Brian Cushing's press conference will be held on Thursday

At some point, some other current or former player will be accused of doing something wrong, and his story will spawn a variety of blurbs and opinions.  Until then, Texans linebacker Brian Cushing’s four-game suspension for violating the league’s steroids policy will continue to dominate the discourse, here and elsewhere.

And here’s the latest.  Cushing will conduct a press conference on Thursday at 1:00 p.m. Houston time, which is 2:00 p.m. in the time zone that matters.  (Hey, if you Californians, Arizonans, Oregonians, Washingtonians, Nevadans, New Mexcanities, and/or Utes are gonna accuse us of having an East Coast Bias, we might as well act like it.)

The announcement from the team doesn’t say whether he’ll take questions, but we can’t imagine that he’d merely read from a prepared statement in a room full of friends and supporters without answering a single question.  I mean, that would be really, really bizarre.

26 responses to “Brian Cushing's press conference will be held on Thursday

  1. THANK THE GOOD LORD BRETT FAVRE…..I thought i was going to have to wait another 3 minutes for an update on the Defensive Cheater Of the Year.

  2. Brian Cushing (born January 24, 1987 in Park Ridge, New Jersey) is a professional American football outside linebacker for the Houston Texans of the National Football League. Cushing was selected in the 1st round (15th overall) of the 2009 NFL Draft by the Texans. He played college football at the University of Southern California.

  3. florio, what the hell would you do all do if this whole cushing thing didnt happen??? youd probably have to cover the game of football you miserable P.0.S.!

  4. Will there be a Q&A? If so, someone ask how bad has his bean bag shrunk & was it worth it ?

  5. This should be entertaining. Haven’t seen a 230lb man tap dance in a while.

  6. He will be answering questions according to John McClain. For anyone interested, you can watch on TexansTV. Just go to and there will likely be something saying “Click here to watch!” Then we can maybe put this to rest! Unless of course another story/ more details comes out between now 1pm tomorrow.

  7. Why don’t you fly down there Florio, and ask him pertinent questions……………..Oh, that’s right…… will wait for a real reporter to do it, then you can analyze it, PFT daily it,plaguerize it, and then go to bed……Damn

  8. Enough about Cushing!!! Talk about beating a dead horse. When I checked this site around 4pm today every other headline (out of 10) was a Cushing headline, and its all crap we’ve been subjected to for the last 72 hours, aside from the revote results, which I’m sure we’ll have to read about in 10 additional articles over the next 24 hours. Enough!!!

  9. ‘At some point, some other current or former player will be accused of doing something wrong, and his story will spawn a variety of blurbs and opinions. Until then, Texans linebacker Brian Cushing’s four-game suspension for violating the league’s steroids policy will continue to dominate the discourse, here and elsewhere.’
    in other words, ‘screw you, you whiney fans moaning about me making repeated posts on this guy or any other guy. it’s always the same with you people- florio you suck, florio get a new story, florio you’re obsessed, florio hates the (insert particular players team). well ya know what, eff you- it’s my blog and i’ll post whatever the hell i feel like posting, because once again IT’S MY BLOG.’
    just in case anyone needed help reading in-betwixt the lines there.

  10. Seriously…If this guy is on roids…It’ll be funny to see his puny ass without them..He is not even that big. What kinds of roids is he taking? The cheap Jersey Shore shit?

  11. What’s “bizarre” is you comparing a football player that did his job really well last year to a golfer–a @#$%ING GOLFER–who cheated on his wife with 120 women [plus the next-door neighbor].
    Bob McNair isn’t a fool, he’s a good businessman, and he’s rich as hell. If Cushing did anything wrong, McNair would have voided the contract by now and sued to get his money back. So since he didn’t, the only other thing to conclude is that Cushing did a great job last year and McNair sees a four game vacation as nothing to worry about. The proof is always right there in front of you. If you’d set your ego aside, Florio, you’d be able to see it.

  12. Florio would fly down and act like a real member of the media but his scared a$$ won’t step foot on a plane. I guess the old 68 VW bus can’t make that far in time. So yes he will sit back and analyze everything every REAL media member has to say about it.

  13. wippty frickin do get off Cushings joc…brian cushing this.. brian cushing that…
    no one cares

  14. If Cushing does answer questions from the press (i.e. people who are NOT named Florio), he should start by saying that he’s appealing his case to the Minnesota Supreme Court since the Williams boys STILL haven’t served their 4-game suspension. Oh well, at least he didn’t RAPE somebody’s daughter…

  15. I hope they have his NFL DROTY Trophy in the background. Sparkling brightly in the camera lights.

  16. Cmon Wishbone… Do you really think an owner would cut a guy who produced like he did (and made the tram some money) because of steroids?? He is smart business man and knows better than to overreact like that. If Pacman Jones, Big Ben, and several other criminals can still have jobs, why should he get money back fro

  17. Who gives a rat’s ass what this guy has to say? He’s a juicer any way you slice it. Man up, take your medicine and then go play indoor soccer.

  18. 9 out of 10 people think you’re a tool who now and then posts something worth reading, so you can take your ‘blog’ and shove it up your Cushing crazed ass. I hope you do run into Steve Smith one day so he can bring your inner bitch out.

  19. If he was the only roid/performance enhancing user, he’d deny the trophy. fact is these fella’s are huge and fast thanks to some nutritional science and engineering… he only got caught.
    Facts is facts, the game we watch and love IS enhanced, but this vague list the NFL puts out of what’s legal and banned is just that; Vague.
    StarCaps? Sounds more like a candy than a diuretic. Whatever Cushing took, he’s been taking, whether frowned upon or not, it helps on the field, which is what fans pay to see.

  20. It would be great if there is a Jack Ruby in the crowd who jumps forward and shoots the SOB so we can see what leaking ‘roids look like.

  21. Florio, you just HAVE to go to that presser. Cushing would be as scared chitless as McNabb would be if Rush Limbaugh showed up at his birthday party. You grilling Cushing would be the best PFTV evah…
    Florio: Brian, would you show us your moobs?
    Cushing: I don’t have any moobs
    Florio: Oh, I thot you didn’t have any sack…

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