No truth to Asomugha-to-Ravens rumors

Here’s one of the things we forgot to mention from Peter King’s most recent MMQB column.

To the extent that there are rumors linking Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha to the Ravens, think again.  Per King, “It is absolutely not happening.”

For starters, King says that the Ravens aren’t looking to add another high-priced player to the roster.  Then there’s the fact that Asomugha is extremely high-priced, entering the second season of a three-year, $45.4 million contract.

25 responses to “No truth to Asomugha-to-Ravens rumors

  1. wouldnt asomugha be pretty much unmovable for the Raiders. arent they still on the hook for all of his guaranteed money if he gets traded? never understood how the Raiders manage to pull this crap with the kind of guaranteed money they give out.

  2. so when the Ravens deny a trade rumor – you jump to believe it – but when the Raides deny the millions of trade rumors they are tied into – it’s like, “Oh, well, of course the Raiders will deny it….”

  3. In other news, General Franco is still dead.
    Asomugha is headed nowhere. Don’t believe Al wants to give him up and even if he did, no one wants his contract. These are all non-stories.

  4. As good as the Ravens are, they have 0 corners. Their two best cornerbacks last year (who were downright bad, to be honest) are coming off ACL injuries late in the year.
    How do people fail to acknowledge this huge hole in that team?

  5. @JJCheesehead, in the uncapped year, nobody is on the hook for guaranteed money as far as the cap is concerned (because there is none). Entire players and their contracts can be traded with no cap acceleration to the team trading them away.

  6. Mike,
    You and Peter King are getting as bad as ESPN with your self promos, please give it a break

  7. Funny that the Ravens don’t want to pay another player, especially one with the talent of Asomugha… but they were perfectly fine with paying a big contract to Dominique Foxworth last offseason.

  8. One of the best if not the best CB in the NFL for a fat lazy OT that doesn’t want to work? yeah, ok….

  9. Then there is the fact that the Raiders would not trade Nnamdi. But that I guess is not important

  10. Well Gloryhole at least you got half the story right. The part that he’s not going anywhere. What you have wrong is the money. Its an uncapped year. Every team in the NFL would trade for Nnamdi if the compensation was right, you’d be a fool not to. Heres what your ego refuses to let you say…..

  11. @Ce11, its hard to have good cornerback play when the front seven is not creating pressure.
    People who expect any CB to cover with all the time theose QBs had last year just don’t know football.

  12. I can’t believe this rumor keeps coming up. Nnamdi’s contract is untradeable. He has already been paid his $16 mil guarantee this year. He got his 8 mil roster bonus on 3/5 and 7.83 mil option on 3/19. Raiders will NOT cut him in 2010. After the season, his contract will become voidable unless the Raiders pay him 16.8 mil in 2011 or the Franchise tag price for a QB. Once this happens, he will then be a Free Agent.
    REPEAT – Nnamdi is NOT going to the Ravens until after the season.

  13. He may be extremely “high-priced” but that is from the outside looking in – the Raiders and Big Al have the money and so they reward their best player. Way to be a descent human being, Al, while making sure no other team will touch him.

  14. Nnamdi is not, i repeat…. Nnamdi is not… you know what? I’ll say it one more time… Nnamdi is not going to get traded. He is not going anywhere. He will be wearing a black jersey with a silver helmet. And after the season ends, he will remain a Raider for the next season. all u Raider haters need to shut the uffk up!

  15. @ dogma1
    raiders have a fat lazy qb that doesn’t want to work, so what’s the difference

  16. Hey CE11 and MrONE50,
    Last I checked the Ravens were top 7 in pass-D and 3 overall. Not bad for a team with no front 7 pressure and no c-backs. Furthermore, go look at the stats and compare what our second-rate secondary did versus what Rex “the defensive God” Ryan and his all-everything corner back Darelle Revis – or whatever his name is – did against Peyton. i believe you will be surprised at the fact that the Ravens HAVE a better D and a fine secondary that got better as the year went on – You people think in generalizations and know NOTHING.

  17. King is probably right, but the idea of the trade is not completely crazy. The ravens need CB help and have shown a willingness in the past to make trades to fill needs (Boldin being the most recent example). They have also shown a willingness to pay for performance. (Reed, Suggs, Lewis, Heap, Boldin etc).
    The Raiders are not going to win the SB this year, I think it’s safe to say. They’re also not going to pay Nnamdi $16.8M next year so it’s also safe to say this will probably be his last year as a Raider. If they’re not going to win with him, why not trade him for draft picks to select players to help you win in 3-4 years?
    Finally, it’s assumed Nnamdi would want the moon and the stars for his next payday. So did Boldin last year. But he dropped from $10M to $7M. Nnamdi might be willing to take less to play on a contender.
    Again, this rumored trade is probably not going to happen, but it’s not as crazy as some make it out to be.

  18. @rjgreen3
    Our QB is not fat or lazy. Jason Campbell is one of the hatdestworking Qbs in the league. If u were referring to Jamarcus, u need to know that he is not and will not be the quarterback for Oakland next year.

  19. Asomugha is the only Raider since Tim Brown that has a shot at Canton. He’d have a better shot playing on a better team, but still, stuff like that is important to Davis. Asomugha is a Davis project, a great corner, and a good citizen. Everything is negotiable, but it seems to me that Asomugha’s price would be prohibitive at this point in his career.

  20. @bel-bo The Raiders have already paid him for 2010 season. There is ZERO chance the Raiders trade away a player they just paid 16 mil to for picks or another player they just paid for.

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