PFTV looks at possible impact rookies

The draft has become increasingly popular because every NFL fan wants to know the new names and faces who’ll be joining their favorite teams.

And now every NFL fan wants to know how the new players will do. 

PFTV looks at which of the players are most likely to make a big impact in their first NFL season.


10 responses to “PFTV looks at possible impact rookies

  1. I haven’t watched the video yet, but I would bet $200 that Florio will bring up Toby Gerhart.

  2. If Suh is double and triple teamed this year, isn’t that having an impact?
    It’s not an impact that will show up on his stat sheet. But it’s an impact all the same.

  3. does it ever occur to anyone that the problems with the Bills offensive line are a little exaggerated?
    I mean, they have two VERY good young guards, a good center, a decent veteran right tackle, and some young prospects that they obviously like vying for the LT job. I don’t know how one question mark (and granted, LT is a big question mark) keeps equating to Spiller having NO ONE to block for him. I just think that’s a little overblown.

  4. Typical gloss over by draft “experts”. Rather than look closely at a team’s situation, they just generalize. The Bills O-line is not as bad as everyone is making it out to be. A large part of their problems last year were related to a poorly coached scheme that was bad to begin with.
    Clemson didn’t have a great offensive line either, yet Spiller found a way to not just make plays, but to excel. It will be the same in Buffalo this year. This guy is going to make a big splash.
    Same as the comments about Suh. Yes, he will be double and triple teamed, but that was expected. When this happens, it means someone else goes unblocked and has a chance to make a play.
    There is good information on PFT, but a lot of the “analysis” is just pulp.

  5. You mean ‘POSITIVE’ impact rookies;
    ‘Cookies &’ Kareem Jackson will be the defensive rookie of the year. Brian Cushing ‘for the pushin’ will walk across the locker room and hand the award to him.
    Go Texans, bitches.

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