LenDale White has an interesting theory about the '09 Titans

The 2008 Titans were the top seed in the AFC playoffs.  The ’09 Titans went 8-8.

The reason for the dropoff, of course: Too much Chris Johnson.

“I think what happened was in Tennessee they probably got a little too carried away with the Chris Johnson thing,” LenDale White said on Fox Sports Radio via SportsRadioInterviews. 

“The year before that we were 13-3 when I had two hundred carries and we split the rock.  Chris went to the Pro Bowl and we had the first round bye, they did things different the next year and we struggled to make the playoffs.  It is what it is,” White said.

Pete Carroll can only pray that he doesn’t uncover a 2,000-yard runner or the Seahawks could really go to hell.

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  1. interesting perspective. is he right? well allot of your record shows whatcha did but teams from the previous season will sometimes fluxiate dominance so that had a role as well i feel. + timing plays a factor as well.

  2. Hahah…except White got at least 5 carries in 5/8 losses and only 1/8 wins. Maybe it was too much White and not enough Johnson…

  3. I have a theory: LenDale White is a fatass that needs to shut up.
    The job is won on the field AND IN PRACTICE & PREPARATION. If you were good enough, they would have kept you, you fat crybaby.
    As a former Oilers’ fan–I hate the Titans, Butt Adams, and Chris Johnson. However, I just can’t take crybaby bullshit.
    Go Texans.

  4. White blows! & he’s a whiney fat bitch.
    Not happy that Seattle signed him.

  5. When Lendale loses some weight he could be like Johnson and not have to hate the man…..

  6. 2,000 rushers typically don’t prevent you from making the playoffs.
    LenWhale averaged 3.9 yd/c in ’08 (compared to CJ’s 4.9)… LenWhale dropped off to 3.5 in ’09, while CJ’s average went up to 5.8.
    But, yeah… It was CJ’s fault.

  7. hahahahha…ya they were bad because YOU didn’t get the ball!! hahahahahahha….retard…

  8. My take on this: Haynesworth and Def. Cord Departure, Keith Bullock too old, Kerry Collins sucks, Cortland Finnagen almost as overrated as Nnamdi and that mix get’s you an 8-8 season

  9. Jeez, if only LenDale got 140 more carries at 3.5 yards per carry and Chris Johnson got 140 less at 5.6 yard per carry, THEN the Titans really would have taken off.

  10. i hope the depth chart looks like this:
    1. Justin Forsett
    2. Leon Washington
    3. (Unrestricted free agent)
    4. LenDale White

  11. Here’s an interesting theory about PFT –
    Mike Florio has no intention of ever addressing the return of “Comments Ratings” on the new PFT as promised over 10 months ago.
    C’mon – say something Florio…. anything, even if its “the Comment Ratings will never return”.
    You have sooooo much time on your hands theses days you can cross over to baseball on a football blog – so what’s the problem with at least saying something about the “Comments Ratings”?

  12. White forgets that he ate his way through his issues and was a fat ass that couldn’t run

  13. I think the drop off in wins in ’09 has more to do with defense performance and lack of turnovers by the Titans’ defense. Lenwhale White needs a big bowl of Shut Up.

  14. Whether LenDale has a point about his own role or not, he’s definitely right that something’s up when a guy runs for 2000 yards on a losing team.
    The answer, of course, isn’t more LenDale White. It’s a quarterback who can throw the ball. It’s not hard to pad out rushing yards when you’re down by two touchdowns, and defenses are happy to let you take 6 yard rushes and milk the clock. 6 yard rushes look great on a running back’s stats, but aren’t so great when you’re in the hole and just running the clock more quickly to your defeat.

  15. Sure Mr. White. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the defense losing Shwartz and Haynesworth.

  16. i have an interesting theory on Lendale White.
    He’s extra baggage that runs his mouth. I have another theory. The acquisition of him and Leon Washington will blow up in Pete Carroll’s face.

  17. Lendale currently weighed in at 217 at Seahawks camp. How many of you can say that? And I’m not talking about you 5’8″, short-man syndrome, internet tough guys.

