JaMarcus Russell finally released by Raiders

Nearly two weeks after the Raiders acquired quarterback Jason Campbell and nearly a week after quarterback JaMarcus Russell reported for and participated in a mandatory minicamp, the Raiders have cut ties with the first overall pick in the 2007 draft.

The Raiders will save $6.45 million in 2010 base salary.  They owe him $3 million in guaranteed base salary.

The team’s decision to allow him to participate in the minicamp is curious, especially in light of the decision to release him so quickly thereafter.  If he had suffered a torn ACL or some other curious injury, the Raiders would have owed him the full $9.45 million.

That said, it’s possible that the Raiders purchased insurance to cover the $6.45 million in extra money that would have been paid to Russell if he had suffered a season-ending injury during the minicamp.  With no salary cap to worry about, this became a matter of raw dollars, and insurance of this nature is readily available both for the players (who buy it from folks like our pal Rich “Big Daddy” Salgado of Coastal Advisors) and for the teams.

234 responses to “JaMarcus Russell finally released by Raiders

  1. Maybe they wanted to see him one last time; see how he would react to competition.
    They probably saw all they needed. What a waste.
    I really don’t like the Raiders, but I do feel bad for them. It isn’t fair that they had to sink so much money into one guy.

  2. I think we can dispense with the word ‘curious’ when talking about things the Raiders do. Just go right ahead and find/replace that with ‘retarded’

  3. Teams will be scrambling to pickup Russell now that he’s a free agent.
    Or more realistically not. Let the all time bust countdown begin!

  4. I don’t think you can tear your ACL’s sitting on the bench eating a sack full of sliders.

  5. I’m sure they were checking to see if the Campbell trade jolted something in his system to give actual effort. Once they realized that wasn’t the case the first day of minicamp, they lowered his workload and let him go today.
    …least that’s my theory for why his participation in minicamp was “curious.”

  6. Alrighty then. We move on. I spent $250 on a Russell Jersey in 07′
    So when the Raiders loses another 11 games this year, Al Davis Idolaters will have to find someone else to blame.

  7. Al Davis was not going to let everyone tell him he had to cut Jamarcus before the minicamp. So after he proved everyone wrong he then did what he should have done before.

  8. Maybe senile cheapskate Al was trying to fire Russell “with cause.”

  9. I hope he gets a coach who can help him.
    He has the only thing you can’t coach wich is a strong arm.
    I bet Whisenhunt could work with him.

  10. Finally! Now what? Will a team actually pick him up to play QB? If so, should there be a weight provision in his contract? hmmmm….

  11. The raiders were working to try and get him to restructure his contract and showed good faith in allowing him to attend. Jamarcus didnt like the numbers and his agent must think that taking the 3 mil and maybe getting minimuim from another team is better than staying with the raiders and trying to turn his career around there.

  12. JaMarcus,,,next time you’re in town the Vicodin’s on me, thanks bro!
    -Ryan Leaf

  13. Well at least you can count on the Raiders signing him. They always go for the busts who had tons of potential.
    Oh wait…

  14. thank freakin’ god!!
    it’s about time. scary to think that someone else will give him a chance.
    maybe the cowboys could sign him as an ot.
    but you just know someone will fall in love with that arm and hope to find some hint of passion, that i don’t think he ever had.
    good riddance dumbo!

  15. This guy just took over as the number one biggest bust of all time! At ease Ryan Leaf, you are relieved from your duties.

  16. Doesn’t sound like it’ll bother him at all. He got some money but nothing else: no dignity, no respect, no reputation – the important things in life.
    For his sake I hope he doesn’t blow it within five years. From the looks of his bling he’ll probably end up homeless.

  17. Why would you feel bad for the Raiders? Al Davis is still running that team when he should be in a retirement home. That franchise has become a joke ever since Gruden left.

