Another McCloughan to leave the 49ers

In a move that should surprise no one, the 49ers will part ways with director of college scouting David McCloughan, according to Matt Maiocco of Comcast Sportsnet Bay Area.

The 49ers had a supposedly “mutual parting” with McCloughan’s brother Scot in March.  Scot was the team’s general manager.

It sounds like this dismissal was just as awkward as the previous one.  David McCloughan is not fired yet, but the team has taken away his computer and informed him he will not be
with the organization much longer. 

Trent Baalke and Tom Gamble are now the highest ranking members in the team’s personnel department. 

It remains to be seen if Baalke will be given the permanent role as G.M. after essentially acting as the team’s decision-maker during the draft.  As Maiocco points out, the team would have to interview other candidates for the job to satisfy the Rooney Rule.

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  1. Just when the 49ers were getting better this happens. That team won’t ever win again

  2. Mike Singeltary cleaning house…………hope he fails………he is now the power hungry\control freak coach that doesnt realize he cant do both jobs…………………….RIP Ditka 2

  3. rraider –
    what an idiotic post. you’re a tool for believing the bay area spin artists (sportswriters) when they claim singletary’s been making a powerplay. baalke taking the coaching staff’s input into account in the draft was an example of a good working relationship.
    imagine if al davis had listened to lane kiffin when he wanted calvin johnson instead of jamarcus russell.
    RIP? you’re a freakin joke.
    why don’t you take a good luck at your pathetic franchise before you start spoutin off? you’re franchise is so pathetic that you were praised for just not screwing up this past draft this time. think about that.

  4. This is not that big of a deal.
    rraider lighten up,just because you and i
    aren’t being held hostage by jmonkey russel anymore
    let’s not get cocky.
    Baalke is not that bad his first year with
    any authority and he had a better draft than
    the raiders in the last four years.
    jetermkt55 there are not three brothers in
    the front office just two.

  5. “David McCloughan is not fired yet, but the team has taken away his computer and informed him he will not be with the organization much longer. ”
    The 49’s organization is sounding more and more like a circus than a well run business these days.
    It’s not really that difficult to terminate someone regardless of the level at which they work in an organization.
    For the 49’s to take away an employees computer and advise them that they won’t be with the organization much longer, if this report is accurate, is an indication that whoever is running the show in San Francisco is in way over their managerial head.
    Another embarrassing managerial misstep for a once well run organization.

  6. I dont claim to know much, but let me tell you what i KNOW will happen in the NFC WEST this upcoming season
    1. SF 49ers 10-6 (Top 3 Defense in the league and the will to fight, claw and steal a couple wins they should probably not have)
    2. Arizona Cards 8-8
    3. Seattle Seahawks 6-10 (Pete you should have never left the winning tradition of USC, the Trojans made you look better than you really are).
    4. STL Rams 3-13 (5-11 if Bradford can achieve expectations of a number one draft pick)
    SF 49ers will win their 1st playoff game in San Francisco, but most likely will lose the next playoff game because it will be away in New Orleans or New York…
    Rosenthal (and the rest of PFT) what do you think regarding the NFC West playoff positioning?

  7. rraider are you kidding me? Ditka2? And you’re a Raider fan? Have you checked your lunatic owner lately? Maybe you’re just hurt because another number one Raider draft just went down the toilet. Get real!

  8. could one or both of the brothers McCloughan come across the bay to the Raiders? – we could use some people in the front office!

  9. Well, rraider, since the 49er’s coach has outlasted most of the coaches your team has had in the past decade I can see why you are shocked at Singletery’s attitude. I guess you are used to coaches that leave/fired after 2 years. I think I can say Singletery is better than the numbskulls the raiders have hired in the present decade. (See Cable, Kiffin, Callahan, Turner, and Shell). Hell Davis even ran Gruden out of town before he could win a Superbowl, how did that work out?
    I tell you, damn raider fans love to remember the title years in the 70s and 80s, but the seem to forgot the past 20 years of mediocrity (outside of Gruden’s 3 years of success). Reminds me of all the Notre Dame fans. So raider fans, get a life and realize your team still sucks and the 49ers still own your ass. (5-3 in titles)

  10. Tatum32– YES! I have been saying that since McCloughlan left the Niners…especially after the draft the Raiders just had!
    That link explains some of the history that Scott has with Al Davis…I believe entirely that Scott and David are going to head join with the Raiders very soon. Scott McCloughlan is free to sign up with a team starting in June.

  11. Whoops, I was either going to say, “head over to Oakland.”…or “join with the Raiders.”….looks like I type the way I speak.

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