Report: Brian Cushing takes a lie-detector test regarding four-game suspension

The bizarre case of Texans linebacker Brian Cushing took another turn toward Cuckootown with a report from Adam Schefter of ESPN that Cushing “took and passed a lie-detector test” in order to prove that he didn’t “take a PED.”  This 140-characters-or-less item from Schefter on Twitter raises a lot more questions than it answers.

When did Cushing take the test? 

Why did he take it?

Who administered it?

And, most importantly, why should we care?  Cushing had in his systems something that violated the league’s policy regarding anabolic steroids and related substances.  Thus, he DID take a banned substance.

Perhaps we’re merely now seeing the latest enhancement in the excuse-making arsenal of those who test positive.  In addition to claiming that their Muscle Milk had been spiked with Nandrolene, they can claim — without scrutiny — that they “passed a lie detector test” regarding whether they cheated.

Since Cushing doesn’t seem to be contending that someone slipped him a steroid unwittingly, one thing he should do is authorize the NFL to disclose all details regarding his positive test, including but not limited to the substance for which he tested positive and all information provided in connection with his appeal and the written decision upholding the suspension.

Though we still would reserve the right to be skeptical, having access to the information on which the league relied in deciding to suspend Cushing would be far more persuasive than the assertion that he must not be a cheater because he “passed a lie detector test.”

Alternatively, we’d be willing to hire someone to impose a lie-detector test regarding the question of whether Cushing took a lie-detector test.  Because our B.S. meter tells us he didn’t.

63 responses to “Report: Brian Cushing takes a lie-detector test regarding four-game suspension

  1. Well it def helps his cause, which is probably not to look like a cheat to the public, not get rid of the 4 game suspension.

  2. Robert DeNiro’s character Jack Byrnes (from Meet the Parents) administered the lie detector test.

  3. Did he take a drug test prior to the lie detector tests?
    People there are ways around lie detector tests, as Maury.

  4. What happens when Cushing states he been on roids since college?! Will the NFL do anything to Petey Caroll sinc ehe was the college coah?

  5. When Merriman tested positive a couple of years ago, I think he revealed the steroid for which he tested positive. Similarly, when other players have accused a supplement maker as the source of the banned substance in their bodies, they identified the supplement and the substance. Why is Cushing silent on the source of his banned substance: how did it get into his body, and what was it? Of course, he might be concerned that the NFL will be listening to any fabricated excuse. THEN they might just leak the truth. I wonder if the NFL has an agreement that they will keep the substance confidential as long as the player doesn’t specifically lie about what the banned substance was.

  6. I guess we know why he never followed through on his lawsuit with Draft Bible. How can any NFL player get caught they have the easiest drug rules of any major sport.

  7. The article states that he passed a lie detector test regarding to whether or not he took a “PED”.. I’d imagine that if this lie detector test that was taken (allegedly), was administered by someone whom which was only given a list of certain questions to ask, and very particular wording – he could have easily “passed”. If the question was asked like.. “Is your pending suspension based on you testing positive for a Performance Enhancing Drug?” He could truthfully answer “No” if in fact the test was positive for a masking agent, rather than the PED itself.. just a thought

  8. There are huge problems with this policy, as evidenced by the StarCaps deal.
    They were taking a substance, and a chemical in that substance can help to prevent the detection of steroids. So it doesn’t mean they were taking steriods, it means they were taking something that also happens to hide steroids, and the substance they took is detectable and punishable to the same extent as if they got caught taking steroids. First of all, if the point of this is to hide something that will get you in trouble, why would you do it by taking something that will get you in just as much trouble?
    That’d be like being accused of killing someone, and then covering it up by saying you weren’t even there at the time because you were busy out killing someone else. Yeah, some alibi.
    The system is broken. It does more than it was designed to do and potentially innocent people are being impacted by it. The league has a responsibility to ensure people aren’t cheating, but the current rules are basically ‘guilty til proven innocent’. If the league can’t prove that you didn’t take PEDs, because they find something in your body that makes the test they use inconclusive, then they punish you as if you did the crime.
    It’s dumb, and it’s pissing football fans off. If you’re going to institute a program, make one that does it right. Don’t half ass it.

  9. this means nothing… lie detectors are so unreliable that they don’t even pass as worthy of any evidentiary value in a court room. as proof of that, his appeal took almost a year and failed. you lost, Brian. see you in 4 months after you lose 20 lbs.

  10. Rubbish. I wish MLB took PED’s as serious as the NFL does. That is a hugh reason why I respect and support the NFL over MLB.

  11. I think you’re going a bit overboard on this. I have no knowledge of what the guy took, but I remember Jim Miller (QB Bears) got a 4 game suspension for using a protein powder that had creatine in it. He had simply bought something on sale at GNC because they were out of his regular stuff.
    Admittedly, players are responsible for what they put in their bodies, but there is a lot of stuff that can trigger a suspension that is nowhere near the level of actual steroids. Some of it can happen by accident too.

