DeSean Jackson has big plans, lacks no confidence

NFL_jackson.jpgEarlier today, MDS pointed out the response of Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb to the recent remarks of Eagles wideout DeSean Jackson, who told Sporting News, “I don’t think we lost anything, even with McNabb being gone.”

Jackson said more in his sit-down with Steve Greenberg.  Here are the highlights:

1.  Jackson confirmed that, as we suspected, he wasn’t happy with McNabb’s comment after the regular-season loss at Dallas that the Eagles “showed our youth.” 

2.  Jackson insists that the team isn’t rebuilding.  “We’re always in competition to be one of the best teams in the NFL,” he said.

3.  As to the team’s now-youthful offense, Jackson said, “The sky’s the limit to me.  I think you can call us the Young Guns:  We’re all young, we’re all explosive.”

4.  Jackson thinks that he and Titans running back Chris Johnson are the most explosive offensive players in the NFL, and Jackson would like to race him at some point.

5.  Jackson’s concussion suffered during the 2009 season was only a Grade 1 bell-ringing, but initially he “was scared.”

6.  He isn’t letting his contract situation bother him, and he claims that he changed representation from DeBartolo Sports to Drew Rosenhaus in 2009 not to get a new deal but because he “wasn’t comfortable” with his former agents.  “My last agents, I was kind of like their biggest client,” Jackson said.  “They didn’t really know how to handle me as far as the things top athletes need.”

7.  As to endorsements, Jackson wants to “take advantage of all the things I can off the field,” and he hopes to be “the face” of franchises like McDonald’s.  (Get in line, DeSean.  Get in line.  We suppose he eventually wants to be an actor, too.)

Jackson indeed looks to be a special talent, and he’ll likely make a ton of money.  But we see more than the beginnings of the NFL’s next pass-catching diva, and the Eagles soon could end up with another wideout who is hard to keep happy.

59 responses to “DeSean Jackson has big plans, lacks no confidence

  1. Everybody knows if you sign with Rosenhaus you ARE a horse’s ass and will BE a pain in the ass.

  2. Everybody’s got a plan till they get punched in the face a few times. Wait till the young qb leads him into a few big hits. His bell may be ringing a different tune.

  3. Florio you have incredible sources and you do a wonderful job reporting, but you are one negative nancy. Seriously, you see the bad and wrong in everything and everyone all the time, nothing is positive with you. I seriously hope that you are not so negative with everything in life or with your family and friends.

  4. 8. Plans to be an off the field pain in the ass just like Brandon Marshall, Terrell Owens, and Brenda Warner.

  5. Wow, I wonder if DeSean is possessed by the mouth of Freddie Mitchell.
    I would love to see him race, but I prefer watching him race Andy Reid to the buffet table. Andy’s is still unbeaten.

  6. i wouldn’t say he’s a diva. i’d say he definitely doesn’t lack for confidence, but he has shown nothing so far that says he is or might be a trouble maker.

  7. DeSean Jackson is still upset about DM’s comment about “showing their youth”………was Donovan mistaken? Jackson wasn’t where he was supposed to be anbd missed key opportunities….Jackson’s ego is showing…

  8. I was always curious who the next “T.O.” would be. Ladies and gentlemen i think we have a weiner. This guy is going to be a pain in the Eagles ass for some time to come. Of course he didn’t hire Rosenhaus to get a new contract (i call BS on that one). This kid is pretty full of himself. Andy Reid lookout, you are going to be getting more grey hairs this season.

  9. Ravenmuscle says:
    Everybody knows if you sign with Rosenhaus you ARE a horse’s ass and will BE a pain in the ass.
    You obviously have no idea who his past or present clients have been.

  10. You cannot blame the guy for thinking “big” at this point in his career. Even if he does become a pain in the ass, it’ll be well past the mid-way point in his career with the Eagles. The Eagles will get many years of production out of Jackson before anything major happens with Jackson. This guy has a lot of confidence in himself, and who knows… maybe his confidence will rub off on the young Eagles and they will win a Super Bowl before this is all over. Eagles fans can only hope for the best at this point.

  11. DeShaun’s girlfriend was excited when he told her he bought “a brand new crib for us”. Then he showed her the matching quilt and blanket that went with it.

