Finally, someone in Dallas offers a more realistic assessment of Dez Bryant

The initial group of NFL practices for rookie receiver Dez Bryant triggered a stream of superlatives from the likes of owner Jerry Jones, coach Wade Phillips, and receivers coach Ray Sherman, who suggested that Bryant will be even more special that special players Sherman has coached with names like Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, and Terrell Owens.

Finally, someone connected to the franchise is offering a more practical assessment of the next great Dallas wideout, who to date has performed only against assorted rookies and slapolas.

In an appearance on Sirius NFL Radio with Howard David, offensive coordinator Jason Garrett discussed the realities that face receivers who enter the NFL, like Bryant.  “He’s a rookie, a
young guy and particularly at that position, it’s hard to transition
into the league as a receiver
,” Garrett said, via the Dallas Morning News.  “There are a number of guys who’ve been
drafted high and it’s taken them a couple of years to get themselves
acclimated to the NFL game.  He’ll have a transition like a lot of other
people but we’re certainly excited about what we saw on the field and
about kind of person he is.”

Garrett didn’t mention that plenty of the pass-catchers who have been drafted high never make the transition, becoming busts.  We listed a decade’s worth of first-round wideout washouts in arguing that teams should opt instead to trade for proven veterans, like Brandon Marshall.
At this point, no one knows whether Dez Bryant will become a great player.  But Cowboys fans should be encouraged that not everyone in the organization expects him to make the same instant impact last seen when Moss made good on a nonchalant vow to “rip this league up.”

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  1. i dont think we will ever see a wr tear up the league in his rookie seasoon the way moss did,man that was a fun year to watch those vikings

  2. What a pointless article. The coaches were giving the kid some encouragement after the media kept harping on his family’s business when all the kid wanted to do was play football and get away from the troubles that he was faced with his entire life. Wade doesn’t expect Dez to come in and catch 12 TDs, rack up 1500 yards and grab 100 passes.
    Bryant has been impressive against his competition in the mini camps, which is all you can expect; and the coaches were giving the kid some encouragement after the media wouldn’t shut up about his family. Garrett and the rest of the staff knows he will have to transition gradually into the offense, which is why he is projected to be the #3 WR and return punts so far.

  3. Dez Bryant will be the best thing that’s happened to the Cowboys since Roy Williams!

  4. Notably many, if not a majority, of those busts failed through off field issues more than on field problems. There lies the rub.

  5. “But Cowboys fans should be encouraged that not everyone in the organization expects him to make the same instant impact last…”
    PFT- all about the drama baby. Just why should Cowboys fans be ecouraged by this news?

  6. Isn’t it lucky that the “more realistic assessment” happens to mimic your opinion.

  7. Seriously, Florio. Why do you hate Dez so much? Oh, yeah, because he’s a Cowboy and you are a dumbass Cowboy hater just like the rest. Us Cowboy fans aren’t expecting him to come in and grab up 1,000 yards and 10 TDs. What we are excited about is he gives Tony Romo that much-needed second or third option to throw the ball to that Roy Williams has failed miserably at becoming. He will draw some coverage away from Miles Austin and Jason Witten so they are free to tear up the field.

  8. this draft pick was a steal and all the haters can go f themselves including this dope…..I love the way idiots hate on the boys. When you are the second best franchise in the league as far as SB’s go you have to take the jealous haters out there who have not won jack sh.t…LMFAO.

  9. i know you got a big kick out of it when that scout or whoever used the term slapdick… & you dropped it into quite a few posts but after the Steve Smith episode you might want to give it a rest…
    unless you ever made it to an NFL training camp…otherwise seeing you say it is quite a bit more absurd than Jim Kelly giving his opinion on Tebow as an example of something that offended you & other professionals

  10. The Cowboys are a bunch of fools. It all starts at the top with their liquored up owner

  11. We listed a decade’s worth of first-round wideout washouts in arguing that teams should opt instead to trade for proven veterans, like Brandon Marshall.
    The Cowboys DID trade for a proven veteran who was a Pro Bowl alternate in 2006. His name was Roy Williams? Didn’t work. On to plan B.

