Gale Sayers not impressed with the Bears

Chicago Bears Hall of Famer Gale Sayers said this week that he doesn’t think much of Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, doesn’t know if linebacker Brian Urlacher has much left, and doesn’t believe coach Lovie Smith’s job is safe.

Cutler hasn’t done the job,” Sayers said, per the Associated Press. “Urlacher, I don’t know how good he’s going to be coming back. He’s 33 years old. They need a couple wide receivers, a couple defensive backs. They haven’t done a good job. If Lovie doesn’t do it this year, I think he’s gone.”

Sayers was speaking at an event for a home for troubled youth in his home town of Omaha, Nebraska, and he said he still supports the Bears, even if he doesn’t have a lot of contact with the people who currently run the team.

“I go to every game I can,” he said. “Yes, I do live and die with them.”

Sayers also said that he made $275,000, total, in his career, which started in 1965 and ended in 1971. He said he’d like to play these days.

“You know why? Because of the money,” he said. “I wouldn’t change my game. I probably would be just as good because I would be on AstroTurf. The money, that’s the key right now. Everybody is making so much.”

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  1. Yeah, I’d love to see Sayers playing Brian’s piccolo again.

  2. Retired players can critique coaches and GMs all they want, but rarely do a good job in that role.
    And they usually just come off as cranky old men, right or wrong. Just ride that legacy, Gale, and keep your mouth shut.

  3. He compares himself to Barry sanders, well sanders was durible, then he criticizes Bush for being hurt too much. Sayers only played 6 years because of injury.

  4. $275,000 in 1971 was a pretty good chunk of change . If properly invested back then he should be filthy rich by now . Keep in mind we’re talking about almost 40 years ago now .
    .. seems kind of sleazy to say his old team sucks , then turn around and say he wishes he could play gain ” for the money ” .
    Where’s Sweetness when ya need him ? How about showing a little class Sayers ?

  5. You could have just titled the article: Gale Sayers Thinks Just Like 95% of Football Fans.

  6. how did that crap bear team make it to the superbow a few years ago? your right gale that team is goin nowhere ! bring back ditka ! the post game would be hilarious. 6-10 tops! bears suck!

  7. i agree with sayers the bears still have holes to fill and martz saying the wide outs are a strength is a joke the wide outs stink

  8. I too am not impressed with the Bears. My bet is Tim Tebow will win more games as QB than Jay Cutler ever will, and I don’t think Tebow is that good, but Cutler is terrible. Broncos made a great trade of that INT/crybaby machine.

  9. You wouldn’t be on AstroTurf if you were with the Bears. Something that you should know since you “live and die with the them.” I’ve already commented on this a few times but Gale talks bad about the team every single year whenever he gets the chance, this isn’t really news. If you were living around Chicago, you’d hear about it constantly.
    Obviously he hasn’t payed too much attention to the Bears this off-season. We’ve made good moves to improve our team but where’s the mention of that?

  10. the bears offenseive line old defense that wasnt addressed,just hand the division over to the vikings or packers and give detroit 3rd.

  11. I agree with you Gale, its all about the money these days for the younger players. I think their are a few that still play for the love of the game, like P Manning, Brett “Jesus” Favre and a few more older guys. But now days its all about the money. I think the NFL should have a set pay roll out, and may it should by the draft rounds. 1st rounders make this number “###” and the 2nd rounders make a little less and so on. Then the undraft free agents can work on deals on their own which would be pretty low. I just think its dumb they give tons of money to someone that might not even make it in the NFL “aka JaMarcus Russell” and more player, but anyway. The NFL should not be paying 40 mill to a unproven QB or any position in that matter.

  12. Sayers lasted less than a decade in the era of 200 pound linebackers who looked like bank tellers and had a problem with their eyeglasses fogging up on the field. He shouldn’t question anyone’s durablility.