  12. D-Jax’s stats will suffer with Kolb starting. Opposing defenses will defend the short and intermediate routes and make the Eagles beat them deep. Kolb has a noodle arm, so the deep threat will be nonexistant. Maclin and Celek will benefit from short timing routes but D-Jax will get hit hard when he has to cross the middle. Like a paper weight hitting a freight train.

  13. What do you expect from a guy who said that they were going to smoke Dallas in the playoffs after they got smoked the week prior? Then what happened? They went down in the playoffs and got smoked even worse. They had no running game and their defense was awful. So to say that they aren’t going to lose anything is to show his “youth”. McNabb was covering for his WR’s big mouth after he was out there shooting it off. Be quiet Jackson and learn to hold on to the ball before entering the endzone. That might be the right start on the way to being a successful team.

  14. Desean Who? He has to be kidding. He was too big for DeBartolo Sports? He’s been in the league 3 years and only has 11Tds. Impressive? And a lightweight of 175 lbs. Didn’t know they made WRs that small. And he and Chris Johnson are the most explosive players. At least Chris is. What an over inflated ego not backed up by performance.

  15. Jackson will learn agents don’t get you the big contract. The player earns the contract. If he is good the eagles will pay him. Kolb maybe can’t throw the long ball like McNabb but his game will make Jackson and the others better then ever.

  16. I dont understand. What is hes suppose to say?
    Desean do you want endorsments ?
    Do you think Kolb can come in and do the job like Mcnabb?
    Is Chris Johnson better then you?
    Yes IM horrible
    Can the Eagles win with this young team?
    Did you like when Mcnabb blamed the teams losses on you and the rest of the new kids?
    Mcnabb had a way of rubbing people the wrong way. Qbs are suppose to be leaders Mcnabb acted like he was king. No one was allowed to have an opinion besides him and if you disagreed you are being a bad teammate and Mcnabb would whine about it in the media. He was condesending to players, media, and the fans.
    Despite all that Desean (or any of the youth that made the team lose as Mcnabb would say) never did anything to disrupt the lockerroom. He was the qb and Desean followed for the better of the team. But now Mcnabb is gone and Kevin Kolb is qb. So when Desean was asked if they lost something with Mcnabb what was he suppose to say. If he would have said Kevin Kolb cant get it done like Mcnabb you would have written 20 posts about it everyday for the last 2 weeks. Desean said the right thing by believing in his qb. If Donovan cant understand why he would say that hes an idiot.
    Desean has done nothing but be a professional in Philly. He has caused no problems with his teammates and does everything the coaches ask of him. He also doesnt go out and party and get in trouble off the field. Ya maybe hes said some goofy comments but thats just him being young. He has done nothing at all to harm the Eagles. There is not a player in the league that is liked more by his teammates, coaches, and city then Desean.
    Everyone else is just hating because hes not on your team including Mcnabb.

  17. Spouting a lot of of the mouth for a guy who was non-existent against the Cowboys in three games, two of which could have won them the division and the other to advance in the playoffs.
    This guys mouth is bigger than his game. And with Kolb at QB, he’s gonna have half the numbers he had last year.

  18. I’m getting tired of the loud mouth players who are always talking about racing someone to show how fast they are…
    1. How hard can it be to get a couple of millionaires together on a track for a foot race a small percentage of people would actually care about?
    2. It doesn’t matter how fast you are it’s about winning. Until you win something just keep your mouth shut.
    As to Chris Johnson: 2,000 yards on a team that went nowhere. Clap. Clap.

  19. LaRon Landry is gonna break this twig in half. Drafted at 205lbs, he is almost close to 230 now…. watch out

  20. Florio is negative about all things outside of touchdown jesus and the gold dome…… That said, if one picked certain parts of Jackson’s statements and ignored the other parts, plus throw in Drew Rosenhause this thing could have DIVA written all over it. However, I like to read all the statements and love the “young guns” and team concepts contained in Jackson’s statements. McNabb had become out of touch and you could no longer hide his inaccuracy and lack-a-dasical work ethic any longer.

