O.J. McDuffie awarded $11.5 million in lawsuit over toe injury

O.J. McDuffie, a Miami Dolphins wide receiver from 1993 to 2000 whose career was cut short because of a toe injury, was awarded $11.5 million in a lawsuit against a doctor who treated the injury.

A Miami jury returned its verdict today against Dr. John Uribe. He said an appeal is likely. McDuffie’s lawyer said it was a fair verdict considering how much money McDuffie would have earned if he had been able to play into his 30s.

McDuffie has reached settlements with several other doctors who treated his toe injury.

McDuffie was the Dolphins’ first-round draft pick in 1993. His best season came in 1998, when he caught 90 passes for 1,050 yards. He suffered the toe injury in 1999.

36 responses to “O.J. McDuffie awarded $11.5 million in lawsuit over toe injury

  1. The name is familiar…..Sounds like a character from DUCKTALES!!!
    Call up Scrooge McDuck for some coin diving!!!

  2. “Golden Toes” McDuffie.
    Or, as he is known in the medical community Oh Jesus, McDuffie!

  3. Well, the one good thing about Obama-Care is that when it ultimately gets to a single-payer system, there will be no more frivolous lawsuits like this shining example. Can’t sue the government.
    I love it. What will the slugs do when they have nobody to sue, or nobody will listen???

  4. I hate these awards from brain dead juries, hopefully and probably it will be set aside on appeal.

  5. This is exactly why we need medical malpractice reform. He’s an F’ing millionaire who’s suing this doctor too after “reached settlements with several other doctors who treated his toe injury.”
    No one deserves that much money from a medical malpractice suit, period. …especially just over a toe.

  6. hell yea, mcduffie was so solid.
    also, shows why everyone goes to James Andrews these days….

  7. this guy was an absolute Stud WR..
    solid #1 anyway you look at it
    if someone did something to shorten his career he’s entitled to the money he could have earned plain and simple..
    I’m sure you good Republicans that posted above would NEVER sue someone for damages.. courts are just for scumbag Democrats looking for a handout

  8. O.J. Simpson awarded $11.5 million in lawsuit over lost sun glasses

  9. $11.5 million +, holy crap. What did they do graft the thumbs of a dead Norwegian onto his foot by mistake?
    Good thing for Dr. Frankenstein there was no medical malpractice laws back in the day.

  10. That is CRAZY.
    Of the WRs drafted in 1993, Troy Brown lasted the longest, until 2007. Second longest was Curtis Conway, retiring in 2004.
    So let’s say OJ would have played, most likely, no more than 4 more seasons.
    OJ made $1.5 million in 2000…oh, not to mention almost $1.2 million in 2001.
    So we are to assume that, when his contract ran out in 2001, he was going to more than triple his salary to almost $4 million a season?
    This lawyer must have gone to the same school as Scott “All Johnny Damon has to do is average 201 hits a year (even though he’s only had 200 hits once before) until he is 37 to reach 3,000 for his career” Boras.

  11. section128drunk says: May 5, 2010 6:11 PM
    this guy was an absolute Stud WR..
    solid #1 anyway you look at it
    You’re obviously living up to your screen name. He was absolutely not a #1 or stud WR, any way you look at it.

  12. And people complain over high costs of health care? Prime example of idiots abusing the medical system and perpetuating the need for costly malpractice insurance. OJ probably complains about his rising health care costs too. Oh well, just another participant in this greed-driven backwards-assed society…

  13. FYI Jackass, in 98 he LED THE FRIGGIN NFL in number of Receptions..
    but I’m sure in your mind that dosen’t qualify him as a “stud” or “certified #1” in your mind..

