Troy Polamalu feared "career-ending injury" in 2009

NFL_polamalu1.jpgSteelers safety Troy Polamalu injured his knee on opening night last season, at some point after making a one-handed interception for the ages against the Titans.  He returned later in the year, but he re-injured the knee in the first quarter of a loss to the Bengals — the only game in which he appeared last year that the Steelers lost.  (They won the other four.)

Down the stretch, Polamalu’s availability was consistently up in the air, but he never played.  Last week, he explained why we didn’t see his long mane flowing out from under a black helmet beyond the middle of November.

“[I]f I would have injured it again, the doctor was
saying that it will be a career-ending injury, most likely,” Polamalu told John Harris of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.  “I had to face that. . . .

“In the past, I had to wear a brace because it was career-threatening.  A
career-ending injury if I would have sustained another injury.”

Ultimately, Polamalu didn’t require surgery, and his injury has healed over time.  “Right now, I feel fine,” Polamalu said. “[But] I don’t know what
happens when we start tackling.”

Apart from the confusing and muddled quarterback situation in Pittsburgh, Polamalu’s health could be the team’s biggest concern for a franchise that is trying to find its way after a season that turned out very poorly after Polamalu went down for good.

38 responses to “Troy Polamalu feared "career-ending injury" in 2009

  1. I bet he won’t agree to get on Madden again. Stick with the hair commercials pretty boy.

  2. LOL @ Chizzle…….
    I think CedBen will be heading for those knees!
    Or how about the “unknown” for now. Chase Coffman hammering him on the end around?
    Going to love how Cincy plays Schittsburg this year!!

  3. Troy is a heck of a presence on the football field, but I worry about his durability. I guess even the great ones are human too.

  4. Florio: Troy, tell us about the locker room situation w Ben.
    Troy: Well I think everyone knows that there are some teams that just cause fans to read articles on the internet, and wording the article to illicit response from the fans is pretty crappy. You should identify your opinion as opposed to the facts. Just putting Ben’s name in a headline is making you a lot of money. These are called parasites Mike, and its no where close to real journalism.
    Florio: uhhhh…I didn’t ask about Ben.
    Troy: Your eyes did Mike. Your eyes did.

  5. Polamalu. Arron Smith & QB will be key this year…
    Special teams should be fine with all those wasted LB picks.

  6. TROY is the man. Every kid should see how he plays and strive to be like this guy.
    Not many people know that Troy stopped lifting weights & stopped trying to get bigger and stronger. Who am I to call this a mistake but the fact is he’s around 210, but he runs around and hits people like he’s 280. and he does it well
    but this is real life, he isn’t super man or Sampson, and all that will catch up with him.
    i hope to god that he is health now and can play out his career without being forced off the field.
    In the light of yet another STEROID user being caught, we need good examples in the league.
    The NFL is a better place with players like Troy. He needs to stay healthy so kids can see that doing things the right way can pay off.
    Juicers should be banned from the league.
    ie. Fairymen & Cushings ect, ect.

  7. What’s career threatening? He tears the ligament completely and then replace it. a replacement is betterthan babying a tear.

  8. Ahh a Bengals troll. I can’t wait to see Carson spitting some chiclets after Lemarr Woodley drills him.
    I see you are copying off of the Steelers once again. Had to sign “the rainmaker” just so you could match their criminal element.
    So many jealous people.

  9. If he comes back and plays big again, he may want to stay the hell away from the madden cover.
    Troy: “Hello.”
    EA: “Hi Troy this is EA sports we wanted to talk to you about being on the cover of Ma……”
    EA: “Hello……Hello………”

  10. Troy Polamalu should never of been playing on special teams , blocking field goals , especially that one where he got injured.

  11. He was acting a little crazy on the field last season. Don’t need to try to intercept every pass, Troy. Playing a full season healthy is more important than playing Defensive Player of the Century level on every play

  12. He is the key to the defense. As a Bengals fan, Troy is the only player I truly even like. He is a beast and a game changer. He is also a genuinely good guy, something this league, and especially this division, is lacking. He needs to throttle down his play a little. He will last longer, even if he is not the Troy of old, Troy at 75-80% is still a pro bowler.

  13. It’s hard not to root for Troy Polamalu, good player, class act. Maybe some of the other Steelers should start hanging out with him more often.

