Despite "rave reviews," Jimmy Clausen has a long way to go to unseat Matt Moore

On Wednesday, NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora cited an unnamed team official in Carolina regarding the notion that rookie quarterback Jimmy Clausen drew “rave reviews” at a rookie minicamp, and that he could push Matt Moore for the starting job in 2010.

The unnamed team official probably has a reason for pushing that sentiment.  For example, maybe the team official is a “Clausen guy,” or maybe the team official wants to ensure that Moore realizes he needs to keep pushing to improve.

Either way, we’re hearing that the weekend minicamp wasn’t as successful for Clausen as advertised — and that Moore isn’t yet in danger of losing his job.

“The guys on the team believe in [Moore], Steve Smith believes in him . . . and the majority of guys respect him because he’s a scrapper, and [coach John] Fox loves him,” a source with knowledge of the situation said regarding Moore.  (Of course, if that’s fully accurate, why pick Clausen?)

We’re told that Clausen already has pissed off multiple receivers and at least one tight end by “barking” at them during minicamp practice, and that receiver Steve Smith “basically thinks Jimmy is a punk.”  Though Clausen is regarded as “smart” and unlikely to make mental mistakes, the initial thinking is that he uses excessive confidence (to the point that it’s being perceived by some as arrogance) to compensate for lack of arm strength, size, and overall athleticism.

The other side of the coin — which was pushed heavily prior to the draft in the face of relentless criticism from ESPN’s Todd McShay — is that Clausen was elected a team captain at Notre Dame, that there was no tangible evidence of leadership problems with the Irish (except for the time he blamed a receiver for ignoring a route adjustment), and that he’s a self-described “loving” and “caring” person (which always means that it’s true). 

Clausen possibly will develop into a great NFL quarterback.  But his first weekend was rougher than advertised, and based on what we’re hearing he’s got a long way to go become the starter.

It’s not impossible that he’ll be the starter at some point in 2010, but it won’t be a cakewalk, either.

42 responses to “Despite "rave reviews," Jimmy Clausen has a long way to go to unseat Matt Moore

  1. Projected top 10 pick, slips to the second to a team with a young first year starter and then draft another rookie QB late in the draft.
    Jimmy – ask brian brohm how this situation plays out.

  2. I understand that people have to pay their dues in life. I get it. But it is really interesting to watch situations unfold like the one Matt Moore is in. He has done nothing except win. True. he has a long way to go. Sure, he is really unproven in long stretches. But….give the guy a chance.
    Tom Brady faced the same criticism. Peyton Manning certainly did after his horrible rookie year. I’m not saying this guy is the reincarnation of Johnny U, but I think he deserves a little respect.
    Forget Clausen. I’m not saying…I’m just saying

  3. Sounds like JP Lossman to a Bills fan. Just wait until a Safety takes out his knee in training camp and his rookie year is shot. It is all down hill from there.

  4. “Receiver Steve Smith “basically thinks Jimmy is a punk.”
    I smell a broken nose coming.

  5. Florio, I’ve been telling you this since the draft. I love it when I’m right.
    BTW, if Carolina at any point thinks otherwise, PLEASE send him back to Dallas.

  6. “We’re told that Clausen already has pissed off multiple receivers and at least one tight end by “barking” at them during minicamp practice, and that receiver Steve Smith “basically thinks Jimmy is a punk.”
    Coming from Smith, one biggest punks in the league he should know what he’s talking about. If a not so famous person hit a coworker in he workplace and broke their nose they would have been fired and arrested. Smith is a walking turd.
    So a QB comes in and doesn’t take charge and he’s criticized for not showing leadership. He comes in and takes charge and the receivers get pissed. They can’t have it both ways.

  7. Every area reporter that was at the minicamp said that Clausen was going out of his way to be “one of the guys” including Pat Yasinskas of ESPN.. Steve Smith gave an interview stating that he thought Clausen earned some points with veterans over the weekend as well.. You state that the guy pushing Clausen may be a Clausen guy.. Well maybe the guy down talking him is a Moore guy.. Either way the Panthers go out of their way to downplay everything so if they basically dont read too much into minicamp.. Dont try to over analyze every comment..

  8. shocking……you mean Steve Smith isnt picking the starter?……..i thought that is where this was heading….

  9. How are you guys really coming at Steve Smith when he never said anything.. Some “source” said that Smith “basically thinks” hes a punk.. Not that he actually said it but the source thinks that Smith thinks that.. And you guys are coming at Smith when he did nothing wrong..
    Secondly the source is probably someone who is pissed about the Clausen pick.. Everyone covering the minicamp said Clausen was going out of his way to not piss people off..

  10. #1 – The first rule of Steve Smith is, you do not talk about Steve Smith.
    “Nameless team official” – now thats the real punk.