  12. You can look at him and tell he’s done roids, but this is the NFL, the testing system is pitiful. Stop pretending the NFL has Olympic style testing. Look at the Williams Wall case. As much as Cushing isn’t worth trusting, neither are the hacks running the NFL testing system.

  13. Steroid policy, Section 10 says “The player may be accompanied by counsel and may present relevant evidence or testimony in support of his appeal.” His lawyer probably hired some hack to give him a lie detector test. Anyone can pass it with the right person giving it.
    Florio, I thought you were a lawyer. You know how it works, delay, delay, delay. Exhaust all options. That’s how Cushing stretched this out so long.
    He didn’t have to test positive to get the 4 game suspension. The policy says, “The first time a player violates this Policy by testing positive; attempting to substitute, dilute or adulterate a specimen; manipulating a test result; or by violation of law (see Section 5), he will be suspended without pay for a minimum of four regular and/or postseason games.”
    So, he might have just been diluting his specimen.

  14. “Hey guys, what does “enhancing” mean? They mentioned that on the lie detector test. I never made those damn English classes. I was worried they were going to ask me about the horse steroids.”.

  15. Meh.
    Because the positive test was in Sep, and he apparently passed all subsequent tests during the 09 season, what Cushing achieved during the year seems legit *enough* for him to keep the DROY award.
    The bigger issue? That he may have been able to ride anabolic steroids all the way into the NFL.
    If his use started in HS, continued thru college, and culminated in being drafted 15th overall into the NFL… you can bet there are thousands of young football players who are about to take notice.

  16. He should take your lie detector test right after you take one regarding your “source” on Steve Smith’s thoughts about Clausen.

  17. Just remember- When PFT says it has an unnamed team/league source for inf0rmation we should blindly accept it. When athletes and coaches make claims we should be skeptical and doubt their words.
    PFT has never made a mistake so their word is golden. Wait- what’s that you say Mr. Bradshaw?

  18. I doubt that he took a polygraph. And, even if he did, those are as accurate as a coin flip (ie. Marion Jones)

  19. This whole PED thing is silly. I can go to GNC today and buy a dozen items that can get a player banned. These guys are villified for doing what everyday people do. the league needs to liten up on PEDs. They make the game better. let them take over the couter stuff. TEST FOR ACTUAL STEROIDS…. not start caps.

    Another USC prima donna not playing by the rules. did he some how manage to violate the rooney rule?

  21. Hmmm, reminds me of the Shannahan Shenanigans in Denver. Wasn’t Kyle Shannahan with Houston not long ago?

  22. Try proofing your columns with the “B.S. meter” when you feel the need to inject your opinions that are backed up by ZERO fact.

  23. Brian passed the test with flying colors. Lie detector showed that he answered 14 of the 20 questions truthfully, giving him a 70% score.

  24. My B.S. meter tells me you have an agenda to push, Florio.
    Mike Florio’s agenda:
    -Steelers football
    -Jay Glazer man-love
    -a poorly hidden boner for Tim Tebow
    -rumor mongering
    -ignoring evidence that would extinguish story leads for highly commented PFT posts
    Brian Cushing passed a lie detector test, circumstancial evidence that [gasp!] he may be telling the truth.
    He’s still a dumbass for taking a banned substance, whether he knew it or not.
    However, it may be time to silence your Cushing inquisition. Let him prove his worth on the field; he’s going to have to, so maybe start writing an ‘I was wrong about Brian Cushing’ article and save it in the ‘articles I should post, but lack the cojones to’ folder.
    I hope Steve Smith and Channing Crowder show up to your doorstep soon, Florio.
    At least your paying attention to the Texans FINALLY.

  25. Sounds like “Don’t ask, Don’t tell”. Take this “all-natural” substance and you will play better. Just don’t ask what it is.

  26. Cushing may have passed a lab adminstered lie-detector test, but he failed the all important Florio bullshit-meter test, so it’s a bit irrelevant.

  27. Lie-Detector tests don’t mean anything, that’s why they are not admisable in court. It is very possible to “lie” and still pass.

  28. Does everyone realize that the NFL hands out the 4 game suspension when you fail a SECOND drug test?? They do not report the first one, but a warning is given to the player.
    So, he knew what he was doing wrong, and did it again, and wants us to believe a lie detector test will say that he didn’t know he was doing something wrong??

  29. Lawyers always hate lie detector tests.
    The rest of us don’t really care either way.

  30. Ummmmmm, its NANDROLONE. Not the factthat I did 2 years for selling it….I’m just sayin.

  31. I would think Schefter has just a little bit more credibility than Florio. I’m not saying that the guy didn’t take anything against the rules, but I fully believe that he didn’t take a “steroid.” There’s a lot of stuff on that list that isn’t exclusive to cheating.