  14. It’s amazing how crappy the Steelers are without The Hair.
    that being said, I will not root for the Bengals to “sweep the knee.”
    Kimo von Oelhoffen taught us years ago that targeting the other teams best player’s career is all good. And Steeler fans taught us that bragging about it after the fact is good form.
    Now that the tables have turned and it seem like fair play to Root for Troy’s injury, I will not. I will refuse to join Steeler Nation in the fifth layer of Hell for all eternity.
    Troy is one of the best in football and is great for the game. best wishes.

  15. hey Troy,
    Just fall on the ball stop being selfish trying to pick it up and run.

  16. Gotta love Bengal fan, haven’t won a playoff game in 19 years but they’re in here popping off all the time.

  17. troy is by far the best defensive back since ronnie lott and could be better than him in some eyes. With out troy the steelers lose. I would rather have dennis dixon and troy all season than have ben or even p manning as our qb without troy. I see troy in our local lowe’s hardware store quite often. Football is just not a huge priority in his life. Stiller fans be ready for his retirement sooner than later….

  18. Bengals fan here:
    Class is hard to come by in the Burgh, but if anyone left in that organazation its Polamalu and Aaron Smith.
    Sure there are still and always will be bitter fans over the 05′ game, but I would never condone one of the Bengals going after someone like that. Its dirty and classless, besides Troy brings such a great element to the rivalry. It just wouldn’t be the same without him out there.
    Now Ben, I couldn’t care less if somebody blew his leg off with a bazooka………

  19. SHE SAID NO!
    Oh wait, that’s not a “she,” that’s Troy Polamalu.
    And on another note, it never ceases to amaze me how many Stillerz fans can’t even spell their own team’s players’ names correctly (Arron Smith? Lemarr Woodley?). Print out a roster already you dumbasses!

  20. Steve…you’re going to have to get over something that happened 5 years ago, buddy.
    Kimo was absolutely NOT “targeting” anyone. No self-respecting professional would ever do that. That being said, injuries happen, and it’s part of the game….just look at Troy.
    Best of luck this season.

  21. EricTheClown says:
    May 10, 2010 9:54 AM
    hey Troy,
    Just fall on the ball stop being selfish trying to pick it up and run.
    “being selfish”. you’re an idiot. even Steeler haters would admit Troy’s about as unselfish a player as you’ll ever find.

  22. Agreed, Troy is the MAN and he has great hair as well….we need him back on the team ASAP…it killed us not having him last year!

  23. @EricTheClown
    As I recall it was a blocked field goal he was trying to run back. If Troy had simply “fallen on the ball” like you suggest then nothing would have happened, it would have been Steeler ball either way. If I remember correctly the ball had gone past the line of scrimmage meaning that; the ball couldn’t be picked up and advanced by the Titans, and B, if Troy had fallen on it where it was than they would have actually lost yards. So picking it up and trying to run with it, especially when you consider the Steelers offense to that point, would have been pointless.

  24. If you ever want to see a bunch of ignorant comments PFT never fails to deliver.
    Polamalu is a very good player and a class act. I hope he is healthy and able to play this upcoming season and many more. I’m not a Steelers fan just a fan of the game.

  25. Chiefs2010 says:
    May 10, 2010 11:10 AM
    He and Bob Sanders are liabilities due to their injuries
    At least Troy has full seasons under his belt & a ring that was well DESERVED not just given to him while on IR!

  26. As a Browns fan, I want to see Troy on the field when my team whips the Steelers’ collective asses. It wouldn’t be as sweet without him.
    Big Ben? No one cares…

  27. This guy is a real talent, and seems like a decent human being to boot…here’s to hoping he can keep playing hard.
    Maybe the all the rapist-apologists should get this guy’s jersey…

  28. One fluke win, and the Clowns fans are here spouting off. They have as much a chance of beating Pittsburgh this year as I do meeting the Pope. Ain’t happening.
    When a franchise counts on Jake DelHome and Colt 45 McCoy to be your QBs, your season is over before it starts.

  29. I like how no matter what appears on video or what people say, Bengals fans are still whining about 05 and still claiming it was an intentional injury.
    It’s too bad their fanbase isn’t as classy as their QB who acknowledged things like that happen in football.
    I guess when your team is completely worthless for 90% of its history you try to hold onto the rare moments of success.

  30. When healthy he is the BEST defensive player in the game, better than Willis, Asomugha, Revis, Ray-Ray, anyone.
    Troy is a game changer. I hope he gets healthy again, I’m not a Steelers fan, but he is very fun to watch.

  31. I have two words to describe Troy Polamalu….BEAST!!!! and H-O-T!!!!

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