Jimmy Clausen could be taking over Matt Moore's "team"

In March, a week after the Panthers dumped quarterback Jake Delhomme, former backup Matt Moore made a bold statement regarding his immediate future:  “From what they are telling me, yeah, I do feel like it’s my team now,” Moore told Steve Reed of CarolinaGrowl.com.

The key word may have been “now.”

Nearly two months later, the Panthers have added two rookie quarterbacks.  Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that, at last weekend’s minicamp, second rounder Jimmy Clausen drew “rave reviews.”  La Canfora predicts that a training camp battle could be looming.

If coach John Fox wants to stay with the team beyond 2010, he needs to do enough this year to create a sense of optimism for the future.  Using Clausen and succeeding with him could go a long way toward saving Fox’s job.

In this regard, it’s in Clausen’s best interests to help keep Fox around.  A new coach may want nothing to do with Clausen.  Or Moore.  Or Tony Pike.

37 responses to “Jimmy Clausen could be taking over Matt Moore's "team"

  1. I think the best way for Fox to stick around would be to win, and I would be rather stunned if Clausen could be a better QB than Matt Moore next year. Moore knows the offense, has a good arm and solid accuracy.
    The bigger issue there is a defense that looks rather average on paper, IMO.

  2. What a mess. I love it! All u sucky teams, and you patriots and steelers loving media for once do not have a story about the raiders. Het florio Iam gona ask you a questin in about 9 -10 months.
    How does our rings taste.

  3. Truman, The Panthers still have Steve Smith who can break his nose.
    Florio, why do you worship Jason La Confara? I think Florio has a crush on him.

  4. Bill Cowher will make the trade for Ben Clintonsexberger 10 months from…….now.

  5. Florio will NEVER hush up about that. What kind of coach starts over with a new quarterback?? that would set a team back years. I bet if Gruden or Cowher come to Carolina, they keep Clausen.

  6. @ Truman
    Thats why Clausen might be a great fit in Carolina.
    Steve will walk up to him, introduce himself, and tell him if he steps out of line, he’ll break his jaw.

  7. It would seem that a coach with one year on his contract wouldn’t want to bet his future with the team on a rookie quarterback being successful in his first year. Moore has finished his apprenticeship and has done well so far. There is no reason why Clausen should start unless Moore tanks or gets injured.

  8. I think a qb battle is what that team needs to improve. I think the same for the philadelphia eagles too. We shouldnt just give Kolb the job we should make him battle with the rookies and Vick.

  9. Matt Moore has about as much chance of holding on to that job as one of us would. Fox is going to go all in and hope Clausen shows promise early this season. Florio is right.

  10. Clausen + Moore + Tony Pike = worst combined QB depth of all franchises.
    Sure there are worse backups out there in the NFL, but the overall grade these guys receive in ability and experience have to be last behind even the Bills and Raiders and Bucs quarterbacks.

  11. Matt Moore’s team?
    I doubt the Panthers want to go into battle behind a POS like Moore.

  12. “Ben Clintonsexburger.” Really? I can’t stand the guy either, but next time make sure that your attempt to be clever is, well, clever.

  13. They’ll pull a Cleveland and start Matt Moore and if he sucks and they lose games they will throw Clausen to the wolves.

  14. I think alot of people are selling Matt Moore short. I know the Panthers just drafted a couple quarterbacks, but everytime he gets on the field he plays well. 8 TDs to 2 INTs, 4-1 as a starter in 2009.
    I’m not saying the Panthers don’t envision Clausen as the future, but I would be very surprised if Matt Moore didn’t start the majority of the upcoming season.

  15. you wish it was a mess, raidersteve, but unfortunately for you there’s only one oakland raiders
    it’s ‘do’ not ‘does’ btw…you can’t even complete a sentence with the raiders winning a superbowl.
    and that is how you sum yourself up, i suppose. good luck

  16. MooninLambeau I don’t mean to be mean, but seriously, you have got to be kidding, Moore+Clausen+Pike is markedly better than the Bills, Bucs, and Raiders. What sort of ability and experience have JamarBUST Russel, Trent Edwards, Bruce Gradkowski, Josh Johnson, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Freeman shown to lead you to make such a preposterous assertion?! Please filter the things you write with better logic and make better assertions…

  17. you clump ability and experience together and compare the carolina’s qb depth to the worst in the league? your examples betray your point.

