Young Lions players returning to health

B. Pettigrew.jpgThe Lions should be a fun team to watch on offense this season, especially if they can get healthy.

Early signs from the offseason are positive.  Matthew Stafford is fully recovered from his shoulder injury, and participated in all team drills as the Lions started OTAs on Thursday.

Tight end Brandon Pettigrew, recovering from a torn ACL, “looked good” as he participated in individual drills.  He’s targeting a Week One return, which may be optimistic for running back Kevin Smith, who is also coming off a torn ACL.

Smith was taking handoffs already in individual drills, but is a long way from team work.  Asked if he would be ready for training camp, Smith said, “Is my name Kevin
Smith? There’s your answer.”

We almost forgot how much we like Kevin Smith.

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  1. This is my Madden Team this year. The only thing I’m not sold on is the #2 WR.

  2. I really like some of Kevin Smith’s work, but how do you explain crap like “Jersey Girl” and “Zack and Miri Make A Porno” on your resume?

  3. Stafford – CJ – Burleson – Pettigrew – Scheffler – Best – Smith, can’t wait!

  4. Offense is promising, defensive line is promising… it’s too bad the secondary is a flaming pile of dog crap (outside of Delmas at least).

  5. Burleson is going to be a great #2 in Detroit and will surprise a bunch! I’m hoping Scheffler will work out well for us.

  6. really as the steelers barely beat the lions last season…28-20…and we had a rookie qb in the first 5 weeks ofhis career!

  7. # Pier588 says: May 6, 2010 1:41 PM
    Its been 310 days since the “Comment Ratings” disappeared from PFT/CFT – when will Mike Florio be addressing bringing that feature back to PFT as promised last July?

  8. I’m glad detroit enters a season with hope.
    you jerks should leave em alone.

  9. At least the Lions are bringing in guys with decent character background. The Steelers are certainly not known for that. I would take Stafford over Ben anyday. Did you notice that even though there is a need at cornerback they elected not to bring in Pacman Jones? There is a reason for that Steeleheader. Maybe you guys should take some notes. Enjoy the Steelers downhill slide.

  10. Stop posting articles on the Lions! I want a few of their upsets to look like they came from nowhere!

  11. The Lions secondary will not need to be great. Because they will not need to hold coverage for as long as last year with our beefed up D-Line.
    Chicago sucks
    Vikings without Farve or with him for that matter are beatable
    Greenbay – They are hit or miss
    Lions could have a 500 season with their schedule. Mark it down

  12. They have the pieces to be good in the future but they need a MUCH better defense. They have an adequate one right now that needs massive upgrades in talent
    That will take 2-3 years to fix

  13. Steeleheader says:
    May 6, 2010 3:04 PM
    Fun to watch as in how? Like they are clowns that are amusing?
    Isn’t that what the Steeler QB is for? Keep ya helmet on Ben, both of them!

  14. Even as a Lions fan I’ve never seen this much false hope in one place at the same time. The Lions will be better, for sure, but 8-8?! You’ve got to be out of your mind, by 2011 or 2012, they may be ready to win 8 games, but now, they simply have way too many holes.
    Three of four starting DBs are by far worst in the NFL, and as I’m sure you know, the NFL is a passing league now, and the NFC North especially. Their LBs are well below average as well. Zach Follett will be the starting WLB this year! I love the guy, as a ST player, and I hope he does well at LB, but he isn’t a starting caliber WLB in this league. JP and Levy are nothing special either. Depth is also a major issue at that position.
    The offense, however is looking much stronger than the defense. Still though, there are some major question marks. Both OT positions have been horrible in years past (save last season for Backus). Their WR core is incredibly shallow excluding Calvin Johnson. I’m sorry, but I think Burleson will be another veteran FA bust for the Lions. Look no furter than what Bryant Johnson and Dennis Northcutt did last year.
    4-12, maybe 5-11 if lucky

