Some think Cowboys are gushing too much about Dez Bryant

dez-bryant-ap.jpgTodd Archer of the Dallas Morning News makes a great point regarding last weekend’s Cowboys minicamp.  The powers-that-be were gushing like an offshore oil well regarding rookie receiver Dez Bryant.

Says Archer regarding the fact that owner Jerry Jones, coach Wade Phillips, and receivers coach Ray Sherman heaped praise on Bryant:  “I couldn’t help
but think of Bill Parcells in 2006 when he told all of us to put away the anointing oils on Tony Romo after
the quarterback came out on fire to help the Cowboys get to the
playoffs. The idea wasn’t to squelch Romo’s confidence but to make him
realize he had not arrived yet, to keep him wanting more, to get better.

Perhaps the Cowboys are opting for positive reinforcement with Bryant, talking him up in the hopes that he won’t let them down.  Privately, we’ve heard whispers that the team was concerned by his level of fitness — and by the fact that he would sleep between practices to the point where they had trouble waking him up.

We’re told he also had an excuse for everything that went wrong.  When he seemed to be out of shape, he claimed that he didn’t warm up.  When he twisted an ankle, he blamed it on the fact that he was wearing new cleats.

As a result, we’re not sure that it makes sense for the team to kiss his ass so publicly, especially since he’s represented by the same agent who tried to blow out the slotting process for Michael Crabtree in 2009.  Sure, Bryant looked great at time against other rookies and assorted slapdicks.  When the veterans show up, things could be much different.  With Jones, Phillips, and Sherman pumping Bryant up, they could in reality be setting him up for a spectacular collapse.

Either way, it’ll be one of the most intriguing aspects of what will be a very intriguing NFL season.

64 responses to “Some think Cowboys are gushing too much about Dez Bryant

  1. No, Florio, you seem to be the one thinking the Cowboys are gushing too much on Dez Bryant. You are so quick to post anything negative about Dez, but anything remotely positive, you won’t touch. Why don’t you just come out and say it Florio, you’re a Cowboy hater just like the rest of the idiotic fans and like the rest of the hypocritical media.

  2. “When he twisted an ankle, he blamed it on the fact that he was wearing new cleats.”
    He probably forgot the old ones..

  3. This is a very good time to praise Dez. The media (including you) were all over him talking about his mother, whether his Dad was a pimp and what Jeff Ireland may have asked him. The local media harranged him at his locker about this issue despite his repeated comments that he wanted to put it all behind him. I think it was a good thing that the Cowboys praised him and gave him confidence and showed him that he CAN put all this stuff behind him if he performs well on the field. As Michael Irvin said, “out there (the field) is his sanctuary.”

  4. Yeah, he did look good against rookes – something that you couldn’t say about Darrius Heyward-Bey, who only reinforced what everyone else said about him on draft day.
    Yeah, Michael Crabtree – Darrius Heyward-Bey,
    just who earned their money last year? I do worry about Bryant’s agent because while Crabtree was still taken in the top 10, Dez wasn’t and he is top 10 talent.

  5. They put this same hype machine into play when they selected that TE out of A&M, Bennent, or something.
    Jerry does this all time. It gets his fan base excited, and he thinks it makes his FO look smart.
    And it does. Temporarily anyway.
    Until three years later and that TE has done didley squat, but ride the pine, and all those two TE sets that they promised would be the future are pretty much a non factor.

  6. Maybe they are praising him because his mother is turning tricks for the coaches or his dad is pimping out ho’s to them!

  7. I’m pretty sure what Parcells was doing there was just being honest about Romo. I remember him talking about how Romo was “gambling” alot and it had worked out so far, but he was going to pay for those poor decisions more often than not. And that is exactly how it has played out.
    The media sent Romo to the pro bowl after 8 games even while Parcells was telling everyone that he wasn’t as good as he was being made out to be.

  8. Tough for a rookie wideout in the NFL. Arguably as hard as being the qb. Lot of guys have the talent. But the preparation, recognition and mental toughness not so much.

