Bengals need Palmer to rebound to contend

C. Palmer.jpgBy the end of last season, the Bengals passing attack was almost unrecognizable.

It was dinks, dunks, and Chad Ochocinco.  When Darrelle Revis arrived to take away 85, there was almost nothing left.

The Bengals have made noise this offseason for their reclamation projects, but Paul Daughtery of the Cincinnati Enquirer points out in a great piece on Tuesday that Carson Palmer’s arm is the real Bengals story to follow in 2010.

Something didn’t seem right with Palmer’s wing by the end of 2009.  The admitted member of PFT Planet insists his arm is “stronger than ever” after exercises for his troublesome elbow.  It looked otherwise late last year.

Palmer was a player five years ago that looked just a notch below Manning and Brady.  Now, no one seems totally confident where the rest of Palmer’s career will go.

He wasn’t playing with a full deck last year, but the additions of Antonio Bryant, Jordan Shipley, Matt Jones, and Jermaine Gresham at tight end should help.

If the Bengals can improve their below average passing game from a year ago, they have a chance to surprise people.  Again.

59 responses to “Bengals need Palmer to rebound to contend

  1. Palmer is a hell of a QB when healthy.
    No more excuses for the passing game now, plenty of talent with the FA’s and in the draft.
    If anything the passing game will be interesting to watch.
    Go Bengals!

  2. Carson Palmer has not been the same since Kimo Von Oelhoffen, however you spell his name, intentionally blew out Palmer’s knee in the playoffs. I didn’t read PFT at the time but i would have loved to hear Florio defending the Kimo cheap shot.

  3. He had a weak receiving corps last year (except Chad). He also had a dislocated thumb on his non-throwing hand which had to be tied to his finger so he could have some use of his left hand. I know it wasn’t his throwing hand but it still had to throw him off some. He also has to deal with the worst offensive coordinator in football. Bob Bratkowski couldn’t make a halftime adjustment if his life depended on it.
    However, Carson has some better weapons this year and I think he is going to have a great year.

  4. I swear to God, the old, very plain Bengals unis from the 60s/70s were better to look at than the shit they wear now. Those candy stripe technicolor puke inducing things they wear now look like they were designed by a gay 4 year old with ADD.
    Oh, and the Bengals may indeed lock up the AFCN this year in spite of those faggy duds (considering the competetion is mostly crap), but NO team from the AFCN is gonna make it to the Super Bowl.

  5. It really is the make or break year for No. 9. Let’s hope it is the make it year and we get past the first round.

  6. Bengals will go 9-7 and be an average team. Look on the bright side…you don’t have to come and get beat up at Minny this season!!

  7. Palmer
    MOst overrated players in the NFL
    Palmer will never see another playoff game in Bungles uniform. he sucks

  8. Don’t forget Dez Briscoe too…i bet he’s making the final rostern not just the practice squad

  9. Carson was 10-6 last year. Wins and losses are all that matters as a QB. Think the Ravens cared about QB stats when they won the Super Bowl? If Carson wins games then who cares if there are more passing or running yards in a game?

  10. They’re the Bungals, so expectations are always low. Year in and year out.
    Even when they manage to make the playoffs (once every 6-7 years or so) they’re one-and-done.

  11. Carson Palmer will drink the blood of the non-believers in 2010.
    And a happy Who Dey to you, sir!

  12. I’m a fan but I have some concerns:
    1. That’s a lot of new pieces to the offense that all have to adjust to each other.
    2. With the same line as last year (other than Andre playing the whole season), who’s to say they will drastically improve the pass blocking
    3. Counting on Shipley AND Greshman to revive the offense is asking a lot from the rookies.
    and lastly, I’m still not sure where Carson’s head is at. He overthrows guys, and audibles out of pass plays way too often, which seems to indicate he’s afraid to take a hit.
    Also, he was a new dad, they had twin babies last year which can cause fatigue and possibly take away his focus. Hopefully those kids are sleeping through the night by now.

  13. Yeah – too bad Belicheat isn’t coaching this team… they’d have nothing to worry about!

  14. AFC North End of 2010 season standings:
    1. Ravens 12-4
    2. Bengals 11-5
    3. Browns 6-10
    4. Steelers 5-11 1. Tomlin fired,
    2. Rapistberger charged with “sexual battery” on a female behind a stripclub.
    3. Groupie DEB writes 4,000 “legal briefs” here on PFT in her man Rapistberger’s defense. Calling the defendant, and prosecution liars,opportunists, goldiggers, while professing her “love” for the Rapist.

  15. I agree with article.. Palmer is the key to winning it all.. With the reciever additions there is no more excuses

  16. But has his post-ACL hopscotch throwing motion been resolved?!
    He keeps that crap up and he’ll be fortunate to get in the UFL!

