PFT Daily: DeSean Jackson could become T.O., part deux

We’ve been intrigued by the stream of nuggets coming from the recent interview that Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson gave to SportingNews.

And we can’t help but wonder whether the guy who currently wears No. 10 for the Eagles is becoming into the next incarnation of the guy who used to wear No. 81 there.

For more, here’s today’s PFT Daily.


92 responses to “PFT Daily: DeSean Jackson could become T.O., part deux

  1. Other then 4.3 speed, I wouldn’t want my children to be anything like Desean Jackson.

  2. T.O. without the ability. Enjoy that Mr. kolb.
    Desean, the cowboys are still waiting on that ass stinging……

  3. Ahh this guy is a loser just like T.O., both of them will NEVER, and i mean NEVVVVERRRRRRRRRRR (Chris Jericho reference) win a superbowl!

  4. He’s not. There’s no comparison, by a longshot even.
    Oh, and Jackson’s a team player. So already, he trumps Terrible Owens.

  5. “DeSean Jackson could become T.O., part deux”
    Been thinking that since the moment he started popping off when McNabb was traded.
    Difference is that McNabb was still there when TO was doing it.
    I just shudder to think of what happens when Kolb follows the legacy of all the other University of Houston QBs in the NFL.

  6. You only want him to become the next T.O. because it’s good for site traffic. It’s a winning formula:
    1) Take comments out of context
    2) Inflame PFT troll community
    3) ???
    4) Profit

  7. Slow news day? Talking about making up/extending a made-up “conroversy.
    PFT could become ESPN Jr. Maybe that’s the goal?$?$?$?

  8. I hope not, kinda like him as a football player, but if he does turn into TO part 2, it’ll be just what the NFL needs, another egomaniacal attention wh&%e! Awesome.

  9. Seriously though he hasn’t demonstrated to be like TO at all, hes not crying about his contract like TO, and really is there anything wrong with wanting to have endorsements? How does this make him a bad person or like TO? If wanting endorsements makes you a bad person or a distraction, Peyton Manning woudl go winless every year and that isnt the case…..And all of his Mcnabb comments are being taken out of context, Mcnabb isn’t on the team anymore, of course hes gonna say those things and back up Kolb, Kolb is his QB now not McNabb, he needs to have his back.
    Way to create a story about nothing

  10. Desean has handled his contract talks perfectly he wants an extension not to redo his contract. He has supported his teammates. He didnt say anything bad about Mcnabb he was just showing confidence in Kolb.
    The only thing I dont like is that he brought up what Marty said in the media. Everyone around Philly knows what this guy is like hes a jackass but still Desean shouldnt bring it up in public. Other then that he has been a perfect member of the team.
    He works harder then anyone at practice never misses a meeting. He is loved by his teammates and does everything the orginzation wants him to. He goes to all the signing and public events like the 1960 Jersey unveiling. Also he is great with the fans he shows us respect unlike former Eagles franchise players.
    The most important part is Andy loves him. Have you ever seen Andy act like he does with Desean with any other player? No. Andy looks excited about this team for the first time since losing the superbowl.

  11. As an eagles fan, you’d have to be a complete idiot not to realize that Jackson is a loud mouthed punk, typical modern day generation “BSPN highlights” athlete, and i assume you did an entire PFT Daily segment on him because of the recent McNabb statements and the McNabb/TO history…..You forgot one thing though…..TO was correct in his assumption. And so is Jackson….

  12. @ Duck Fallas
    Why so bitter bro? I am sure if this was about another team you would be all for it.

  13. RumorMongering, maybe on day Desean will actually “sting they azz.”
    What a loser. After one ass-whooping, he makes some crummy video on youtube talking crap to the guys who just spanked him, just so he could get b*tch smacked all over the field again the next weekend.
    Desean is WAY too cocky for a one-dimensional young receiver who has yet to win anything in his career (then again, his franchise has never won it). He needs to zip the mouth, and go out and play. Not ramble on about McDonald’s and billboards or give the opposing team bulletin board material for an upcoming playoff game.
    No, he’s not T.O, but he’s still arrogant and talks too much when it would be best for him to not say anything at all.