  18. maybe Russell will get sacked while looking for a new team???? ok, jokes out of the way, i feel bad for the Raiders, Russell cost them 39 million dollars by not even trying to play, have fun next year as the backup with the league minimum.

  19. Now go get TO so J. Cambell can have someone exp to throw around with…
    GO RAIDERS!!!!

  20. Anyone else notice Davis saving his embarassment by releasing Russell today while everyone in sports is focused on Taylor? ESPN can’t even get a segment in because of the other fiasco! Great way to stay outta the spotlight with the biggest bust ever in my opinion!

  21. He was a bigger bust in terms of size, but nobody can top Ryan Leaf. Many analysts said Leaf was a better prospect than Peyton Manning, and the careers of the two have basically been tied together. JaMarcus was basically viewed as the quarterback with the most upside and talent in an incredibly weak quarterback class.

  22. I wouldnt say he was a bigger bust then Leaf. Id say equal. They both have wonderful Bust elements to them that make them so special.

  23. “This guy was a bigger bust than Ryan Leaf”
    As much as Leaf was a trainwreck, at least he showed some frustration and got upset. JaMarcus was 100% apathetic, aloof – he just couldn’t care about being an NFL QB.

  24. NO, NO, NO, I can’t stand this news.. I’m very upset about this..
    I’m having a really bad day.. Al Davis, you have truely pissed me off today, you really, really have.. Oh, I’m pissed.

  25. Man will there ever be a bigger draft bust in sports history than Big boy Russell. Maybe he can catch on in the UFL , the Omaha team could probably pay him in prime cut steak lol.

  26. Oh thank God! And I’m not even religious!
    And people said Davis would never admit to a mistake, and yet he just cut loose Bubba-Bling-the-Mamga-King!

  27. I want to see the guy get another shot as a backup. Who really shines in Oakland anyway. Move him to Left Tackle if he cant play QB.

  28. Best story about Ja-suck-us Russel is what his Offensive Coordinator did to him.
    The OC gave him a DVD of the game plan to review before a game early in the week. Later in the week, on Friday or Saturday, the coach asked Russel if he watched it and was ready to go. Russel said, “Yeah, I saw it, good stuff”.
    Guess what? The DVD was blank. Nothing on it. What a great QB, so studious.

  29. he got paid, no need to get better.
    Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son, unless you are Jamarcus Russell.

  30. I am assuming Al Davis the owner should fire Al Davis the GM? What GM keeps his job after the #1 pick in the draft busts this hard? That won’t happen of course and I guess it’s lucky for AL that he runs a football team and not a bagel store because if he ran a bagel store like this that store would be a vacant building and out of business.

  31. This move, coupled with the draft weekend, is the real beginning of the Raiders turnaround. It took them eight dreadful seasons before they finally went all-in with a rebuild. I don’t think this team is a winner yet, but for us fans…I think we can see the light at the end of a dark dark tunnel.
    Not saying there will be a 12-14 win season looming soon…but I think 8-10 is where we need to get sometime in the next 2 seasons…and then continue to improve. If this team can win 7 games this season, it will be a victory for us fans. Just reach mediocrity baby!

  32. How much longer before Jamarcus is elgible for the next season of celebrity fat club?

  33. Thank GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jabustus will go down as the biggest draft BUST EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!
    bye bye Jafatass!!

  34. The only bigger bust in history is the one Dez Bryant’s mom took in the face!!!!

  35. Bad as he was, he did have a hand in the Raiders’ last two wins over Denver. He was 10/11 for 152 yds (1 TD, 0 INT) in 2008 (I can’t say I’ve seen numbers like that before) and threw the winning TD to Chaz Schilens with

  36. 39 million for Russell
    10 million for Javon Walker
    8 million for DeAngelo Hall
    Al Davis would have probably been better off dumping that cash out the back of a helicopter circling over East Oakland.

  37. I would feel bad for the guy, but I know he doesn’t give a shit. I wonder if he’ll even try milking some more money out of another team.