  18. Lendale didnt hate, he made an observation, which is more than I can say for the most of you. Between sticking with Collins too long and a very predicatable offense, he was right. He didnt say if I had more carries we would have won more games. That would be crying. You want athletes to make statements that are true then you villify them when they do.

  19. Smash & Dash turned into Dine & Dash, which evolved into Crash & Dash, which eventually left just Dash. (and the other to chime in ) NO!!! I hate the titans, but the reason they stunk last year was Kerry Collins couldnt throw the ball. Pure and simple. oh, and the DBs stunk too.

  20. They won when they used Chris Johnson more that team rode his back after starting off miserably

  21. Sorry… but after seeing you jump around shouting profanities and trying to fire-up the crowd DURING the National Anthem being sang before the 2008 playoff loss to the Ravens… I have no sympathy for you or the fans that were encouraging you during Martina McBride’s beautiful rendition.
    And just because I have no sympathy for Lendale doesn’t mean he is wrong. I completely agree with him. All the Titans were worried about was trying to get CJ the rushing record. Funny thing is, teams were LETTING them because they just wanted to win. The other teams would sit back in pass coverage to make sure the Titans didn’t score. The Titans ran on obvious passing downs. It was the most inflated single season performance ever.
    The Titans are a joke because they’ve had a perfectly capable quarterback ever since they drafted Vince Young… and they STILL have not gotten him a good receiver. Forget a great receiver, they haven’t even gotten him a good one. It’s really a shame because they weren’t that far off from competing for the division crown when they still had their core. But they’re pretty much done now.

  22. LOL… what an idiot…. they should of put Vince Young in after game 4 or 5 & they would of had a fighting chance.

  23. 3.5 ypc and now he is gonna play behind seattle’s line HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA man this is gonna be funny to watch

  24. I don’t begrudge the guy for wanting to play, but I watched every game Titans game last year and our losses came from special teams screw-ups and the defensive scheme of Chuck Cecil to give up any short pass inside of about 8 yards. I actually wanted Lendale to get more carries because there is no good indicator of how well Johnson will hold up. But it’s a moot point because the team drafted and signed better and cheaper backups for this season.

  25. And there I was, thinking from the topic heading that he had an interesting theory that was actually interesting. Should have been: Lendale White Has a Completely Self-Serving Theory About the ’09 Titans

  26. Actually, leaning on a running back too much actually does prevent teams from being playoff successful. How many playoffs wins did the Lions get with Barry Sanders? How many rings does LT have again? How about AP? Show me a team with a dominating running back and I’ll show you a team that doesn’t have Lombardi’s in the trophy case.
    You can look at the greatest NFL running backs of all time and very few of them are wearing championship rings.

  27. “PittsburghSteelerz says:
    May 5, 2010 6:06 PM
    2,000 rushers typically don’t prevent you from making the playoffs.”
    O.J. Simpson is the only other 2000 yard rusher to miss the playoffs.
    Terrell Davis is the only 2000 yard rusher whose team wasn’t bounced in the first round.

  28. ☻☼CBS, FOX, ESPN, NFLN nbc says:
    May 5, 2010 6:09 PM
    My take on this: Haynesworth and Def. Cord Departure, Keith Bullock too old, Kerry Collins sucks, Cortland Finnagen almost as overrated as Nnamdi and that mix get’s you an 8-8 season
    —Can you please explain how Nnamdi is overrated?

  29. “rayg says:
    May 5, 2010 6:42 PM
    Actually, leaning on a running back too much actually does prevent teams from being playoff successful. How many playoffs wins did the Lions get with Barry Sanders? How many rings does LT have again? How about AP? Show me a team with a dominating running back and I’ll show you a team that doesn’t have Lombardi’s in the trophy case.
    You can look at the greatest NFL running backs of all time and very few of them are wearing championship rings.”
    You mean like Emmitt Smith, Tony Dorsett, Walter Payton, Marshall Faulk, Jim Brown, Jerome Bettis, Franco Harris, Corey Dillon and John Riggins?
    9 out of the top 20 rushers all time have won at least 1 championship.
    Not to mention Curtis Martin and Thurman Thomas appearing in Super Bowls.
    And if we expand it to include #s 21 and 22 you have another Super Bowl Champ in Jamal Lewis, and Super Bowl Loser in Eddie George. And #24 Ottis Anderson has 2 SB Rings.