  13. still bitter he can never hold a candle to mr. payton[greatest running back ever]

  14. Gale makes tangable points until the last paragraph, then he comes off as a bitter, jealous, greedy old man. Gayle had the fortune to be one of the greatest to play the game and the misfortune to be born before it was a national money printing enterprise. Just like my desire to be in adult films and the misfortune of being hung like a mesquito.

  15. Steve-Mo says:
    May 5, 2010 1:37 PM
    What cost $275,000 in 1971 would cost $1,440,630.26 in 2009.
    Still unfortunately, especially since they make so much now, but almost $1.5 over 6 years is a very good living.
    Not to mention he’s milked so much more money using the fame gained by his NFL career since then.

  16. Urlacher will be fine, if not better than before.
    Cutler will find it all clicks together under Martz.
    Like Martz & Cutler, I believe the WRs WILL be a strength of this team.
    Now, he might be right about the DB’s. After Tillman, there’s only youth and a lot still left to prove.
    But no mention of the o-line?
    After injuries and craptastic coaching, that was the biggest issue last year.
    But Urlacher and the WRs are still strengths on this team–look what happened to the defense once Urlacher’s leadership was gone after game 1 last year…
    Sing it: “Don’t know what you’ve got…til it’s go-o-o-ne…”

  17. Hey PSDBears, wakeup and smell the coffee.
    Your team is going to suck. The reason being your ownership is a joke that couldn’t run a landscaping company at best. Your coach is hanging in by a thread. & your GM is a Jag-off.
    Good Luck Bears fans!
    Even the Lions will beat your sorry ass’s this year.

  18. He forgot to mention sex in public washrooms as a new players benefit in the modern era.

  19. Of course he is not happy with Jay Cutler’s play, because he is just another “Great Hope” that puts up big yardage but can’t win playoff games and is a big PICK MACHINE.

  20. I’ll double up on what “AllThat” said and let you people that apparently can not comprehend simple English in on a secret that your mini-brains missed out on:
    “$275,000, total, in his career” – that’s about $45K per year. yes, a lot back then but not as much as today’s pay in comparison.

  21. AllThat says:
    May 5, 2010 2:02 PM
    $275,000 in his career guys, not in just 1971.
    How’s that reading comprehension working out for you? Do you see anything in a comment that implies anything other than that?

  22. Anyone who understands football should be commenting on the Bears Offensive and Defensive lines before ever getting to any other position.
    Apparently Sayers focuses on skill positions only. Oh, he was trying to play to the media.
    Well Gale (chick name), Johnny Knox and Devin Aromashodu look like they will be decent WRs. Culter is a very talented QB and if the line if improved, so will he. As far as Lovie Smith’s job, you would have sounded more astute if you would have said they should have gotten rid of him a couple years ago.
    Sayers sounds like a whiny little bitch. $$$$

  23. Anybody else think Dewey Axewoond is a frickin retard? WRs… strength of the team? Baaaahahahaha. Get real, man.

  24. The Bears are weak.
    But more importantly, what does John Riggins have to say. Would Cutler be able to play on his kid’s grade school team? That is the question.

  25. Here’s a scoop from a Chicago fan; Gale has been coming off like a bitter ex-jock for some years now. that’s why he’s not getting any face time with the local sports media. Too bad, he was good in his day. He just needs to realize that his day has come and gone.

  26. All that and spartyfi – The point is that $275,000 then buys the same as almost 1.5 mil today. No one took that as an annual salary and muliplied it by the 6 years of his career. You’re the only D-bags who did that.
    Also, no one is claiming that (the equivalent of) 1.5 mil over the course of a 6 year career is comparable to what anyone is making today, but that it’s still a decent living, he’s made more money since and bitching about it is nothing more than just that… bitching.
    Once again –Reading comprehension– Work on it. You can do it. I know you can.

  27. I see things this way. Once the Bears upgrade the QB, running backs, WRs, O-line, D-line, linebackers, D-bacs, and hire a new coaching staff, they will be pretty dang good.
    This coming from a bitter Vikings fan who is watching his team probably move to L.A.

