Texans' owner "left out of the loop" on Cushing suspension

Houston Texans owner Bob McNair says he knew about “an issue” that linebacker Brian Cushing had with the NFL during the 2009 season. But he didn’t know what that “issue” was.

The Associated Press reports that McNair said Monday that being “left out of the loop” is something that should be addressed in the next collective bargaining agreement.

“Brian had mentioned that he had an issue there, but we don’t know what any of the details are,” McNair said.

Cushing tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in September but was allowed to continue playing throughout the 2009 season. In February he appealed his positive test, and last week the NFL informed Cushing that his appeal had been denied and he’d be suspended for the first four games of the 2010 season. Through it all, no one breached the confidentiality of the process, and there were no leaks of Cushing’s positive test.

It’s not clear how McNair proposes changing the collective bargaining agreement so that owners won’t be “left out of the loop” in the future. And it’s hard to imagine the the union agreeing to any changes to the confidentiality of the league’s drug testing procedures.

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  1. “Unfair”, says McNair, “We know they all cheat, but it would be nice to be told which of them actually get caught. Just so we can huff and puff a bit, waggle our fingers, and feel better.”.

  2. Well, they know now what the issue was. I think until definitive action is taken (i.e. a suspension being announced), it should be between the league and the player.
    On the other hand, if a player knows that something is coming down, it may be a good idea to let the guy writing the checks know what’s up.

  3. If his positive test came back Sept, why the heck was he allowed to play the whole damn season. How long does the freaking appleals process take??

  4. He didn’t know what the issue was. He just knew he had a madman linebacker that looked like the Incredible Hulk and peed sitting down.

  5. Yeah the union will object to it.
    Assume you are in contract year, have been caught doing drugs but are negotiating for a new deal and the club isn’t aware of that fact during the negotiations.
    To be honest, the owner has to be aware that his employee hasn’t been caught taking drugs! The issue then becomes how many people can you let be aware of that fact.

  6. This whole thing doesn’t make any sense to me. It would seem to me that the employer, in this case the team owner, should be the one responsible for the suspension and any drug testing of player/s on his/her team.
    The NFL doesn’t employ these players, each ownership of each team employs the players. If the league office wants to oversee the drug testing, fine, but it should be each individual team in charge of all of the testing.

  7. There is new news to report! Get on it!
    Adam_Schefter Brian Cushing took and passed a lie-detector test to prove he was not guilty of taking a PED. Yet his four-game suspension still stands.

  8. The league, the player, the owner, the head coach, and the player’s agent should know.
    That’s fair, and if it gets leaked, fine/suspend some peeps.

  9. Kind of hard to believe that the teams aren’t notified when a player violates the substance abuse policy. We are notified when an employee tests positive for drugs, so I don’t see the difference here. Oh yeah, that whole do whatever we want thing. Forgot.

  10. this is guy is lying
    he knew there was an issue but never wanted to find out what it really was?

  11. McNAir is a complete liar. No one will convince me that an NFL owner can’t get an answer to all player ‘issues’. The NFL drug results might be confidential, but it makes no sense that the owner of a team is stiffed for reasons mentioned by Gautman above: contract negotiations and other personnel decisions. This sounds like some sort of ‘ Don’t ask, don’t tell’ procedure for owner deniability. But he still sounds stupid saying he never investigated the issue in the last 10 months.

  12. According to Adam Schefter Cush passed a lie detector test and it seems the culprit was BLOOD THINNER. Maybe Florio and his crack staff can find the validity of the blood thinner report and enlighten us as to why BLOOD THINNER would qualify Cush for 4 game suspension.

  13. from this article: http://www.anabolicsmall.com/roidb8c.htm
    Anabolic steroids may cause clotting factors in the blood (platelets) to decrease in number…. Steroids also appear to cause the remaining platelets to clump together more easily.
    thus the need for blood thinners BroncosFanTX77… too mask steroid use. It doesn’t take a Crack Staff to do a simple google search… you should try it sometime.

  14. In any case, why take away his trophy? If he was detected in september and the league allowed him to keep playing, you can guess that between sept and january (almost the complete season) he had a very close eye from the league, thus ensuring that he won the trophy fair and square…
    If he had been caught in december it would make more sense, but one could guess that he won the trophy because of his impact later in the season and not in minicamp and the first 2 or 3 games…

  15. Sounds like McNair really has the pulse of his team.
    IF he really wanted to know what was going on.., he could have easily found out. What owner ‘hears’ that there’s an issue w/ one of his star players and has no motivation to follow up on the details? Maybe this lack of interest in the team is why they’ve been wallowing in mediocrity since inception? Hmmmmm

  16. IF it was blood thinnner, then why hasn’t Cush said so. Other athletes suspended for banned substances came out and admitted what the substance was and how it got into their bodies ( tainted supplement).

  17. Bob McNair needs to be left out of the loop regarding all football decisions and information.
    His stance on player character & morality, and total lack of football acumen have kept my Texans in the NFL cellar for the whole of our existence.
    Why did it take 6 years to sign a single good free agent [Schaub]? Because Bob McNair is a businessman and not a competitor. He doesn’t take risks. He won’t sign a great football player if that player has even gotten a traffic ticket or if the player is ‘aging’, according to his standards. [However, that doesn’t explain Ahman Green….]
    I wish we didn’t have such a wiener of an owner. I hope we continue to keep him out of the loop. Mr. McNair–just shut up and sign the checks.

  18. Olympic athletes and cyclists are banned for using masking agents, so it should be no different for other sports like football, baseball, tennis, hockey, golf, etc. It was obvious Cushing was roided up from the time he set foot on the University of Southern Cheaters campus in South Central.

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