Steve Smith denies referring to Jimmy Clausen as a "punk"

In response to our item from earlier today regarding initial impressions made by Panthers rookie quarterback Jimmy Clausen, we’re told that receiver Steve Smith strongly disputes the notion that he believes Clausen is a “punk.”

We’re told that Smith already has sent a text message to Clausen stating the it’s “all BS.” 

Also, Smith will appear on WFNZ tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. ET in Charlotte to tell his side of the story.  I’ll be appearing on WFNZ at some point thereafter, during which time I’ll surely say once (or more than once) what I’m about to say right now.

“We stand by our story.”

76 responses to “Steve Smith denies referring to Jimmy Clausen as a "punk"

  1. An unnamed source is more credible than the actual person in question denying he ever said what he was accused of saying? Makes sense.

  2. When push comes to shove “unnamed team sources” have little credibility. Steve Smith may have said it, but he has come out disputing it and you are not able to say who quoted Smith.
    PFT maybe right, but there is no proof.

  3. Maybe Steve should just sucker punch him instead. Seems to be good at that.

  4. ..and shortly after, “thereafter”, you’ll be appearing on a Charlotte sidewalk with a chalk outline around you, Mike.
    “You want hits, you lil sumbitch, I give you hits!”

  5. it’s cool how steve smith appeared on PFTMZ today before he appears on WFNZ tomorrow.

  6. of course you stand by your story
    i dont remember did that story have an actual source? or did someone who wants to stay anonymous provide this info?
    HAS to be the latter if you’re “Standing by your story”

  7. …and shortly thereafter, Florio makes a surprise appearance in the hereafter.

  8. PittsburghSteelerz says:
    May 6, 2010 3:24 PM
    Clausen is a punk.
    You mean rapistberger…

  9. “Stand by the story” until you see a clear lane to run, Mike. We’ll understand.

  10. Flo,
    Do an update and explain why you stand by this.
    You’re like George Bush 2 standing by WMD’s.

  11. SantonioH10 says:
    May 6, 2010 3:21 PM
    An unnamed source is more credible than the actual person in question denying he ever said what he was accused of saying? Makes sense.
    Apparently they were more credible in the Roethlisberger case and the subsequent SI story!

  12. “We stand by our story.”
    Yea another Florio Bedtime Story…are u sure you don’t write for Grimm’s Fairy Tales?

  13. Oh my god! Its not like he asked if his mother was a prostitute!

  14. ah classy Steve Smith getting along with teammates again.
    That’s why this overrated turd will never win anything,

  15. PittsburghSteelerz says:
    May 6, 2010 3:24 PM
    Clausen is a punk.
    No punks hit girls in face with a glass and rape college girls

  16. hopefully WFNZ will have you on air with Steve Smith…seems only fair if you stand by your story & dont reveal your source that the person you are affecting can directly confront you

  17. As big and alien looking as Clauful’s head looks it seems Smith already might have used it as a punching bag.
    His moms might not be a prostitute, but there is no doubting little Jimmy is a punk.

  18. You wont be standing by any story, Florio. In fact you have until 4:00 pm eastern time to remove it from your happy little blog.
    Yours Truly #89.

  19. Did somebody named “PittsburghSteelerz” just call another team’s QB a punk?

  20. Why stand by a story in which you’re not man enough to name your source? “Anonymous source” usually means “figment of the writer’s imagination that can’t be proven or disproven”… Otherwise, be a man and tell us who said it.
    You’re the guy that told us Terry Bradshaw was dead. Why would we believe you have “unnamed sources”??

  21. I would deny saying it too if that meant i wouldn’t be getting more passes, which equals more money…….

  22. @ethan robert
    lmao!!! i come to this website more often to read the comments than to actually read the articles. hahahaha still laughing.

  23. Steve Smith is a stand up guy..if he said it he would admit it! Thats one thing i know from being around the guy the past 8 years…
    Sure u can make all the “sucker punch” jokes u want but ken Lucas was soft and probably needed it! LOL..ok so that was a punk move no doubt but still..
    Smitty has never been one to hold his tongue nor hide his feelings..if he thought that way about Clausen then he would have said it…non story
    And Florio, you BETTER issue a retraction on Mac’s show in the morning

  24. Let me get this straight: you claim that someone who you won’t name claims that Steve Smith thinks–not said, but thinks–Clausen is a punk, but Smith denies thinking or saying that.
    What story are you standing by? The only possible story you can stand by is that someone told you that Smith thinks that, because you can’t possibly stand by a story that Smith actually “thinks” something he denies thinking since there is no way to verify that. Unless you’re a complete hack. Which explains why you’re standing by it.

