth of ESPN pointed out, teams currently want to see what their young players can do.  If/when they wet their pants and/or crap the bed, teams likely will strongly consider bringing in a veteran like Mawae.

26 responses to “Kevin Mawae is still hoping for a call

  1. He is a good player, he should get picked up by somebody.
    Worse case scenario he gets signed during training camps, somebody always gets injured and creates a void.

  2. Whats his number, I can have him mow my lawn for 20 bucks if he’s looking for work.

  3. I am sorry, Mawae may still have something left in the tank and use savvy veteran moves on the field but one year away from 40 when most teams are looking for the next Nick Manggold will not field you too many calls…Any player that gives more than 15 years to the NFL has done enough for the game.

  4. If the Steelers were smart, they’d sign Mawae to help teach Pouncey the ropes. The only thing he’ll learn from Hartwig is how to barely get by in the NFL.

  5. If he’s not playing during the 2010 season, does he forfeit his position with the union? Does he have to be an “active” player to have that position?

  6. Maybe with Mawae out of the game the NFLPA Presidency will pass along to someone who will actually want to get a new contract put together.

  7. He’s a tool and a turd.
    39 years old at that.
    Someone will pick him up when their young center doesn’t perform or gets injured.

  8. I hope he signs with the Chiefs, so the Chargers DL get a chance to jump on his knee in the season opener.

  9. This guy is tough and deserves a job as a backup on an NFL team.
    Kevin was a good player last year. I think alot of the reason he is not getting signed is because he is the NFLPA President..

  10. I’m sure the fact that he’s also considered one of the dirtiest players in the league by his peers has nothing to do with it either.

  11. Yeah Kevin, if you quit the union tomorrow somebody will sign you by the end of the week. Right after you find the fountain of youth on Thursday.

  12. Hope in one hand, sh!t in the other, and tell us which one fills up first, Mawae. Your career is over, swallow your pride and f%ck off.

  13. Kevin MaWAAAAAAAAAAe.
    Someone sign him for the verteran minimum, sit his ass on the bench so he shuts up.

  14. Was Mawae under contract when he was voted in as NFLPA President in March? No. Perhaps the criteria for candidacy should be reconsidered.

  15. me too, Kevin. Me too.
    I’m 220, played linebacker in High School, graduated in 2002…
    Now I work on excel spreadsheets..

  16. The Eagles could use him until Jackson gets better.
    You guys are nuts if you don’t think that there is union busting going on here. Trying to break union leadership

  17. Raiders should definitely sign him. He was a legit Pro Bowl caliber center last year. Sure, he’s 39, but his performance is still better than most starting centers in the league and he hasn’t started breaking down with injuries. Definitely suspect that teams aren’t interested given the pending labor dispute.

  18. Explaining…that that the 39-year-old lineman hasn’t received even one phone call, Mawae at one point mentioned the “C”-word (collusion).
    Perhaps “Gramps” Mawae should’ve mentioned the “G”- word (Geritol) instead.

  19. He is probably correct. The owners probably don’t want to deal with him or have him in their locker room especially with a work stoppage potentially coming. But tossing out the “collusion” word may not the best way to overcome owners concerns.

  20. Is a Ghostbusters comment or “Jenny” lame?
    Yes, yes it is.

  21. Maybe the amount of money he wants and the length of the contranct he wants are bigger cons than his presidency.

  22. I wish some one would ask him or point out, how few 39 year olds are in teh league. I guess common sense is not all that common. Some one will sign him the first week of the season for the league minimum if there is an injury or deficiency.

  23. I don’t think using the word collusion is appropriate, certainly not in a league-wide sense. For there to be league wide collusion than all 32 owners/GMs would have had to agree not to sign Mawae . . . since the 32 owners/management of the NFL teams can’t seem to all agree on anything, I think it is very unlikely that not signing a 39 y/o center . . . during what amounts to rookie-and-second-year-player-induction-time-of-the-season . . . would be high on the owners list of concerns. Besides, why would the NFL owners want to create even the appearance of singling out this man . . . by most accounts the players union is not winning the PR war that is being waged.
    It seems much more likely that teams are currently trying to get a sense of what they have by way of rookies, second year players and un-drafted free agents; rather than sign a readily available 39 y/o center . . . especially when he continues to publicly run his mouth. The dude would be better off just keeping his mouth shut . . . lining up potential post-NFL career opportunities . . . keep himself in shape and wait for a training camp injury that opens up an opportunity. He also should resolve himself to the fact that more than likely his next contract will be for 1 year and that teams might hesitate to bring him in, even if they need him in the short term, prior to week 3 of the NFL season. Isn’t there a rule that if a veteran of a certain amount of years is on a teams week 1 roster, the guys entire seasonal salary defaults to a guaranteed status?
    I think Jon Runyan ran into this exact same scenario last year . . . no one wanted him on there open day roster because they didn’t want to guarantee his salary.

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