  30. only right like a stopped clock is twice a day.
    the defense sucked early, esp with hurt DBs. opponents passed to early leads. collins had no one to throw to.
    vince’s return coincided with the return of healthy CBs.

  31. Let’s look into some other theories:
    1. Kerry Collins played like JaMarcus Russell.
    2. Haynesworth gone.
    3. Kyle Vanden Bosch, Jevon Kearse, and Keith Bullock were shells of their 08 selves.
    4. Injuries and the secondary and inconsistent play by those that were healthy.
    5. Kerry Collins played like Ryan Leaf. In fact, they lost a lot of their early games when they threw too much. When they started winning is when Chris Johnson’s carries went up. Oh, wow, that’s the only of the theories that we even needed to disprove LenDale.

  32. LenDale White is a decent football player, and it sucks to see him get forced out when he was the teams starter before Johnson came around. That said, Johnson is on a level which only Adrian Peterson shares with him. I can’t call Johnson flat out better until he does it again. Peterson has been a beast since he got in the league, Johnson’s rookie year didn’t produce a 296 yard game.

  33. LenDale better take advantage while he can, because this might be the last offseason that anyone cares what he has to say.
    I don’t think Kerry Collins was the reason they started in a hole. In 2009 they had a bend but don’t break defense with an awesome punt returner in Chris Carr. In 2010 they had a defense that broke constently and a revolving door of disappointing return men.
    Not to mention their first three losses consisted of a 4th quarter lead they lost in overtime by a field goal, another 3 point loss, and a loss by seven points where they committed 4 turnovers, 2 were a result of the return game.
    LenDale keeps forgetting his fumble in the red zone of the Balitmore playoff game. You know after CJ went down and he because the primary back?

  34. Game 1 (L- 13-10): Chris Johnson 15 carries/57 yards
    Game 2 (L- 34-31): Chris Johnson 16 carries/197 yards
    Game 3 (L- 24-17): Chris Johnson 22 carries/97 yards
    Game 4 (L- 37-17): Chris Johnson 16 carries/83 yards
    Game 5 (L- 31-9): Chris Johnson 9 carries/34 yards
    Game 6 (L- 59-0): Chris Johnson 17 carries/128 yards
    Game 7 (W- 30-13): Chris Johnson 24 carries/228 yards
    Game 8 (W- 34-27): Chris Johnson 25 carries/135 yards
    Game 9 (W- 41-17): Chris Johnson 26 carries/132 yards
    Game 10 (W- 20-17): Chris Johnson 29 carries/151 yards
    Game 11 (W- 20-17): Chris Johnson 18 carries/154 yards
    Game 12 (L- 27-17): Chris Johnson 27 carries/113 yards
    Game 13 (W- 47-7): Chris Johnson 28 carries/117 yards
    Game 14 (W- 27-24): Chris Johnson 29 carries/104 yards
    Game 15 (L- 42-17): Chris Johnson 21 carries/142 yards
    Game 16 (W- 17-13): Chris Johnson 36 carries/134 yards
    Games in which Chris Johnson had 20 or more carries: 7-3
    Less than 20 carries: 1-5
    100 yards or more: 8-4
    Less than 100 yards: 0-4
    Great theory, Lendale.

  35. Lendale is absolutely right.
    It was not until VY got on the field and added a compliment to CJ’s running that the Titans started winning.
    If White had seen the field more earlier, they wouldn’t have had that problem

  36. Yeah, because in 2008, they averaged 137 rushing yards/game as a team, while in 2009 they averaged 162 rushing yards/game as a team. Always hurts to get more rushing yards, yeah great theory Lendale.