  17. PFT is flip flopping here.. A week ago they were saying we were the most likely to not make the playoff’s again and now we are likely to surprise people again.. I think they’re covering the asses both way’s…

  18. Carson didnt have this many weapons since 05 go look up the stats , and by the way watch out for that nasty defense ….. GO BENGALS.

  19. Jamarcus should really provide him with the competition to persuade him to up his game.

  20. I don’t care about this division, but I would say that Cincy does have the favorite position. Pitt will either man up and whoop their butt for last year or simply implode and finish 6-10.

  21. The name to remember from this post is Matt Jones. The guy is looking good so far and from all accounts is ready to prove he can be a solid, productive player in the NFL. If Palmer’s arm holds up, and Ochocinco continues to run routes like he tangos, Matt Jones could end up being the #2 receiver the Bengals have needed since the departure of Houshmanzadeh. Plus with his size and speed he could be a big target inside the 10 yard line.
    Want more? Check out

  22. @Child_Please!
    I’m fine with a lot of your guesses but Tomlin fired? Do the Steelers really seem like the team to fire a Super Bowl winning coach after 3 years? Child please…

  23. Gotta say Daughtery is right on this. Palmer started out just fine last year. His performance faded down the stretch. I worried last year that he may end up like Jake Delhomme. He was never right after Tommy John surgery. Carson had a similar injury and opted against the surgery, but his arm strength seemed to get worse as the season went on. Contrary to popular belief, Carson isn’t always injured. I just don’t think he’s fully recovered from either of the 2 major injuries in his career.

  24. No matter which part of the body these guys damage, it always turns out “stronger than ever” after surgery/rehab. Notice that.
    When I die, I want my stone to say..

  25. I just don’t think Palmer is that great. He’s always getting mentioned as a franchise QB, but he’s just been okay throughout his career. He’s never won a playoff game, and if you compare his career stats to Marc Bulger, they’re pretty similar, except Bulger has gotten sacked a whole lot more than Carson has. He hasn’t lived up to the hype, not a bust, but definitely disappointing for a #1 overall pick.

  26. “Carson didnt have this many weapons since 05 go look up the stats , and by the way watch out for that nasty defense ….. GO BENGALS”
    Yes, but that was also before the knee injury. Injuries like that can change a player for the worse. This season will be telling if it was the lack of talent, or if that injury in 05 screwed him up forever.

  27. Carson Palmer had not been the same QB since blowing out his knee against the Steelers in the playoffs.
    If he has another so-so season I think it’s time for the Bengals to start looking for there next QB.

  28. Rosenthal, aren’t most QB’s the key to their teams’ success? I mean you really aren’t breaking new ground here…
    Bengals D and Ced B will be what propels them to playoffs, as Pitt D and QB situation is in decline…Balt is a threat, as they could win the AFCN and Bengals a wildcard.
    Either way will be fun!

  29. Carson will be fine this year.
    The questions are going to be if the Oline can pass block a little better, and can the receivers get open and catch.
    I’m not so sure the receivers are going to be so much more of an improvement. Chad is on the decline, and I’ll have to take a wait and see to see if Bryant is an improvement over Coles. I also cannot see them getting a whole lot of production out of 3 rookies.The only new blood that really has me hopeful is Gresham.

  30. Carson hasn’t been the same since Kimo effed his knee up, and will never be good enough to lead this team through the playoffs, let alone get there.. and Child_Please, you must be smokin the same shiat that Ocho is (that’d be POLE, Alex..) to think Cinci will be 11-5 next year. You’d better hope Jamarcus is waiting in the wings, cause Carson ain’t gonna do it for ya.. Then again, Bungle fans are used to mediocrity…