  21. Following Desean on Twitter is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. I encourage everyone to do so.

  22. DeSean Jackson is still upset about DM’s comment about “showing their youth”………was Donovan mistaken? Jackson wasn’t where he was supposed to be anbd missed key opportunities….Jackson’s ego is showing…
    If you were even watching the game you would see how HORRIBLE the throws were, the only way Jackson was going to catch those balls were if he would dig 3 feet into the ground and catch those ground balls. Don overthrew him all day on long balls, I would be pretty upset if the weak link of the day called me out too.

  23. “D-Jax’s stats will suffer with Kolb starting. Opposing defenses will defend the short and intermediate routes and make the Eagles beat them deep. Kolb has a noodle arm, so the deep threat will be nonexistant. Maclin and Celek will benefit from short timing routes but D-Jax will get hit hard when he has to cross the middle. Like a paper weight hitting a freight train.”
    D-Jax stats are going to be just fine. I seem to remember last year Jackson puttin up 250 in the 2 weeks kolb started. Kolbs deep ball(compared to mcnabb) is better suited for a style of play like Jackson. Kolb hits players in stride better. Once Jackson has the ball in open field already at speed its 6 points.

  24. I don’t care what Desean says. As long as he produces, there shouldn’t be a problem with him getting paid, or the Eagles winning some games.
    Unfortunately, he’ll be a second or third round pick in fantasy drafts. Last year, he was one of my come-ups.

  25. DT79 says:
    May 9, 2010 2:25 PM
    Following Desean on Twitter is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. I encourage everyone to do so.

    Get a life

  26. For everyone who is upset that DeSean would make a comment backing his quarterback, along the lines of saying “I don’t think we lost anything, even with McNabb being gone,” what is he supposed to say? “Clearly we took a step backwards without McNabb”?
    That’s ridiculous. Of course he is going to voice confidence in himself and his team. McNabb chose to respond and be a baby about it. McNabb should’ve let it go and say, “I think Kolb will be a good QB and I know we’ll have 2 great games a year.” (as someone else alluded to in the earlier McNabb responds post).
    As far as all the Kolb-hating, it’s really too early to judge with his only having two NFL starts. Save the judgement for the season. But if we’d like to judge so harshly, let’s look at his first NFL start, against the superbowl winning New Orleans Saints. Some selected highlights (clips taking from Bleeding Green Nation):
    His first starting QB NFL drive (just the passes):
    First play, first option is Celek, he checks down to McCoy. Nothing dumb, solid 5 yards. His second pass should put to bed the “noodle arm” argument. A deep shot to DeSean that goes for a TD. McNabb has one of the strongest arms in the NFL, so there will probably be a drop-off. However, unlike many plays to DeSean this year where he had to slow down and turn around to catch the underthrown McNabb ball, he catches Kolb’s pass in stride and easily takes it in. Doesn’t look like much of a problem beating them deep.
    The Eagles 6th drive, down 17-10 with :37 left in the 2nd quarter and only one time-out (great clock management, Andy):
    For a first time starter, he takes the team down the field, gets a shot at the endzone, and wisely settles for a field goal when nothing’s there to make the game 17-13. This shows a good deal of patience and understanding for the game, and a damn good sense of clock management. Very impressive for a first time starter against the future superbowl winners. Even Troy Aikman, who’s announcing, and some would say has a decent leaning against the Eagles when calling games, compliments Kolb on one of his plays, saying “Great job by Kevin Kolb seeing this…that’s a hard thing to see for a quarterback and then react to that. Nice job by Kevin Kolb.”
    Both of these drives were before the “garbage time” stats everyone claims he put up. A first time NFL starting QB couldn’t beat the Saints. No one else really did either.
    I’m not saying Kolb will be the next Manning or Brees, but everyone should stop anointing him as the next Koy Detmer until we see him play when it matters.
    DeSean is confident in Kolb, himself and the Eagles, which makes me, as a fan, confident and excited to see these guys play. I don’t know why some of you paint that as a bad thing.

  27. @ Perez Florio: someone called you a negative Nancy, I’ll just call you Nancy. You take words out of context to create drama.
    I hope that after a day’s work, you feel like you have to kick a hole in the wall just to feel like an actual man cause all this crap acting like a woman HAS to hurt your head……unless you are what they say you are……
    DJax was misrepresented by MDS and now Florio. And you wonder why Crowder and Steve Smith want to meet you?!? Such a pansy way to go through life…..