  15. Ah yes. More people who think they are internet psychics that can read into a user name and through their clairvoyance determine I’m a Squealer fan. Being Detroit fans, I would think you would know what a lake-run rainbow trout was. Just so there are no hard feelings, in my view Detroit has put some good personnel in place the last two years.
    Throughout my travels through MI, MN, and WI fishing for steelehead, I’ve met many Lions fans, Viking fans, and Packer fans. I thought they were all the same. All love and hate their teams at the same time and defend them against their critics with ferocity. They all have intercourse with farm animals, but the difference is that Viking fans get emotional and Packer fans kill and eat theirs afterward.
    What team am I a life long fan of? What do your psychic powers tell you? (or at least your power of deduction.)

  16. Lions will win 5 games.. and pac man would not have won them one more game..thats stupid to predict, you cant predict something stupid like that

  17. The Lions now have a DL line rotation that will finally do the 4-3 justice. Our QB sacks/hurries and TFL stats will improve significantly this year. The DL line rotation will keep the LBs clean and reduce coverage time pressure on the secondary from absurdly long to merely reasonable. Opposing QBs, WRs and RBs will no longer be able to look forward to boosting their seasonal stats against the Lions.
    With a solid defense and vastly improved ST unit, Schwartz won’t half to tear up half of the playbook because the Lions are already deep in the hole or in poor field position. Future HoFer Stafford now has a full compliment of talent to utilize. CJ, Burleson and Markoman going deep. Mo Morris and Smith hammering away inside. Jahvid Best and Aaron Brown providing lightning speed from anywhere they line up. One of the top three TE tandems in the NFL that includes a Dallas Clark-like Sheffler who loves to run the slot or go deep.
    The good thing about being a Lion’s fan is that in the Mayhew/Schwartz/Stafford era, the rest of the NFL is still obsessed with Millen and past stats as predictors of future success. The only thing worse than the past record of the Lions is the record of pro-football pundits in predicting break-out seasons. We probably won’t win our Division this year, but every team that plays us will respect us. And we’re not done adding 2010 talent yet.

  18. Steelheader you should have just let us believe you were a steeler fan.
    Your Bears better work on their steelhead fishing because they will need to do something to take away the pain of their last place finish in 2010

  19. lions are looking decent. lets not forget that they are 1 or 2 injuries away from 2-14. backups are all garbage and again, we have an early, worthless bye week.

  20. Ugly Head wins.
    All in fun. Wouldn’t want the NFC North rivalries to be any other way.

  21. Good luck with Martz and Merinelli Steelheader.
    I cant wait till Mr. Suh meets Mr. Cutler in the backfield on 9/12/2010.

  22. Jack Burton,
    Crumple up that piecce of paper, and try again!
    Our defense is going to have issues. They keep adding offensive players, but for the last 50 years have neglected the defense.

  23. Lets make some predictions shall we. Here is the 2010 Detroit Lions’ Schedule:
    Week 1: at Bears – Win
    Week2: vs Eagles – Win
    Week 3: at Vikings – Loss
    Week 4: at Packers – Loss
    Week 5: vs Rams – Win
    Week 6: at Giants – Win (in pure shootout fashion)
    Week 8: vs Redskins – Loss
    Week 9: vs Jets – Loss
    Week 10: at Bills – Win
    Week 11: at Cowboys – Loss
    Week 12: vs Patriots – Loss
    Week 13: vs Bears – Win
    Week 14: vs Packers – Win
    Week 15: at Bucs – Win
    Week 16: at Dolphins – Loss
    Week 17: vs Vikings – Loss
    So, my prediction comes out to be 8-8. I know a lot of you are gonna get all bent out of shape and say I am overly optimistic and I may be. It wouldn’t surprise me if they only won 6 games, but it also wouldn’t surprise me if they won 9 if Farve doesn’t come back to Minnesota. They have a relatively easy schedule.

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