  9. A: I’m really tired of the people that just come on here and comment about how much they hate the different articles. If you don’t like it, leave, and let the rest of us that do enjoy the site enjoy it in peace.
    B: I’d say that’s the best article you have ever written Florio, specifically because you were able to throw in the term “slapdicks.” Nice work. Seriously. Awesome.

  10. I see your point, but I doubt this will be the difference maker in his career. If he was going to suck he is still going to suck and if he is going to be good then he will still be good.

  11. He will soon be snorting cocaine off a hooker’s belly (no, not his mother) and taking his rightful place among Cowboy WR’s.

  12. Regarding the “Bill Parcells would have done this instead” angle, let’s all understand that the Cowboys have improved since Parcells left. Trash on Wade all you want, but he has 2 division titles and a playoff win with the Cowboys; Parcells had 0 of either. Maybe we should put away the anointing oils for Parcells, huh? It’s been 20 years since one of his teams won a Super Bowl, and from the Giants to the Pats to the Jets to the Cowboys to the Dolphins, notice that he has had less success at each stop. Maybe Parcells is the overhyped one?

  13. Word is that Jerruh was smilin’ so hard the snakeskin sewed onto his face began to unravel and his toupee was hanging by one clip.

  14. All I’m gonna say is that Dez is a perfect fit for Jerry Jones and the Cowboys. No further comment should be necessary.

  15. The reason Parcells brought out the “annointing oil” comment was because he wanted to be the biggest star of the franchise. It always galled him that some player might be more popular than him. Ask Emmitt Smith. Parcells is now, and always was, about making sure that everyone knew that HE was the biggest star in town. Even when he wasn’t.

  16. People find a way to hate on this guy because he’s a Cowboy now. Make fun of his mom and dad, make fun of how Irvin talks him up, because what a coke head says is coke head bull**** anyway right?
    Well when Dez burns your team on Sunday’s I’d love to hear more of your hating.

  17. some think cowboys are gushing too much about Dez Bryant…..YOU THINK?…..he looks like an unbelievable talent and i hope to see him succeed especially after the interview crap but for a coach to come out after a 3day rookie camp practice and tell everybody that was greatest 3day workout he’s seen from a player in 33 years is rediculous…look who he was getting thrown from and who lined up across from him…i think they should stop with the randy moss comparisons until dez plays a whole year and not a couple rookie camp workouts.

  18. JimmySmith says:
    May 9, 2010 1:14 PM
    He will soon be snorting cocaine off a hooker’s belly (no, not his mother) and taking his rightful place among Cowboy WR’s.
    Damn, you beat me to it.
    Happy Mother’s Day

  19. # roscoe says: May 9, 2010 1:06 PM
    “I think Florio googles “cowboys hate” every morning to get his articles.”
    “cowboys suck” would get a lot more hits.

  20. I am a Dallas fan and I believe it is a bit over the top…
    Like my grandpa said.. time to make your brag your boast.
    Let us see what he actually does first.

  21. East Bay Ray says:
    Maybe Parcells is the overhyped one?
    You should probably pay more attention to reality than trying to make up history. He took over a team from Dave “5-11” Campo and improved the team from 5-11(15-33 over his 3 years) to 10-6 in one year and it would have been better if his QB could have stayed away from drugs in his second year. Wade has done well BUT he also benefitted from the guys that Parcells got to go to Dallas.
    The Pats were 2-14 and 14-50 in the 4 years before he got there and he turned them around and left a good core of players for his successor. The Jets were 1-15 and 22-58 in the 5 years before he got there and he left his successor with a team that could win but the guy that he wanted to take over bolted to NE. The Dolphins were 1-15 and 20-44 in the 4 years prior to him taking over and giving the HC to Sparano and they went 11-5 in their first year and 7-9 last year with a team that had to deal with injuries and an inexperienced QB taking over because of injuries to Pennington. Everywhere he’s gone, he’s turned the team around and left with the franchise in far better shape than when he got there. If you think he’s overrated, you’re nuts.
    Former players, even ones who were said to have hated the guy, are more than willing to go play for him because he always got the best out of them.

