More details emerge regarding Lawrence Taylor situation

The weekend largely has slowed the frenzy of news items regarding Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor.  But with no new controversy to bump L.T.’s situation out of the headlines, the situation will remain a major focal point of media coverage.

Sunday’s New York Post provides some new details regarding the case.  The 16-year-old girl with whom Taylor allegedly had sex shared details as to the manner in which she was allegedly forced into the encounter. 

“I told [Rasheed Davis] I wasn’t going to the hotel, and he said, ‘You’re f—ing
this up, it’s $300,” the girl told the Post.  She claims that Davis then hit her in the face, and that he kicked and stomped on her. 

The girl also says that, because the room was dark, Taylor didn’t see the bruising on her face.  She was told to tell Taylor that she is 19. 

But here’s where it gets weird.  (Or, as the case may be, weirder.)  The girl claims that she feared for her life if she refused to have sex with Taylor.  “If I didn’t go through with it, [Taylor] would’ve called Rasheed and
there would have been consequences,” she said. “God knows what would’ve
happened if I didn’t go through with it.”

But the Post reports that, despite these fears, the girl was able and willing to send a text message to her uncle for help “while still in the alleged clutches of Davis.”  Though the “clutches” phrase likely was added for effect, we’re still confused by the fact that she didn’t send a text message to her uncle before the incident — and that she somehow was able to send him a text message after the incident, while being driven back to New York by Davis.

The Post also reports that Taylor was involved in five domestic disturbances with two of his wives since 2002.  It’s irrelevant to the charges he’s currently facing, but it counters the notion that Taylor otherwise has lived a squeaky-clean life since leaving drug use in his past.

Bottom line?  Taylor faces serious consequences, regardless of whether the girl lied to him about her age.  His lawyer has acknowledged that ignorance is no defense.  Taylor’s only hope at this point will be the ability to create reasonable doubt as to whether they had the kind of sexual contact that would result in a Class E felony (punishable by up to four years in prisons), or the ability to persuade prosecutors to cut him some slack due to the fact that his illegal activity — patronizing a prostitute — ended up inadvertently being far more illegal than Taylor ever intended or imagined.

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  1. Or gets some hetrosexual men on the jury. I don’t think too many of us would convict.

  2. Just one serious question, what incompetent moron released this girl back into the custody of her pimp? The person who did so should be fired, out the end of a very large cannon.

  3. ok, say what you want, but if prostitution was legalized, there would be regulations in place to keep this from happening. like it or not, sex sells…and it always will.

  4. Taylor needs a new lawyer first of all. His attorney is an idiot to come out and admit that “ignorance is no excuse.”
    Maybe the written law says so, but not necessarily public opinion or 12 jury members.

  5. Florio — I heard that you were gonna show up in place of the girl but Rasheed sent you over to the men’s room with Roethlisberger instead.

  6. “Bottom line?”
    What is that your phrase of the week? Journalism school 101 is mix up your vocabulary.

  7. I’m still rather puzzled why ignorance is no defense. It is in most other matters.

  8. @Florio – “She claims that Davis then hit her in the face, and that he kicked and stomped on her.”
    – what an “astonishing” set of new details. I mean, pimps never beat up their working girls – we all know that, right? I saw “Night Shift” one time – aren’t all pimps nice guys like Michael Keaton and Henry Winkler – just trying to help out the neighbors??

  9. My whole problem in this are people trying to say, why didn’t she text before hand?
    There is no way someone can know what was going through her head in that situation. It’s no different from being in a firefight, being assaulted or any high stress and pressure situation. People don’t act and think the way in a normal situation.
    She’s also 16! She definately wont be thinking and acting as rationally as an adult, hell alot of adults wouldn’t either.

  10. The court will decide if there was a crime or not, in any case it’s very sad to see a living legend become a pathetic 50 yo man former drugs user, who pay a brutal pimp to have sex with a prostitute

  11. What the hell is wrong with this guy? He is Lawrence Taylor. He can’t get laid? This isn’t exactly Charlie Sheen using call girls for the convenience of it. Taylor paid for sex with a teenage streetwalker.
    He should get four years for statutory rape, and seventy-five years for being a dumbass.
    If our criminal justice really worked, the prison sports teams would be incredibly good…and the Lakers would be watching the playoffs on TV.

  12. LT, you are so far beyond screwed that the light from screwed will take one billion years to reach the earth.
    – Roseanne

  13. “Or gets some hetrosexual men on the jury. I don’t think too many of us would convict. ”
    seanx….i just had to register for the first time just to tell you that you’re a moron. most heterosexual men wouldn’t convict LT for have sexual contact with an underage hooker? Are you serious???

  14. Larry Thug has a bagful of domestic incidents over the past few years and Goodell still trots him out at the Draft? C’mon Roger make those security guys earn their keep.

  15. OK, I am in no way excusing what Lawrence Taylor did here. I do, however, have a question.
    If he asks her, “how old are you?,” and she says “19,” what’s he supposed to do? Card her?
    Prostitution is illegal, and he should get busted for that. Still, I don’t see how you can bust him for having sex with a 16 year-old if he asked that question. Don’t know if he did or not, but there should be some burden on her to tell the truth here.

