NFL will take StarCaps case to Supreme Court

The complicated and convoluted StarCaps litigation continues to play out in multiple forums.  Six days after a judge in Minnesota ruled that the NFL had violated state drug-testing laws but that the suspensions of Vikings defensive tackles Pat and Kevin Williams would not be overturned, the NFL has decided to appeal to the United State Supreme Court the federal rulings that allowed the state-court case to even exist.

According to Brian Murphy of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello confirmed that the attempt will come on Thursday.

It’s the equivalent of a Hail Mary pass; the U.S. Supreme Court receives thousands of petitions for what the legal beagles call “certiorari,” and the highest court in the land grants the request in only a fraction of the submitted cases.

So why does the NFL care, given its “win” in Minnesota?  The ruling from Judge Gary Larson could be altered on appeal, especially since some disagree with the notion that the NFL could be in violation of the law yet have no consequence.  Also, even if the league prevails in Minnesota, it would prefer a ruling that exempts the steroids policy from the application of the law of any specific state, like Minnesota.

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  1. roger goddell has a lot of money to about giveing some of that moey to retired players.who have injuries for life? and cant function on an everyday basis.he is just asking for more bad publicity just like the cushing situation

  2. Goodell is a Packer fan, last year before the season he even said after the Packers 6-10 season that he wanted to put them in primetime alot more. He will do whatever he can to burn the Vikings, like making all but one of their primetime games away games.

  3. Seeing as how this will effect a 4-game point spread I would like to see a decision by August.

  4. CanadianViking:
    Goodell’s trying to screw the Vikings? Really?
    More like 2 of the Vikings’s best players cheated, got caught cheating, and have been able to play free of consequence for the last season and a half because the Minnesota court system tried to tilt the scales in their favorite team’s favor. Goodell is trying to enforce the NFL rules that both players have agreed to abide by and and is pushing the case to the highest court to make sure that a situation like this never happens again.

  5. We will never get the truth about spygate.
    Destroying the tapes and brushing it under the rug should result in his suspension and severe punishment under the personal conduct policy.
    That was the biggest conspiracy since 9/11

  6. so that’s what happened to gary larson! he quit the far side and became a judge.
    i’ve always wondered what happened to him.

  7. “More like 2 of the Vikings’s best players cheated, got caught cheating, and have been able to play free of consequence for the last season and a half because the Minnesota court system tried to tilt the scales in their favorite team’s favor.”
    Sure, if you’d like to ignore the fact that the courts said that the NFL had violated the rights of Pat and Kevin Williams in every conceivable way, up to and including knowingly not disclosing the presence of a banned substance in a supplement that wasn’t banned by the NFL, yet has managed to come away completely scot-free in this case.
    Because yeah, that seems fair. The league broke numerous laws and acted in bad faith, yet the only two people being punished are Kevin and Pat Williams.

  8. “CanadianVikingFan says:
    May 12, 2010 7:44 PM
    Goodell is a Packer fan, last year before the season he even said after the Packers 6-10 season that he wanted to put them in primetime alot more. He will do whatever he can to burn the Vikings, like making all but one of their primetime games away games.”
    Um…. the NFL probably is going to spend less money arguing this in the Supreme Court and taking the appeals all the way to the end rather than have to deal with 50 different states’ laws on labor relations.
    It has become much more than just the Williams wall, as this issue could impact every decision the NFL makes with regard to player conduct and players in general. In sum: does the NFL have to comply with each and every different states’ labor/drug laws, or can they work under one standard, pre-negotiated labor agreement as they thought they could?
    But hey, with Viking’s fans, it always seems to be about them.
    But I guess you found your excuse as to why your team fails again in 2010 to win anything of consequence.

  9. You just have to take anyone who says they are a Packer fan with a grain of salt.Everyone knows that you have to be retarded , on heavy drugs, homosexual or rednecks who don’t know any better to be a Packer fan.

  10. Well we know where the Saint’s players get and got their drugs from don’t we Sean?

  11. the NFL hates the Minnesota Vikings.
    we’ve been cheated in all our Super Bowl appearances- especially the Cowboy’s pushoff in the endzone TD
    they want to steal the Vikings away from Minnesota and place them in Los Angeles.
    So leave us alone and allow us to ride into the Texas sunset with #4 in February ’11!!!!

  12. @packerhater28
    If that’s the way you feel about Packer fans, what’s your take on All Thumbs? Did you wear Depends during the NFC Championship game so you wouldn’t miss a second of that misadventure? Is it true you guys have moans and groans on tape to save your voice? Bye the way, Turrets isn’t contagious. If you take a moment to reflect the “outbreaks” only occur on Vikings game day.

