McKelvin returns to the field

Bills cornerback Leodis McKelvin had one of the most unlucky seasons we can remember last year.

His fumble defined a heartbreaking Week One loss to the Patriots.  Then his house was vandalized, and he wound up breaking his leg

But Spring is here, McKelvin’s leg has healed, and hope springs eternal.  McKelvin was back on the field for the first time Friday, and picked off two passes at Bills minicamp.

We wish him a much luckier 2010.

25 responses to “McKelvin returns to the field

  1. picked off two passes….sounds like Brohm or Brown had a good day
    Jauron and his love affair with defensive backs…amazing how many DBs the Bills drafted during his awful time there
    I like McKelvin though, the guy can make plays but they rushed him into the starting lineup last year…the fumble was just a dumb play, should have just gone down with that many people around him
    the one thing the Bills have is a very good secondary

  2. Brohm definitely tossed those two up, we know Edwards couldn’t throw far enough for a corner to get them anyway.

  3. I’m not a Bills fan and don’t really give a crap about them, but I thought Leodis McKelvin handled himself like a man after his house was vandalized. He struck me as a good guy who had a series of unfortunate mishaps. I hope things work out for him.

  4. Why should Bills fans be happy? He intercepted 2 passes from scrubs that will be vying for the starting job. At least the QB got the throws off. Once the regular season starts, the Bills QB will spend most of his time on his back like Dez’s mom.

  5. As soon as that kick happened I’m like just stay put, dude. No idea why he decided to take that kick. It was a bad idea from the beginning.

  6. If your one of those Ravens ans that thinks your getting McKelvin and a pick for Gaither, Lawrence Taylor knows a “19 year old” you can be with.

  7. good, the bills need him, there very strong in 3 spots. running game, guarding the pass, and special teams. other than that they should give up there franchise

  8. im so excited about r qb’s this year. just wait till tren and ryan show up!! leodis will have the most receptions during traing camp!!

  9. The Bills continue to bring my life down one day at a time, I would appreciate not logging on to this site and having all you Bills haters add fuel to the fire. So from now on if you have something to say about the Bills please be a bit generous with your comments because our life, as Bills fans , is hard enough as is.

  10. Jauron had the run of those drafts from 06-08, until Montgomery Burns Wilson realized he had no idea how to draft and gave Nix some control in 09. But DJ still used 2 1sts , 1 2nd, a 3rd, and 2 4ths on DB’s after inheriting Clements and T. McGee.
    The secondary oughta be good with that many resources having been spent there. Marv Levy hired the guy, demonstrating beyond a reasonable doubt that Bill Polian was the man behind those old Bills teams.

  11. If any of you Buffalo fans think you are getting Gaither for anything less than McKelvin you can stick with the garbage you have a left tackle now.

  12. They could have drafted Dominique Rogers-Cromartie, Mike Jenkins, or Tracy Porter.

  13. Hey Ravenmuscle, Thanks for all those draft picks you gave us for McGahee! How is he doing for you?

  14. Gaither for McKelvin.!!
    Gaither for McKelvin.!!
    Gaither for McKelvin.!!
    It’s funny how Bills fans are trying to lowball us. Gaither can easily be traded for a late 1st. Can’t say the same for McKelvin, a guy coming off injury and only played his rookie season putting up mediocre stats. Like said before, anything less than McKelvin, you can stick with the bums you have at tackle kiddos.

  15. bobinpuertorico:
    I don’t know if you’re trying to be funny or really serious, but McGahee is doing really well for us. It’s sad he lost his job to Ray Rice, but if you veiw the stats from last season, he was top five in the touchdown category perhaps..? Just saying..

  16. Let’s see Bobinpuertorico, the Ravens gave Buffalo a 3rd round pick in 2007 (92nd overall), a 7th round pick in 2007 (239th overall), and a 3rd round pick in 2008. Buffalo drafted Trent Edwards with the ’07 3rd rd pick. They drafted CJ Ah’you with the 7th rd pick. The 2008 3rd round pick was sent to Jacksonville in a trade who then traded it back to Baltimore. CJ Ah’you no longer plays for Buffalo as he’s now with St. Louis. The ONLY thing the Bills have from that trade is Trent Edwards. While Willis Mcgahee might not be getting the lions share of carries in Baltimore, he’s still a lot better then Trent Edwards and could be starting for several other teams. Yeah, the Ravens got “ripped off”. Lmao. Stick to your day job.

  17. gaither for mckelvin? are you serious? lots of young people must chime into this site. the bills won`t even give a second for gaither, you think your going to get mckelvin? one of these days and it may come very soon your aging defence led by the most annoying man in the nfl ray lewis will find out its a cycle and you are on the down side. flacco is a joke. he is something as long as he has a top tier defence to back him up. lets see this year when its a new season wht happens. the patriots at full strength would have kicked the shit out of you. another thing that makes me laugh…..harbaugh is not even close to the coach brain billick was. its just billick wouldn`t lick oz ass.

  18. Hahahahhahahaha! I love how Leodis McKelvin is the Darrell Revis of corners all of a sudden. The Bills can take their 2nd and stick it up their ass. It’s funny how these Bills fans think they’re going to get Gaither on the cheap. Really funny. If you want quality, you’re going to have to give up quality.
    Gaither – Arguably, Top 5 At His Position
    McKelvin – Top 25 At His Position (If Even That :/)

  19. I pray the Ravens don’t settle for McKelvin in a trade. He is garbage. In ’08, he was ranked 99 out of 114 qualified CBs in performance… right inbetween Brandon Flowers and Benny Sapp. He only had 2 good games, against the Browns and the Chiefs. Big time overrated player.
    What has he done, other than be selected in the 1st rd. NOTHING.

  20. So forget McKelvin. If the Bills want Gaither, it should be for Jairus Byrd and a pick.

  21. polishkingski, you’ve got to be about the dumbest damn posters I’ve ever seen on a PFT message thread.
    Aging defense? Did you catch ANY part of the Ravens’ most recent draft?!? Flacco is a joke? Let’s see how he does in just his 3rd year now that he actually has more than one decent WR to throw to on Sundays.
    The Patriots at full strength? Besides Wes Welker, who else were they missing against our “aging defense” (which is spelled with an ‘s’ not a ‘c’ btw)? And let’s not forget the RAVENS were without TWO of their best corners that game as well.
    And maybe Coach Harbs can’t pontificate on the fluid dynamics and parameters of football like Billick, but I will take his blue collar approach over that blowhard’s tired act any day of the week. You called Ray Lewis “the most annoying man in the NFL?!? Listen to Billick speak for more than 5 minutes and then check back with me on that one.

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