  28. “# Other Bears says: May 5, 2010 2:16 PM
    AllThat says:
    May 5, 2010 2:02 PM
    $275,000 in his career guys, not in just 1971.
    How’s that reading comprehension working out for you? Do you see anything in a comment that implies anything other than that?”
    Well Steve-Mo calculating what 275k is in 1971 sure looks like you fail at reading comprehension eh?

  29. The 2010 version of the Bears will be just that.
    (oh wait! Their last regular season game will be
    after the first of the new year…but thats it.
    No playoffs. No nothing because just when Cutler
    is needed the most he disappears.
    Cutler and Martz were NOT made for each other.
    They’ll both be trying to throw each other under
    the bus at the first hint of trouble. Unfortunately
    for Lovie…Cutler and Martz will cause his departure.

  30. # AllThat says: May 5, 2010 2:02 PM
    $275,000 in his career guys, not in just 1971.
    No shit. The inflation would be even higher if I figured out what he made in ’66 and so on and converted them all into todays money.
    Point being, what do most people make annually these days? I’m going to guess around 42K. In 1971 money, that is less than 10K. This guy made, as another guy said, about 45K during his career.
    Using the inflation from 71-10 we can guesstimate he made about $235,739.50 yearly for 6 years. Totaling around $1.5 million. That’s nothing to sneeze at, and as someone said, that’s more than enough to live on for your entire life if you invest wisely and/or spend wisely.

  31. Sayers and Jim Brown would just be a couple of backs today..
    Players today are just as naturally talented, but also hone their skills their whole life, and don’t play against guys that look accountants..

  32. SATAN567 says:
    May 5, 2010 2:29 PM
    Anybody else think Dewey Axewoond is a frickin retard? WRs… strength of the team? Baaaahahahaha. Get real, man.
    Hey f*ckhead, not all of us rely on regurgitated superficial, unoriginal cookie-cutter opinions spoon fed to us by the mainstream media like you apparently do–some of us actually have our own insight, information, and analysis to support the opinions we hold about our team.
    Now, take your wannabe-6th grade goth screen name and kindly please go f*ck yourself, twice.
    For the 4th time:
    Dewey Axewoond says: April 27, 2010 4:03 PM
    Just because the Bears don’t have a truly #1 stud WR doesn’t mean they don’t have talent at the position.
    Hester’s stats have pretty much doubled in each new year at the position, and he continues to be a serious threat in the open field. [Wait until he tears things up from the slot this year…]
    Johnny Knox made a huge impact as a rookie, making the Pro Bowl as a returner and adding 45 receptions for 527 yds–tied for third most by a Bears rookie and tied for the most by a rookie wide receiver in team history. His 527 yards were the fifth most by a Bears rookie receiver.
    Knox’s six total TDs tied for fifth among NFL rookies, trailing only Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno (9), Harvin (8), Cardinals running back Beanie Wells (7) and Colts receiver Austin Collie (7).
    Knox also became the first Bears rookie to score a TD in four straight games since Payton did it in 75.
    Then you have Sho-du (Devin Aromashodu), who had 22 receptions for 282 yards and four touchdowns over the final four games, and at least ONE person thinks is poised for a huge breakout this year (2, if you count me):
    [And let’s not forget that gorgeous game-winning TD over the purple fairy horn-suckers…]
    And it’s not just about the WRs, it’s about ALL the receiving threats–Bears TEs annually combine for over 100 receptions. Olsen and Clark (if he’s retained) are great threats.
    And both Forte and Chester Taylor are exceptional at catching passes out of the backfield.
    Nope, on this one, Cutler [& now Martz!!] is right and the majority of you lunkheads are wrong–the Bears have more than enough young talented receiving threats. And under Martz’s schematic genius, the offense is gonna explode this season (if we get the damn line fixed).
    You watch. Better yet, go on thinking we’ve got such a crappy receiving core–just don’t say no one told you they were going to be good.