  25. As someone who listens to WFNZ every day I double dog dare you to “stand by your story”. I swear Florion you are the biggest Panther/Steve Smith hater alive! Better yet why dont you do some actual reporting and contact Smitty. Get his side b4 you put him back on your joke of an all-turd team. Speaking of which, will you be coaching that team again this year? You suck Florio in the worst way imaginable.

  26. “Mad Mike”, the evil scientist, brewing up Bad Team Chemistry again in his Mom’s basement.
    With his hunchback assistant Grogg.

  27. I have read many reports, some from Charlotte websites and one guy believes the whole Smith calling Clausen a punk is quote “Baloney” and i agree, I think PFT is stirring up talk. i DO think he has a ways to go before he starts (he’s a rookie and Moore is a fan favorite), but i disagree with the “source”

  28. Hap says:
    He said it. I heard him.
    Your fat, crusted, droopy ears haven’t experienced sound in years. Stop lying, liar.

  29. @D.R.Universal
    You want a retraction to a rumor??? REALLY??? That’s like asking somebody to back up their opinion with facts.

  30. “We stand by our story.”
    And somewhere Terry Bradshaw’s corpse is yelling, “You tell ’em, brother!” 🙂

  31. And “your story” Florio is that your source thinks that Smith thinks Clausen is a punk. Without knowing the name of your source, why should any of your readers give a crap about what he thinks Steve Smith thinks?
    THERE WASN’T EVEN A SMITH QUOTE IN YOUR STORY. It was just one man’s opinion of another man’s opinion based on JACK SQUAT.

  32. Somebody who has to sucker punch somebody to hit him is a punk so Smith stop talkin shit cause it’s making you look bad

  33. Maybe Steve referred to him as “that darn punk” after he heard Clausen blasting some Bad Religion from his car stereo

  34. ‘Jimmy, I never called you a punk, I swear. Now go and get me some queer-assed Cactus Coolers, BITCH!!!!’
    -Steve Smith

  35. What moron ‘ stands by his story’ when the subject of the story denies it and the MORON has no first hand knowledge? Where is the story? You couldn’t possibly mean The Unsubstantiated Rumor…

  36. @myopinionisbetter…
    Yes..bc this story (according to Florio) is not a rumor, he cited an unnamed source..
    So if you ‘stand by your story’ and its wrong..u should retract, apologize and tuck your tail..LOL

  37. Clausen is a punk. How do you get punched in the face in a bar full of Notre dame fans. Clausen that’s the best crunch over ever heard and its not a pickle its his nfl career. He is the next qb bust.

  38. All Smith was saying was that Clausen got “Punk’d”. Now that the cat is out of the bag, this episode will never make it to the tube. Thanks for spoiling the surprise, Florio!

  39. And…after Smith called Clausen a “punk” he then asked everyone to pray before the Wonderlic test….LMAO….

  40. Well folks, All this BS aside Jimmy Clausen and the other receivers drafted (Smith if he wants to be included) will light up the Panthers…..mark my words………even bet on them!!!

  41. Honestly, does Florio ever have anything good to say about the Panthers? He always seems to be bad mouthing this team.

  42. “Lord of the Cats says:
    May 6, 2010 4:16 PM
    As someone who listens to WFNZ every day I double dog dare you to “stand by your story”. I swear Florion you are the biggest Panther/Steve Smith hater alive! ”
    Um, Lord of the Cats, that gigantic chip on your shoulder has seriously clouded any rational thought. I’m not sticking for for Florio, but honestly, how many stories has Florio done about Steve Smith or your sorry ass Panthers? Can you count them on one hand? He’s an equal opportunity hater.

  43. It is funny that Steve Smith wanted to go on air tomorrow morning with Florio and Florio declined like a little punk. It is now posted on Facebook of the radio shows host “Chris McClain” page that Florio would not go on the show with Smith, only follow up after him. What a pussy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go to facebook Chris MacClain and read it for yourself under the comments of his last post.

