Brandon Marshall still has no number

NFL_marshall3.jpgIn response to news that the newest guy to be issued No. 15 in Denver already is leading all rookies in jersey sales, a reader points out that the guy who used to wear No. 15 in Denver currently has no number in Miami.

According to the Dolphins’ online roster, Marshall’s number is still listed as “0”.  Since NFL players currently can’t wear “0”, it won’t be his number.

So what will Marshall’s number be?  Davone Bess currently owns No. 15, and he has said he won’t sell it to Marshall.  Available numbers from 10 to 19 and 80 to 89 include only 19, 87, and 88.  (No. 12 and No. 13 have been retired in honor of Bob Griese and Dan Marino.)

Though the situation doesn’t need to be resolved immediately, the team and Marshall are missing opportunities to make money via sales of his new jersey.

And the last time we checked, the team has exclusive authority over the numbers.  If the Tuna wants Bess to cough up No. 15, Bess will be coughing up No. 15 — with or without Marshall writing him a check.

47 responses to “Brandon Marshall still has no number

  1. No, the person misread the information. That was Marshall’s Wonderlic score.

  2. this will lead to marshall getting angry, and being traded to the flordia gators, where #15 is conveniently open

  3. Marshall mentioned #87 at his press conference. It was also rumored that he cut a deal with Kory Sheets for #85, but not confirmed.

  4. Look, it is NON-STORY DAY on PFT!
    Wait… That is EVERY day on PFT…

  5. Well that definitly skews the jersey sales……
    Get a damn number so the “soon to be let down” Dolphin fans can wear your Jersey.

  6. I Read Somewhere That TE Kory Sperry Is Gunna Give Brandon Marshall #85!

  7. It has been written locally that he will wear Mark Duper’s old # 85.

  8. I’m suprised, with the new load of cash, that his new number isn’t already something like 1908370…or does the Florida Department of Corrections use a letter system?

  9. What’s in a number. Let him make his number choice one that can get retired. I like 10 a bunch. Different number for a Dolphin……

  10. If they don’t give it to him, he’ll pick up his toys and go hom…………zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  11. What’s in a number. Let him make his number choice one that can get retired. I like 10 a bunch. Different number for a Dolphin……
    Umm… Pennington??

  12. Marshall wore #6 at UCF. So I was thinking 6 or 16 if he can get the bench-warming QBs to give it up for straight cash, homey.

  13. Davone Bess will sell out, he just hasn’t heard the offer yet, “free coffee for life……and…..”.
    “I’ll take it.”

  14. heard that he’d wear 6 too, like in college but have to let White go first!!!

  15. oh florio,
    i think you need a gameboy at work so u can keep yourself occupied with pokemon


  17. who honestly cares? it will be blanketed by a green and white #24 you wont be able to see it anyway

    Ryiot, are you 13 or something? The Dolphins will be hard pressed to even win a division in which the Jets and Patriots play over the next couple years. They have to get much better and both of the legitimate AFC east teams have to slide considerably downhill for Miami to have a chance.

  19. RYIOT your an idiot. Bmarsh is only going to win the big game if Miami-Dade county jail has a football team. Even then the other inmates will probably say he has to many issues.

  20. So is Tebow leading the league or leading all rookies. Your two different posts imply two different things. OR is he leading both?

  21. I think it’s great that Bess has said he isn’t giving him the number. Welcome aboard, check your ego at the door.

  22. What happens first, Brandon gets a Dolphin jersey number or prison number?

  23. wow !!!!! All i read on here is dolphin HATERS!!! you stinkin jet fans wish you had marshall on your team..and dont give me that crap that you got edwards or holmes that wont be around for half the year and gets kicked off plans cause he’s so stupid..i can care less what number he gets..keep a towel with you cause you guys are sweatin just thinking about playin the MIA !!!!
    hahahaha !! i cant wait bitches !!!

  24. I thought I heard 85 or 87. He could be waiting to see who gets cut to choose from the list of jerseys. Maybe 10, or 6 might be included. Certainly not #15, unless he gets traded, but Bess will be part of the equation… he’s certainly an awesome wideout.

  25. dogma1 says:
    May 5, 2010 8:48 PM
    Who cares! Miami still won’t make the playoffs.
    Like hell, boy! We are easily one of the most physical teams in this league and we are incredibly deep in the trenches. We are also VERY young! My Phins are going to be contenders very, very soon! Book it!

  26. He hasn’t even been on the team a month and he’s already thrown his first diva on massive amounts of roids hissy fit.
    “I ain’t playin’ till I get my muthaf-in numba”
    The attorneys are currently seeing what their options are, while Tuna tries to keep it hush-hush to save face for what is now quite apparently a huge mistake. Other GM’s say “I told you so”.

  27. And I’m sure forcing Davone Bess who’s entering his 3rd year, maybe 2nd, wouldn’t cause a problem in the minds of the players..

  28. I meant to say forcing Davone Bess, who’s been in Miami for a few years, to give up his number wouldn’t cause problems in the locker room or anything

  29. Bess can catch. We must keep him.
    #19 is available for Marshall Marshall Marshall.

  30. For all u idiots who say #6 for marshall….wr’s cannot wear single digit numbers…learn the rules before u say something

  31. Wow.. lotsa JeST trolls around here huh? Typical net losers whos lives are so horrible they feel tuff and special to come and rag on Miami fans. All I have to say is who beat who 2 years ago to make it in the playoffs? Then which team shut out the other this past season? Sorry to tell you JeST fans your not that good.
    As for Marshall’s number. 85 will do just fine.

  32. even if pat white wasnt number 6 brandon marshall couldnt wear it because wide outs can only wear numbers from 10-19 and 80-89

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