Greg Paulus is not a member of the Saints

We’ve seen a handful of places say otherwise, so we thought we’d clear one little matter up.

The New Orleans Saints have not signed quarterback Greg Paulus.

The former Duke basketball player tried out for the team over the weekend, but the Saints have confirmed to PFT that he wasn’t one of two tryout players to be offered contracts after the team’s rookie minicamp.

The confusion came over a article.  The article never says Paulus signed and is factually correct.  But the caption to a photo accompanying the article says Paulus signed with the team.  It doesn’t sound like there are any immediate plans to sign him.

A few websites saw the caption and passed along the incorrect information, something PFT has been accused of doing every five years or so.

So we may as well point it out when someone else screws up.

14 responses to “Greg Paulus is not a member of the Saints

  1. You’re too honest, Gregg.
    The Florio version would have gone…
    Football Wannabe From Basketball Background Involved In Major Mixup At Saint’s Site.
    Greg Paulus’ arrogant presumptions of having a pro football career came to a crashing halt today. In what has turned out to be a HUGE PR faux pas for the entire N.O. Saints organization…..blah…blah…blah….hyperbole…blah..blah..misdirection…blah…deceit….blah…

  2. I couldnt stand Paulus when he played for Duke. He just seemed like a little punk. I did root for him when I heard he would be playing a year of CFB. Dude is a great athlete, he still has that Duke degree and Coach K’s hookups, I’m sure he will make do. I doubt he would have made it in the NFL even if he spent four years playing QB. I could be wrong.

  3. If this kid can’t get a job after going to Duke & Syracuse, Obama sure has screwed up this country!

  4. saw this kid play my highschool back when he was at CBA, kid is a amazing athlete and can throw amazing passes. i know its highschool and its a lot different than the pros and college, but still, the kid was amazing. could of played football or basketball anywhere he wanted.

  5. Maybe he can sit on coach K’s bench like the rest of the no talent athletes before him.

  6. He might have made the team, but he was too busy flopping and getting tea bagged every time a defender got near him.

  7. First of all, who? And in related news, John Elway is not a Saint.
    Wow. REALLY, REALLY slow news day.

  8. Paulus needs to look for a job that more suits an overhyped floor slapper.
    Bus boy at IHOP?

  9. I wouldnt sign that virus to anything. He comes with a whining coach from Durham, which is an embarassment to the great state of North Carolina !

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