  14. I love how Cowboys fans talk sh*t. U won one playoff game in 14 years and got ur a**es handed to u in the second round. Then ur argument is always superbowl wins. I mean I guess Cleveland Browns fans could talk sh*t about how many times Jim Brown led them to an NFL Champuionship but since it happened 50 friggin years ago who cares. You’re all fairweather and nobody hears from u when u guys stink. PS Romo = 1-4 in playoffs. U should be so proud.

  15. The more and more this guy talks….The less I like him…Shame too, dude is good….
    And WTF is up with these Diva WRs…. Do they have to bitch and moan to be included in the “club”??
    I smile when i think of the Packers WRs,….
    Jennings (underrated..solid dude)
    Driver (underrated..solid dude)
    Jones (underrated..solid dude)
    See the trend?? Only Diva Green Bay has ever produced is now wearing purple. If the shoe fits……

  16. Slow news day? Jackson went on ESPN and spoke about the comments being taken completely out of context by a journalist who had a motive to create a problem. He said he has nothing but praise for McNabb, but I guess that wouldn’t make this site any more interesting.

  17. Florio, please go back and actually read the interview. In context he isn’t wording this to take a shot at McNabb, he’s saying he has confidence without him they can continue, that the offense won’t drop off.

  18. @BigD88 says:
    “Desean is WAY too cocky for a one-dimensional young receiver……..
    “He needs……T.O”
    See how easy that is to take parts of your quote and arrange them for my purpsoses? That’s what Perez Florio is doing, here, making crap up to drive eyeballs.
    Former lawyer or not, you’re going down the wrong slope. Then again, maybe credibility is over-rated to you, Mr. Cornflorio?
    BigD88: DJax is not 1 dimensional, not even close. I would agree he needs to keep his mouth shut, but he was not popping off. He was interviewed for an article. He did not rip or discrespect DNabb. As for his having to clarify what he said, well, when you have hacks changing the context and meaning of your responses to questions, you have no other choice.
    I’d look for DJax to quit giving interviews…right…about……now.

  19. Desean is a class act, he just wants to throw himself behind kolb.
    Everyone is just twisting his words.

  20. hey BigD88, how many superbowl rings does Tony Romo have?
    this is all a created controversy – DeSean is not missing meetings, griping abotu his contracts or saying anything poor about his current teammates. In fact, he was voicing confidence in his team, not insulting McNabb. McNabb chose to make this a big deal by responding.
    I have to agree with one of the posts above – maybe it’s telling that McNabb is the common denominator

  21. @BigD88 –
    The Eagles have yet to win a Super Bowl. I’m surprised you didn’t know that.

  22. Well he fits right in with the Philly mentallity “COCKY” oh da fans they love to hate everything…
    You know what’s really sad the NEW ORLEANS SAINTS won a super bowl before the Iggles, what a shame, heck even Tampa Bay two of THE worst franchises in NFL history!

  23. I’m going to laugh my butt off when the throws Kevin “4 tds 7 picks” Kolb under the bus, when the Eagles fans start chanting…………..
    ha ha ha

  24. This guy is nothing like T.O. at least Owens had the balls to say it while he was in the same locker room. And to be honest Jackson doesn’t measure up in ability either.

  25. Also, maybe it’s time for you to go back to your employment litigation practice, you’re clearly a terrible football journalist. I’m sure it’s profitable, though.
    Get some self-respect, man.

  26. —Ha! How many teammates has Desean thrown under the bus? He’s been nothing but good to his teammates and confident in his team.—
    did you even watch the video? He said Desean wants to be a good teammate.

  27. Sorry Big D,
    You can talk about Super Bowl’s all you want, the last time you won a Super Bowl was 15 years ago. It’s 2010, Dallas is not the same franchise they were in the 90’s and Romo will never win a Super Bowl just like McNabb.

  28. Oh come on guys, I’m just having some fun. No bitterness here. That’s your big comeback BigD, the fact that the Birds haven’t won it all yet? Nice one.

  29. This is making something out of a whole lot of nothing.
    Desean is a young player that probably hasn’t learned to censor himself with the media yet.
    Other than that, this is complete nonsense. And most of you are falling into the Florio trap.

  30. What did DeSean do wrong? He put all his faith in his new QB and he gets blasted for doing that?
    He gives the media a big-time nugget and tells everyone what happened with Marty Moronwig last year and he gets criticized for that?
    I sense a hater in front of that camera in this video. Or he was just trying to get web hits.