  28. So funny to read the comments on this post. Why do morons who obv know NOTHING about football waste their time making an account on PFT and then embarrass themselves even more by making no knowledge comments to prove the fact that they have no brain. One comment said Desean WHO? He’s not “explosive” hes a “nobody” and CJ is explosive but Desean isnt….Hmm. Yea Desean only tied the record for most 50 plus yard TD’s in a season, and WAS the most EXPLOSIVE player in the NFL last year! But yea, hes “not explosive” LMAO. And another comment about LARON LANDRY “taking him out” HAHA. Yea Landry sure is a great S who instills fear in his opponents. Hes prolly not a top 5 S in the NFC EAST! And about Desean not “showing up” against Dallas….all Desean can do is GET OPEN. When Mcnabb is under-throwing, over-throwing, and flat out missing wide open receivers than whose fault is that? Well its not the Eagles problem anymore, now its the Redskins problem to deal with.

  29. And all the people calling Desean a trouble making diva, calling him an asss for signing with Rosenhaus etc. Again, way to show you know NOTHING about what you speak of. All I heard during the draft when the Eagles drafted Desean was how he would be “uncoachable” and a locker room cancer to his team and so on. But what happened? He became a LEADER of the team, made all 31 other teams who passed on him suffer for doing so, and was nothing but a positive addition locker room and leadership wise instantly. He is HIGHLY respected by not only his teamates, but by his coaches as well. He has been better than anyone could have hoped for, and its so funny watching all these salty fans who are mad that their team wasnt smart enough to draft this him. I LOVE how Redskins fans are running their mouth when they took Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly the same draft. The WR’s who were taken BEFORE Desean were Donnie Avery, Jerome Simpson, Devin Thomas, James Hardy, Jordy Nelson, Eddie Royal…No wonder so many haters are so SALTY @ watching Desean blossom into an elite WR and the Most explosive player in the NFL in only his SECOND SEASON as a #1when their squads passed on him for the GARBAGE I mentioned earlier who havent done anything, including even getting on the field for some. But I shall quote a previous comment again “Desean WHO?!!?” HAHAHAHAH

  30. Just a guy saying what he believes. Can’t fault him for that. He has all the talent and ability to back it up. With all the young talent the Eagles have on offense, and the new talent coming on defense, the Eagles are building themselves into a strong contender for the next several years.

  31. But if any of you haters would WATCH the games you are trying to talk sh*t on, you would save yourself the embarrassment of speaking out of complete ignorance. In the Cowboys games, if you had watched, Desean was OPEN MULTIPLE times. Unfortunately, Desean isnt 14 feet tall which is the height he would need to be to catch the passes thrown 5 yrds over his head, and it also doesnt count as a catch if it BOUNCES off the GROUND first. Now get outta ur parents basement and start watching and commenting on Dancing with the Stars or sum sh*t since sports obviously isnt your strong point.

  32. “Jackson would like to race Chris Johnson him at some point.”
    C.J. would smoke him.

  33. Is there anybody out there that can give him a message that if he really wants to sound like an asshole he should at least refer to himself in the third person? Thanks.

  34. Step back haters and watch this kid become a huge star in this league. I truely believe Rosehaus learned a lesson with his handling of the TO/Eagles debacle…
    My money is on DJax. He probably wins that race today. He definately wins that race next summer, 5 years from now, and 10 years from now too. CJ’s gonna get burned up by Fisher specially since Lendale is gone now too.
    @VoxVag: Kolb has a noodle arm?? You’re just wrong. McNubbs was definately stronger but there are plenty of past QBs with strong arms but poor accuracy. Kolb does have a big arm, you will see…
    Birds will still make the playoffs AGAIN despite a completely rebuilt defense. Thanks to DJax, Kolb and the “young guns”!
    Now if we can just jettison that piece of garbage Vick we can all move on with our lives…..

  35. i seem to remember kolbs first td to jackson was a 70+ yard touchdown. the actual throw went from the eagles 22 to the saints 40. mcnabb obviously could throw the ball further but he had little to no control. jacksons just so good that he adjusted to the errant rockets mcnabb tossed up. trust philadelphia, they know best when they say that kolb is an improvement over mcnabb and jackson is actually that good.

