Paulus to try out for Saints

Former Duke basketball player and Syracuse quarterback Greg Paulus didn’t get drafted or signed as an undrafted free agent, but his NFL dream isn’t over quite yet.

Paulus will be one of 40 tryout players to attend the Saints upcoming rookie minicamp, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune

While any tryout player is an extreme long shot, the Saints are looking for a quarterback or two to add for depth before the season starts.

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  1. # Pier588 says: May 6, 2010 1:41 PM
    Its been 310 days since the “Comment Ratings” disappeared from PFT/CFT – when will Mike Florio be addressing bringing that feature back to PFT as promised last July?

  2. Saints invited 2400 prospects to an extended camp which will involve a fitness routine built around filling sandbags and setting log booms. Tryouts will be asked to participate on a volunteer basis to prove their character.

  3. No shot. MAYBE if he played football for four years and did really well. great athlete to be able to play both but his dream as an NFL QB is longer than a longshot.

  4. Can we please stop it with the “Greg Paulus as a professional athlete” trip?
    He was an above average college basketball player. He has no future in the NBA.
    He was a below average college football player. He has no future in the NFL.
    But hey, to give him credit, he only has two g’s in his name.

  5. I heard the HC can hook you up with some Vicoden. No wonder players are flocking to try out for the Saints.

  6. Mark Brunell is already collecting social security and no way Joey Harrington is gonna get another shot. Might as well see if Heath Shuler wants another shot if they’re considering Harrington. Paulus will be cheap and he’ll have a good work ethic especially since he’ll be making league minny if it happens.

  7. not so great college basketball player
    below average college football player
    he has a college degree, go use it.

  8. Come on bro. He was so bad in college. dude can’t play. this guy is trying backup Drew bress. Oh no try to beat Bress in Basketball then if he win a game of 21 and horse then he can become a water boy.

  9. He beat me in the New York State championship 😦 He also appears to have down syndrome

  10. That’s what Paulus gets for dissing SU as a high school recruit. He could have played 4 years of college QB and suited up for a top hoops program like McNabb did. But no, he had to go to Duke. Time to get on with life Greg and use that Duke degree for something.

  11. He wasnt gonna get an NBA tryout so he ‘s in NO ?
    Hey, just suppose for a minute that he gets a job there, and supplants Brees as starter. Coach KryBaby could use it as a recruiting tool.
    I think I’ll THROW UP !

  12. Wonderful, now there’s a new question to answer in New Orleans, who will be the starting QB in week 1? Come on man, he’s not even going to make the practice squad…

  13. Well, favre will be traveling to the superdome for another azz kicking soon enough! Fan of Football, I hope you are ready to take your medicine!

  14. I found it baffling when he came out of high school that he chose basketball over football. Number one ranked qb in the nation, but he chooses to go play point guard for Duke instead. It was obvious from the beginning he was not athletic enough to play in the NBA. Bad, bad decision.

  15. Give him a chance, I say. He’s a string bean, for sure, but the poor guy was running for his life most of his time on the field at SU. Get him some decent coverage and decent receivers and then let’s see what he can do. He’s smart and can make decisions quick. Can he survive crushing blows from 300 lb. guys coming at him like a freight train? I don’t know.

  16. Wow, some of you have absolutely amazing wit! I mean, wow, Vicodin jokes? Wow, these pain killer quips are absolutely bursting with laugh out loud humor!!! I never ever thought I would see these incredibly brilliant Vicodin jokes on a post regarding the Saints.
    Oh, and what originality!!! I mean, I’m surprised some of you haven’t been contacted by Hollywood yet!!!

  17. @clintcooper
    These are the same brilliant minds that think Ray Lewis murder jokes are clever.

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