Brian Westbrook to visit Redskins

Remember those jokes about how the Redskins backfield would have
dominated fantasy football in 2006? 

Yeah, this isn’t going to help matters.

Brian Westbrook will visit with the Redskins on Wednesday, according to
ESPN’s Chris Mortensen. 

On paper, this is an awkward fit.  There’s no way Clinton Portis, Larry Johnson, Willie Parker, and Westbrook belong together.  But Westbrook offers something unique: outstanding receiving skills.

We’ve thought all along that one of the big name Redskins backs would get cut in training camp.  You can’t carry all these runners with no special teams value and shaky third down work.  If Westbrook comes aboard, perhaps two veterans will get cut.

But we’re getting ahead of things.  Donovan McNabb has reportedly pushed to give Westbrook a chance, but it’s uncertain how serious Washington’s interest is.

The Rams also had Westbrook in for a visit.  It looks like they aren’t Westbrook’s top choice anymore.

44 responses to “Brian Westbrook to visit Redskins

  1. Dude…shows you nothing about the Redskins….
    CP can run, block, and catch the ball….
    Now….let the haters rain…..Willie Parker was gonna get cut anyway…

  2. A hasbeen who was never even the top RB EVER
    He’s nothing short of a poor mans Ladainian Tomlinson, and LT is over the hill too.
    No team needs a veteran RB to teach young RB’s how to be middle of the pack RB’s.
    BTW I like Westbrook, but I dont like old players who don’t have it anymore. If you get a job in Washington its by the good graces of one Donovan Mcnabb

  3. ‘Skins are resurrecting the Over the Hill Gang!!! Bruce is a chip off the old block.

  4. This is curious to say the least. Still, all things being equal, I’m not sure BW wouldn’t be a good choice for someone’s team. I don’t think he’s close to done and as was pointed out he is a pretty good receiving option.
    If they’re not serious in wanting him, why bring him in? Just as a favor to McNabb?
    If this visit truly is happening, there’s gotta to be more to this than meets the eye. As it is, I don’t see all three of the current Three Amigos making the team. The odds go down even more if they become the Four Musketeers instead.

  5. No Cushing news? I’m shocked. And is Donovan gonna deny he lobbied for Westbrook too? As we remember a short time ago, he reportedly lobbied for T.O. only to say he didn’t! Maybe they can have the Philly reunion tour in Washington!?

  6. I’m no “Skins” fan, but I would welcome Brian Westbrook to my team, no matter who I had on the roster. Sure, he’s probably not a starter anymore, and sure, his concussions are a factor, but the man is good, and would boost any offense with 10-12 touches a game.

  7. It would be either Parker or Johnson that would get cut IF this were to happen. Possibley Ryan Torain also. Portis is too good of a pass blocker to let go.

  8. You try to bash espn at every chance you get, yet a third of your reports come from espn reporters

  9. First T.O. now Westbrook? Maybe Andy could help out Kyle with the offense. While your at it, why not give James Thrash another look-see. Control your boy Tanahan!

  10. ‘Skins might as well bring in Kevin Curtis and LJ Smith, too. More has-beens to join #5.

  11. stuntcock says:
    May 11, 2010 12:35 PM
    While there at it, they should give Shaun Alexander a call
    they already did 2 years ago

  12. All I know is BW was $ in fantasy football two years ago.
    I just hope concussions don’t end his career.
    You’ve got your $ and a blessed career Brian, just know when to walk away if your still healthy.

  13. Hey I visit lots of folks doesn’t mean I want to or they’ll let me move in so let’s not get crazy with a visit…plus nothing wrong with a visit if he shows he has more to offer than one of the 4 already there then one will go.

  14. Why the Skins have signed two over the hill RBs and are now pursuing a third is completely beyond my thought process. This is not very Shannohan like; after the loss of Terrel Davis, didn’t Shanny plug one young RB after another into his offensive scheme in Denver, and didn’t they all do pretty well. So why recruit three over the hill compliment players to play beside the RB that you traded away during the prime of his career – oh yeah that was Shanny who sent Portis to DC in exchange for Champ Bailey!!!
    I loved Westbrook while he played for the Eagles . . . but he has close to nothing left in the tank . . . he had 86 total touches last year . . . so to set the expectation that he could have 10-12 touches a game next year is unrealistic . . . unless the plan is for a repeat of 2009 when he missed half the season with concussions.
    This is no more than the Washington brass reacting to a DIVA Donovan McNabb . . . this story is going to get old quick in Washington . . . it took 11 years in Philly . . . but that was with no prior M.O. for the Eagles to draw on. Good luck Washington . . . your going to need it.

  15. Isn’t there a saying that goes something like “if you have three quarterbacks, you don’t have any”? I think that applies to running backs as well.

