Santana Moss had left knee scoped

Redskins wide receiver Santana Moss is sitting out Redskins voluntary minicamp this weekend after undergoing arthroscopic surgery on his left knee.

Moss revealed to the Washington Post that the knee has bothered him for the last three seasons.  He is expected to be back by training camp.
Moss hasn’t missed a game in two years, but the surgery is a concern for the Redskins.  Washington’s top wide receiver turns 31 next month, and the team’s depth chart behind him is ugly.
At the same time — assuming Moss’ recovery goes as planned — his absence could be a blessing in disguise.  Slow-to-develop youngsters Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly will see increased reps as they learn new head coach Mike Shanahan’s offense.
Moss is targeting June OTAs for his return.

20 responses to “Santana Moss had left knee scoped

  1. These guys sure don’t want to mess up their off seasons with surgery. Wait until camp starts.

  2. He’ll never be the same.
    Once they start going you’re done.
    Arthroscopics might clean up damage but they also just make the knees weaker. You wind up with the same body weight bearing down on less cushion.
    Over the years, I’ve had 6 scopes done, 3 on each knee. When there was nothing left to scrape, I had partial replacements.
    Now 5 years later both of those have failed. (my fault I’m sure, too active) I get the first of two total replacements Tuesday.
    ah what the hell… at least the pain meds are top shelf 😉

  3. Good Luck Thug.. Knee surgeries suck..
    I just chose to rock out the arthritis and gain weight and play less sports. I pick and choose when I run now..

  4. His knees are going to be more important than his hands when McNabb starts throwing those worm burners….

  5. PFT_thug, my left knee isn’t factory original either (replaced 15 years ago). Good luck on the surgery, because if they do it properly like they did mine, your pain will be only a memory.

  6. @ptf thug…
    I’ve got an new ACL knee surgerys hurt but the meds rock…
    Your a fag

  7. Why do these guys wait so long to have surgeries? Seems kind of silly to not get it done as soon as the season is over.

  8. Is it really fair to call Thomas and Kelly busts at this point, and that the depth chart behind Moss is “ugly?” They were in the Zorn system with a mediocre (at best) qb throwing the ball, who many times didn’t have the time to let the play develop. I say if they do nothing after this year, I’ll be fine with the “bust” label.

  9. This is no big deal. Lots of pro athletes have their knees scoped and they’re fine.
    While it’s certainly newsworthy, it’s nothing for us to be jumping off tall buildings about.

  10. # God’s Own Silver and Blue says: May 8, 2010 3:13 PM
    “PFT_thug, my left knee isn’t factory original either (replaced 15 years ago). Good luck on the surgery, because if they do it properly like they did mine, your pain will be only a memory.”
    That was my downfall the last time.
    The doc did such a fantastic job on those first replacements, I was pain free for the first time in decades, so much so I decided (stupidly) that I no longer needed restrictions.
    Fact is. I broke one loose.
    Now I know…

  11. @Skins2Win
    Thomas and Kelly have 810 yards and 3 TDs between them in 2 seasons. Thomas and Kelly along with 38 year old Galloway behind 31 year old Moss surely doesn’t fill you with confidence. Campbell has a higher career completion percentage than McNabb. Remember that the Eagles’ fans couldn’t wait to get Donny Mac out of town. Also, with the exception of 1 rookie OT, what has Shanahan done to fix the OL problems?

  12. @God’s Own
    I know what you mean.
    I just hope these new ones last longer than the old ones. I only got 5-6 years out of these partials.

  13. Devin Thomas will have a breakout year. 50+ catches, 700+ yards, 5+ TDs.
    And last year was essentially Malcolm Kelly’s rookie season b/c he was injured during pretty much his real rookie year.
    These guys will come on in 2010, not worried about that.

  14. All you morons talking about your knees need to STFU!!!! Go to webmd and have this geriatric discussion. No one gives a crap about you and your old joints. Hell, barely anyone cares about Santana Moss’ knee either. Hence the retarded threads you are posting.

  15. McNabb is gonna need him. I remember being at Jet games watching Paul Hackett running him on post routes, lol, at that point people used to call him the fastest guy in the league and we were running him on post routes. Chad P. never used him to his full potential, maybe manabb can.

  16. Hey Howboutdemcowboys, go arrange the following words into a well-known phrase or saying:

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