  13. A franchise notorious for choking and a QB who is also:) You would think Vikings fans would get sick of the constant heartache ,but I give them credit for their yearly, delusional, outlook. “I can’t believe this, this is not Detroit, this is the NFC Championship”The Brett we all knew was dieing to come out, waited till the bitter end, but he did show his true colors.

  14. The dumbass state judge was given a chance to correct his error, but declined to do so. Now comes the spanking.

  15. the 2 fat boys took drugs and now they have to pay the piper. Hope that they get there 4 games together. The Minnesota judge already gave them a whole year last year to play. Now this year if they serve together they let there teamates down and the Viking fans. As they said on ESPN, never take anything the team doctor won’t give you to put in your body. They got caught.

  16. Wow some of these comments!!
    1) The vikings are a bottom feeder noncontributing low revenure franchise on the NFL welfare system. Of course the other franchises dislike giving their money to a franchise that doesn’t pull its weight.
    2) The silly petty jealousy knee jerk reaction that somehow Titletown is to blame for the vikings own irresponsibility. Titletown is the only team with double digit World Championships, the vikings have zero, and the NFC North combine for 25. The vikings have not earned the right to talk about any other franchise.
    3) Using steroid masking agents is against the rules in any sport. Stop the whining! These suspension could/and should have been served 2 years ago.
    4) Roger Goodell wants to maximize the revenue for the NFL. That means teams that consistently have high ratings (like Green Bay) get on national television. Low rating teams like the vikings do not (last season’s unusual ratings were for Favre not the vikings).
    5) You can’t have one silly backwoods state with a doper friendly law holding the NFL hostage. Not only are the vikings being moved out of Minnesota in part because of this case, the NFL wants to ensure that no other petty tyrant state threatens to pollute their clean, sober, and family friendly sport.
    Therefore they are appealing to the US Supreme Court to slap this druggie supporting anti-American left wing state back into line with normal red blooded American values of clean fair play.
    As for the NFL not liking the vikings there are many reasons:
    -their entire starting D=line with substance abuse problems (3 w/steroids),
    -use of whizzinators,
    -criminal boating events,
    -caused NFL teams to be in road cities 24 hours in advance because they showed late for a game,
    -wrecked the transition tag with the “poison pill”,
    -they play recorded and amplified crowd noise at games,
    -vikings have no trophies
    -killed a player during training camp,
    and screwed up many traditions of the NFL.
    No wonder the hatred of that scandal filled NFL welfare franchise is justified.

  17. Bobby, you’ll need a 20 foot ladder to get off that horse.
    Go look at your own stats books to see that most titles won by the rest of the NFC North were captured before the Modern Era, when there were far fewer teams in the league and players were literally stomping on and biting each other in the piles.
    Guys got seriously injured in that era. Where is the Bears ‘dynasty’ of the modern era? Where is the glorious Packers “dynasty” of the modern era? There aren’t too many “dynasty” teams any more, are there, Bobby. The league has too much parity, unlike the old days when teams stayed together.
    I just can’t let you foam at the keyboard over this with your moronic lists and infantile jibes. The world does NOT owe the Green Bay Packers allegiance because of what happened over 60 years ago! They have to prove themselves each and every game, year in and year out just like every other team in the league. And fans, like you and me, don’t have an iota of influence on the outcome of the games that prove a team’s worth on the field. It doesn’t matter that Holy Lambeau “Sells Out Every Week In The History Of the National Football League”. Your own little pink lungs ALWAYS fill with air, too. Look how that turned out, moron.

  18. The Supreme Court will not even tell the NFL to read the Tenth Amendment and then call them in the morning. They will just toss this frivolous suit aside like the baseless case that it is.

  19. A Packers fan from Wisconsin calling Minnesota a backwoods state…hilarious!
    Next you’ll be telling us Kenosha is the Malibu of the midwest.
    Keep your political drivel off this site, Bob, Minnesota isn’t left-wing or right-wing. It’s one of the most independent and progressive-minded states out there.
    I don’t know what America you live in…but a judge protecting the rights of workers (i.e. 99% of America) over the rights of Employers (the other 1%-since you Packer fans aren’t good at math) seems kind of aligned with America’s values.
    The Williams’ messed up by taking a supplement that wasn’t given by their doctor, you are right about that. But I blame the NFL for failing to take the two minutes to send an email letting all teams know Starcaps contained a banned substance listed on the label.
    Goodell’s laziness lead to this ginormous waste of time and money on a legal case.

  20. Wow – I should have gone to law school, just to become an attorney on this case. I’d love to milk the NFL for millions over something stupid.

