Troy Smith says he loves it in Baltimore

Although his former agent said he’d be willing to crawl to Cleveland to play for the Browns, Ravens backup quarterback Troy Smith says he’s perfectly happy in Baltimore.

“My time will come,” Smith said at the Ravens’ minicamp, per Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun. “I love it here.”

In March, Smith’s then-agent Ralph Cindrich said Smith “would crawl from Baltimore right now to be able to play in Cleveland.” Smith has since changed agents, hiring Neil Cornrich.

Smith says he has a great relationship with everyone in the Ravens organization.

“There’s two things you can’t get back in this situation and that’s your relationship you form with the guys and the bond can be unbreakable,” Smith said. “These guys are special to me and we’re going to do great things.”

48 responses to “Troy Smith says he loves it in Baltimore

  1. I guess you have to make millions to love it in Baltimore..
    I hate even driving through..

  2. Has any of Smith’s agents ever said he would crawl from/to Baltimore/Cleveland?

  3. “Yeah, I love it here NOW that I realize that both me and my agent f-ed up by making that ill-advised comment about playing for Cleveland.”

  4. Baltimore sucks. Matt Wieters is a Beast for the Orioles, other then that, the city sucks.

  5. Baltimore sucks. Matt Wieters is a Beast for the Orioles, other then that, the city sucks.
    what great city are you from, sir?

  6. # WarrenMoonGOAT says: May 10, 2010 12:16 PM
    Troy Smith should be the starter
    Wow, that’s so weird, a racist comment from warrenmoongoat, who would’ve suspected it?! Joe Flacco- diet pepsi rookie of the year his first year, only rookie qb to take his team to the championship game after starting every game, highest rated qb in ravens history in his second year. Troy Smith- 89 career attempts, 79 qb rating, was the starting qb when they lost to a Dolphins team that lost all 15 games to teams not quaterbacked by Troy Smith.
    Hey, the fact you think he should start doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with the fact that he’s black, right?? NOPE, NO WAY! The fact you think Warren Moon is the greatest qb ever has nothing to do with the fact that he’s black either right? NOPE, NO WAY! Oh, but that’s right, only white people can be racist although 9 times out of a 10 its the other way around.

  7. Smith killed any trade value he had by letting agent run his mouth about playing for Cleveland. Job search 101 is always keep your options open and IMO, he burned bridges with any team that might have been interested in trading for him by making that comment about crawling to Cleveland. His stance should have been, I’ll take any opportunity to compete for a starting job that comes available. Maybe then they would have gotten a team to bite.

  8. Well, atleast one person loves it in Baltimore, that is one more person than I would have guessed….I imagine though, that he lives outside the city….

  9. Funny…
    If the Ravens trade Jared Gaither, Troy Smith will be playing in Baltimore sooner rather than later.
    And all of these “wacco for flacco” crazies are going to be cheering Troy Smith just as hard as they are hating him right now.

  10. sounds to me like he is treating the Ravens like a summer camp. “Building bonds and friendships” isnt what I want to hear from a guy who is trying to be a starter on my team.
    and he wont ever take Flacco’s job.

  11. wow ccoolahan
    I think the guy was probably joking… I’m white and I don’t see why you gotta throw race into anything, just because the guy is a Warren Moon fan.
    Get a life loser.

  12. Isn’t Troy Smith like 4′ tall? Sorta makes crawling anywhere kinda pointless.

  13. @ ccoolahan14
    it must burn u up inside about the thought of a black QB
    its alright though brotha, u’ll get over it in time

  14. “Smith would crawl from Baltimore right now to play in Cleveland.”
    Kinda like picking which armpit smells better.

  15. Troy Smith loves it in Baltimore because he’s getting millions of dollars more than he ever will when he leaves Baltimore. I would too…………..The idea of being a backup QB in the NFL is so far more lucrative than anything else 99% of people will ever do it’s just crazy..
    Most Steeler fans would love to be the backup QB in Baltimore……
    And it’s gotta be a better party town than f%$#& Cleveland any day

  16. # WarrenMoonGOAT says: May 10, 2010 12:16 PM
    Troy Smith should be the starter
    Interesting, the Ravens slapped a 5th round RFA tender on him and NOT ONE GM of any other 31 teams took a flyer on him.
    Yeah, he should start. I bet you are on of those people that think Ozzie Newsome should be fired too.

  17. @COOLAHAN:
    someone besides you interjected race into this issue? really? doesnt show up on my screen. and does this mean that the only way to NOT appear racist is to support a white qb as the G.O.A.T.? guess thats because the position has been historically dominated by white people and to contend that anyone other than a white male could be the greatest is ludicrous, assinine, and most obviously racist. and here i thought here in america you were entitled to your own opinion, but apparently you dont live here. in exactly what country is racism perpetrated by 90% of the time by the minority group? guess they have access and free reign over the institutional power structure that would allow them to perpetuate said racist views, policies, etc.
    get a life, get real, and most importantly, get a clue.

  18. Most of us Ravens fans have seen enough of Flacco to believe we can win a Superbowl or two with him. For a rookie QB to do what he’s done, in the defensively minded AFC North, with few non-Mason weapons on the roster, is impressive.
    That being said, I’ve always liked Smith and hope he stays with the team. He’s very much a Newsome guy. A football player to the core.