  38. wow. im shocked!!!
    Sarcastic: the FACT he’s gone
    Reality: Timing..
    ( choose your pick)

  39. Im so disappointed…… this guy did what Ryan Leaf did to the Chargers
    It was so fun to watch this guy bring down the whole franchise, now the Chargers might actually have to play to win rather than just wait till Russell gave it away….
    Id say with him gone the Raiders have potential to win 8+ games with their defense and run game
    And im a Charger fan so im trying to be nice here

  40. Even in finally cutting ties with a money pit, they are still stupid. Why risk him getting hurt in a pointless minicamp?

  41. Ryan Leaf is doing a happy dance.
    He’ll no longer be number one on those “All-time Bust” lists.

  42. the raiders had a good draft and russell is gone….they might actually win more than 5 games this year.

  43. Hey Florio,
    Could the all-knowing NFL Slappies give us some debate on JaMarcus Russell vs. Ryan Leaf to determine who officially is the greatest NFL bust of all time?

  44. The risk of Russell getting injured and the Raiders being on the line for all the money was not as questionable as you make it sound.
    Al Davis wants to win and he wanted to be sure that Russell had not come around. If it risked having to pay him to be sure so be it. Say what you want about Al Davis but he has always put his money where his mouth is unlike many of the other owners in the NFL.
    I think it was a good move because even if he could complete a few passes I do not think he has what is needed upstairs to be able to read the D and call protections. His work ethic and leadership skills are also lacking.

  45. This guy did nothing in college that would give anyone a strong indication that he would be a success in the NFL…..this is no surprise. A much worse version of Jeff George…..

  46. I wonder if he’ll get a job somewhere again…I wouldn’t trust him with anything.

  47. Good move by Oak-town. Where does JaMarcus end up? My guess is next stop is Burger Kaaang baby,,,yeah !

  48. Since he has already been paid $ 3 million for the season, see if he can replace our guard Cooper Carlisle who also sucks.

  49. It’s got to be a $4 million save on the buffet alone. Good ridden’s fat azz.

  50. I hear Lane Kiffin laughing his cartoon-rodent-style evil laugh somewhere in the distance.
    I hope he got all of his fancy-boy man-jewelry appraised, because I don’t know of anyone who wants to buy a diamond encrusted ‘Chosen One’ medallion that belonged to JaMarcus Russell. Leprosy is cooler than him right now.
    Rejoice, Raidaz fans, rejoice.
    [then remember you’re the crappy Raiders and come back down to Earth.]

  51. Bigger bust than Leaf imo.
    But I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Bills pick him up.

  52. Hooray! Now we can move on with someone else to basb daily. Isn’t what this board is all about.

  53. Biggest bust, ever. He stole Mr. Davis’ money. Happy trails Fat Albert. I hope he blows all that money on his ridiculous jewlery habit and is broke by the age of 40.

  54. I’m wondering if he’ll get signed at all. He was the Raiders perfect storm of size and arm strength at the QB position… I’m not sure who else would sign him.
    I don’t think he deserves another shot but his biggest flaw has been his lack of work ethic… I wonder if the 49ers might take a chance. That’s the only place I could see possibly having any chance at making him a legit NFL QB (a very slim chance). Singletary wouldn’t allow him to just coast, and they sort of have a need at QB.
    Just wondering out loud.

  55. As an LSU alum and football season ticket holder for several years…Russell deserves this. He is now the poster child for a rookie pay scale capped at a maximum amount. What an embarrassment. What a waste.
    The problem is, Russell is surrounded by a bunch of morons. He is athletically gifted, but lazy as hell, and clearly more concerned with designing his numerous diamond-encrusted jewelry than he ever was about learning the game at the NFL level. He gets poor advice from people who are probably sucking him dry. That started when he held out until September of his rookie year, and has continued. I think he feels like he’s bullet proof because he got paid a whopping sum of money, but geez he’s got a problem.
    Here’s to hoping he doesn’t end up a 30-year-old washed up has been who blew threw millions and has absolutely nothing to show for it. He’s well on his way though.


