Bringing in Pacman was "hardly unanimous" decision

Pacman Jones will officially become a Cincinnati Bengal Monday, ending a three-month process that began with a workout in February alongside Matt Jones.

The decision to bring Pacman in was not well received throughout the Bengals organization, though.  ESPN’s Len Pasquarelli writes the decision was “hardly unanimous” inside the front office, and it wasn’t a “slam dunk” among the coaches either.

Bengals front office translation: Mike Brown really wanted Pacman, and he’s the boss.

If nothing else, the Bengals are getting Jones with little relatively risk.  He will “cut himself” with one misstep and he’s going to be the team’s third cornerback at the very best.  He’s a role player, and even a roster spot can’t be assured.

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  1. Where does Len get this crap? Then again it reminds all of some internet hack that was reared by wolves in the mountains of WV (reared by wolves? Believe it! Reared by Snu Snu!)
    I digress ….. The only thing correct here is that he will be a role player IF he makes the roster… Nickle and PR that is IF he doesn’t get the competition I think he will from David Jones, Ratliff (yeah he is here now) and don’t forget Brandon Ghee from Wake Forest. I don’t like it…never have, but will be compelling for training camp in KY.

  2. If this guy can play anywhere near his talent level the Bengals will have the best trio of CBs in the NFL

  3. “Oh just die already, Mike Brown…”
    To use a WAY overused phrase,
    stay classy Cincy fan

  4. The decision to bring Jones in was not well received throughout the Bengals organization…
    ..because most members of the organization want to continue the long standing tradition of sucking complete ass.

  5. Why no link to your other NBC story?:
    Pacman signing exposes lie about integrity
    “You just knew somebody would ignore Pacman Jones’ considerable issues and sign the guy anyway.
    Yeah, he was questioned at least 10 times over a stretch of a few months by the police for this and that. Yeah, he was suspended for more than a season by the NFL after it was apparent he didn’t get it. But, yeah, he is pretty fast with the chance to perform just shy of a Deion Sanders level as a 26-year-old cornerback and kick returner.
    So the fact that Jones got a two-year deal from the Cincinnati Bengals this week isn’t shocking for a couple of reasons.
    First, we’re talking about the Bengals. With much help in recent years from their obsession with signing everybody else’s knuckleheads, they’ve surpassed the Oakland Raiders as the NFL leaders in suggesting the phrase on the Statue of Liberty should go: “Give me your tired, your poor, your troubled masses yearning to stay away from police blotters to help us win several more games.””

  6. But The Al gets all the crap. What a load of crap the NFL coverage is.
    Do I still have to hear how the turd of the week is “A natural Raider”? We have been out of the turd market since Gruden, but no one really cares about fact, they just like their hyperbole and why pay attention to what is actually going on when it is so fun to giggle in the back of class.

  7. why pay attention to what is actually going on when it is so fun to giggle in the back of class.
    I find this ironic coming from somebody calling himself “JSpicoli”.

  8. I don’t see much of a risk with amount we are paying him. The worse case senerio is he sucks or screws up. Either way it didn’t cost anything to have him here.
    Best case we give him the Cedric Benson mind meld and he becomes a hell of a nickel/backup corner.
    The biggest threat is some smart arse blogger gets to say “I told you so” if he screws up.
    no signing bonus, no gaurentee, no problem.

  9. I will trust what Mike Zimmer said. Pacman has a lot of work to do, and if he doesn’t do it, he will be cut. Zimmer will not let him mess with the chemistry of the team. That’s all there is to it.

  10. If anybody wants to discuss this seriously…
    I think this is the end of the Marvin Lewis era.
    Marv hinted back in february that he wanted more control before he would re-sign. He did not approve of re-signing Henry, (rip) and I’m SURE he didn’t sign off on this. So prepare for one last season of Marvin then its back to 3-13. My guess is he will be replaced by Zimmer… and I’m sure plenty of fans will LOVE that. But, I think he would be like Dick LeBeau. Awesome D coord, HORRIBLE HC. Thoughts??