  19. I heard Troy Smith became pissed when he realized he was receiving less frequent fan mail than Joe Flacco’s unibrow.

  20. It does seem like havign guys this talented just warm the bench is a waste. I wonder if there’s another position he could play (see Brad Smith)? Great option as a backup, though – can’t really blame the Ravens for wanting to keep him right where he is.

  21. Warren Moon could throw darts unfortunately their defense was always soft and he mailed it in the big games..
    Troy Smith isn’t bad, but he’s not beating out Flacco..

  22. @ ccoolahan14
    You serious, dude?
    “Troy Smith should be the starter” and you flip out on a race rant?
    Joe Flacco has played like monkey sh%t in the playoffs, but your first response was that the guy wanted to see a black QB start in Balti?
    Flacco had a 50.8 QB rating last year in 3 playoff games, 34 for 75, 1 touchdown, 3 interceptions in his rookie year
    Last year, he was 24/45 with 3 interceptions and no touchdowns with a 39.4 QB rating in two playoff games. HE HAD A 10 QB RATING IN A PLAYOFF VICTORY. 4/10 and 34 yards should NEVER win a playoff game, but that’s how bad New England was versus the Ravens D and running game.
    Listen, I think Flacco can round out to be a good QB for them, but ANYBODY who thinks Flacco’s won games for the Ravens when the defense wasn’t dominating is SEVERELY mistaken.
    If Troy Smith can step up rather than waay down from the regular season to the post-season, maybe he ought to be the starter. There’s no basis to suspect that, but if Flacco lays a massive turd this year in the postseason, you can expect that Baltimore themselves will think about replacing Flacco.

  23. I’m not from Baltimore but it’s a much better city (and organization) than Cleveland is.

  24. @ WarrenMoonGOAT
    Troy Smith is a decent backup as of right now, we don’t know his true potential yet because, well we havent seen him play very much. He could be just as good if not better than Flacco, however thats not the case. Saying Troy Smith should be the starting QB simply because, i’m guessing here, you’re black isnt a good enough reason. I hope you’re not one of those African Americans who voted for Obama simply because he is black and not because of his policies. However, after that comment i’m thinking you are.
    Either way, Troy Smith has never started a whole season, he needs to prove himself first and I do believe he will be a starter somewhere, just not Baltimore. As a Ravens fan I love Troy Smith (and yes im white) because he has great potential, he can run the ball, he has a decent arm but nonetheless he is our backup. I’d love to keep him as our backup for the next 20 years but a former Heisman Trophy winner will not be content with playing backup in the NFL.

  25. SteelCurtnDee says:
    May 10, 2010 12:51 PM
    wow ccoolahan
    I think the guy was probably joking… I’m white and I don’t see why you gotta throw race into anything, just because the guy is a Warren Moon fan.
    Get a life loser.
    Pay attention, loser. WarenMoonGoat makes constant race baiting comments on every article here where race could even potentially be an issue. If you have spent anytime on this site, and don’t think WMG thinks Smith should be the starter because he’s black, you’re blind without a cane.
    Here’s a test: ask WarrenMoonGoat which QB currently on the Eagles roster should be starting. He’ll tell you Mike Vick. Meanwhile, the Eagles couldn’t get a team to offer a draft pick IN ANY ROUND for him.
    Another poster makes a great point: the Ravens put a 5TH ROUND TENDER on Smith, and not one other team even made an offer. Yup, sounds like a starter to me.

  26. QB Flacco is the man in Baltimore right now. QB Smith, although a tad short of being “ideal”, is good enough to get his shot someday. He just has to be ready for that moment.
    At one point, before the off-season moves, playing for his home town Browns would have been the ideal situation for Troy. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like the city of Baltimore, or the Ravens organization. Troy is a good kid and will be a benefit to any team he plays for.
    I too, have been in and around the city of Baltimore. Sure, as any older city, it has its low points but, overall, the city is historic and beautiful in other areas. As a long haul trucker, picking up loads from the docks, I see both sides.
    The only thing lower than agents, in the field of law, are politicians.

  27. steelerdynasty says:
    May 10, 2010 1:12 PM
    someone besides you interjected race into this issue? really? doesnt show up on my screen.
    As I said to the other poster who made this point: If you don’t think WarrenMoonGoat thinks Troy Smith should be the starter because he’s black, this is either your first day on PFT or yur nat a viry gud reeder.

  28. He better,,nobody else wants him. He’s a solid #3 QB behind Flacco & Beck though. Trust me, Beck is #2

  29. Its amazing how many idiots are around here. Baltimore is not the nicest city in the world but its not bad, show me one city in the country that doesnt have issues. Dont worry I will wait…
    Every city has problems but people just assume because the Wire (which is an awesoem show) was filmed here that it is bad. Every city has ghettos, drugs, and homicides so give it a rest already. The Harbor, Fells Point, Canton, Federal Hill and severla other areas are gorgeous. And on top of that once you get out of the city it has some of the best counties in the country. So give it a rest.
    Troy Smith is almost as dumb as some posters here. He will never be a starting QB in this league and for good reason. He should not be the starting QB in Baltimore unless Joe brokes both legs and arms and has a massive concussion. Under no other circumstance should he be playing. If Flacco gets hurt I bet John Beck comes in before Troy.
    In closing anyone whos posts anything about the city of Baltimore without actually living here is an idiot.