  31. Non story here as usual Florio. DJax is the anti-TO. Doesnt throw teammates under the bus, or make waves in the locker room. And he’s telling the truth about Don and Kolb. Kolbs numbers will end up dwarfing what McNabb did in his career here. Partially because of the weapons he has, but moreso because he can run the offense the way it’s meant to be run. DJax will flourish without having to make an adjustment everytime he runs a crossing pattern. The only ball 5 threw on the money was the deep ball because it was either caught or overthrown…no chance at a pick to ruin that pristine, best in history of NFL, interception/td ratio…

  32. and what’s more, how are you saying that he’s “becoming” like TO? all of the stories you’re referring to are from ONE INTERVIEW!!! the guy just oozes confidence. whether that’s warranted or not, and whether that’s a good thing or not, that remains to be seen. but he is not disruptive, he works hard with his teammates, generally keeps his head down (this is him being interviewed, of course he’ll talk). he’s even being very classy about his contract situation, when he could be a little b***h like chris johnson is being.
    stop stirring the pot. it’s making you all look bad. i’m not saying he’s ideal, but absolutely nothing he’s done warrants a TO comparison. nothing. aside from being right about being OK without mcnabb

  33. @BlondeBlueDevils
    Dude, seriously put the damn Madden 2004 game away. Your act is old and tired, if Vick was all that, he’d be starting somewhere, and starting over Kolb…………. Get over it.

  34. Other then 4.3 speed, I wouldn’t want my children to be anything like Desean Jackson.
    I guess you would rather them to be like Michael Irvin 88

  35. Opie, trust me, I know full well what Florio is doing here. Just stirring the pot for hits just like he did with Dez Bryant. “Oh boy golly gee whiz Dez Bryant’s mom went to jail!” Do some of you guys know just how many NFL players have had one or both parents do time behind bars? Many of them come from poor upbringings and broken homes. Many, as a result of their environment, get caught up in the night life now that they have money and, having not had much guidance in their lives, wind up making a mistake and committing crimes.
    Instead of commending someone like Dez for making it thus far, like Michael Oher, the media would rather stir the pot by bringing up his past in order to create more buzz since he is in a big market in Dallas.
    I just feel like Desean’s head is a little too big for my liking. Very dangerous player, but he is far from complete and IMO it would be best for him to stay away from the microphone, eliminating the chance of the media taking his words out of context, and just focusing on football. Not billboards and McDonald’s endorsements.
    As far as the trash talk on here, that too is all in good fun. Bottomline, we can all agree that neither Cowboys nor Eagles fans are happy if the season falls short of a super bowl victory.

  36. Where did my first post go? You kept the one where I called Florio a bad journalist, but deleted the one where I made valid arguments about why the comparison is retarded? I’m not even sure what to make of this.

  37. Heard an interview with the author of the sportingnews story (sorry dude I forgot your name) on philly radio 610 this morning. He basically said the article is being protrayed poorly. Casual but on-the-record interview.
    But now Florio smells smoke and has written 4 different posts referring to this one article. If ive ever seen a campaign against someone begin with full force, I think it just happened.
    Less TMZ, more NFL pllllllease…

  38. I love how everyone is hating on DJax. Seriously??? McNabb is the one who threw Desean and the rest of the young guys under the bus after the loss to Dallas. McNabb is the one who came out all cocky in the playoff game playing the air guitar before he got on the field. Then what did he do? He bounced his very first pass off the turf and the game was over right when it started. All Desean said this offseason was he felt like the team didnt lose anything by getting rid of McNabb because he is confident in what Kolb can do, plus he is more accurate. He could have said the Eagles made a big mistake by letting McNabb go and threw Kolb under the bus since he is young, but he didnt.
    I do agree that Jackson is a cocky young kid, but how many players can we honestly say that about in the NFL right now? Alot. People seem to make more out of it because Jackson has alot of skill, just like T.O. did. If it was an average player who was cocky but didnt put up big numbers, then this wouldnt even be an issue. He wants a new contract, so does Chris Johnson and he’s not showing up at camp and no one is talking much about that. Leave DJax alone and stop taking his comments out of text. He hasnt done anything wrong.

