Atogwe won't sign tender with Rams

Steve Wyche of NFL Network reported Monday night that Rams safety O.J. Atogwe won’t sign the low restricted free agent tender he was offered before June 1.

It would have been a shock if he did.

Atogwe is guaranteed to become an unrestricted free agent on June 1 or get a tender offer worth roughly $7 million (110 percent of his 2009 salary), so he would have been crazy to sign the $1.226 million tender the Rams first offered.

(That sounds more confusing than it is.)

Look for the Rams to put one final push on signing Atogwe long-term before the drop dead day hits.  Atogwe can drive a hard bargain, because he knows the Rams don’t just want to give him away.

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  1. “Look for the Rams to put one final push on signing Atogwe long-term before the drop dead day hits. Atogwe can drive a hard bargain, because he knows the Rams don’t just want to give him away.”
    Well they basically did put him out there to be given away by tendering him at the lowest level in the first place. Any interested team armed with a contract with a poison pill clause could have walked off with him for free.

  2. I’d be a little surprised if the Eagles signed him. They already have half a dozen safties. Q Mikell, Nate Allen, Marlin Jackson, Macho Harris, Q Demps, Kurt Coleman… missing anyone? lol

  3. Still hoping the Bears get him. Chris Harris/Atogwe would be such a better safety crew than we’ve had in a loooong time.

  4. @AdamEagle5 i see what yorue saying but assuming mikell starts strong, free is still wide open with ?? surrounding a young nate allen, a possibly developing macho harris, a converted nickel marlin jackson, an untalented quentin demps, and idk who kurt coleman is. but oshiomogho atogwe is by far proven better than all those guys. sign him and have him play until he sucks, meanwhile nate allen will have stepped up to the role that he trained for with the best.
    good thing im going to college next year for sports management. IM COMIN FOR YOU, ROSEMAN!

  5. I don’t blame him…..the Rams are awful….Get out while you can man….

  6. He’s still at a young enough age that I believe the Rams will lock him up long term. I mean, if he hits Unrestricted that would be a travesty to that team. I believe teams really shy away from any use of “poison pills” as it will probably get you blackballed in the future, as evident by zero teams using it during the RFA period this offseason. I would be SHOCKED if a team out there wouldn’t give up at least a 3rd and probably higher…I have to believe the Rams will lock him up shortly…

  7. Gee, lets see, Miami hasn’t addressed their safety position in the draft or FA yet, hmmm, could he be one of the acorns that Parcells talks about? Welcome to South Beach OJ!
    Marshall/Dansby/Atogwe, nice off season !

  8. I agree, I think he is going to:
    Baltimore Ravens
    Buffalo Bills
    Cincinnati Bengals
    Cleveland Browns
    Denver Broncos
    Houston Texans
    Indianapolis Colts
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    Kansas City Chiefs
    Miami Dolphins
    New England Patriots
    New York Jets
    Oakland Raiders
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    San Diego Chargers
    Tennessee Titans
    Arizona Cardinals
    Atlanta Falcons
    Carolina Panthers
    Chicago Bears
    Dallas Cowboys
    Detroit Lions
    Green Bay Packers
    Minnesota Vikings
    New Orleans Saints
    New York Giants
    Philadelphia Eagles
    San Francisco 49ers
    Seattle Seahawks
    St. Louis Rams
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Washington Redskins

  9. Lost in all this, is the b.s. that was running around pre-draft about him being traded to (insert team name).
    If he’s eligible to become unrestricted and can sign anywhere in June, why the hell would any team have traded for him?
    In summary, PFT-MZ was way off base when they blogged the buzz that the Eagles were trading DNabb for O.J. Atogwe…….
    Saying that, if he is affordable, the Eagles could add a very nice piece to the puzzle. Just because you’ve got some guys on the roster doesn’t mean you don’t add this guy…
    @ Hooby: good luck w/that education! It’s a long, dues paying, hard road. Be prepared to eat much crow and take your lumps.

  10. He is coming to the Knicks . I think he will be great with lebron.
    wait that’s the wrong sport. he is an nfl player!!!
    He will end up with Los Angeles raiders . LA is a huge market.

  11. I can definitely see this guy in a viking uniform. Im probaly dreaming but man why not? Our safeties are the weakest spot on the team,

  12. I think the Rams are jerking Atogwe around-if they were serious about having him as a long term player, they would have already signed him. As a rebuilding team, Atogwe is exactly what the Rams need-a young player with upside, potentially an anchor for the secondary.
    Atogwe should absolutely get the best deal he can. A player’s career is limited and a player has to make as much as possible. The Rams will end up having to pay more for him because the team sucks right now, but I would recommend to them that they write the check. He is by far the best player in their secondary.
    Of course, we see part of the reason the Rams can’t beat the Sisters of the Poor-refusing to pay fair salary to players that are good enough to deserve it, and overpaying for free agents that are pathetic (Drew Bennett) or over the hill (Dexter Coakley, La Roi Glover). Their personnel decisions are getting better but they will be idiots if they let Atogwe go.

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