49ers rookie gets probation for golf cart joyride

49ers linebacker
Keaton Kristick
, a recently signed undrafted free agent, said he’s only been in trouble twice in his life.

Once in high school, he was written up for having his shirt untucked.  Then in March, he and two teammates were arrested for authorized use of a vehicle.

That vehicle was an athletic department-owned golf cart, which Kristick helped take for a spin, ditch, and then leave in a handicapped parking spot off campus.

It sounds harmless enough, but Kristic and his teammates were originally charged with a felony.  On Tuesday, they pled guilty to a much lesser charge, according to the Oregonian.  Kristic, a passenger on the ride, was given ten months’ bench probation and ordered to complete 25 hours of community

Golf cart joyrides are rarely worth the payoff.  I remember working as a clubhouse attendant/servant at a golf course when I was 15.  Two of my co-workers would race each other down a steep hill to the parking area, which surrounded the club’s pool.

You can guess what happened: one golf cart at the bottom of a pool, one pissed off manager, and one kid that needed to find a new summer job.

(Yes, I’m aware that last part of the post had nothing to do with anything.  When else am I going to crack open that golf cart story?)

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  1. Police have yet to locate the elderly couple who were renting the cart at the time of the theft.

  2. Florio:
    You neither have nothing to do with the NFL, nor will you ever. Keep yourself and your crappy personal stories off of your website dedicated to covering the NFL. Nobody cares how any of your stories can be related to NFL news, SINCE YOU HAVE NO RELATION TO THE SHIELD. You are merely a mouthpiece, and a bad one at that. Please try and be invisible.

  3. Arrested for use of an authorized vehicle?
    Gee, what do you get for use of an UNauthorized vehicle?

  4. “There are a thousand Golf Cart stories out there in this crazy little town Harry”. Wasn’t that a movie line from somewhere?

  5. hey greg , did you knock up a irish maid that summer , and remember
    I’m alright
    Nobody worry ’bout me
    Why you got to gimme a fight?
    Can’t you just let it be?

  6. hopefully they stuck a golf tee in the governor, those things can fly at full throttle. And if you’re going down a hill, put it in neutral

  7. What a bunch of BS. Obviously some over there in Corvallis has it out for them. Sounds like he just has bad luck because pretty much everyone has done that at some point in they’re life! Hope it doesn’t hurt his standing with the 49ers.

  8. Since he plays for San Francisco, are you sure he wasn’t riding a caddie? Try the lobster. Here all week.

  9. Sounds like a good time. Kids do dumb stuff like this all the time. I hope the 49ers dont hold it against him

  10. Does Florio know about this?
    I’m sure he’d be happy to share with the world how he would carry out his interrogation then how he would be happy to publicly flog you, sentence you to life without parole and then write about it on his blog, OVER & OVER again for months. 😦

  11. CleanSlaton – this article came from Rosenthal, not Florio.
    Reading is fundamental.

  12. Triple G,
    As long as we don’t hear about what you were doing at bandcamp. It’s all good!
    15 year old servant. That was two years ago for you.

  13. my bad. Florio’s still a douche.
    Gregg, keep your crappy non-NFL stories out of the real ones.
    I’m the jerk here….

  14. You guys are idiots talking about “15? wasn’t that like 2 years ago??” He’s clearly foreshadowing.

  15. Damn….
    What if he killed someone with the golf cart. Course just before flashing his lights at the person….

  16. Niners fan here, thanks for making my heart skip a beat Florio. Thought Bowman or Dixon had already acted the fool at practice. This clown is newsworthy?

  17. Gregg, as a former caddy I’m ROTFLMAO!
    You must have the basement thermostat turned up. Your on fire!!

  18. “he and two teammates were arrested for authorized use of a vehicle.” lmao, so did they break a law or not 😛

  19. “I wan’ yew to kill every golfer on tha course!”
    “Check me if I’m wrong, but if I kill all the golfers, they’ll lock me up and throw away the key.”
    “Gophers! Not golfers! The little broon furry rodents!”
    “We can do that. We don’t even need a reason.”

  20. (Yes, I’m aware that last part of the post had nothing to do with anything. When else am I going to crack open that golf cart story?)
    Perhaps this summer in remedial english class…..

  21. “You can guess what happened”
    Judge Smails refused to give you the St. Copius caddy scholarship because he caught you loofa-ing Mrs. Smails’ stretch-marks in the shower?

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