  11. I think a rookie QB that shows confidence when he first arrives may end up being perceived as arrogant. Regardless, there’s not enough information yet to determine whether he’s a douchebag or a leader. Dan Marino would regularly yell at his receivers and he’s a Hall of Famer. Ryan Leaf would yell at everyone and he’s in jail.

  12. Yeah this pretty much contradicts everything said by the local beat reporters and Steve Smith himself. But hey, now that a national media outlet has manufactured some controversy, let’s just run with it.

  13. “Clausen possibly will develop into a great NFL quarterback”.
    And possibly not.
    Why even make this statement?

  14. Who cares? the Carolina Panthers are just another teal and black 1990’s expansion overbloat on the American sports stage. Hell we might as well put a team in Jacksonville,Florida.(only to move them to a viable and “REAL” market someday)…..barf

  15. We’re told that Clausen already has pissed off multiple receivers and at least one tight end … Though Clausen is regarded as “smart” and unlikely to make mental mistakes …”
    Can’t depend on WRs or catchy TEs for objective bitching since most piss themselves before each snap fretting over touches & targets.
    What l’il Jimmy better be smart and mistake-free about is his OL. Make an unsmart (i.e., DUMB) move with them and we’ll be googling this Jimmy just like Jimmy soon enuff.

  16. Let’s see, highly touted QB drafted with first pick as long-term solution, since current not-as-young QB might not be the guy.
    Oh, you thought I was talking about the Panthers? I was actually talking about the Chargers when they drafted Phillip Rivers to replace Drew Brees.
    Over the long run, this was a bad move, because as good as Rivers is now, Brees has been that good if not a smidge better for years, and worse yet, the rest of the team aged before Rivers was ready.
    I can easily see Moore turn into a top notch QB, but will end up being traded because the team will feel forced to use Clausen.

  17. “We’re told that Clausen…” Yea an unnnamed source, like the unnamed team official cited earlier in the post. Both are as believeable as one another.
    Florio “the insider” strikes again. Mr. Bradshaw on line one…..

  18. Jimmy is a tough kid and he needs to act and talk tough so he can get some respect. When he gets in there and if he can deliver wins, nobody on that team will be talking smack.

  19. This is just an editorial in an article’s clothing. All you’ve done Florio is twist some words around to make Clausen look bad because you obviously want him to fail.
    Instead, why don’t we take a look at what the Panthers really think. For one, if John Fox loves Moore so much, why didn’t they ever bench Delhomme last year when he’s sucking major balls? Only when he was injured did they turn to Moore. And don’t give me that crap that they didn’t think he would perform well in a real game, because they had to have seen him talent every day in practice. Furthermore, what kind of team that has complete confidence in their starting QB drafts a 2nd round QB as well as 6th rounder? That smells of a team that’s building up for Moore’s possible failure and you know it.
    I do believe that Moore is a good QB and should be given the chance to start, but I can’t stand your failure to accept the notion that the coaches could actually be having a competition at the position. You can take your “unnamed sources” and shove it up your ass, Florio.

  20. and yesturday the same author wrote this
    Jimmy Clausen could be taking over Matt Moore’s “team”
    Posted by Mike Florio on May 5, 2010 11:34 PM ET

  21. there sources say so, hmm….yeah should we believe them.
    “Tony Pike will have a longer career than Clausen.”
    Yeah when he learns how to be a good passer, sorry, but Clausen is better.

  22. Hey florio, That is one long opinion. . .I mean that is one short article . . .I mean that is one. . . WTF is that?

  23. boy, it’s always so hard to tell what florio’s opinions are, he never interjects his personal biases into his stories

  24. # fcrwo01 says: May 6, 2010 10:33 AM
    Jay Cutler……..take 2
    That is generous. How about…
    Rick Mirer……..take 2.

  25. It would make my day if Tony Pike was named starter ahead of Clausen at some point.

  26. You could see on PTI that Smith didn’t like Clausen.
    He is hated by everyone around him and is nothing even remotely close to a team leader

  27. “It would make my day if Tony Pike was named starter ahead of Clausen at some point. ”
    that would be stupid, Pike is a project, he’s got big issues, he’s not as talented as Hunter Cantwell (the current 2nd string passer) Clausen is going to be the 2nd guy and will battle Moore for the job.

  28. My sources say the complete opposite, because unlike Florio and PFT, they were THERE for the Minicamp sessions.
    Florio is just trying to blow smoke up everyone’s ass to generate some reads. Don’t believe everything you read from here.

  29. “# shoe says: May 6, 2010 9:57 AM
    Enough with the Clausen articles….what”s going on w Tebow?”
    bwahahahahahahahaha!! well-done!

  30. What is it with no good ND quarterbacks. They are there because Florida, Florida State, Texas, Miami, BYU, Texas Tech and Penn State passed on them.

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