  36. prnandhomeless says:
    First play, first option is Celek, he checks down to McCoy. Nothing dumb, solid 5 yards. His second pass should put to bed the “noodle arm” argument
    I’d say, “You’re kidding, right?” but I know that you aren’t. You seriously believe that THAT pass proved that he didn’t have a noodle arm? Jason White, who DID have a noodel arm, made better passes in college and no one drafted him because he didn’t have an NFL arm.

  37. DUMMIES READ THIS: All you fools who write novels on this site with full-on intentions of hittin people with some knowledge are wasting your god damn time. you arent gonna get through to these kids and i dont wanna read another 4 paragraph post that could ultimately be summed up in a mere 3 sentences…pleasssse

  38. anyone who thinks McNabb was ‘covering’ for anyone is retarded.
    TO called out how bad Dmac was at reading defenses and not going through his progressions. He was right & they shipped him off
    we’ll see whats good when the games are played. Personally i think the D is too small and the skins are gonna run the ball down the throats of the NFC east..
    but if DonnyMc puts that ball in the air its ours. He’ll be lucky to get a pass off with Cole, Parker and Graham coming at that shitty OL.

  39. I don’t wanna name names, but some of these posts need to start coming with CliffsNotes…

  40. TulsaTom says:
    May 9, 2010 1:41 PM
    Desean Who? He has to be kidding. He was too big for DeBartolo Sports? He’s been in the league 3 years and only has 11Tds. Impressive
    If you want to hate, fine, but bring some facts/research with you. And yeah, hes already to big for debartolo sports.

  41. Ha! You haters make me laugh! What else is Desean supposed to say? Do you expect him to say that their offense is going to struggle without McNabb? So he has confidence in Kolb, whats wrong with that?? Shouldnt EVERY WR in the league have confidence in his QB?

  42. @theblowedone
    are you sure it was not the f’n typical play calling AR called for the last 3 seasons that killed the eagles? Granted the skins have had a horried FO and CS those seasons but really why have the eagles not won the SB? Check Andy IMHO. I have respect for the Eagles and think he was the issue not Mc…

  43. @myeaglescantwin
    TO called him out because he didnt get the ball enuff and also calling 80 pass plays a game didnt help the offense…Need a decent running game, and if the opposing D knew they were throwing the ball that much, WTF do you expect

  44. Jackson needs to shut up and start holding onto the ball before he crosses the goalline for a change
    He also needs to remember that the minute they lose a game next season, EVERYONE will turn on Kevin and probably Jackson, especially if he drops a pass or makes a bad play
    McNabb was not the problem and the results will show that loud and clear when they dont make the playoffs next season

  45. BIOUS, you say Desean needs to start holding onto the ball before he crosses the goalline for a change. OK, I think he successfully crossed the goalline with the ball in his hands for a total of 12 times last season.

  46. Our playcalling on offense needs significant revamping..perhaps its time to bring in a “real” offensively gifted mind to best utilize the talent we clearly have. I’d like to see the run established…lots of screens with the playmakers gettin YAC all day on the outside, of course with a few bombs down the field as well. Avant and Celek both possess masterful hands catching the ball over the middle. sounds like a recipe for offensive succes, but wait…thats only half the battle

  47. I’m not going to call Jackson a diva. It’s too early to say. He is deffinitely not lacking in confidence, but we will have to wait and see if that manifests into the typical me-me-me big play receiver.
    However, I doubt he will have the time to develop into a Diva. He is a 165lb concusion waiting to happen. Maybe, he will have the luck that Marvin Harrison had avoiding major injuries, but Harrison didn’t play in the slobber knocking NFC East. I will be surprised if he is able to play 16 games a season.

  48. D-Jack is a magician: Every time he’s on the field with the Cowboys, he disappears.

  49. Selgae, yo’re just looking at last years stats. In ’08, Desean actually played well vs the cowboys and burned Newman more than once.

  50. Would you rather your WR not have confidence, or not be excited for the future, or not want to work to be the best? Nothing wrong with #10’s attitude. I think DJ did well when Kolb was in there last year, if I am not mistaken. The Eagles might be rebuilding a little bit, but they are doing it well, just like when Andy did when he got to Philly.

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