  31. One guy in there got it right — Bengals NFL 2009 #4 Defense has all starters healthy and returning. Odom’s Achilles should be ready; Maualuga is back on the wagon; Peko’s knee is better; Sims’ arm will be ready by camp; Roy Williams’ forearm might make it through a season; and Chris Crocker’s ankle should be back to normal shortly. The Jets beat them twice at the end of the season with all of these guys out or injured. Then throw in 4 early round rookie draft picks (DE Carlos Dunlap, DT Geno Atkins, LB Rod Muckelroy, CB Brandon Ghee) along with FA acquisitions S Gibril Wilson and CB Pacman Jones for extra BACKUPS/DEPTH. Oh, and Defensive Coordinator Mike Zimmer will be back too just in case you forgot.
    Maybe the schedule will be more difficult (as it will be for the rest of the division as well). But this defensive unit will be as good as it gets in the NFL in 2010. Even if the offense simply stayed the same, the team would be better.
    But the offense isn’t the same. #6 overall 2009 draft pick (and 2008 Outland Award winner) Andre Smith will be in town from the get-go with his foot surgically repaired. Starting center Kyle Cook has a year of starting experience under his belt now. The entire OL (starters and backups) return. The entire group of three RBs (Benson, Scott, Leonard) return. TE is upgraded with Jermaine Gresham — who both NE and Baltimore coveted before the Bengals selected him in front of both — as well as the healthy return of 2009 Mackey Award winner Chase Coffman. At WR the team added draft picks Jordan Shipley and Dezmon Briscoe to go with last year’s Bengal #1 Chad Ochocinco, last year’s Tampa Bay #1 Antonio Bryant, 2008 Jacksonville #1 Matt Jones and five other players with regular season experience. The question marks simply remain at FB (where 2009 draft pick Fui Vakapuna will have to emerge), backup QB and Kicker (where two FAs right now are battling to replace choke artist Shayne Graham).
    I’m not quite drinking the May Kool-Aid at present, but I’ll admit that I’m sniffing the mix. When Joe Flacco comes calling this year, he’d better have the chin strap and Flac Jacket on tightly. I’d hate to be the guy playing opposing QB when Zimmer brings out his pass rush D with Geathers, Odom, Dunlap, Fanene and Michael Johnson all coming at the same time.

  32. @beezer….You hit the nail on the head….That play still makes me sick to my stomach..If it wouldnt of happen we’d be sitten wit some rings and talkin bout how palmer is better then manning. We got this, 2010/11 its our year, were due….palmer needs to want to live up to his potential and become a legand…,,n e 1 hear about corey dillion…hell yah finally got his…thats what you get for turning your back on cincy….what was t.js #’s this year! haha

  33. People are truly excited about those WR additions? Really? I mean A Bryant is an upgrade, but its pretty easy to be better then last year’s WR mistake.

  34. You people are stupid to think he’s not the same after the Kimo hit. He came back the next year and put up even more passing yards and a 94 rating. His O-line sucked balls that year due to injuries and he was sacked like 40 times.
    Look, he faded down the stretch. So did the rest of the team. Mechanically, he’s the best QB in the league not named Manning. While I agree this year will be quite telling as to what type of QB Palmer is, I guarantee you with another offseason to heal and get stronger and his O-Line continuing to gel, he will put up better numbers.
    (at least, that’s what I hope)

  35. WestTX,
    You are delusional. The Bungles have 1, yes 1 year in the top 5 in defense and you people think they are a defensive juggernaut. Think again…they had a soft schedule, almost choked it down the stretch…to the CHIEFS. Pathetic…1 and done! We will stomp your sorry -sses in B-more and Cincy. Yoy make the playoffs once every 5 years just to screw with your pathetic fans. Matt Jones, Rey Maluga? Back up the bus, your goin to the pen…not the playoffs…

  36. What does a knee injury four years ago have to do with his poor arm strength and accuracy problems? More excuses.
    Bengal fans are like children, they are to be seen, not heard. That’s just the painful reality when your team hasn’t won a playoff game in 19 years.

  37. Percy harvin…Just keep praying that brett favre comes back if he dosent your vikings will be lucky to be 8-8 this year.
    With all the weapons that the Bengals have acquired their is no way the afc north crown leaves cincinnati.

  38. Great article. Bengals and Ravens for AFC North. Browns and Squeelers just filling out everyone’s schedule.
    Palmer can be elite, but time is running out to prove it. IF he gets back to Pro Bowl stats, then the Bengals WILL be in the Super Bowl. Should be fun to watch.

  39. I’m a Steelers fan, but I’ve always like Carson Palmer. The way he handles himself, the way he handles a diva receiver (McNabb should have taken notes) and his cannon of an arm.
    I do worry about his elbow though. Having him as my fantasy football qb, and living in Ohio now, I saw him in every game last year. He just didn’t have the same zip on his passes as he did before injuring it in 2008. Electing not to have the Tommy John surgery was a risk, just like having it would have been. His arm was definitely not as strong as in previous years, but with another offseason to heal, hopefully the guy can get back to where he was.

  40. I hope Palmer does make a comeback this year and plays better than he did last year (which was putrid based on all the hype the guy gets). Then Bengal fans will have no excuses to make when the Steelers pound them twice! After so many years of the Steelers beating the Bengals silly, Bengals got lucky last year and Bengal fans can’t stop celebrating. Have fun while it lasts. Oh and by the way the scheduling gods did not look favorably on you since you won’t get to play the Steelers when Ben is suspended.
    Good luck to our AFC North rivals, you will need it!