  16. LT’s wife sure has been quiet over the past 3 days? Wasn’t she ready to go on Larry King and say “If the condom didn’t fit, you must acquit?”

  17. This is all BS. The girl never texted for help before that night? She waited until AFTER she was done having sex with LT to go find help?! Come on! This is a complete set-up.

  18. Lawrence Taylor’s arrest for allegedly raping a 16-year-old prostitute, who he thought was 19, is just another example of a high-profile athlete being stupid by putting himself in a risky situation and then falling victim to the trap he set for himself.

  19. Risky situation? Hmmm…Ben Roethlisberger proved that trolling for chicks at bars and casinos can get you in trouble, LT proved trying to pay a pro for sex can also be trouble. It’s not like a woman can’t make the same claims at the athletes home, in there cars or at a movie theater!
    I think we’re about to see a period where sports celebrities will be accused of some sort of ALLEGED wrongdoing almost weekly. Not saying these two cases the guys are not wrong just sayin’ athletes have a bigger bullseye on their backs than ever!

  20. Rogie, you’re right…in a perfect world. But if you’ve ever taken any legal classes the first thing they teach you is never underestimate the “Power of 1” — meaning it only takes one moron, moralist, idiot, racist, or anything to break a criminal case jury. And most of the time, you don’t have a clue until it’s over.
    Just ask OJ.

  21. There was another girl with the pimp when they picked up the 16 year old. The pimp dropped her off by himself but the girl was able to text due to the additiona person in the car when she was picked up.

  22. Why was she hanging out with a pimp?! Don’t prostitutes by definition get paid for sex? She had sex, she got paid. What’s the problem? Taylor didn’t hit her, so he did nothing wrong. You can’t lock him up just for having bad morals. Free LT!

  23. 55horses says: May 9, 2010 11:48 PM
    I am still waiting for the announcement of which street will be named for LT.
    … only in Baltimore …

  24. Same ol’ story Florio…you are really filling up empty space with the same details.

  25. “like it or not, sex sells…and it always will…”
    Especially when some people can’t get any unless they pay. Like JimmySmith, although I’m sure he could sweet talk HydraSuckers into something free.

  26. sounds like the girl was willing to do all of this. then last second flopped out and is draggin everyone she can down

  27. When the explosive story first hits the newstands we have a picture of an innocent coerced into sex with a middle aged former grid iron great.
    We assumed that at her first opportunity she courageously texted for help. Here’s where the story begins to unravel- other stories say Davis had her “stripping” and doing other things. This was not apparently her first time being “rented” out for sexual purposes. This was an ongoing relationship. If it is and she had access to a phone- as she obviously did- why did it take her so long. This was not a kidnap victim locked in a room and held incommunicado. So why so long ? This seeming inconsistency amplifies your question- “this is where it gets weird” you say rightly- of how she was able to text under the nose of her “captor.” I think we’ll find it wasn’t wierd, she wasn’t kidnapped.
    This in no way lessens the liability of LT if he had sex, what it does is begin the first hairline crack in the credibility of the alleged victim. There will be more. Clearly there is more to this story than has been conveniently put out there. The problem Prosecutors are promoted for getting high profile convictions. LT needs a new attorney. Only then will he and the public have a chance to get at the truth.
    Professor J

  28. LT is just another NY GIants scumbag…the list is long and distinguished, like my johnson

  29. Why is the federal government the one filing papers. How is this a “federal case?”
    This is a thread that needs to be followed, there’s a story behind why the federal government is involved I suspect.

  30. reading these comments lets me know most of U were virgins in High School and College…or apparently never heard a KISS(16), Warrant or Skid Row(17) or Beatles(“she was just..17) record…Girls lie, always have(if U bible-thumpers believe the sh!t u read and spew 2 us) so 4give me if I’m not sympathetic 2 some tramp who thought she was grown enough 2 flip off her parents and run away…LT solicited a prostitute,same thing we had cops,lawyers,judges,and countless politicians do… everything that came with it was on the GIRL and her PIMP…some of U guy’s really need 2 focus on getting your 1st piece,but that would entail moving out of your mom’s basement…LOSERS!!!

  31. I imagine he will also have to register as a sex offender. There goes the neighborhood! Stay classy, LT.

  32. Two things:
    1. Just so everyone now knows. You can card her, meet her in a 21+ bar/club, carbon-date her, interview her parents and rationally believe s/he is over the age of consent. However, if she’s under the age of consent, it’s still statutory rape. The elements of the crime have no intent component. Blame your elected officials.
    2. Prosititution needs to be legalized in this country. Stuff like this happens hundreds of times every day. Legalization wouldn’t incinerate a black market (particularly when dealing with people purposefully pursuing the underage) but it would decrease the size of the black market significantly, increase the pay/safety of prostitutes and take resources away from the worst elements of our society.

  33. GUYS,

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