  57. Now he can turn around and buy the Raiders with all the money they paid him……The staff for “The Biggest Loser” and Nutri System will be all over this guy soon.

  58. I am willing to bet a team picks him up and he flourishes outside of that black hole of professional football. Oakland does nothing but kill talent – look at McFadden, Asomugha (could be SOO MUCH BETTER, which is scary), Heyward-Bey, etc.
    Russell will be signed by the end of May.

  59. He can go to the 49ers. Then They will have 3 former #1 overall picks, all at QB (Alex Smith, David Carr, And Russell) and none of em worth a shi*!!!!!!!

  60. If this guy had any integrity, at all, he would renegotiate his salary for the 3 million guaranteed plus league minimum.
    Obviously the negotiations fell through due to Russell’s unreasonable demands.
    If he was a true warrior, he would be dead set on winning back the fans, and earning the 40 million that he has taken.
    This just embodies what the guy is all about. A sense of entitlement.
    Now let’s see if there are any coaches who have a big enough ego to think that they can change this fat, lazy, diamond wearing, POS into a QB. GOOD LUCK!!!!

  61. This guy was not a bigger bust than Ryan Leaf. If you look at the stats its not even close. And, even though these aren’t stats, if you take into account that Leaf was supposed to be better than Manning and the several unfortunate outbursts to the media Leaf had, I would say Leaf is the bigger bust even if the stats are equal.

  62. Not the biggest bust ever….EVERYONE except the Raiders knew what he was before he was drafted.

  63. If this guy had any integrity, at all, he would renegotiate his salary for the 3 million guaranteed plus league minimum.
    Obviously the negotiations fell through due to Russell’s unreasonable demands.
    If he was a true warrior, he would be dead set on winning back the fans, and earning the 40 million that he has taken.
    This just embodies what the guy is all about. A sense of entitlement.
    Now let’s see if there are any coaches who have a big enough ego to think that they can change this fat, lazy, diamond wearing, POS into a QB. GOOD LUCK!!!!

  64. Whether he was a “bigger bust” than Leaf is irrelevant – he was a bust. Hopefully he’ll find his way onto another roster and figure this NFL thing out; he’s got all the tools anyone could ask for, but not a shred of responsibility or strength of character – none to my eye.
    Good riddance JaMarcus, we hardly knew ye.

  65. Ryan Leaf got 11 million in guearanteed $$$$ and was a No. 2 overall pick. Jamarc’ Ass was the overall No. 1 and got 39 millllllliiiion….. Nice job FAT man. I want to see the articles from before he was drafted. I want to re-read all the hype the writers put out there about how good he was going to be.

  66. Russell isn’t a bust, oakland raiders are the bust, put jamarcus somewhere else and he’ll do better
    modern day Raiders = same fate of 80’s buccaneers
    every player that leaves them will do better

  67. The good new is the Raiders will sign him… Oh yea never mind JR you are screwed. LOL

  68. # green&bold says: May 6, 2010 4:17 PM
    “This guy was a bigger bust than Ryan Leaf”
    yeah, at least Ryan tried!!
    jabustus didn’t give a shit after he got his 40 mil!

  69. Inmate Leaf meet your new cell mate in the jail cell of public opinion. His name is Jamarcus, he is a Virgo and Loves long lethargic walks in the common area .

  70. “it’s possible that the Raiders purchased insurance to cover the $6.45 million in extra money that would have been paid to Russell if he had suffered a season-ending injury during the minicamp”
    That would have been the smart thing to do, so the Raiders probably did the complete opposite, whatever that is.

