Pete Carroll says he'll be "surprised" if USC is sanctioned

NFL_carroll_250.jpgWith former USC coach Pete Carroll safely out of the NCAA’s sights but the school at which he worked facing possible punishment for multiple potential football and/or basketball violations, Carroll is feeling confident.  In a Tuesday appearance on The Dan Patrick Show, the current Seahawks coach said that he doesn’t believe the NCAA will be sanctioning the Trojans.

I’d be surprised if there were sanctions,” Carroll said.

Carroll’s comments seem to imply recognition that stuff was happening that arguably shouldn’t have been happening, and that USC has escaped scrutiny only because (in Carroll’s view) there’s no proof that he and/or his staff knew what was going on.  “They want to know if you know and if there was any prior knowledge,” Carroll said.  “We endeavored in every way to do things as well as we possibly could.  It’s interesting and there are a lot of different variables.  It’s most challenging for a university to try and control everything.”

Thus, while the school may be in the clear, Saints running back and former USC star Reggie Bush could end up losing his eligibility retroactively — which in turn could mean that Vince Young will have not only a new agent but also a new trophy.

28 responses to “Pete Carroll says he'll be "surprised" if USC is sanctioned

  1. Sure, Pete – That’s why you high-tailed it out of town for one of the crappier NFL jobs available. BS.

  2. Geez, for any player who can escape detection long enough, some major award is going to trickle down to him. Even if it awarded posthumously.

  3. Kepp your nose and opinions out of stuff that you have no kinowledge of, Florio. But wait…if you do that, you won’t have anything to write here.

  4. So when it happens can we expect him to make a face reminiscent of Macaulay Culkin from Home Alone?

  5. “I’d be surprised if there are sanctions…” Carroll said, then added, “…that affect me! I’m a Seahawk now, bitches!”

  6. They paid their players and they didn’t even beat my alma mater, Texas.
    Give Vince the Heisman and let him put it in his trophy case next to his national championship ring.
    Also, why is the beef jerky logo bigger than the Seahawks’ logo?
    Pete Carroll sucks.

  7. Reggie bush is a loser, his ex gf is one of the biggest skanks in hollywood, errrrrr pornollywood

  8. Can’t this just end? Why are so many fans so eager to see sanctions from USC when there is absolutely NO PROOF that USC was involved. Does anyone really think USC contributed to Bush or McKnight getting money? Do you think USC encouraged it? Do you not think USC would stop it? Bush carried the ball 10-14 times a game- he wasnt so important that SC would have protected him. Had they known, they would have kicked Bush to the curb, no doubt.
    And this is coming from a UCLA alumni!!! I couldn’t care less about USC…. but seriously, how is ANY team supposed to stop one player from a hundred sneaking around with agents off campus- and away from team events.
    this whole thing is so stupid….

  9. Reggie will have to be content with his huge contract, that Superbowl Champion ring, and Kim Kardashian. How ever will he sleep at night???

  10. I reiterate, who cares about college football?? I love seeing the idiots talk about their college in such a sanctimonious fashion. Its like listening to an American talk to a Russian about how the US doesn’t overthrow other governments or assassinate people the way Russia does. Surrrrrrrre people. I’m sooooo sure Texas doesn’t pay their players.

  11. “Carroll’s comments seem to imply recognition that stuff was happening that arguably shouldn’t have been happening…”
    This site is rapidly becoming the TMZ of pro football. I see less and less news about football, and more and more coverage of gossip, hearsay, and opinion.

  12. We’d all be “surprised” Pete.
    Though USC is known for institutional cheating and drug use, Cal still produces better NFL talent. Ask Taylor Mays.

  13. “Can’t this just end? Why are so many fans so eager to see sanctions from USC when there is absolutely NO PROOF that USC was involved.”
    Four words: Lack. Of. Institutional. Control.
    USC’s handling of agents and runners at that time period was negligent at best, as they were allowing them into practices, the locker room, and issuing some of them sideline passes for the games.

  14. just because usc might not have known about their compensated players the NCAA still requires schools to be in control of their program. The, I cant believe it was happening excuse is not one the NCAA accepts. Go Cal.

  15. in unrelated news, carroll will also be suprised if hasselbeck makes through week 1 against san fran

  16. Pete Carroll sucks!!!! He couldn’t cut it with the Jets and then he runs to the crappy Seahawks when he is about to be exposed as cheating A-hole at USC
    You suck Pete

  17. Imagine the 3 monkies image—purposefully, you hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.
    That is the only way Carroll can say that with a straight face. What did he and his coaches THINK was going on when his player is showing up in a big new car, and then it’s off to visit mom at the temp house in Malibu?

  18. Its funny that I knew Florio wrote this without even looking. I think that his comments could also “seem to imply” that he didn’t think there was any wrongdoing by USC while he was there, and that he’d be surprised if somebody was actually found guilty of committing anything like this. This guy writes for the sole purpose of getting comments down here, so I almost want to punch myself in the face for writing this, but Florio is a funny guy. Always looking for the worst in people. Maybe I just see myself as actually having morals, and I can’t believe Florio jumps to conclusions how he does.

  19. smithopher says:
    May 11, 2010 4:40 PM
    Its funny that I knew Florio wrote this without even looking.
    It is not hard to catch that. I don’t even look up at the names anymore I can tell who wrote the article by just reading it it is sort of a game I play now. If it is about Rapestburger, Vicodon-Gate, new stadiums in Viking Land, or most of all anything bashing Reggie Bush odds are that Florio penned that one up.
    What did Reggie Bush ever do to you?

  20. He’s on Candid Camera? I hope so. This guy is a real work of art. If he married my sister, I’d punch her in the face. Numerous times. And then kick her in the balls.

  21. I’ll be surprised if Pete has anything other than a mediocre stint with the Seahawks…

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