  39. Plain and simple…the jaws will drop again this season as Desean Jackson makes fools out of NFL defenses and solidifies himself as a premiere receiver on PLANET EARTH. I will back this almost inevitable fact with another prediction of mine, STATISTICALLY…Kevin Kolb will be a top 10 quarterback by season’s end(This while actually losing some snaps to Vick). Even with only 2 starts under his belt, I believe that Kolb is already a better fit for our west coast style offense than Mcnabb ever was

  40. Sorry, i do not see it. Maybe i am missing something else he said but to me it looks like he is just saying what he truely wants in life, to be a good teammate, a role model to a city by getting alot of deals with franchises within his city ( and he wants to make money, nothing wrong with that ) The comments about McNabb do not bother me at all. What should he have said ? I do not know how we will do it this year with McNabb gone. We lost the best player on the team ( not really ) How will we ever survive! No if he said crap like that then he would be labled as a guy who does not trust his team, does not have faith in his QB and is a cry baby. I like what he said and I am not one who likes alot of players who speak there mind!

  41. “I love how Cowboys fans talk sh*t.”
    Me too.
    20-16 in Philly to take their pride
    24-0 to take the division
    34-14 to end McNabb’s career as an 0-3gle

  42. EskinSux says:
    May 12, 2010 2:10 PM
    Dude, seriously put the damn Madden 2004 game away. Your act is old and tired, if Vick was all that, he’d be starting somewhere, and starting over Kolb…………. Get over it.
    AMEN Eskin
    This dude knows nada about pro football.
    He thinks Seneca Wallace is WHITE!
    Too busy talkin to ever listen & maybe learn something…

  43. “McNabb is the one who came out all cocky in the playoff game playing the air guitar before he got on the field.”
    So I guess Jackson wasn’t cocky when he said they they were going to “sting dat azz” and then proceeded to go out and play like a scared third grader?

  44. Jackson needs to shut up I cant wait to see what Jackson says when Maclin is leading the team in receptions. Cant wait to see what Jackson says when Kolb the magnificient goes 11-30 for 110 yards and 3 ints. I have never ever seen a qb get so much recognition over 2 games. lol He is the most accurate passer in NFL history in 7 on 7 drills. Hoying I mean Kolb better be able to play.

  45. There are some out there who will do anything to create controversy. DJax and T.O. are polar opposites!! DJax is a solid teammate who did nothing but show his support for his new QB.
    I sense just a ton of haters!! Like I’ve stated on similar posts, keep on hatin’ because it only makes him better. Let the tears roll as he smokes your teams’ D!!
    Go ahead #10!! Do your thing, don’t listen to this BS!

  46. This is just PFT looking for a story……
    Djax from all reports is liked by all his teammates. He isn’t whining about a contract, or not getting the ball enough, so where do the T.O. comparisons come from?
    He stood behind his new QB, and to be honest, I agree that they didn’t lose anything with McNabb leaving, other than his famous bounce passes.
    I’m not fully sold on “The young guns” yet, but I hav no issue with them being a little cocky/confident.
    For the guys that say he can’t play……. Have you watched any film? He’s a game changer. The games where he wasn’t productive were because McNabb couldn’t hit any of his targets. He had 13 total td’s last year, that’s not tob bad in my book.

  47. Yeah, and he also could become Jerry Rice, part deux.
    Sadly for you and for me, there is probably not enough evidence to support either of our theories at this point into the dude’s 2-year career.
    Come on — let’s not blow a harmless interview totally out of proportion.

  48. If I remember right Jackson had the Cowboys burnt in the regular season finale, but McNabb overthrew him by 20 yards. It’s easy for dickheads like Jenkins to boast how he shut down Jackson when his qb couldn’t get put the ball where he needed it.

  49. Typical Florio. Same type of, ahem, “journalist” that gets pissed when athletes won’t offer interviews, or regurgitate the same rote PR that offers absolutely no insight. And this is exactly the reason why. You act like your Nancy freakin’ Drew, hot on the case, ready to crack another caper by deciphering his interview and turning it entirely against him. If I were an athlete, I’d refuse to speak to the media too, since apparently their entire profession has now turned into this.
    At least he has the balls to stand up and speak what he says he said Florio, unlike you and your Steve Smith punked-yo-punkass-Gate.

  50. This is just getting dumb now. Mc5 is the enemy now no matter what. So is DJAX spose to say, I love Mc5, I wish he was still here, Kolb blows and can’t throw. DJAX is saying all the right things.