  11. Chemical ??
    really? best CBs in the game? Do you watch football?
    what about them jets

  12. And Bengals fans wonder why their team is the official joke of the NFL.
    As long as Mike Brown owns the Bengals they cannot be taken as a serious organization.

  13. The problem is if Brown dies his daughter just take over. Disaster continues ad infinitum.

  14. To use a WAY overused phrase,
    stay classy Cincy fan
    To use a WAY overused phrase “stay classy”… lol, this must be a joke

  15. does anyone wonder why Cincy will continue to be seen as a thug team with a loser coach?

  16. This is a purrrrrr-fect match for Rat-man Jones….he’ll look good in Tiger Stripes…or are those Prison Stripes?
    It’s just a matter of time before he messes up…a zebra doesn’t change…I mean a bengal doesn’t change change his stripes.

  17. “If nothing else, the Bengals are getting Jones with little relatively risk. ”
    Umm, WHAT?
    Were you trying to say:
    “relatively little risk?”
    or “little relative risk?”
    I could assume, but I refuse to give you that much credit.

  18. Jimmy b the bengals are not the official joke of the nfl They are a bad ass team on the rise,you have them confused with the browns or raiders.

  19. Hey AJ from the ‘burgh….
    you say “It’s just a matter of time before he messes up…a zebra doesn’t change…I mean a bengal doesn’t change change his stripes.”
    Still a little sore from that sweeping the Bengals gave you last season?

  20. @ myeaglescantwin
    Maybe it’s YOU who doesn’t watch football beacause many sportswriters and commentators have called Joseph and Hall one of the best if not THE best CB tandem in the league.

  21. @SonsCompass …
    I assumed they wouldn’t have signed Pacman unless Marv thought he could work with him. What makes you think Marv was one of those opposed to the deal? Why would Brown be so in favor of bringing in Jones? Even if he’s conquered his personal issues, he hasn’t been very effective at corner, he’s not a good return guy, and he hasn’t played since 2008. The one upside is that he’s only 27 and has spent half his career on the bench, so if he gets serious about his work ethic, he should have something extra in the tank. But the Bengals’ secondary was terrific last year, so they don’t really need him. It’s fine to give him another chance, but it seems like the potential for problems outweighs the possible benefits.

  22. # chemicalxv says: May 9, 2010 5:33 PM
    If this guy can play anywhere near his talent level the Bengals will have the best trio of CBs in the NFL
    Ah, I see! Cincy must have 3 OTHER excellent Corners!
    You apparently didn’t have the opportunity to see this clown running around aimlessly in the Dallas secondary. The term “Brownian motion’ comes to mind.

  23. @ BeaverThomas
    You’re right I think he might get cut just based on the depth at the position. You forgot Morgan Trent in that list aswell, gonna be pretty hard for Pacman to solidify anything more than Nickel at this point. Especially given that the Bengals probably have the second best CB duo behind Revis and Cromartie. But if he plays well you never know with JJo and Leon becoming FA
    Very low risk for the Bengals much like LJ last yr

  24. The Bengals lost to the Raiders because of Morgan Trent. If Pac-Man can cover just a little The Bengals win a couple of extra games.

  25. The Bengals front office only consists of about five people, and three of them are related.
    Can’t they all get on the same page?

  26. Morgan Trent owns the 3rd CB role. He was a rookie last year and rookies get taught lessons from time to time, but even considering the Raider game, Trent was a great rookie nickel CB.
    Pacman doesn’t make the top 4 CB’s in Cincy short of an injury to J-Jo, Hall, Trent or Ghee. He might compete for a FS position otherwise, but that’s going to be a tough spot to crack as well.
    Good luck Pacman! (Oh and if Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis chat every single day as they say they do, there’s no way that Marvin was the dissenter in this deal. I would bet if it was a FO person, it was Katie Blackburn, or if it was a coach, it was Zimmer or Coyle. Way to have vague info Team Florio!)