  33. “$275,000.00 in 1971 had about the same buying power as $1,492,109.92 in 2010.
    Annual inflation over this period was about 4.43%.”
    So, in today’s dollars, Gale made $250,000 per year for 6 years. That is less then the rookie minimum ($285,000) back in 2007.

  34. “Too bad, he was good in his day. He just needs to realize that his day has come and gone. ”
    Good ,eh? That is a bit of an understatement – he was probably the most dangerous RB in the NFL between when Jim Brown retired and…….

  35. chemicalxv says:
    May 5, 2010 2:40 PM
    Well Steve-Mo calculating what 275k is in 1971 sure looks like you fail at reading comprehension eh?
    Sorry they didn’t connect the dots for you. 1971 was the last year of his career, so by the end of that year he had made a total of $275k, which buys the same as about 1.5 mil today.
    So no, I didn’t fail, but you succussfully lumped yourself in with All that and spartyfi.
    Keep trying, though. You’ll get it if you keep trying. You CAN do this. Someday!

  36. As a life long Bears fan it pains me to see what a bitter old man Sayers has become. As someone else pointed out earlier he has pretty much worn out his welcome with the Chicago media and sports scene.

  37. I’m almost ashamed as a Bears fan (insert other jokes here everyone) that Sayers was a Bear to begin with.
    I’ve never seen an old player talk about himself as much as Sayers does. No one is better. Or will be according to him. No one was as tough. If he was so tough, then he should have played more than 6 years.
    Someone else said it, keep your mouth shut Gayle. No one cares what you think or about what you say. Get over yourself. You don’t matter anymore.

  38. as a life-long bears fan, this is nothing new. sayers has not once, ever, had anything good to say about his ex-team, players, organization, etc. it’s not surprising at all for him to bring up $$ in this article considering it had absolutley nothing to do with his initial point. he’s just a bitter old man who’s perpetually jealous of today’s medical technology that could have repaired his knee after only six years in the NFL.

  39. Other Bears – Buddy, you’re still arguing when you’re dead wrong, must be a bears fan….people in Chicago are about as dumb as they come.

  40. Heres Ethan Roberts comment:
    Sayers lasted less than a decade in the era of 200 pound linebackers who looked like bank tellers and had a problem with their eyeglasses fogging up on the field. He shouldn’t question anyone’s durablility.
    No idiot, linebackers in the 60’s and early 70’s looked like
    Kansas City’s Willie Lanier or Bobby Bell or the Bears linebacker
    Dick Butkus or Tommy Nobis at Atlanta and Ray Nitchke in
    Green Bay They were giants on the field in stature and in their performance. Pro football didn’t start when you were born punky.

  41. “Cutler hasn’t done the job,” Sayers said, per the Associated Press
    Sayers must be nostalgic remembering Rudy Bukich,Jack Concannon & BobbyDouglass…
    the bar is set pretty high by those immortals

  42. He is spot on. Cutler has done nothing and is a crybaby who is never known to work hard. He doesn’t have the weapons in Chicago that he did in Denver and must work harder to get that production

  43. Bious says:
    May 5, 2010 5:53 PM
    He is spot on. Cutler has done nothing and is a crybaby who is never known to work hard
    where did you get your info about not working hard?
    scouting reports out of college said that he was a gym rat & was constantly studying film..
    just cos you see crap on message boards or read experts like Florio does not make it true

  44. ethan robert, though ole Gale sounds like he’s spewing sour grapes, you comments about the linebackers back in his days are way off. Ever hear of Tommy Nobis, Dave Lloyd 6’5″250, Maxie Baughn, Ray Nietscke, and Dick Butkus? He was about 250 in his days. They not only hit harder than the guys today, but knew how to tackle, and were actually allowed to try and rip somebody’s head off if they could. Overall, They are bigger, and faster, but the rules nowadys are turning it into a Touch game.

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