  37. sim448 says:
    May 5, 2010 6:15 PM
    he has a point. they should have kept him involved.
    Wow! Thats the dumbest thing ive heard all day. Them not making the playoffs had nothing to do with a horseshit banged up defense at the beginning of yr or a terrible Collins? You stick two rookies ( ryan mouton and McCournty) that have been in the league for 6-8 months against Peyton Manning and Tom Brady back to back weeks and tell me how your team is going to do. Might not be 59-0 but it would be a beatdown.
    White wouldve been no help cause the titans were losing most of the time so they needed the most explosive player in the league out there at ALL times.
    Maybe Fisher proved a point and that is if your going to let yourself go to waste getn fat right up until contract time your going to sit and ultimatelty be traded. I laughed all season long looking at that pig on the bench. Besides The Ringer is going to be more then white has ever been or will be.

  38. I love that multiple people on here are calling LenDale White fat, he just came into Mini Camp for the Seattle Seahawks at 218 pounds. That is the most trim he has been since he was high school.
    He is right about too much C.J. tho. C.J. is amazing but you need to have balance. The first half of the season they didnt have balance on the offensive end. They had a ton of three and outs, which led to a tired defense and poor defensive play.

  39. “Too much Chris Johnson” LMFAO!! I don’t know who is more delusional, White or the idiots that have posted agreeing with him. Thank you for your post NoQuarter, saved me the trouble of looking it up. It was as I remembered it. Johnson CARRIED the Titans to their 8-2 finish. Had Collins and the defense not been so bad to start the season, he could have done the same then. Poor QB play and defense took C.J. out of games early on. Once Young got in and the D improved, C.J. was able to carry them.

  40. you arm chair GMs are the finest among the internet.
    i honestly think some of yous guys is wetarded

  41. I just saw LenDale White in Denver at the Jay z concert and I can assure you he aint that fat anymore! Besides all you grown men typing and bashing on him are probally the example of the United States being over weight and probally lost your breath typing on this blog! Stop hating!!! Go do your thing in Seattle LenDale and if you are over weight just do the like the “BUS” did in Pitt and run there ass’ over! Just dont do it against the 49ers, hate to see Willis have to light you up! lol
    Non hater!

  42. I think he’s partially right though. As dangerous as CJ can be, he wasn’t as scary as he was in 2008 when White was present. Maybe White wasn’t as good of a back in ’09, but he kept CJ fresh.
    I know it sounds insane but look, I’m a Colts fan, and here’s how he did against us. In week 5, he posted just 34 yards on 9 carries for an underwhelming 3.78 yards per carry.
    In week 13 he did better in part due to the improved Titans passing offense, but on 28 carries, he managed 117 yards, for a slightly better but still suspiciously average 4.18 yards per carry. It sounds cocky to say but he just didn’t scare us that much. He racked up the yardage by sheer carries, and against some teams he dominated. Still, it’s not as if the Colts have what anyone would call a great run defense, so it’s hard to explain. CJ still needs a complimentary back.

  43. Yes. That’s it! They lost 5 more games cuz your fat ass didn’t get the ball. Genius!

  44. It’s called the Terrible Towel curse, you fat bastard. Should have never stomped on it, just ask Douchemanzadeh… You’re doomed to fail in the NFL now (not like you haven’t already). Have fun as the #4 RB in Seattle!

  45. Interesting these comments come out on Cinco De Mayo. Back on the tequila there LenDale?

  46. The real reason for the Titans problems last season was the wrong punter. They started 0-6, then changed punters and finished 8-2. This sounds ridiculous at first, but the guy they picked up came from Denver, who started 6-0 with him and finished 2-8 without him. Oh, and the 2 games that Tennessee lost with him were the ones he punted the least in. I know it’s crazy to think the punter has that much influence, but it’s a hell of a coincidence. OK, it’s a stupid theory, but it has a lot more going for it than “not enough Lendale White”.

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