  71. Did you honestly think he would do anything on a team like the Raiders? Someone will pick him up and see if he can do something…

  72. i hope he invested his money well because he will never play football again,he will be arrested for drugs in the next year

  73. How long will it be until we read about him being released by the Toronto Argonauts?

  74. Homeboy still got paid…F all the bust talk, todays football is about money, and he got his.

  75. Al Davis must really be in a coma and not know what’s going on. First a half decent draft, next releasing Russell? Put in a good word for me Al with the Big Man upstairs when you get there.

  76. HALLELUJAH!!!!
    Don’t let the door hit your fat ass on the way out, ya bum….
    Party at Ricky’s!

  77. KrappyKell, isn’t it awesome how everyone here at PFT totally ignores your posts?
    I guess warning everyone that you’re a slimy old racist who is infatuated with Al Davis did the trick.
    I bet you thought you’d show up here, get a fresh start, post the Raiders win/loss record for the last 7 years about 15 times a day and make a whole bunch of new friends who think the fact you’re a world traveler is cool.
    Not the case, huh old goat? Totally hilarious!
    So where are you going to slither off to your next blog, you wacky old plagiarist? Your old pals from Jerry’s blog are dying to know – so we can warn them too!

  78. @ GirthyOne says: May 6, 2010 4:22 PM
    All-Time Bust List:
    #1. JaMarcus Russell
    you should really count him as #1 and #2. really, fro a QB. he takes up enough space to fit 2

  79. Someone blurted out “biggest bust” and Heidi Montag’s ear’s just perked up.
    This could be the classic case of addition by subtraction. You get rid of Russell and save 6.5M in the process (off the team’s food budget).

  80. # raiderrob21 says: May 6, 2010 4:51 PM
    He can go to the 49ers. Then They will have 3 former #1 overall picks, all at QB (Alex Smith, David Carr, And Russell) and none of em worth a shi*!!!!!!!
    And they will still pound the raiders into the turf this year!

  81. I agree that he is a bust, but let’s not forget the other option was Quinn and he has not set the league on fire.

  82. Ryan Leaf is worse because the Chargers gave up a bunch of picks and two players. 2 1sts, a 2nd and pro-bowler.
    Even if Russel is worse (he has won more games) the Raiders didn’t give up any picks for him.

  83. at least ryan leaf was a drug addict so he kinda has an excuse…russel, just fat and lazy.

  84. Al Davis saw the LT headlines and was like time to cut the fat boy. This way they make less headlines and you don’t have to hear sportcenter talk about it ad neausum because of the LT debacle.

  85. @81Texican –
    “Homeboy still got paid…F all the bust talk, todays football is about money, and he got his. ”
    Yeah but the majority of these guys go broke after their career is over. They mismanage their money, plain and simple..the statistics are out there (it’s like 75% for NBA players)
    Seeing this guy’s behavior I say bankrupt in 3,
    Espn – E:60 special in 5
    I’m not hating on the guy, but given his past behavior there’s no reason to think he won’t continue to make poor decisions..

  86. JaMarcus was only part of the problem in Oakland. The biggest (not literally) problem is the guy who fired him. Skeletor has ruined the Raiders franchise with his outdated approach and meddling where he clearly doesn’t belong. The Raiders and the NFL will be much better off when Davis hands over the team to someone else. Russell may be the biggest bust ever, but the guy who hired him is even a bigger bust at evaluating players. Big arm plus 10 cent head equals bust.

  87. xanderslugger says:
    May 4, 2010 5:19 PM
    Ya’llz a bunch of punks… hey Gregg, when are u gonna stop posting negative stories about the Raiders? Start talking about how good this off-season has been for us. FYI… Jason Campbell is our Qb now. Quit hating and stop posting shit about JRuss. He won’t be in our team much longer . All u Raider Haters are gonna hate us even more this coming season. playoffs baby!
    AMAZING… I love Raider fans… I mean, the logic… It almost sseems like Clinton Portis wrote this…

  88. Ryan leaf is a bigger bust. Jamarcus has potential but he’s going to have to work hard, that’s his downfall he has no drive or work ethic. He has the ability to be a decent qb I’m not saying great but a solid an. You can’t just blame russell he was on the raiders with no o line or any wide outs.