  41. Palmer threw for over 4,000 yards in back to back seasons and was Pro Bowl MVP after the knee injury. I will say his accuracy has went down hill after the elbow injury but again his pass protection has been poor since the 2005 season after wich they lost RT W.Anderson, LG E.Steinbach, LT L.Jones from there offensive line. They have spent the last 5 years trying to fix the ofeensive line and now they have a great run blocking line but I don’t know if they can pass protect on the interior line or not. I have confidence in LT Whitworth, and RT A.Smith, and RG B.Williams but the rest of them are a question mark. I though they needed to get another Guard this year via draft or a veteran but it didn’t happen. As for Palmer, He is a great Player and will have as good as a season as his offensive line plays. If he has protection he will tear up the league like he did in 2005. If he doesn’t you will see him pressing to make things happen and he will have a lot of yards and a high number of interceptions. As for the Baltimore fans on here saying there beating cincinnati in Bal and Cincy this year just remember we swept you last year and Flacco numbers VS our defense looked like this Game one he was 22 of 31 for 186 yds and 2TD’s 2Int’s
    and he was sacked 2 times in game two he was 18 of 32 for 195 yrds and 0 td’s 2 int’s and sacked 4 times. Most of the yards were dump offs to RB rice and TE heap. Flacco is the over rated one.

  42. Bech72 says:
    May 11, 2010 6:33 PM
    It won’t be a surprise this year when Cincy locks up the AFCN.
    And it wont be a surprise when they lose the 1st playoff game and go 1 and done like the other 2 times in the past 5 years they even made it. They are not going anywhere this year

  43. @ Holeinone09………..
    The only team that’s gonna need luck this year in the AFCN is your pathetic Steelers. You’ll need all the luck you can get to beat Cleveland out for the #3 spot! Have fun watching the playoffs from home….AGAIN. LMAO!!

  44. CincyAllDaWay says:
    May 12, 2010 9:13 AM
    @ Holeinone09………..
    The only team that’s gonna need luck this year in the AFCN is your pathetic Steelers. You’ll need all the luck you can get to beat Cleveland out for the #3 spot! Have fun watching the playoffs from home….AGAIN. LMAO!!
    Keep laughing your ass off. We’ll console ourselves with our six Lombardi trophies. And remember, there’s always a dey. Every year of your existence. Pathetic franchise. Back to third place where you belong this year. Won’t have another flukish 1st half of the year to fall back on. Have fun with your first place schedule.

  45. what do u know, maddog, yet another douchebag steeler fan pushing the six trophies. congratulations. every nfl fan officially hates you for being an assbag.
    Bonnie D says:
    Bob Bratkowski couldn’t make a halftime adjustment if his life depended on it.
    and hits another great point. we have got to be one of the worst teams at adjusting at halftime in the entire league. it is the most frustrating thing i have ever seen in my life. i hope palmer is better, i hope we play tough despite our schedule (you never really know how teams are going to bounce back and who is going to be good though, that’s why we all love this sport) and i really hope our offensive play calling wakes up.
    oh and baltimore s going to suck to play twice. whoever doesn’t think this division is legit doesn’t know….. anything.

  46. red13 says:
    May 11, 2010 7:50 PM
    I just don’t think Palmer is that great. He’s always getting mentioned as a franchise QB, but he’s just been okay throughout his career. He’s never won a playoff game, and if you compare his career stats to Marc Bulger, they’re pretty similar, except Bulger has gotten sacked a whole lot more than Carson has. He hasn’t lived up to the hype, not a bust, but definitely disappointing for a #1 overall pick.
    Agree 100%. I always thought there was something missing with Palmer. Maybe clutch factor/making players around him better. But something. He SHOULD be great, he has a lot of skill…he just ISN’T. I think the closest I could compare him to is maybe Bledsoe.
    Then again I think Bulger was pretty underrated in his day. 😛

  47. @ maddog……….you can stick those lombardi’s in your ass for all I care douchebag. You WILL battle with Cleveland for 3rd place this year! And it will be battle for you. See what those trophies do for your sore ass then! STILL LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. @Reedhof20
    You sound like your panties are still in a wad over getting swept last year. Honestly it seems like the Bengals own the Ravens almost every year. I’ll have to look up the stats on that one, but I guarantee the Bengals have a winning record vs the ratbirds over the past 5 yrs. Honestly, I enjoy the rivalry/smack talk with Steelers and Ravens fans. Hopefully the Browns will join the party at some point.

  49. 7-3 vs the ravens since 05′
    7-1 with Palmer since 05′, so I understand your hatred for him.

  50. @Pervy,
    Wyoming High might be the only team with a longer rap sheet than the Bengals in the area.
    Need we remember Richard “Da Bust” Hall?

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