    Flacco>Smith but dont fudge the facts to make your case. Smith DID NOT start the loss to the 1-15 Dolphins in 2007. Kyle Boller started that game and was knocked out with a concussion half way through it. A rookie Troy Smith came in and drove the team down the field for what should have been the game winning TD but Billick opted to settle for the FG and send the game to OT. So, dont pin that craptastic performance on Smith, he barely played a quarter of that game.

  31. Baltimore sucks. Matt Wieters is a Beast for the Orioles, other then that, the city sucks.
    what great city are you from, sir?
    ^^^ where are you from…. you can come and get shot / stabbed… That is where Bright , real people go to play. There is stuff to do as far as any other city goes.. just don’t go creepin’ in the bad parts 4 am. Bars, raunts, attractions same as any other city, the difference not the biggest city, they are smarter than you and know it.

  32. # WarrenMoonGOAT says: May 10, 2010 12:53 PM
    @ ccoolahan14
    it must burn u up inside about the thought of a black QB
    its alright though brotha, u’ll get over it in time
    Uhhhh, so let me get this straight, the thought of a black qb must burn ME up, because I proved how delusional YOU ARE because YOU are so burned up inside by the thought of a WHITE qb? Can you think of ONE reason why Troy should start? HMMM, does this that mean that YOU are the one BURNT UP by the fact that a white qb is starting over a black one? PS Michael Vick was my favorite player (outside of my favorite team) during his first few seasons, I could care less what race a qb is. Obviously, you CANT HANDLE the fact that a black qb is sitting on the bench. WHO CARES what race he is, he’s sitting on the bench because there isnt a SINGLE REASON why he should be playing, but of course, that doesn’t matter to you, because you’re racist.

  33. ‘Whenever I’m plagued by doubts, I just take a quiet stroll down Ray Lewis Way and my faith is restored.”.

  34. Sow Crates says:
    May 10, 2010 1:28 PM
    @ ccoolahan14
    You serious, dude?
    “Troy Smith should be the starter” and you flip out on a race rant?
    Poster #3 who is obviously unfamiliar with the work of WarrenMoonGoat. Repeat after me children:
    -WMG thinks every black QB on any team, regardless of their place on the depth chart, should be starting.
    -WMG thinks Roethlisberger is guilty and only didn’t get charged because he is white.
    -Thinks what Mike Vick did was no big deal and he is only “being hated on” because he is black, and should obviously be starting for the Eagles.
    There is nothing racist about pointing out the fact that in every argument, WMG will automatically side with the black player, regardless of the facts. All Coolahan was doing was pointing this out.

  35. Appears Troy Smith has finally realized that EVERY personnel man in the NFL realize’s he’s back-up at best and potential wildcat type QB to be used sparingly. This ain’t the Big Ten no more so I better shut up and be thankful that the Ravens have given me a chance to play in the NFL! Thank you OZZIE and I”ll shut my mouth and enjoy the Ride to Dallas with all my friends!
    Having Zorny there to help him out, a former short QB, gotta be good for him as well.

  36. @ Sow crates
    Know what you’re talking about before commenting. Flacco threw 10 passes and had a 10 qb rating because he was SEVERELY INJURED. He STOOD UP THE ENTIRE FLIGHT HOME FROM OAKLAND THE WEEK BEFORE BECAUSE HIS LEG WAS SWOLLEN THREE INCHES- THAT is why he threw 10 passes. And guess what? A Flacco that can’t even SIT DOWN was STILL deemed better than Troy Smith at 100% (but I guess Warrenmoongoat thinks he should start because he’s just “better” right?). He’s played fine in the other playoff games with the exception of the Colts (when he was still injured) and Steelers, because they realized that he only had one receiver to throw to (Mason) and focused entirely on covering him. It’s the same reason Flacco did completely fine/well against those same teams the first time he played them- because they didn’t realize they only have one player to cover.

  37. first i don’t kno how u guys can read minds through a computer…but all your assumptions about me are wrong
    i gained my opinion of Troy Smith from his amazing college career, also the games he had started during the preseason a couple years ago, the brotha is solid, there is no rule, law, or obligation for me to explain to u white people why i think Troy Smith should start.
    trying to decipher what i think how i think and what i do through a computer screen is ludicrous
    u show your true colors by going off on’a rant about how he’s black and i’m black so it must be reverse racism.
    Troy Smith is a better QB then Flacco, if Troy Smith never got sick he would still be the starter
    and @ JoeFlaccosUniBrow Ozzie Newsome is a damn good GM

  38. @realitypolice
    where did i ever say Roethlisberger is guilty and he didn’t get charged because he’s white?
    also where did i ever mention that Vick should be the starter? i kno a lot more about football then u perceive.
    show some links to all the things u accuse me of saying

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