  21. Spygate was one of sports biggest finds but the NFL quickly wanted to move on mainly in part I believe more teams do it. This STARCAPS is a waste of time and I do think if the players were on rosters of say PATS, COLTS and GIANTS it too would have been moved on and out of sight. I’m just saying.

  22. Turrets isn’t contagious. If you take a moment to reflect the “outbreaks” only occur on Vikings game day.
    “Turrets” are on houses you flaming idiot!
    Did you mean Tourettes?
    Your joke kinda goes flat when you don’t know how to tell it.
    I see Bob and kneel Nelson is typing one handed again.
    I got no problem with his anti Viking bias.
    But talking about the death of a player is pretty crass.
    I don’t expect much out of Packer fans, so it isn’t all that suprising.
    “Titletown”? Please
    1 title in the last 41 years? all others 42 years or older?
    That you still consider GB title town is ludicrous.
    If not for Favre in the 90’s, youd still be wallowing in 4-12 seasons, much like the upcoming season….This is TT’s last year!!

  23. Sift through the maroons, who refuse to understand the reality in front of them.
    I expected the NFL to be the ones to appeal this ruling. The real loss for them was being declared employers of the players. That’s what this has been about all along.

  24. chickenragnarpartdeux says:
    May 13, 2010 9:01 AM
    “Titletown”? Please.
    St. Louis..Gateway to the West, Minneapolis…City of Lakes, Chicago…The Windy City, Los Angeles…Tinseltown, La Crosse…God’s Country. They’re called city nicknames….they are earned and they stick, regardless of the opinions of sneering small-minded haters. Nearly every locale in the country has one….kind of like your house…Turdville.

  25. 1961 was also the year that Titletown became the new name of Green Bay, as local merchants coined the community nickname…Titletown USA…to describe the spirit of the little town that could.
    Isn’t that precious?!
    Local merchants? Lmao!!!
    I am a hater, although, I’m not small minded.
    Small minded is bragging about Championships dating back to the 20’s.
    Jesus dud, if not for Favre, you’d be neck and neck with the Vikes for years w/o a Super bowl.
    While it’s cute and all that store owners have named the city titletown, shouldn’t the team win more than once every 20-40 years to keep that distinction?
    By the way, my house isn’t called turdville, it’s
    called fecal manor. It’s just off the hershey highway. You then take exit 69 and take a left.
    Then it’s straight up the old dirt road.
    Stop by anytime.

  26. chickenragnarpartdeux says:
    May 13, 2010 2:30 PM
    Jesus dude, if not for Favre, you’d be neck and neck with the Vikes for years w/o a Super bowl.
    If not for Favre? More like “if not for Reggie and Desmond and a four-interception defense, Favre may not have won his only SuperBowl.” Favre…of and by himself…is not a post-season winner. He’s a good QB, but not in the all-time top-ten, not by a longshot. He’s notorious for his longevity, which is admirable, but a winner he is not. You’ll find out soon enough.

  27. Haha it’s funny seeing how when Favre made one mistake in the NFCCG, every Packer fan is all over him. You do realize he put up career numbers with US in 1 season! I’m a Vikings fan that lives in Wisconsin and I can’t stand all the Packer fans in this state. Packer fans are embarrassing and are a disgrace to the NFL. Might I add that Favre put up 700+ yds and 7 TDs against you guys, hahaha seems like he can’t show up in big games, huh? I just laugh at the fact how you guys got absolutely embarrassed in both games from a 41 year old. Don’t worry, not the 1st time, remember when Kurt Warner almost have a perfect game against you in the playoffs! All I heard after that game was, “If Rodgers completed that pass to Jennings then the game would be over.” Yes it would have been but 2 plays later, awww there goes your season! Rodgers being an idiot and trying to kick it back to himself! Haha don’t worry, you’ll get your ass handed to you this year again twice from the 41 year old.

  28. Little Bob keeps talking about titles from the 20s, I highly doubt he was even a cell in that test tube his gay incestuous fathers bought from a science lab after they were told homosexuals cannot have a kid through copulation.

  29. chickenragnarpartdeux says:
    May 14, 2010 8:23 AM
    How is it, when the Packers win the Super bowl, that it is because of Reggie and Desmond and the defense, but, when the Packers lost a big game, it was all on Favre?
    chickenragnarpartdeux says:
    May 13, 2010 2:30 PM
    …if not for Favre, you’d be neck and neck with the Vikes for years w/o a Super bowl.
    You made the claim of Favre being responsible for the lone SuperBowl victory….not me. And if Reggie had a key last minute tackle all wrapped up, no time remaining, and the guy wriggled free for a winning TD, you can bet I would have placed the blame of the loss on him. No different with Favre.

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