  14. section128drunk says: May 5, 2010 8:57 PM
    FYI Jackass, in 98 he LED THE FRIGGIN NFL in number of Receptions..
    but I’m sure in your mind that dosen’t qualify him as a “stud” or “certified #1” in your mind..
    He lead the league by 1 catch. 90 receptions for only 1050 yds and 7 TDs are not #1 WR numbers, watch some football, pay attention. Those were career highs other than the TDs, he had a high of 8, and that was his only 1,000 yd season in 8 years.
    He was an average #2 at the absolute best.

  15. “section128drunk says:
    May 5, 2010 8:57 PM
    FYI Jackass, in 98 he LED THE FRIGGIN NFL in number of Receptions..
    but I’m sure in your mind that dosen’t qualify him as a “stud” or “certified #1″ in your mind..”
    Rob Moore had 1500 yards…..ONCE. David Boston did too.
    Mike Furrey was 2nd in the NFL in receptions in 2006.
    He’s a defensive back now.

  16. he isn’t getting $11.5M out of the lawsuit, FYI. rarely do the plaintiffs actually receive all of what is awarded – that’s probably why the number is so artificially high.
    mcduffie was a good wr. he wasn’t flashy and not a deep threat, but he was a great 3rd down guy, best hands around. i still have my mcduffie jersey & signed football, heh

  17. OJ McDuffie was a reliable 3rd wideout who always made the 1st down grab on 3rd downs. 11.5 mil may be a stretch, but he certainly could’ve made 5-7 mil with how the salary cap took off over the decade…

  18. Do you know how football dumb some of you slappy’s are except section128drunk. I am the expert witness in the case @ralphcindrich on twitter. This guy led the NFL in receptions in 7 th year-only Dolphin ever lead the league and about 30 catches ahead of HoF Paul Warfield; ahead of record next year when on 11/21/99 he injured his toe. It was shot up several times for balance of season-dumb ass moves–and basically turned the toe to mush so he could not play again at close to the same level–only a year or two more. His comparable players if he had Played were any where from 13 to 15 million had he decent care and treatment and not relied on the team doc. He has team records in kick returns and punt returns. He was a slot receiver and did not rely upon speed, similar to but not compared to, Jerry Rice. So instead of flapping anonymously, know for a change what the hell you’re talking about and put your name behind it like someone with any semblance of balls would do.

  19. @ rectd -Do you know how football dumb you sound trying to convince people that a WR who’s career best season was 90-1,050-7, his only 1,000 yd season in 7 yrs, was a legit #1 WR? (Already posted that above, but they took their time to approve the comment) And by comparing him to any HOF you lose any credibility you may have had. For the record, Warfield played in a different era, and thus isn’t even among the team leaders in Rec in a season.
    As for Dolphin team records in kick and punt returns for season/career:
    -He’s tied for the career record for punt returns with two other people. That total – 2. Both his rookie year. Also a season record, obviously.
    -Career record for most fair catches. 91 out of 218 punts. Amazing.
    -Kickoff Return records – zero.
    Check yourself.

  20. @favrecansuckit For starters, it was proven to a jury to a reasonable certainity-you don’t like it, go to the Soviet Union. I helped prove it to the jury. That’s our system. And with what the players were making at the time with years in the league, similar characteristics, that was not only the range, but more. Warfield played on an undefeated team. I have a knowledge of that also–I played against him on that undefeated team. After that, the guy was robbed of the opportunity to prove further what he could do but he was hittin it at the time. I suppose you know more than Dan Marino who testified to the same? OJ was the 2X MVP of the team before this. He was a first round draft choice with all the skills and not just speed, meaning he could hang for a long time because he could get open.

  21. oj mcduffie ….too funny…..im a dolphins fan and i know he was crap…..i dont think he was i know he was…..he should thank the good lord for this toe injury otherwise he would be out of the league and broke by now……Now he’s got money again which will give him another 5 years on crack-cocaine, thats including todays celebration with family n friends.

  22. no one in their right mind calls him a #1 receiver stud…………..if you do then you do not know football and you probably cheer for a team of which you dont even know 1 player on it…….

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