  51. TO never dropped the ball on purpose as he was running into the end-zone before he actually crossed into the end-zone.
    This guy is as cocky as they come.

  52. this guy is an idiot…plain and simple…what is it about black receivers who can’t keep their mouths shut????

  53. coxypoo says:
    May 12, 2010 1:32 PM
    I mean I guess Cleveland Browns fans could talk sh*t about how many times Jim Brown led them to an NFL Champuionship but since it happened 50 friggin years ago who cares. You’re all fairweather and nobody hears from u when u guys stink. PS Romo = 1-4 in playoffs.
    The Browns only won 1 NFL championship with Jim Brown on their Roster and Romo is 1-3 in playoff games not 1-4.
    But hey, why be accurate?
    P.S. it’s only Eagles and Skins fans you hear from when their teams stink. That’s why people dislike them so much.

  54. Jackson cant have it both ways. Jackson gets all the credit for making plays and making it to the pro bowl. But Mcnabb sucks? How does that work? Who the hell threw him the ball? Baldinger and Didinger broke down the films of the 2 Dallas games and the Denver game and said Jackson couldnt handle the press coverage and was ineffective. Maybe Jackson should focus on them comments.

  55. Dallas fans can say what they want about Jackson, but he does have twice as many playoff victories in his second seaon as Dallas has in the last fifteen years.

  56. Whats wrong with being cocky??
    McNabb is pathectic and Eagles did the right thing releasing him and getting Kolb into action..
    Whats wrong with being cocky!!

  57. It’s gonna get quite interesting in philly with our receivers (especially maclin and jackson) actually catching the ball in stride..catching the ball above the waist..CATCHING BALLS THAT ARENT THROWN 150 MPH!! One legitimate fear I have is that even while this is his first year under center as starter, Andy and Marty are dumb enough to have Kolb continue the Eagle’s incessant passing overload of recent years and I am in no way down with that. I’ll point to Kolb’s very first start of his entire career and our offensive playcallers had him chuckin the rock all over the place. Establish the run to establish the pass

  58. @ leaguemvp
    DeSean did beat the Cowboys deep and McNabb over threw him (didn’t think was possible). DeSean showed up just somebody couldn’t get him the ball. DJack could destroy the cowboys so I would mess with fire if I were you…

  59. @ leaguemvp
    DeSean did beat the Cowboys deep and McNabb over threw him (didn’t think was possible). DeSean showed up just somebody couldn’t get him the ball. DJack could destroy the cowboys so I wouldn’t mess with fire if I were you…

  60. did you read the fricken article you amateur journalist? he said all the right things and never once said anything you wouldn’t want a superstar saying
    I’m not even an Eagles fan and I can see that…. when was the last time this website actually broke a decent story..

  61. D.Jackson has been a loud-mouth since day 1. An athlete completely dependent on speed, his career will only last a few years until the speed diminishes. Annoying but insignificant in the big picture.

  62. You know what’s so funny about comparing TO to DeSean Jackson? Think back to 2004- TO gets injured heading into the playoffs. What does McNabb say to the media?
    ‘We can win without TO.’
    Was he slighting TO? No, he was expressing confidence in who was on the field, but TO went nuts about that and started with the bad-mouthing and posturing. Can you blame McNabb for saying that? I, for one, can’t. Also, TO was still a member of the team.
    Now, here’s a guy who has been traded, and indications are that he WANTED to be traded. Here’s a guy who BLAMED the younger players for some losses last year, who this young team could not connect with, much like the media, fans, and anyone else who is not his parents.
    DeSean Jackson is asked about this team without McNabb here, he expresses confidence, and represents the way the team feels about it.
    Can you blame him for saying that? McNabb can, and so can the media because it’s a young, talkative wide receiver and not a veteran quarterback. FYI, that’s called a hypocrite for those playing at home.
    McNabb ‘takes the high road’ yet talks out of both sides of his mouth in responding. ‘He can say whatever he wants, I’m a Redskin now, doesn’t concern me’, but ‘they never said that to my face and he is not a man for saying this behind my back’. That’s the exact opposite of taking the high road, but he’s the veteran quarterback and not a young, talkative wide receiver. I suppose Jackson’s interview clarifying his remarks and voicing once again it was not a shot at McNabb.
    That’s not what people want to talk about though, this is like old ladies at the beauty parlor nonsense.