  22. @nycowgirl
    typical bandwagon fan, unable to root for the home teams
    as for dez, he will be droping passes, if romo o choke can throw him the ball.

  23. Hey, developing a prima donna that might produce for maybe one season then rest on his laurels isn’t easy, so give the boys a break! You have to coddle him, and give the kid excuses when he can’t come up with his own. You have to praise him constantly, so that his excuses are believable to you when he fails to produce.
    You tell yourself he is great enough times and you will begin to believe it. Then when he fails, it must be for the reasons he states, because he is so great, right?
    This one is gonna fall short of the hype. How many times do you see a rookie have an outstanding build up to the season and then disappear? Quite often. Here we have a perfect storm happening. We have a kid with a big ego and bad work ethic getting paid tons of money. Ugh!

  24. Excessive sleeping? Sure sign of depression. Probably losing sleep worring about how his family might embarass him.

  25. @edgy1957: I pay plenty of attention to reality and there is nothing untrue about my previous statement. Yes, I realize that Parcells has turned around franchises. He’s a master at taking terrible teams and making them competitive, but the guy hasn’t won a playoff game since the 1998 season. When I say he has had declining success at every stop, consider:
    With Giants – won 2 Super Bowls
    With Pats – won 1 conference title
    With Jets – made conference championship game
    With Cowboys – 0 playoff wins
    With Dolphins, as team President – 0 playoff wins
    I appreciate what he did for Cowboys, but he made his share of mistakes there too and when he left, it was time. And, the Cowboys are an objectively better team now than when he left. To say “Parcells would handle such and such differently…” Well, so what? His approach is not always the best.

  26. @borg
    Better to be a Cowboys fan then to look up to the NY G-Spots.
    Yeah, you’re right Tony o choke. Similar to the Giants last year against the almighty Panthers at the end of the season to lose any chance of coming close to winning the division. Bunch of jokes.

  27. @nycowgirl
    Better to be a Cowboys fan then to look up to the NY G-Spots????
    Please, the g men beat your team,
    Talk about jokes, where were the cowgirls against the Vikings???
    Get real..

  28. “Slapdicks”, eh Florio? Your Dallas hatred knows no bound. Keepin’ in classy, as usual.

  29. they put away the “anointing oils” for Romo, and you know what this new Dez Bryant strategy is called?
    Creating a monster. As if this punk needed his ego blown up anymore. I look forward to the TO II drama in store for Dallas. Good riddance.

  30. hahaha, @borgo
    Did you see the Giants against the Vikings? Week 17? Haha, worse than the Cowboys against them. 44-7 I remember? That means that in the last two weeks, when the Giants needed two wins for a chance to even think about the playoffs, they were outscored 85-16.
    Yeah, like I said. Bunch of Jokes. Get above .500 before you talk crap. The Giants beat us twice but were still 3 games behind us at the end. Use another argument.

  31. First; there is a reason the Dolphins chose to go the way they did for a stud wide receiver,and it wasn’t in the direction of Dez Bryant, whom they could have had via the draft….
    Second; No one will REALLY KNOW if Dez is the stud he appears to be on you tube, until he is called upon to be that dude…However, be wary of those excuse makers!
    Third; I don’t think Parcel’s is going to walk away from the Fins during the glory years (which could well be THIS YEAR), the way he did in Dallas, and leave a predecessor to claim the rights to being the guy that turned the ship around, the way it is going down in Dallas.

  32. Jerruh just wants to show that he finally got The Next Randy Moss since he blew it on the first one.

  33. Of course the Cowboys are “gushing”, they have a sure-fire felon in Dez Bryant! What more could a franchise that historically employs felons ask for?? Maybe 2 playoff wins?
    Steers & Queers!

