Ed Reed undergoes "procedure" on hip

E. Reed.jpgPlayers will always avoid surgery if possible.

That’s why we didn’t buy the claim that Steven Jackson’s surgery was “minor.”  He hoped to avoid it, but eventually was forced to get the procedure in April.

With that in mind, the news from the Baltimore Sun that Ed Reed underwent a “procedure” in his hip area is actually good news for Ravens fans.  (We’re not sure why it’s called a procedure and not a surgery, but it doesn’t really matter.)

There wasn’t much doubt Reed was returning in 2010, but his decision to undergo surgery now shows he’s making the necessary plans to return to the field. 

Reed won’t be on the field, however, for this weekend’s minicamp.  He missed four games last year with a hip injury.

27 responses to “Ed Reed undergoes "procedure" on hip

  1. Ed underwent a minor procedure on his hip and now evacuates his bowels through his left ear.

  2. Noooooooo, Reed its the end of your dynasty. I’m not a Ravens fan but watching Reed over the years has been quite entertaining

  3. Ed Reed is one of the best ever. The hip shit is a problem that can end careers. Hopefully Ed is ok.

  4. He’s done..with the serious neck injury n hip..he won’t hold up over 16 games..He’s was the one of the best..

  5. @ ethan robert
    Funny, nah. Don’t give up your day job at Mickey D’s. Ed has been and remains one of the most talented and classiest players to play in the NFL. Give the man his due.

  6. Reed’s potential for avascular necrosis (AVN) of the hip is high. This is the same circulation issue that curtailed the career of Bo Jackson. The likelihood of him being as effective as he previously has been is miniscule. It is likely the beginning of the end for a fine safety. Further, this will likely push the Ravens to compete w/ the Browns for 4th place in the dreaded AFC North.
    Prediction: Reed, Boldin, Heap, and Suggs will each miss at least 2-3 games this season.

  7. WVUColumbus says: May 5, 2010 6:04 PM
    Prediction: Reed, Boldin, Heap, and Suggs will each miss at least 2-3 games this season.
    Ummm… you might want to check Suggs’s track record. He doesn’t miss games.

  8. The Ravens are very strong contenders for the AFC North Title and it is being reported that Reed will be back this season he has gotten the okay from every doctor and trainer he has visited and don’t get all pre-med on us WVUColumbus you turd

  9. @ BenRoethilsberger
    Ravens will go 13-3
    STEALers 2-14
    Roethlisberger 0-16 (0 willing girls, 16 raped)

  10. Reed is the best defensive playmaker in NFL history. No defensive player can change a game the way he can BUT I think Tom Zbikowski played better than Reed did last year. And its not because Reed is getting older or anything like that. He just gambles to much and he’s out of position to often. The Ravens corners got a bad rap but really Ed wasnt supplying the help that he needed to. He made Rolle look like crap in 06. The corners played much better when Zbikowski played because Zibby doesnt gamble and he stayed where he was supposed to be. Of course that takes away the chance for the game changing play that Reed can give you.

  11. @bigfella
    Ha Ha Ha, we all know Cincy is taking it all this year anyways. WhoDey!

  12. Well …..looks like the heart of the defense is gone(lewis is the asshole). The one classy guy on that team.

  13. As a Bengals fan I have seen first hand how great of a player Ed Reed can be. He has killed us for years and I have nothing but respect for the guy that I believe is the best FS on all time. Atleast the best ballhawking big play safety. He has made a living of coming up with big game changing plays and I dont want his career to be shortened cuz even as he took the pick 6 to the house in the first meeting between the Ravens and Bengals last year I was thinking, “Damn, Ed Reed is a freaking beast!!”. I wish him the best because its more fun sweeping them when I know he is out there.
    Had to bring that up cuz its all us Bengals fans have until we finally win a playoff game!!

  14. @marcman where can you insinuate from this article that Reed isn’t returning. All reports are saying he is coming back.

  15. @wvucolumbus – and where did you get your medical degree from? do you even know what procedure he had done? do you know what the injury was that prompted the procedure? are you LeighAnn Curl the Raven’s team Ortho doc?
    You use a big word like AVN and make it sound like you know what you are speaking of. You can’t make a prediction like that without know the injury, the extent of the injury and the procedure performed. In other words STFU you miscreant idiot.
    And btw – if you are a Squealer fan, you may want to be more worried about Rapistburgers frontal lobes which have been beaten up so much it may have made him the sexual predator we see now.
    And in terms of how the Ravens will do this year…. Well your prediction there is probably as worthwhile as your knowledge of Ed Reed’s hip condition. Basically worthless.
    With Reed the Ravens are 13 – 3. Without him they are 11-5 and either way they make the playoffs. Go play with your Steeler blowup doll. I hear its a big seller in Yinstown.

  16. The last time Reed skipped training camp he had a monster season. He was disappointed with this deep coverage last season…he’s a great ballhawk but can get burned deep. Better DB play = Big season for Reed

  17. @WVUColumbus can I get you prediction on what the PowerBall won’t be, so I can play it and win millions.
    If you con’t like Ed Reed, you must watch NFL football for some “other reason”. He and that hairy fella that play for Rape-a-ho-lisberger and the Squeelers are what you might call defensive offense.

  18. Ed Reed will be back. He will make some stupid gambles and he will make some HOF spectacular plays while enjoying another all pro season ! With the emphasis on pass rush in this years draft he could even be more dangerous than usual!

  19. Hey Ohio and PA idiots,
    So pathetic…@ Ben Rothlessburger: So what if they each miss 2-3, I’d rather deal with that then not have my quarterback for 6! HaHaHaHa…but of course you are wrong-Suggs doesn’t miss time and if any of you clowns knew anything you’d know that our D improved with him out…HaHaHa…@ heavyj39, you are right on one thing..You should shut your non-playoff game-winning mouth. Half of your team will be in prison by mid-season and the other half on IR..Can you say Odom and Geathers? can you say “it took everything we had to beat the chiefs in the middle of our losing streak to get into the playoffs…playoffs?” You will go nowhere this year and we swept your sorry asses the year before so stfu.

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