Lions add C.C. Brown

The Detroit Lions have agreed to terms with free agent safety C.C. Brown, Tim Twentyman of the Detroit News is reporting.

Brown went to Detroit today to visit with the Lions, and his agent confirmed that they’ve reached a deal. Brown started seven games for the Giants last season but was benched after a bad game against the Eagles.

Brown was a restricted free agent, but the Giants withdrew their tender offer in April.

Brown will compete with Marquand Manuel, Marvin White, Ko Simpson and Daniel Bullocks at strong safety. Louis Delmas is the Lions’ starter at free safety.

39 responses to “Lions add C.C. Brown

  1. CC Brown is a liability in coverage but the man sure can lay a hit
    he’d be one heck of a player on special teams

  2. subtraction by addition, or sunthin like that, …..i think with the new Dline the safties will play better due to rushed throws……soo its kinda moot

  3. I thought Detroit was trying to improve. There s no way this team is better, if they plan on putting “Cant Cover Brown” on the field

  4. Tim Twentyman of the Detroit News is reporting.
    Oh the pickup lines that guy can use with that last name.

  5. Tim Twentyman? Hey Tim, you got change for a twenty, man?
    Could be in line for All-Name team if he makes the roster.

  6. Don’t you know who I am? I’m Ko Simpson with the Buffalo Bills. I’m worth MILLIONS!

  7. He wasn’t benched after a bad game against the Eagles. He was benched after sucking in every game he played.

  8. CC Brown couldn’t lay a hit on a blocking sled, probably the worst safety I’ve ever seen.

  9. I’m not sure about Superbowl? But they will win 6-8 games this year.. I’m excited!

  10. “CC Brown is a liability in coverage”
    Sweet! If he is only a liability then that means he is an upgrade for the Lions.

  11. # EverybodyGotAIDS says: May 10, 2010 12:57 PM
    After this, I dare anyone to say the Lions aren’t superbowl contenders.
    Are you being serious or are you seriously retarded?

  12. This isn’t about being a championship contender but more about trying to be a playoff team! Which many might not agree with me on this one but it’s a possibility!

  13. CC stands for Cant Cover. “liability in coverage” is the understatement of the century. he can stop the run pretty well, but is non existent in pass coverage. his play at safety is what forced the gmen to go out and pay a kings ransom for Rolle. Avoid this guy at all costs.

  14. This guy single handily killed the Giants last year. You can have him and call him “toast”, because he always gets burned.

  15. @ It puts the lotion on the skin,
    He’ll be a special teams player. he won’t start over Bullocks, Simpson, or Manuel. He can tackle, therefore he will be a good special teams player, hopefully.

  16. # ToledoLions says: May 10, 2010 1:38 PM
    “@ It puts the lotion on the skin,
    He’ll be a special teams player. he won’t start over Bullocks, Simpson, or Manuel. He can tackle, therefore he will be a good special teams player, hopefully.”
    The only one you don’t mention is White, he’s better than that bunch of scrubs.

  17. How could I not be serious??
    The Lions are clearly a lower-end strong safety away from the SB.

  18. His biggest contributions to the Giants came on the bench. He was the wrong guy for the Giants, hope he’s a better fit for the Lions.

  19. @ Gröfaz,
    White is a good hard tackler, but he can’t cover for shit. Bullocks is the best safety besides Delmas. He’s just been dealing with that knee injury since 2007. Simpson played good against the run and pass last year until he got injured. And I don’t like Manuel at all, I think he is just a special teams player that was forced into starting. White is better than Manuel, which is why he took the job from Manuel later in the season. But he’s not better than Bullocks or Simpson. I love how physical White plays though. That is why some Lions fans think he’s better than he really is, because he hits like a Semi-truck.

  20. As a Houstonian and Texans’ fan, CC Brown will only make your secondary worse. The guy can’t cover food with plastic wrap.

  21. Funny that people act as though the Lions signed this guy to be their starter.
    He’ll likely be a special teams player and be a 3rd string safety….IF he makes the team.

  22. What happens when you replace”Couldn’t cover” with “Can’t cover”. the answer is the lions…5-11__i’m taking it to the grave.

  23. #Panda_Claus says:
    May 10, 2010 1:04 PM
    Tim Twentyman? Hey Tim, you got change for a twenty, man?
    Could be in line for All-Name team if he makes the roster.
    Didn’t Ben say someting like that!!! She is only 20man?

  24. One of the worst to ever suit up in a Giants uniform. I couldn’t believe that this guy even got an invite to training camp
    No one else in NFL history ever got burned so much.

  25. CC Brown is the best safety in the game. Ed Reed has NOTHING on this kid. All you Giant fans that can’t recognize gold on your roster take it easy.
    Relax idoits, he’s a kickoff gunner at best. Not like he’s going to be the QB of the defense.

  26. Its hard to relax when time after time we saw this guy get burned after trying to go for a big hit.
    And like said above, it wasn;t just one bad game that got him benched, it was the fact that he didn’t have one good one.
    You better hope he’s only a special teamer….

  27. Jintsbowl,
    If you knew anything about the Lions roster, you would know he’ll be a gunner/ 6th safety at best. You people act like the Lions don’t sign special teams players like every other team does. Not every signing in the NFL is for starters. There are special teams players on a 53 man roster too.
    There have to be a lot of injuries before this guy gets to start at safety.

  28. with deandre levy probably starting at line backer. were gunna need to improve our special teams. lions should take anybody that can tackle, even only once in a while.

  29. Just camp fodder
    Bullocks and Simpson are coming off knee and micro fracture surgeries. The Lions aren’t going to beat them up in camp.
    Lions, despite significant improvement, get 3 or 4 wins due to youth and a brutal last place schedule.

  30. Seriously guys… Who needs a good cover safety when you have Suh? I don’t think QBs are going to be able to get into their 3rd and 4th looks like they have been doing on the lions in the past. They will see speivey covering one WR, Delmas watching both sides, and Chris Houston on the 1st WR. If both guys can’t be thrown to, its already too late to start looking at anyone else. KVB, Suh, or Corey williams will have the QB by then.
    Even if brown does start, he doesn’t need to be a great cover safety. It’s almost like you guys are saying during the years he spent in houston he actually had a good defense around him… Houston sucks for defense…

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