  34. Either way, it’ll be one of the most intriguing aspects of what will be a very intriguing NFL season.
    You just copy-and-paste this for blogs in the offseason, right?

  35. East Bay Ray says:
    I appreciate what he did for Cowboys, but he made his share of mistakes there too and when he left, it was time.
    I think that 99% of the coaches that have ever had more than 1 job in this league would take such a decling record (guffaw).
    The guy LEFT the Pokes in GREAT shape and Wade has benefitted the fruits of his labor. Parcells probably would have stuck around longer if he could have kept Jones from poking his nose into the team’s business (It’s the same bullshit that he pulled before he ran Jimmy Johnson out of town). I think that more than anything, him bringing in TO was the straw that broke the camel’s back and then the fool hamstrung Wade with Pacman Jones and Tank Johnson. Jones is starting to act like Al Davis did when he started to tear apart the Raiders and while it took him a few years, when it collapsed, it went down heavily and it hasn’t recovered. If he stops bringing in guys like Jones and Johnson then the team will survive but Jerry’s never been one to do the right thing for long.
    Oh and you didn’t see Wade winning HIS first playoff game in Dallas, did you? Let’s not forget that Dallas made the playoffs in 2 of the 4 years that Parcells was around and they were on the road in both years while Wade’s first year ended with a loss AT HOME to the 6th seed that they had beaten both times in the regular season. Wade is 1-1 at home and 0-1 on the road (the second worst road loss in franchise history).

  36. @ oa316ts
    1. We can come on here and say whatever we want in regards to what Florio or any of the other “slapdick” journalists write on this site. They know it, they enjoy it and that interaction has made the site what it is. If you don’t like it stop reading the comments.
    2. This article was indeed a waste of time, but then again it is a Sunday when there is nothing else going on. I understand why Florio and the other “slapdicks” do it, it keeps us interested and as much as I hate it, it’s smart.
    3. Florio doesn’t hate the Cowboys. You can tie in number 2 here because it is his goal to get his readers going. It works every time, see Fat Ben, Favre, Mangini etc etc.
    Move on terd.

  37. Speaking of Randy Moss…..The Patriots passed on Bryant? Hmmmm. Interesting! I guess the one Diva rule was in play…they did take a kid out of Ohio in the 3rd. Taylor Price 4.3 40 Good kid, no baggage…The evil genious is at it again…

  38. Jerry Jones wanted him because he passed on Randy Moss, thus people compared Dez to Moss.
    The better comparison might be Peter Warrick, Reggie Williams, Charles Rodgers, David Terrell, Troy Williamson, or Mike Williams.

  39. Jerry Jones has such a massive ego, he would gush about his last bowel movement if anyone would listen.

  40. Bryant was never THAT GREAT at OSU outside of having that pure spread offense that worked against terrible defenses
    He dropped passes, couldn’t block, and was lazy when the ball wasn’t thrown his way
    He will be a bust so ALL of this praise is laughable

  41. Somebody remind me.
    (and this is a good site to ask this question, what with the ‘NFL Arrest meter’ set up for the past 4 seasons or so)
    How many Cowboy players have been arrested in the past 5 years?

  42. P.S.
    Anyone who actually saw the catches this guy was making in that mini-camp know the Cowboys have every right to be thrilled.

  43. Yes, yes, when you twist your ankle, don’t make excuses. The idea that ankles twist accidentally and that new shoes might contribute is ludicrous. It’s your fault; take ownership of your mistake.

  44. Bryant will take his rightful place as a cowturd WR! Start the coke sniffing off of his moms stomach, ( a prostitute). Then, he will be in jail no less than 3 times!
    Move over Irvin, new crackhead WR in town!
    I’d like to take this moment to officially recognize D. Bryant as the new terrell owens of the cowboys, LOL!
    Cowboys suck, and cowboy fans are the biggest effen whiners in all of sports history!
    I think more plastic surgery is in order for father time, a.k.a. jerry jones!

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