  44. “He’s an equal opportunity hater”
    it’s not the panthers he hates and he’s not equal. Granadafan, it’s Jimmy Clausen that he hates on. He has bashed him for a while now. Clausen goes to the perfect team for him and It’s a mistake because Fox MAY (not will, but MAY) not be here next year.

  45. Word out of Charlotte is that Steve Smith wanted to go on the air on WFNZ with Mike Florio, but Florio would only agree to go on the air AFTER Smith, per Chris McClain of WFNZ.
    How about reporting on that Florio!

  46. @D.R.Universal
    And I want $1,000,000 and a smokin’ redhead from Santy Claus, but that ain’t happening either, and that’s even assuming Florio IS wrong.

  47. Florio, Do you have journalist credentials? If not How can you say this stuff without there being defamation

  48. Florio: “I don’t want to come on with Smith because he will ask me who my source is.”
    Smith: “I don’t care if he tells me who his source is, just have the balls to tell me what I think to my face.”
    I guess Florio won’t be doing any personal interviews with Smith even if the Panthers make it to the Superbowl.
    I’ve enjoyed your site for years, Florio, but you shit the bed on this one.

  49. There was an item about Steve Smith considering Jimmy Clausen a “punk.” Just a few days ago, I talked at length to Smith about Clausen and there was not even a hint of such a thing. As a matter of fact, Smith expressed the exact opposite. Smith wasn’t faking either. In case you didn’t know, he doesn’t fake very well He wears his feelings and emotions on his sleeve and usually can’t cover up when he’s upset about something.
    Earlier today, Smith strongly denied having a problem with Clausen.
    There was also a mention in the aforementiond item that Carolina tight ends were upset at Clausen for yelling at them. The most vivid memories I have of Clausen from minicamp were two passes he threw in red zone drills through traffic for touchdowns to tight ends Jeff King and Gary Barnidge. Both of those guys looked extremely happy. King even spiked the ball through his legs in a much more expressive gesture than he normally does.
    -Charles Chandler-Charlotte Observer-
    I’m not sticking for for Florio, but honestly, how many stories has Florio done about Steve Smith or your sorry ass Panthers?
    If you dont like my “sorry ass Panthers”? why are you wasting your time reading Panthers articles? Go back to your Cowboys/Raiders or whatever terrible team you root for jerk-off.

  50. Florio is such a p*****. Steve Smith asked him to come on the radio to address it directly with him and Florio refused…
    Wow, you can say what you want about Steve Smith but Florio writing stories and naming names and then not standing behind it is about as punk a move as you can do…
    Grow some Florio… You’ve got grapefruits hiding behind the computer but marbles when it comes down to it…

  51. **UPDATE**
    Listening to Florio on WFNZ, and you know that tone you get when your defending yourself just a lil too hard? Florio reeks of “oops, shouldn’t have hit that publish button” Hide behind your unamed source you fool. Even going so far as to say “people go to jail for revealing sources” you have got to be kidding me. However i did enjoy listening to Florio flounder around on the air all up in arms shaking like a leaf in the summer breeze. Once again you entertain me Florio. And you still suck.

  52. I was really looking forward to a post about Florio’s radio spot & cant seem to find one..
    thought he could be a watershed day for media…another story apparently made up out of thin air…unnamed source thinks Smith thinks…VOILA!!…a controversy
    but at least PFT was not onlywilling to stand by the story…they had the balls to actually go on air with the subject..
    at least thats what I expected
    reveiws dont look good…

  53. Florio,
    I’m sure it’s possible to sound worse than you did today on WFNZ – I’m just not sure how.
    This is the stuff that allows the other guys to shrug you off – and look right doing it . . .

  54. HEY SMITTY, I believe you man, but who gives a damn if anybody called clausen a punk, he hasn’t paid any dues yet, he hasn’t earned anything, he is a punk until he gets an opportunity to prove otherwise. BTW, thanks for all you do for our community, I know the high school kids look up to you and appreciate your help. keep calling wfnz, I love hearing your traffic reports!

  55. Keep using anonymous sources without backing them up Florio, there’s no way you can get in trouble for it.

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