  18. For sure Clausen is a great leader. Just look at all the wins he racked up at Notre Dame…. Oh that’s right, he didn’t get many wins, just stats for himself and a black-eye to match.
    If this guy can’t win at the College level QB’ing a team with 5 star recruits against teams like army, navy, etc.. – then how is he going to lead men when there is no obvious talent advantage? Going to be tough.

  19. John Fox is on his way out and he is trying to break as much shit on the way out as he can. I would not be surprised if Clausen or Pike is under center.

  20. – Matt Moore
    – Jay Cutler
    – Matt “CHOKE” Ryan
    – Brady Quinn
    – Derek Anderson
    None of them have done nothing. The list goes on and on about “BUST” and over rated “ONE” dimensional quarterbacks.
    They are boring and without any playoff success.
    The mobile quarterback is the future.

  21. @toonster….actually clausen may just know the offense as much as Moore does. Notre dame’s Offense is actually Very similiar to ours. So if he has to adjust it wont be by much. and this is why he is getting good reviews from the Mini’s. BUT only time will tell

  22. The job is Matt Moore’s to lose. There is a big difference between hype and performance. Matt Moore is 6-2 as a starter against mostly playoff caliber teams. So spin the news to sell your papers any way you want but in the End #3 is going to be driving the bus NOT JIMMY CLAUSEN
    MooninLambeau go back to snortin coke and leave the commenting to people with brain cells. That is the stupidist comment I have ever heard. You must be a BEARS fan. What an idiot.

  23. All you people who say Matt Moore has earned the job are clueless jackasses. This situation is the definition of QB controversy.

  24. MooninLambeau says:
    May 6, 2010 12:20 AM
    Clausen + Moore + Tony Pike = worst combined QB depth of all franchises.
    Pull up your pants up Lambeau… I would take my chances with the Panthers QB depth than with the scRams going into the season with 1st round bust Sam “Glass Shoulder”, AJ Feel-me-up and Keith Nil (N-UH-L). Seriously, the last “adequate” QB that the rams had was Ryan Fitzpatrick a 6th or 7th round selection that’s still starting in Buffalo.
    Hindsight being 20-20, taking Suh 1st overall and then alien/freak-head Claussen with their 2nd round pick would have made MUCH more sense. But then again, sensability and football don’t go together in ol St. Loo.
    Hey St. Louis… 1-15 AGAIN anyone?????

  25. “RaiderhateR4Life says:
    May 6, 2010 3:03 AM
    Raidersteve- shut your face last I checked you’re a fan for a shitty team, in a shitty stadium, in a shitty city… Stop talking until your team can manage to not lose 11+ games a season. 9-10 months down the road it’ll be the same old story for your prized little hater nation you f***head…


  26. BlondBlueDevils says:
    May 6, 2010 2:11 AM
    – Matt Moore
    – Jay Cutler
    – Matt “CHOKE” Ryan
    – Brady Quinn
    – Derek Anderson
    None of them have done nothing. The list goes on and on about “BUST” and over rated “ONE” dimensional quarterbacks.
    They are boring and without any playoff success.
    The mobile quarterback is the future.
    Name one “mobile” quaterback besides Steve Young, Roger Staubach or John Elway who has won anything besides a few playoffs games….
    If you’re going by Superbowl victories it seems like it was a way of the past not the future… because the last guys to win the big one were all pocket passers with possibly the exception of Rapelsberger who can move a little…
    “mobile” Qbs are usefull… If your team has a wildcat package…

  27. Truman says:
    May 5, 2010 11:40 PM
    i wish someone would punch jimmy clausen in the face….oh wait.
    Seriously though I can’t decide whose face is MORE punchable…Clausen’s or Cutler’s. They both make my fist itch.

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