Saints claim P.J. Hill off waivers

Dropped Monday by Washington, running back P.J. Hill landed in familiar digs.

The Saints claimed Hill off waivers, bringing back the undrafted free agent to a second tour of duty with the team.  Hill had 26 rushes for 128 yards for the Saints in the preseason last year.

New Orleans is somewhat thin at running back, so Hill could stick, perhaps on the practice squad.

15 responses to “Saints claim P.J. Hill off waivers

  1. Makes sense. They signed him off of our practice squad last year as I recall. The Saints never wanted him to leave.

  2. Actually signed by Philly from our practice squad. From there he went to the ‘Skins.

  3. Schweeeeeeeeet!!! Hated that Philly stole him last year… had a beastly pre-season and I know he’ll be a helluva #3 or #4 RB…
    TWO DAT!!!!!!

  4. PJ had a killer pre-season last year for sure, and yep, I was disappointed the Eagles nabbed him… my only criticism is his weight (218lbs).
    The Saints really need a short yardage guy, a power-back with bulk.
    If you check all the UFA RB pick-ups, they’re all in the 225lb range…
    Our power-backs RIGHT NOW (Pierre and Hamilton) are also only about 210-218), so I’d think we were looking for somebody just a little bigger all around…
    but still a damn-good pick-up… hope you get that 4th spot on the starting depth chart PJ!
    Kick the living shit out of everything in sight young man!!!

  5. I wanted the Saints to pick up Justin Fargas but this is a good catch as well.

    Hamilton is 6-0 235… Hill brings a keen ability 2 break tackles,similar 2 PT…

  7. Yeah he would be a good 3rd or 4th string guy, nothing special about him but he is a decent backup.

  8. Hey EF- Thanks for tightening up my f*ck up…
    Man I really like PJ as well… hope he’s up to speed…
    (3- “ups” in 2-sentences, yipes!)

  9. he was a beast his first year at Wisconsin… never regained that form and has been average at best.

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