  12. Flo, let me let you in on a little secret that will help you out since you write about football.
    WR’s take at least 3 years to learn the pro style of play and actually start to turn into legitmate, consistent “stars.”
    No charge for that info.

  13. They aren’t even in pads yet. Wait till the players have to run with pads rather than tee shirts and shorts to comment. Roy Williams should not even be mentioned as 1st or 2nd reciever on the Cowboys. After watching a few games of Roy Williams dropping passes against the Redskins and not able to catch the ball in traffic against Landry I would say he is likely the 4th best reciever on the team. A close 4th being Ogletree and Crayton. I still honestly think Dez Bryant should be the # 1 later this year or next. Austin had best games against pretty poor corners. Hopefully my team can match up better this year. So I hope they keep Williams in the line up. jk

  14. this really wasnt anything to do with dez bryant, so i’m not sure that this takes away anything that the other 3 guys said. it was more just things everyone already knows about the nature of the wr position, that it takes time to become a polished route runner and be able to read the defense and get on the same page as your qb. you couldve written this article about any receiver thats ever been drafted and their coordinator would likely say the same spiel.

  15. Funny, I don’t see any comments about how the Bengals opted to pass on him. I guess people only post negatives. Good job Bengals in drafting Jermaine Gresham!

  16. Jason Garrett is a wuss. I can’t listen to anything an OC has to say that was scared of Terrell Owens. Strong personalities will own Red Jesus because he has no balls.
    We’ll know what this kid brings to the table when he plays.

  17. Shocking that it is about time people realized that he had a LOT of work to do and growing up to do

  18. I’m a die hard Redskins fan and I despise everything about the Cowboys; however I love the NFL and where there’s talent, no matt
    When I look at Dez Bryant, I see the same kind of flash that I did with Tory Holt when he came out of NC State… I drafted Holt as a rookie on my fantasy team and he was key to me winning the league.
    Getting this kind of value low in the fantasy draft is what it’s all about and having an eye for rookies with “it” is important. I did the same with Frank Gore (who was injured much of his college career).
    So, despite all of the “noise”; just look at how the guy plays and carries himself on the field. You will have a Marquis Colston-like kicking of yourself if you don’t take this guy seriously in your fantasy draft…. and this is coming from a die hard Redskin’s fan!

  19. What has this story got to do with Jeff and the Dolphins?I see, now it’s Dallas turn to be trash. Bill

  20. BIGD88, so you think Dez will step right in and start returning punts?? Wasnt your boy Crayton #2 in the league as far as punt return avg, only behing #1 ranked Desean Jackson?? Why would you remove Crayton from PR duties when he has shown that he is more than capable of doing the job? Is it because you have high hopes for Dez, or is it simply because you’re a bandwagon fan and you dont know anything about your team, you just go by what you hear in the media??

  21. What a surprise, Florio ripping on the Cowboys. Imagine if it were the Vikings that drafted Bryant and it was Coach Kick-Ass, Zygmund, or any other member of the Viking organization heaping the praises on Dez? Florio wouldn’t be able to contain his excitement and would already be proclaiming it the best pick ever and setting the odd of him winning Offensive Rookie Of The Year at 2/1. In fact, if I had the ambition, I’m sure I could dig back in the archives and find similarly glowing compliments made by Childress last off-season about Percy Harvin, and I’m sure Florio either didn’t bat an eyelash, or parroted the Vikings organization word for word.
    Make sure to tune into KFAN tomorrow to hear Mike constantly refer to the Vikings as “we” and “us.”