  32. Brian,evretime they ask u if u took HGH close ureyes and ask yourself: Can elephans fly,can elephants fly??? then yell out loud: Hell no!!!

  33. The league is about as believeable as the Obama administration or Florio, take your pick!

  34. Now we have to believe him…… because no one has ever duped a lie detector before!
    I understand why he took the test, I just can’t believe that he honestly would think that this would get him any credability.

  35. Gotta admit, I agree with Florio on this one 100%. Cushing: eat your fruits and vegetables, especially high-protein-n-fat nuts, and eat a diet of seafood rich in polyunsaturated fats, with a careful selection of richer saturated fats high in protein. Keep hydrated. In other words, stay on mother’s orders. You may end up 15% lighter, but you’ll live 30% longer.
    That healthshit that comes in cans and bottles? Send it to your opponents by mail, like LT sent hookers. Just as dangerous.

  36. Yep, he took and passed a lie detector test. Doesn’t say whether he took 20 more of them before finally passing one, does it?

  37. Lying about a lie detector test has to have a place on the highest pantheon of lying.
    LT says he didn’t know she was too young. Vick said he didn’t know his associates were involved in dog fighting. Cushing tells us he didn’t know the health candy from a jar didn’t include steroids. Same story. Hubris.

  38. We may have seen Cushings’ Play at its zenith….if he stays ” natural” now, it will suffer….he can use HGH since it is undetectable……but anabolic/androgenic steroids ( AAS) put you at another level entirely…….good luck to him.

  39. (test administrator) “Have you ever knowingly and willingly taken any of the following:
    1. Boldenone
    2. Androstenedione
    3. Supercalifragilisticexpialidotiousolone
    4. Dromostanolone
    5. Dihydrotestosterone
    6. Methenolone”
    7. Madeuptomakeapointolone.
    (Cushing thinking) ‘Man, I don’t what was in those pills or needles’ (speaks) “No, I have not knowingly and willingly taken any of these substances”

  40. Random chemical analysis tests done in a lab sometimes fail to give conclusive results or fail to detect state of the art enhancers.
    Instead the NFL is looking seriously into implementing the rigorous, fearsome, and seemingly infallible, Florio Bullshit-Meter Test.

  41. Lie detector tests are bullshit, did you know you can create conflicting results by simply clenching your butthole. It puts stress on an artery, thus affecting the blood flow and altering lie detector test results

  42. “having access to the information on which the league relied in deciding to suspend Cushing would be far more persuasive than the assertion that he must not be a cheater because he “passed a lie detector test.”
    Especially since lie detectors are not perfect and can be fooled. There’s a good reason they aren’t acceptable evidence in a courtroom.

  43. I get the impression that the same people that love to watch a NASCAR pileup are the people who come to PFT to see Florio get blown up by other posters. MAybe Florio is laughing all the way to the bank by playing the fool just to get hits on this site. Still, few people are so greedy to risk their professional rep for a few pieces of silver. Steve Smith summarized it best: few NFL players consider Florio as part of the media.

  44. I think Florio should take a lie detector test to find out if he really loves PAT WHITE

  45. Just for the record, a polygraph test is insanely easy to spoof. All it takes is to secrete a tack or something sharp in your shoe and press a toe against it when you’re asked a “control” question such as, “Did you ever lie to get out of trouble?” (Because everybody has, and the polygraph operator knows it and knows you will lie like a rug 99 percent of the time when you answer that kind of all-encompassing question). Then, when you’re asked a “relevant” question such as, “Did you use any performance-enhancing drug during the month of October 2009?”, remove your toe from the tack and lie your ass off if you want to. The physical response will not be as marked as it was during the control question, and you’ll pass the test.
    Since Cushing doesn’t seem to be contending that someone slipped him a steroid unwittingly, one thing he should do is authorize the NFL to disclose all details regarding his positive test
    And why in the world would Cushing ever do that? It would do him absolutely no good if he did, as those who believe he’s juicing will continue to do so even if he released his medical records back to when he was playing Pee Wee.

  46. God’s Own Silver and Blue:
    Huh?? You’ve been watching way too much CSI or something.. Who the F puts a tack in their shoe.. MacGruber??

  47. Who the F puts a tack in their shoe.. MacGruber??
    Well, if you want to take ALL the fun out of it …

  48. When did Cushing take the test?
    Why did he take it?
    Who administered it?
    Don’t lie to me Focker!

  49. Who cares??? Seriously, athletes have been doing roids, or some form of enhancer, for more than 30 yrs

  50. Doesn’t matter who administered it, they aren’t admissible in court for a reason. We know they can be easily deceived. Thats why we have the good sense to not allow criminals and pathological liars to use them to influence naive people.
    Just from reading these comments you can already see some people starting to have doubt.

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