Vinatieri may not be a lock to make the Colts

A. Vinatieri.jpgWhen the Colts made the Super Bowl last year, Matt Stover attempted the field goals, while Adam Vinatieri watched from the sideline.

Stover has since become a free agent, leading to the logical conclusion Vinatieri will get his old job back.  ESPN’s Paul Kuharsky says the Colts want the veteran to get the job, but undrafted rookie Brett Swenson will have a shot.

Vinatieri is paid well, and requires another player on the roster to handle kickoffs (Pat McAfee).  And while Vinatieri will be the favorite to stick with the Colts, he has to prove he’s healthy and accurate again to keep his job.

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  1. Ant the “Comment Ratings” on PFT “may not” be a lock to ever come back.
    Only Florio and his NBC hairdresser know for sure….
    314 days and counting …………

  2. As a Patriots fan I will always love this guy for what he did for our franchise.
    But the Colts paid a lot of money to him. And in a time where there is only so much money to spend, who could they have had to better their chances against the Saints as opposed to paying a kicker all that jack to sit on the sidelines and watch?
    Speaking of which, thanks again Saints. Great game.

  3. Pat McAfee is also the punter, so the Colts are not wasting roster spot on a kickoff specialist. Someone else doing kickoffs should not even factor in to the Colts decision.

  4. Adam is washed up, and has more injury problems lately than I’ve ever heard a kicker ever having.
    And the last paragraph is a little misleading; McAfee is the punter; he would have a roster spot regardless of if he was kicking off or not. Gregg seems to make it sound like AV requires the team to carry an extra player solely for the purpose of kicking off.

  5. Colts fan here, and yes A.V. hasn’t been terribly accurate of late but let’s be honest here. Do the COLTS seem like the organization who is going to bring in an undrafted rookie to kick? They bring in a lot of undrafted rookies to learn in the system, but kicker is too important to not have an assurance there. Next year I imagine they’ll draft someone.

  6. Does it really matter if the Colt release him. Another team will pick him up in days. Worst case is if he is injured he rehabs for a year then signs with another team. The guy has a fat bank account and brass knuckles (4 rings). I cry no tears for Adam.

  7. McAfee was also a placekicker in college. Wonder why they don’t give him a shot at both kicking positions and save a roster spot? Succop with the Chiefs did both in college as did Morestead with the Saints.

  8. Kicking and Punting are two different leg swings. Believe it or not, doing both is a tremendous strain on the athlete. Saving a roster spot is less important than saving your player from injury.

  9. Love what he did for the Pats, but I hope this comes to be for him. The money grubbing back stabbing SOB deserves nothing less.

  10. I thought the move to Indy was going to prolong your career, Adam.
    As a Pats fan, thanks for your service. As a Colts hater, it serves you well for chasing the dollars and the indoor stadium. Yet another ex-Pat who didn’t appreciate that his best days would always be in New England. But, just like Ty Law, a least Adam is able to feed his family.

  11. As a Ravens fan, let me offer a little advice. Dont count on the young kicker when a proven veteran is available.
    (See Steve Hauska vs. Matt Stover 2009)

  12. 4 SB’s, the guy is clutch. I would keep a roster spot for him and use him as sparingly as his health would permit. If that means only having him kick with a comeback/lead/game on the line, so be it. If that ruffles the feathers of the other kickers, he can polish Adam’s rings to give him something to do in the mean time.

  13. How dumb are these writers on this site?? It doesnt matter who the Colts place kicker is, Pat McAfee will be handling the kickoff duties! No roster spot is being wasted at all.
    If healthy, lets keep AV. You obviously cant trust a young kicker…unless theyre a roid freak like the Saints guy!!

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