Ngata tore pectoral muscle in Pro Bowl

H. Ngata.jpgWho says players don’t play hard in the Pro Bowl?

Ravens defensive tackle Haloti Ngata tore his pectoral muscle in the league’s All Star game because he was so fired up at an NFC player.

“It sucks,” Ngata said, according to the Baltimore Sun. “I was actually trying to hurt somebody else and
I hurt myself.”

Hate when that happens.  Ngata told the assembled media Sunday that he was roughly 6-8 weeks away from returning to action, which means he’ll probably miss all of pre-training camp work. 

Ngata reportedly has full range of motion already and is trying to regain his
strength.  The team is believed to be interested in giving him a long-term contract this offseason.

Now we’re just curious who he was trying to hurt.

UPDATE: We have yet to see a correction from the Sun, but we’ve heard from a few people Ngata said he was trying not to hurt someone else.  Our old friend Aaron Wilson tweeted that was the quote from Ngata, which would make a lot more sense.  Apologies for passing along the misquote, if it was a misquote. We’ll let you know if they fix the quote.

UPDATE II: They fixed the quote and apologized for the error.  We do as well.

51 responses to “Ngata tore pectoral muscle in Pro Bowl

  1. Well, my Mom always said you only hurt yourself when you try to hury someone else.
    But she never had any words of wisdom about convenient injuries to avoid training camp, that I recall.

  2. Source is wrong, from Aaron wilson twitter page quoted as saying…
    Ngata on getting hurt in the Pro Bowl: “It sucks. I was trying to not hurt somebody else and hurt myself.”

  3. I hope it was that SOB DeSean Jackson. Dude needs to be knocked the fark outl.

  4. “Trying to hurt somebody else…”
    Sounds like a typical Raven to me. Although I’m a little surprised he didn’t try to kill the guy.

  5. Typical Raven M.O… Try to hurt/cheap shot someone,in a meaningless game no less…
    Stay Classy Baltimore

  6. he was trying to hurt Bryant McKinnie, but it was outside a club in Miami….

  7. theres your karma RAVENNATION see when you wish karma on steelers this one bites you hard! yea!

  8. They don’t call ’em the Ratbirds for nuthin…
    / dirtiest players in the NFL, on and off the field

  9. I know it’s Mother’s Day, but someone should really slap your mother today for unleashing you on this earth. Are you just trying to fill space on your pathetic site with news from last year’s Pro Bowl. Why not just take the day off or is your mother avoiding you as well?

  10. Mmmh, FO immediately changes its posting, PFT does not. Since Florio intends to generate hits … not trying to hurt himself, but somebody else?

  11. “Now we just want to know who he was trying to hurt.”
    Piece of shit ghetto thug! If I am Commish Goodell, I certainly would want to know this answer as well. And even if I couldn’t find out, I would still met out some sort of punishment. Look, I get it. Pro football is a physical, sometimes nasty game. But for this guy to come out and say HE was injured because he was trying to PURPOSELY INJURE ANOTHER PLAYER. The “Shield” doesn’t need this. Sit his fat ass on the bench for a few weeks to send a message…..

  12. It would be nice to know who he was trying to hurt.
    He is a heck of a player.

  13. That’s what I love about Ngata. Let the other teams know when you play the Ravens we are out to hurt you BAD.

  14. Thats what you get for quoting those hacks at the Baltimore Sun. The day they go out of bussiness cant come fast enough. The only thing keeping that hack paper going is their two bid website, which you PFT morons link to everyday.

  15. A Raven trying to hurt someone on the field? Say it ain’t so! Probably the dirtiest team on the field any given week. They go after people with intent to injure. It is fairly obvious. Then they cry about the refs when they are called on it.

  16. ForceEight says:
    May 9, 2010 3:47 PM
    Haha. Jealousy abound in these comments
    Exactly! The guy gets misquoted and everyone wants to hang him instead of reading that it was a MISQUOTE!
    By the way, Leroy’s Bitch…I mean Butler….”at least he didn’t try to stab anyone”???? PPPPFFFGGGHHHHAAAAA!!!!! Where did you come up with that? It is sooooooooooooo original!

  17. I know all of you feel like the dummies you really are. Check the link again, they corrected his quote. That’s what you get for relying on a constantly wrong Baltimore Sun writer.
    Now all of you Raven haters with the decade old “murder” joke can go **** off.