  89. JaFata$$ Russell is really a good athlete – Word has it he’ll be challenging Kobyashi at the next Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

  90. To all the morons making leaf and russell bust comparisons. Your premature. Im sure more ways than 1. Russell is 24 and WILL get another shot somewhere. You cant shut the door on him yet. Theres also Alex Smith and Davis Carr who were #1 overall picks. Still too early on those 2 bums, but there in the mix too. You CAN start the debate with the following… Leaf, Tim Couch, Akili Smith, Jeff Blake, Joey Harrington, Heath Schuler, Rick Meirer, David Klingler, Andre Ware, Kelly Stouffer, Chuck Long, Todd Blackledge,Art Schlichter, Rich Campbell,Jack Thompson. Their careers are over. All these guys are lined up for the debate. But you cant throw Alex Smith, David Carr, Or Russell into that debate just yet. Believe it or not these 3 Bums still have a shot at turning it around.

  91. JaMarcus already got a job offer…McDonalds wants to hire him to be the next Grimace. Compensation: all the Big Macs he can eat. That’ll make up for the $6 million he’s lost.

  92. Playoffs come on guys you have to crawl before you fly. There are too many good teams in the afc. You still need better receivers and you won’t topple San Diego. I do see this as a big move towards improvement, but it will be next season at least before playoffs are realistic

  93. This only proves that the SEC is a terrible conference for QBs to NFL transition.

  94. I like how Florio gets mad when no one gives him credit for breaking a story. Not sure about you but I know I saw ESPN report this one before and I would be willing to bet a couple other sites had this one too… Looks like at least one team has blackballed PFT

  95. Uh, what’s with all the Ryan Leaf defenders in this thread talking about him being “off the hook” as all-time biggest bust? Sounds like racist teabaggers trying to rescue one of their own from ignominy. Are you fools on some of Leaf’s drugs? Even HE has the common sense to admit he’s the biggest bust:
    Lazy JaMarcus will continue his NFL career with another team. Leaf is headed to jail and the “useful idiots” that are trying to rescue this all-time punk are headed back to the Faux News channel to get more propaganda pumped into their tiny domes.

  96. What a great day for raider fans!! All u raider haters make me laugh, Oakland got MUCH better today! The real Retards in the AFC west are the donkeys, LOL

  97. There’s a new number 1 “all time bust”, and his name is Jamarcus.
    Somewhere out there, Ryan Leaf just smiled to himself and popped a cork on some Champagne….

  98. Wooooooooooooooooooooooo!
    Biggest bust ever! I am glad this finally happened, all his career the media tried to say he was good, simply because he was black and they were trying to stay away from being called racists, well yellow, purple red, or pin, this guy is by far the all time biggest bust!!!!!

  99. In 25 years, kids will ask their grandpas how they paid rookies before the rookie pay scale. At that point, grandpa will simply say, “Let me tell you about a bust named JaMarcus Russel.”
    At least he’s famous for something…

  100. This guy didn’t even try.
    The real crime? Rich Gannon, the last QB they had that even sniffed the playoffs, didn’t get anywhere near this money.
    In order for this fat, POS to get picked up and kept, he has to better than someone else. Who is he better than?

  101. Don’t worry, JaMarcus, you can still make it as a semi-trained whale at Sea World or as a blimp.
    Or a circus act: “Step right up and see the World’s Biggest Bust!”
    My girlfriend’s a middle school principal and I suggested she threaten her poorly-behaving students with their having to watch an endless loop of JaMarcus Russell “highlights.” Scare ’em straight….

  102. Happiest person in the world must be Ryan Leaf. This goes down as the biggest bust ever. At least Leaf was only the second pick in the draft.

    Actually maybe Jamarcus + DHB combined get you to the same range of suckitude but they are two people!