  27. @ Deb and Blueridge624
    Marv didn’t wan’t Chris Henry back because of all the issues. Why would he want someone even worse? Mike Brown overruled him then and (I think) now. Marv hinted in february that power over personel decisions was the factor holding up contract talks. Mike Brown still makes some decisions. This one reaks of him.

  28. No need to go over all of Pacman’s sins. The fact that some guy will sit in a wheel chair for the rest of his life as a result of Jones’ stupidity alone is enough.
    Ray Lewis, once seriously implemented in a double-murder, is having a street named after him in Baltimore.
    While I can’t remember his name a draftee dropped a ton of places because he decided to spend a year at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, and plans to become a neuro-surgeon after hs playing days are over.
    Obviously this is a man of great integrity and intelligence. Now because of the Rhodes Scholarship he took advantage of, as anyone with half-a-brain would have done(this scholarship isn’t just given out like the toy in a box of Cracker Jacks), coaches questioned his commitment to pro-football. I also read that he is one heck of a good player, too.
    Who needs integrity or intelligence when you have the likes of Pacman Jones and Ray Lewis(to name just two) out there playing the roles of thug and thugette?

  29. He’ll fit right in with his new teamates and the convict colors. Somebody needs to tell Mike Brown “The Longest Yard” was only a movie.

  30. Funny watching Steeler fans mock the Bengals for having a bunch of thugs on their team.
    Pot meet Kettle

  31. Funny watching Bungles fans justify their need to continuously sign players with little or no moral character… But hey, they’re doing a TON to right the ship from being the team in the NFL with the most criminals, right?
    Bunch of hypocrites.. Did someone say something about a pot and kettle?

  32. @CurseofBoJackson …
    Until coming to PFT last year, I really didn’t know much about the internal politics of the Bengals. From the comments, I gather most fans dislike Brown. Still can’t imagine why he’d overrule Marv for Jones. Your corner tandem is arguably the best in the league. If you want depth, better to develop young talent without the baggage.
    SonsCompass’s comment was interesting about Brown perhaps wanting to dump Marv and promote Zimmer. No way to know how Zimmer would do until he tries, but SonsCompass is right about LeBeau: brilliant defensive mind but not HC material.
    Actually, I’d prefer the Bengals remain competitive. Was raised on Alabama football so I’m one of those annoying people who thinks the SEC rules. I want our division to be the best … and us to earn our place as best of the best 😉

  33. SonsCompass: I’m VERY VERY happy someone sees this the same as I do. I have been saying exactly what you’re saying since I caught wind of a second tryout…that if we sign him, Marvin’s gone. I firmly believe he is, the difference is, I don’t know who we get next. Does Zim get promoted? Do they go after one of the free agent studs like Cower or Gruden (probably too cheap to, but fun to think about)? Who knows, but there is one thing I disagree with you on, and that’s your comparison to Lebeau. It’s far too soon to speculate like that. Marvin was an ELITE DC, and an average-good HC. Zimmer’s players LOVE him, and they’ll play for him. We need a bright offensive mind somewhere to solidify this team, but that may require getting rid of Brat.
    Good thoughts though…

  34. @whodey1982 …
    Cowher won’t coach in the AFC North. I think he wants the NFC and is waiting for the Giants or Panthers. Gruden might be interested though. He seems anxious to get back into coaching and he’d give you that offensive mind. But he’d want big bucks. The combination of Gruden (if Brown were willing to pay his price) and Zimmer might be interesting. But the players in Tampa didn’t love Gruden, so it might create some friction. And Gruden would probably want to bring in his own people. Given how beautifully your defense performed last year, that would be a shame.

  35. If this guy can play anywhere near his talent level the Bengals will have the best trio of CBs in the NFL
    When has he ever even played at 50% of his talent level? Hell, even with Dallas he was terrible as a CB. He just happened to at least be a serviceable punt returner.

  36. @ whodey1982
    With the season fast approaching and still no contract for Marv, I also think the writing is on the wall. I really would like to see Zim stay with what he has proven he’s good at. The chin or chuckie would be nice, but I don’t see MB giving up the POWER they would want. Also, I agree with Deb. I like seeing the whole division competitive. Even the Steelers.

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