  18. Did everybody who is calling ngata a thug just negate to read the last portion of the article, he said he wasn’t trying to hurt anybody. Seriously though if you believe that is ‘thuggish’ than you clearly don’t understand the football mentality in regards to defense. They want to hurt their opponent.

  19. @Leroy’sButler says:
    May 9, 2010 2:01 PM
    Typical Ravens thug.
    At least he didn’t stab anyone.
    So quick to judge and hate. The reporter got the quote wrong.

  20. Well its seems as if all the Steelers fan’s are in here. The must be hanging around this website to see if their team is gonna do anything good in this off season.They drafter a center in the first round LOL! They lost their best wider receiver because he likes to smoke pot and their quarterback raped someone else. Maybe you all should have drafted a running back because your running game sucks. I think with Rapeistburger out Dennis Dixon with give you all a little running game but throwing you all have just about nothin.

  21. “# cgc1969 says: May 9, 2010 4:35 PM
    noboby cares about ngata, fongula tu all you dirty
    Except every center and guard that has to line up across from him, douchebag.
    And no, boby probably doesn’t care…….

  22. Ngata is such a beast. Hope to see him with a new contract before the season begins.

  23. @Ravens81 The steelers drafted Jonathan Dwyer in the 6th round out of Georgia Tech

  24. yea ok, steelers are afraid of NOBODY even ngata, screw you metalman1320, more like tin man you dirty birds can eat gagando de cima, fongula tin man! pansie punk!

  25. Way to go Mike Florio! Stir up a big pot of shit over nothing. How many times is that this month? 10? 12? 15?
    PFT has become “She said, She said”

  26. Jeff ml said it best, awesome, just awesome, his momis avoiding him today, ROFLAO

  27. Love how you guys can just go ruin a guys reputation and offer some b.s. apology later that the morons who now call him a thug or dirty player will never read. The classy thing to do would be to yank the entire damn article and write another article about how you screwed it up but you guys dont know what class is.

  28. @BaltimoreSports:
    what sports are you referring to in your screen name? Lacrosse?Soccer?Gang killings?As far as I know,they dont have a MLB,NBA or NHL team,& their NFL team has/had enough criminals to fill a season of The Wire.

  29. how do you tear a pec muscle in the pro bowl? Everyone knows that game is all for sh*ts and giggles.
    I had no problem this dude saying he was out to hurt somebody…I thought that’s how this game was played. (But i guess we’re not in the ’70s no more). It’s a damn shame.

  30. Wow. Anyone still using ‘stabbing’ references needs to flashforward about a DECADE, and also read up on what actually happened from all the evidence collected and sworn testimony of the witnesses that were there. Ray Lewis did not stab anyone, and to keep throwing that in his direction is a sorry attempt by some Superfan from one of the many sorry ass teams in the league showing the true meaning of what it is to be a ‘Hater’. Keep hating tool, and the Ravens will just keep on winning.

  31. you mean go back a decade, in the past, not 10 years in the future retard dirty bird. forward means go in the future a decade. fongula FBFreak20!

  32. # NFLMMAfan says: May 9, 2010 7:45 PM
    “Way to go Mike Florio! Stir up a big pot of shit over nothing. How many times is that this month? 10? 12? 15?”
    Wow… If this upsets you, I’ll bet you really let ol’ Florio have it over the 6-times-a-day-for-2-months Roethlisberger shebacle.

  33. I FART in the FACE of every RAVEN HATER!
    Bengal,Brown and Squeeler fans fart in the face of their significant lovers as four play.

  34. Art get off the @%$# computer and take out the trash! I’m tired of you lounging around in only your Peyton Manning jersey and being a drain on society! Go to the store, because your Mom needs Tampons and get me some Marlboro Reds while you’re at it punk!

  35. @ all the Pathetic haters who troll this site, and especially snakeman40,
    Why not try to get a freaking real life instead of spewing all your hate filled froth in your ugly posts!
    Man- no wonder things are all screwed up these days. Seems like may of you pinheads are just waiting for a chance to get all UGLY on someone else.
    Your nasty commentary really reflects more on your own sad and pathetic life than it does on the character of a person who is only being talked about.

  36. i really love to read this stuff. its just pandamonium…..battle-royale…..funny. and so many intelligent pittsburg steeler fans. im very impressed with the well thought out gems. go ravens..

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