  104. KoolKell says: May 6, 2010 4:19 PM
    Alrighty then. We move on. I spent $250 on a Russell Jersey in 07′
    So when the Raiders loses another 11 games this year, Al Davis Idolaters will have to find someone else to blame.
    You have no room to talk if you were stupid enough to buy a Russell jersey. I was smart enough to be pissed off when Al Davis drafted him. What’s your excuse?!
    If you were dumb enough to buy a jersey back then, it doesn’t say much about you at all. Maybe you should just STFU.
    I know one thing, it’s a friggin’ holiday for me!!!!
    Thank God he’s gone!!!!!

  105. LMMFAO!!!!

  106. Todd Marinovich took a break from folding tortillas at Taco Bell to call and thank Russell for stripping him of the title of worst Raiders bust ever. Then he did some coke.

  107. I just want to know what has happened to the real Al Davis, this off season. He has allowed moves to be made, to improve the Team. Or is He really locked in a closet, and doesn’t know what’s going on? Either way, JaBust is gone and he will get another chance at eating his way to 400 lbs… Good Luck & Don’t choke on that Chicken…

  108. In my head, the Halleleuiah choir is belting out Handel’s Messiah at 11. HALLELEUIAH! HALLELEUIAH!

  109. Only 17 wins in three complete seasons and Russell walks away with $39.6 million!
    If ever there was a need to have some sort of minimum wage for ALL in-coming rookies Russell would be the poster boy and quite a few others right behind him.
    I mean, so many of these kids who come out of college at 21 or 22 years of age, and then have millions and millions of dollars in many cases tossed at them by the team that drafted them, without their having proved Thing One yet on the field is just nuts.
    Prove First that you are worth that kind of coin, then work out a deal later for the big bucks. What is the minimum in the NFL? Around 300 grand or something like that? I think they could live ok with $300,000 and maybe kick it up 25-to-50 grand more if they are still learning the process going into their second season.
    Let’s see a new qb take the team down the field and score during the last two minutes, for example, and then talk about millions of dollars in their next contract.

  110. I attended the Giants-Raiders game last October at the Meadowlands. I think the G-Men sacked Russell four times during that game and knocked him down even more.
    I remember one play in particular, and it wasn’t even a blitz. Russell found himself facing three Giants coming straight at him. I swear I don’t think he even moved in a simple attempt to get out of their way. He basically just stood there and was creamed. Final score: Giants–42 and the Raiders–7. Oakland only got the TD they did when a Giant muffed a punt return catch and fumbled the ball deep in NY’s territory. Other than that Russell didn’t get the Raiders passed the 50 yard line even once during that game.
    I am a Giants fan, but objectively speaking, Russell’s performance that day was one of the worst I have ever seen by a “professional” quarterback. I was with my cousin, who is a huge Raiders fan, and after the play I just mentioned I turned to him and said, “Man! He didn’t even try to get out of the way.” My cousin replied, “So what’s new?”
    And for that kind of performanceover three seasons Russell walks away from the Silver-and-Black with $39.6 million of Al Davis’ dollars.

  111. you wanna hear something funnier, he beat the broncos at home the last 2 seasons. what does all this say about them? mile high my ass

  112. I’m trying to figure out the criteria for being honored with the title “Biggest Draft Bust.” Is it poor on-field performance, financial loss, etc…Russell was a sub-par QB in a sub-par QB draft class. Out of 255 players drafted in 2007, I think there were maybe 10 QB’s taken. Try to name another QB taken in that draft. Kevin Kolb, Tyler Thigpen, uhhhhh…….what were we talking about again??? Oh, now I remember! The Raiders are the joke of the NFL. The only questions they ask during a pre-draft interview are “What is your 40 time?” and “Can you throw a football 70 yards?”

  113. Maybe he will catch on as a nose tackle somewhere………maybe not. He would have to hit other players….

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