Gosder Cherilus recovering after surgery

The last first-round pick of the Matt Millen era has a lot of work to do before making his old boss look smart.  (Okay, that could take a while.)

Tackle Gosder Cherilus, who has been inconsistent at best as a pro, underwent knee surgery recently, according to the Detroit Free Press.  It’s described as an “arthroscopic” procedure, but his status for a late June mandatory minicamp is uncertain.  He should be back for camp.

Last year, Cherilus’ coaches chided him for his up-and-down play, which has included a lot of mental errors.  Cherilus will start at right tackle this season.

18 responses to “Gosder Cherilus recovering after surgery

  1. Last year coaches chided him about his name..”Wtf, kid, this ain’t a Harry Potter book we’re living in here.”.

  2. Usually it was a Ghostbusters reference… Gosder the Gozerian.
    I remember my reaction when this pick came in… “WHO???” followed by a slightly more enthusiastic “At least it’s not another wide receiver”.

  3. this guy has HORIBLE footwork….
    If his knees are to blame, fine, but he just isn’t that good. Period.
    He has to rank up there as one of the WORST of the Matt Millen picks.
    I was hoping they would pick Jeff Otah instead. I litterally thought they mis-read the card when they selected this clown over Otah.
    Nice guy with a goofy name, but he’s just not good enough to play RG in the NFL………..

  4. amen Kris…I was shocked when they called his name….
    I remember Elmer Fudd, er, Rod Moronelli saying “This guy’s a beast!” I think he meant “BUST”!
    This pick made me question the scouts! We can blame Millen for everything, but I feel the scouts thought they had something that just isn’t there. I have a suspicion that the scouts and coaches made this horrible call, and not Millen.

  5. curseofbobbylane: seriously, you were surprised? I would have been more surprised if Millen picked someone logical here.
    And whoever said this is the worst pick of the Millen era is WAY off base…..Mike “I’m on the Jamarcus diet plan” Williams will always hold that dubious honor. I’d even say Chucky “I blew daily” Rogers but, a lot of people had him that high on their board so can’t COMPLETELY fault the guy there.

  6. Gosder Cherilus will go down in history as the last first round BUST Millen ever took in the draft. This guy has been two years worth of useless on the right side of the line. I suspect he will be replaced by Jason Fox sometime in the upcoming season. Thank God.
    Cherilus must be some foreign word for “I can’t remember the snap count”.

  7. The Curse of Bobby Layne Part 2: I think you mean he isn’t good enough to play RT. I think he would make a fantastic guard.

  8. Gosder Cherilus recently underwent surgery to remove several unwanted vowels from his name. He will now be known as God R Us.

  9. curse,
    youre a moron… how could he be one of the worst picks of millen’s if he still on the team? what about the guys that are in the gutter or in jail???

  10. I thought Allen was going to cram Gosder’s helmet up his ass after Gosder tried to knee-cap him.

  11. pacificamike- Thanks for pointing out that I’m a moron. I would have never known otherwise!
    There has to be some validity to your statement, since I’m a Lions fan!
    As to why Gosder is still here? Martin Mayhew helped draft him, you think he’s willing to admit they drafted the wrong guy? They also have a ton of money invested in him, and he’s only going into his third year! Other than that I have NO idea why he’s still here! He is too small to play guard and I don’t want him anywhere on the team, let alone guard!
    As to Gosder being the “worst” pick? I would agree that Gosder is not C-Rog, who had a known drug issue at the draft, or Mike Williams who was out of football for a year “eating steaks and pasta”, or even Ernie Sims who just flat-out sucked….It could be argued that ANY of the four were the worst because they each negatively impacted the team in their own way. But there were so many 2nd and third round reaches that were busts, that I would contend that Millen’s, AND MARTIN MAYHEW’s worst picks were from those later rounds during his tenure. Hardly anyone made the team!
    Spartyfi – good to see you here. At least we get the news when it happens here as opposed to BVO just cutting and pasting Florio’s articles!

  12. screw jared allen, yes hes a hell of a player but i remember allen sprinting toward pullpecker and gosder was on the ground and he did what he had to do. cheap but legal , the only reason it was blown up into this is because allen threw a temper tantrum after, and i got a good laugh

  13. move him to guard if he cant improve… rg speciffically….i think he has talent but just inconsistant… i recall the panthers game were hed shut peppers out three plays in a row then get burnt for a sack….
    otah would have been the pick with hindsight but i wanted reshard mendenhall on draft day whose doing nice for the steelers

  14. Not that it’s the final word, but Pro Football Focus had Cherilus ranked slightly higher than Otah. Just a guess, but I’d suspect that it would be an easier assignment to block for Carolina (?).

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