  22. BUDDHA, I’m glad you posted, now the world knows how dumb and ignorant you really are.
    For your information, when Dez Bryant was introduced at Valley Ranch, Special Teams Coordinator Joe DeCamillis personally met him and told him that he will return punts and compared him to Josh Cribbs.
    Furthermore, receivers coach Ray Sherman, when interviewed after Bryant’s selection, specifically mentioned that Dez can make an immediate impact as a Punt Returner and possibly as a kick returner for the team. You don’t believe me? Look it up yourself. (I will not post a link to it since I’m unsure if that is allowed here, but) Go to the cowboys web site, go to the multimedia page under “Coaches and Front Office” and click “Ray Sherman talks Dez.”
    Jerry Jones and Wade Phillips also said that Dez was an “outstanding returner” in his post-draft press conference. (You can find that under the multimedia too, right after the Sherman video).
    So now that I’ve made you look like an idiot I will make you look like a bigger one. Patrick Crayton has been absent from offseason workouts ever since draft weekend. He is over 30 years old and will lose his #3 spot and punt returner spot to Bryant. He has been given permission to seek a trade and if he isn’t traded, he will most likely be cut since he doesn’t cover kicks and is over 30 years old.
    Also, Crayton muffs many punts (see KC game this past year) and prior to 2 easy returns this past season, has been a painfully average returner who lacked speed to consistently break a big return.
    You have no idea what you’re talking about and just grazed his recent stats and tried to sound smart by calling me out and a “bandwagoner” who doesn’t know about my team.
    Don’t spit into the wind, bud. It just came back hit you square in the face.

  23. This is such classic Florio. He makes a big deal out of nothing, then posts a follow up where he makes an equally big deal about the fact that he has now discovered that his first post actually had nothing to it.
    BigD88 has it mostly right. If Wade and Jerry were unusually effusive in their praise of Bryant, it’s because the guy has been getting the crap kicked out of him in the media over the last month. He needs something positive said about him, and they want to earn his trust so he feels like a part of the team. Everybody understands that Bryant is immature. He’s going to require some babysitting and hand-holding, but his talent makes him worth it.
    You might also consider the possibility that they made their statements because Bryant really did wow them by displaying uncommon physical talent. Remember, going into last season, he was #1 on some expert’s draft boards. The guy does have some special skills.

  24. I hate the Cowboys, but Dez is going to be a top 5 All-Pro WR within 3 years…..

  25. Man it’s crazy seeing boysroll comment on a post that wasn’t a Redskins post.

  26. Vermin!!!
    No matter where you travel on this planet they are there. Rats, Cockroaches and Cowgirls bandwagon fans!!!

  27. I don’t know why you keep making a big deal out of this Florio. All of these people have more football knowledge and experience than you and they have a right to their opinion.
    That being said, I’m afraid Jerry Jones is going to pay Bryant way too much and mess up the 1st round signings for everyone around him.

  28. Cowboys Fans = Tools
    Didn’t you hear, Texas is where its ok to sleep with your Sister, underage or not, everyone is doing it.

  29. “PackAttackBackMan says:
    May 11, 2010 1:01 AM
    I hate the Cowboys, but Dez is going to be a top 5 All-Pro WR within 3 years…..

    Which crystal ball are you looking into because mine is still a little fuzzy when it comes to Dez Bryant.
    I love how people make bold predictions without even seeing someone play against real NFL players in real meaningful games.
    Let’s see Bryant play a whole season so we can better assess his value.

  30. keep hating douche bags….
    there are as many cowboys fans out there who support the team and we could care less about the jealous fans of inferior teams.

  31. overkil2 says:
    I love how people make bold predictions without even seeing someone play against real NFL players in real meaningful games.
    Do you think that Michael Crabtree is an NFL receiver? Bryant had better numbers than he did when they were both sophs and he did it an an offense that threw it nearly 1/2 as much as Texas Tech. Bryant will go over the middle, make the leaping catch and can return kicks with the best of them. I guarantee you that he’ll work his way into the lineup and do well. Let’s not forget that Jerry Rice dropped a lot of passes as a rookie but he had a decent year and he went on to have a HOF career.
    Unless he injures himself and is unable to play, he’s going to be one of the better receivers in the NFL. It may take two years for it all to happen because Jones will try to get as much out of Williams this year but don’t expect Roy to be around next year, unless he fnally finds enough pride to put more effort into his job.

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