PFTV looks at the time lag in the Brian Cushing case

Plenty of NFL players have tested positive for banned substances.  But few situations have struck a chord like the recent suspension imposed on Texans linebacker Brian Cushing.

And the case presents plenty of layers and levels and issues.

For our first PFTV segment of the week, we explore one the aspects that troubles most fans — the long delay between the collection of the urine sample that contained excessive amounts of hCG and the finalization of the suspension.


6 responses to “PFTV looks at the time lag in the Brian Cushing case

  1. Uh…Doesn’t confidentiality go out the window once the suspension is dealt out anyway? Don’t we all know that HCG is the reason for the suspension? Little confused what Florio is talking about towards the end of that clip.

  2. Cushing was an obvious juicer. He got caught. Now he’s lying about it. No one believes him but his fanboys. And LT didn’t have sex with that woman. Same old routine. Big deal.

  3. It seems the NFL was actually dragging this out to see how subsequent tests would turn out. They apparently had results on many tests; it didn’t take all that time to get results on the first test. Maybe they gave Cushing flase hope that they would let him slide if the rest of the tests were negative.

  4. That zit on your face is growing a zit on it…..haha Just playing Florio zits happen.

  5. florio
    just one more CUSHING story in the next 24 hours and I am removing the bookmark from my browser for your site -no more visits from me –
    Do you really want that?

  6. Excessive amounts of hCG were found? Where did you get this info, Florio? Adam Schefter (you know, the person you like to steal, err…get, much of your info from) reported this:
    A source familiar with the Brian Cushing case has revealed more details to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. A positive test occurred in early September, and Cushing tested negative for any substance twice before he was ever alerted that he had initially tested positive (both within days of the initial positive test). And after being alerted of the positive test Brian was tested randomly numerous times throughout the season and never tested positive. In addition, the test was positive for slightly elevated levels of hCG (a non-steroidal substance – hCG is a hormone produced naturally by the body). The level that he tested positive for was so low that it would not have been considered a “positive” test even a year ago. ”
    Notice the last line in his report. This clearly contradicts your statement of “excessive amounts”. Please, Florio, let us know your source! Oh, that’s right… You have no nads and hide behind that “journalistic” shield. Let the witch hunt continue…

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