  63. Desean who? I’ve heard of this guy but he seems to disappear whenever the Cowboys are on the football field.

  64. DeSean Jackson is not T.O. He’s more like Antonio Bryant with more talent and less weed. You guys are overreacting to something stupid. I don’t think he should have said what he did about McNabb, but he did nothing to disrupt the team and is confident in his new QB. We’ll see where that confidence is by the end of the season if/when the Eagles finish 8-8 or below.

  65. Who the hell decided Kolb can hit his recievers in stride? He played 2 games in his whole career and he’s Joe He looks great in 7 on 7 drills. Lets wait to Dallas, Colts,Vikings etc come to town and lets see how much Kolb hits in “STRIDE”. No excuses Kolb better be able to play.

  66. “# NightTrainNeckTie says: May 12, 2010 4:13 PM…P.S. it’s only Eagles and Skins fans you hear from when their teams stink.”
    Your semi-right…because their fan bases are knowledgeable and actually care about their teams.
    As for the Dallas fans…. they only appear when their team is winning. Ask Vox & BigD, they can attest.

  67. GOD I Hope so! T.O. Was Awesome in Philly. His biggest problem was that he butted heads with Donovan. DeSean likes Kolb so I dont see this as a bad thing!!!!

  68. This is a horrible story. He is not taking stabs at McNabb, he is backing his new QB. Whats wrong with that? Stop blowing ish up. And even if he were really complaining about his contract, he is a what 23-24 year old monster. Pay the man. TO complained about his and he was a what 31 year old outdated player on an 8 yr contract.
    No Comparison….. sorry just delete this post

  69. Gotta love those Dallas fans from different parts of the states–even from states that have teams, but no i’m going to go all the way across country to route for Dallas, because when i was growing 20 years ago–they won some Superbowls–what a joke.

  70. Guys…. when TO was complaining about that contract, there were about 22 other WRs in the league that were getting paid more than him with the way his contract was structured. How can you blame a guy that was a “no-brainer” at least top 7 WR at the time. I’m a Cowboys fan and stood behind him on that one. This DJAX cat is an idiot. At least TO won a playoff game with one of his catches (in SF) before he started mouthing off. Mark it down, this clown will be a bigger jerk than TO ever was. Not to mention, that junior high-school body of his will be lucky to make it 2 more seasons in the NFC Beast!!

  71. @ KellyGreen: not exactly what DNabb said. Furthermore, he was responding to something that a reporter “told” him DJax said. DJax even made reference to this fact while defending his statements as not an assault on DNabb.
    I love how folks are taking an article that said Kolb looked “good in 7 on 7 drills” and using it to show that he can’t play. How many of you actually, you know, SAW these drills?!? If you happened to be there, do you have any reference to what “good” looks like?
    Kolb could be Peyton, Jr., but if the OLine doesn’t do a much better job than it did vs. Dallas, in final two games, he won’t do dick.
    Here’s praying that the line plays great! Give him time and he’ll pick you apart. Most qb’s will………except for Romo in the playoffs…

  72. DynastyDays says: May 13, 2010 9:26 AM
    At least TO won a playoff game with one of his catches (in SF) before he started mouthing off.
    First, Who said DeSean was mouthing off about anything? He is not complaining about his contract and giving Support to his QB
    Second, DeSean has caught passes and won playoff games as well! Two as I recall
    I just also want to note that no one said squat about the Vikings when their COACH and other team mates said that they will be fine without Favre. However when DeSean Jackson said “I don’t think we lost anything, even with McNabb being gone.” The Media Jumps all over it as if he said Good Riddance!

  73. I like how Florio said “we will be watching here very closely at PFT Daily”…..No $hit! These guy have been looking for any rhyme or reason to take a dump on the eagles for at least the 4 years I have been coming to this site. Its almost too funny, And I noticed its getting worse. I may just go start reading bleacher report. A buddy of mine (Giants Fan) Said that they report the Football news without the Bias like this site does. He told me that he checked out this site out like I told him to and didnt like it because noting on here was based on fact. Just opinion.

  74. Meldog says:
    May 12, 2010 4:07 PM
    TO never dropped the ball on purpose as he was running into the end-zone before he actually crossed into the end-zone.
    This guy is as cocky as they come.
    This is true, but hasn’t TO led the league in dropped passes for like the past 4-5 yrs

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