  16. talk about picking up all the washed up players in the league….LMFAO!!! I love it!!!
    How about drafting some good, strong young talent and build a team long term?
    Oh..thats right…that would mean trying to contend for a SB. LMAO.

  17. It may be an awkward fit but Westbrook makes more sense now than ever. He’s a KNOWN for McNabb and he can still run and as you pointed out, he’s a receiver.
    When it comes down to it, you have 3 guys that have had health issues and another, who may not have as much tread left on his tires after he was abused for two years in KC. Portis is 29 and the rest are all 30 or over.
    Portis’ problems concern me the most BUT he has shown that he can thrive in Shanahan’s system and contrary to some people’s opinion, he can catch the ball.
    When it comes down to having 3 guys in the backfield (I don’t see 4), it would make sense to keep Johnson, whose skills are different from the other 3, and Westbrook and then choose between Portis and Parker. On the other hand, I would rather drop Johnson and keep the rest because I see more upside with them but I believe that they need to think strongly about drafting their next starter (DeMarco Murray of Oklahoma might be a good fit).

  18. Johnson, Westbrook, Portis and Parker sounds like a good name for a law firm.
    They would also form the sickest backfield…
    in fantasy football…
    in 2006.

  19. CHARGERDILLON, how can you say that Westbrook has never been a top RB. In ’07, he was named 1st team All-Pro RB and had over 2000 all purpose yards and over 90 catches. Poor Mans LT??!! SHIT!!!!

  20. Boysroll, You must be a laughing idiot. All you ever post is followed by LMFAO. Why you feel the need to post on every Redskin blog is funny to all of us. It’s been posted that you are from the DC area. Why does there allways have to be one jacka$$ in every family that roots for the villian? Just know that we all think you haven’t come to grips with your daddy issues and we are all LO(our)FAO at your dumba$$.
    That being said, this sure is alot of old RB’s.

  21. Westbrook grew up a Skins fan and is from the area. He will not be signed by the team, this is only a favor.

  22. ChargerDillon says: “A hasbeen who was never even the top RB EVER”
    What are you talking about? When has anyone ever claimed BWest was the top RB ever?
    God, I hope he doesn’t go to DC – McNabb wearing burgundy and gold is already enough to make me sick.

  23. Yea, 10-12 was a bit of a reach on my part, but I do believe he’s too talented not be picked up and be productive a bit.

  24. haha.. how did Shaun Alexander do when they brought him in a couple seasons ago.. bad moves all around

  25. Westbrook was awesome. Years ago. The number of times he would take the ball 40 yards down the field in one chunk when the eagles needed it most…but now he’s broken.

  26. I love B-West but he needs to take a look at life after football. One more shot to the head and he’ll have trouble tying his shoes..

  27. Hank_SJ says:
    May 11, 2010 12:51 PM
    ‘Skins might as well bring in Kevin Curtis and LJ Smith, too. More has-beens to join #5.
    –For L.J. Smith to be a has been, he would first have to be a “was” and he never was. Kevin Curtis is a has-been.

  28. If you stitch together the working parts of Westbrook, Johnson, Parker, and Portis, you *might* have one helluva running back.

  29. As a former follower of the Eagles, I have to say one thing about Brian Westbrook. If ANYONE deserves a second chance, it’s him. Despite his injuries, no one on the Eagles fought harder to be on the field every Sunday as much as he did. His commitment, work ethic and teamwork are second to none. Obviously, those things can’t make up for his age or his health, but there is no harm in the Skins taking a look at him. You never know, he might surprise you.

  30. Every Fantasy football owner knows you have to have RBs in reserve…too bad this isnt Fanball…
    I love summer, but damn the fall cant get here soon enough!

  31. It can’t hurt to have a look. U never know for sure.
    He’s a dedicated hard working back and as long as the skins are bringing in broken backs why not?

  32. ham1 says “It can’t hurt to have a look.”
    I don’t know, ham. Westbrook’s pretty fragile. Looking at him might actually injure him.

  33. You gotta remember 2 westbrook is 1 of the best punt returns in the league. He was taken out of the role in Philly once he became the main ball carrier. But who knows if he goes to a team and isnt the primier back they might use him as a change of pace runner, receiver, and returner.
    If the Redskins sign Westbrook he will beat out everyone on that team and be the starter. I think it was a horrible decision that the Eagles cut him and if he signs with the Redskins he’s the former Eagle I would be worried about the most.

  34. @Route 36West
    Dude, he’s a concussion risk. That’s why it was NOT a horrible decision for the Eagles to cut him. He’s one good hit away from drolling into a cup.

  35. Anybody with his talent has to be looked at to see if he can produce, of course you let him try out !! All these negative people talking about bringing in aged stars are foolish ,it takes just one of these running backs to show their tanks are not empty to produce the results that the Redskins need to attain their goal of a playoff berth !!!

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