Shawne Merriman was and is available for trade

When word surfaced that Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman left CAA to be represented by David Dunn’s Athletes First, we assumed that the move was a product of circumstance.  Stuck with the status of restricted free agent due to the niceties of the uncapped year, which blocked Merriman from a shot at the open market, Merriman is understandably frustrated.  Since he has no control over the situation, the one thing he can control is the identity of his agent.

Apparently, there’s more to the story than that.  Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that Merriman’s decision resulted from three failed draft-weekend trades that collapsed due to the demands that agent Tom Condon made on a long-term deal for Merriman. 

Per Acee, the Saints were one of the teams pursuing a possible trade.

That said, it’s unclear whether a deal would have been finalized even if Condon’s demands had been met.  Acee reports that the Chargers were firm in their request for a first-round pick in exchange for Merriman.

Acee also writes that the Chargers have made it known that Merriman remains available.  So if Merriman fired Condon and CAA because Condon wanted too much money, the question becomes whether Dunn will be willing to reduce the number to a level that another team would be willing to meet.  Then the question will become whether Merriman’s prospective team will be willing to give up enough to the Chargers to make the trade happen.

55 responses to “Shawne Merriman was and is available for trade

  1. Miami Please Trade For Shawne Merriman!
    Shawne Merriman And Karlos Dansby On The Team Together Would Be Awesome!

  2. I still remember all the people whining and crying on the Dallas boards I was on during Draft Day 2005 when Dallas took DeMarcus Ware instead of this tool.

  3. Merriman is nothing anymore….once he regained a neck, he could no longer play.

  4. Not worth a first round pick in 2010. Hasn’t been the same since he got off the juice. *cough*Cushing*cough*

  5. A 1st rounder for a clown that hasn’t been any good since he got busted for steroids?! What a joke.

  6. Yeah manofiki……… should really start a career as a stock market specialist… are a true genius……..tell me again what Demarcus Where? has accomplished as opposed to Merriman?…..tool?………both have done nothing…………….but hey jackass………… are a tool for saying……i gotta ask….the meaning of your post was what again……..remind me

  7. I have a feeling that one of the teams that was talking to the Chargers about Merriman on draft day was the Miami Dolphins. Don’t know if they are still interested given the LBs they picked up during the draft.

  8. Tila Tequila Haiku:
    That Shawne Merriman
    He was my very big man!
    He wove me wong time.

  9. Merriman is damaged goods..he’ll never be the same…his knees are shot.
    No way he’s worth a 1st round pick.

  10. Tila Tequila Haiku 2 :
    Merriman choke me
    I didn’t have much to drink
    Bruises vanish quick

  11. Tila Tequila Haiku 3:
    My big Merriman
    He wanted Sunday four way
    Three women too much

  12. too many………….periods…………………….going in……………………to ……………………convulsions…………………

  13. Tila Tequila Haiku 4 (no more):
    Me likey all kinds
    Women are loving and soft
    O U 8 1 2?

  14. I agree that he is not worth a 1st round pick, a risky 2nd at best. With that said though i would love to see the skins move carter to a 4-3 team where he belongs and bring merriman back to DC.

  15. A first round pick – looks like the chargers front office took up weed about the same time merriman quit steroids. Maybe a third. Maybe.

  16. @eskinsux…… Are you kidding ? Demarcus had a 20 sack season two years ago anhis first drop off ever in production was ’09 when he recorded FOURTEEN sacks. He played through injuries just to participate in the damn pro bowl. He’s on pace to have one of the prolific defensive careers in NFL history. I’m not saying something is wrong with your head but… THATS WHAT SHE SAID!!!!

  17. He hasn’t been any good for a while.
    He’s done.
    Him and his stupid dance/shimmy can ride off into the sunset.
    Doesn’t deserve a 3rd round pick, much less a 1st.

  18. I prefer that a very unmotivated Merriman play in 2010 for the Chargers, and he leave next year without AJ getting anything for him. AJ is a greedy trading partner, and deserves getting stiffed.

  19. 65 sacks 23 forced fumbles since coming to the league only 5 years ago… Men lie, woman lie, but numbers don’t ….. Demarcus is headed to canton when it’s all said and done

  20. EskinSux says:
    May 12, 2010 9:49 PM
    Yeah manofiki……… should really start a career as a stock market specialist… are a true genius……..tell me again what Demarcus Where? has accomplished as opposed to Merriman?…..tool?………both have done nothing…………….but hey jackass………… are a tool for saying……i gotta ask….the meaning of your post was what again……..remind me
    –Ummmm, Demarcus Ware has 1 more Pro Bowl appearance, 2 more first team All-Pro nods, 21 more sacks, 107 more tackles, 15 more forced fumbles, 2 more TD’s than Merriman’s 0, 23 more games played, 22 more starts, 4 seasons of 10+ sacks to Merriman’s 3, a career high of 20 sacks to Merriman’s 17 and a career low of 8 sacks to Merriman’s 4.
    Ware has also missed 0 games due to suspension for violating the NFL’s drug policy, 0 games due to injury and has never been arrested, none of which can be said for Merriman. So actually, Ware has accomplished significantly more.
    As for the claim that “both have done nothing” and the subsequent name-calling, I would LOVE to see the list of players on your team that have accomplished more during that span, especially LB’s.

  21. 4 sacks in the last 2 years combined and the Chargers were asking for a 1st? Really?

  22. Come on over to the Bengals. Rivers, Maualuga, Merriman. Sounds good to me.

  23. This guy isn’t worth a first rounder at this point, he hasn’t produced in the past couple seasons. He’s gotta have a big season this year and he’ll be the biggest name in free agency next year… Assuming the Chargers don’t franchise him, which I don’t see happening if he’s available for a trade right now.

  24. @Shannahan’s Rat Teeth
    Actually by your post, Merriman clearlyyyyyyyyy has accomplished way more than Ware…
    …Off the field

  25. Meroidmam is half the player he was since being busted for the juice. Hes at best a role player.

  26. I hate the cowboys more than any other team but Demarcus Ware is far superior to Merriman in every way and is an elite player in the league. Merriman has done very little since he was suspended for steroid use what does that tell you?
    Six years later now who got the better of the Eli Manning trade? I don’t see anyone criticizing the Giants anymore. Cue the Rivers fans who post his stats but fail to mention he plays the Chiefs and Raiders twice a year.

  27. mr.charger says:
    May 12, 2010 11:22 PM
    the villian u just showed how stu,pid u r merriman didnt played last yr
    –Wow, this moron:
    a) spells “villain” wrong
    b) replaces “you,” “are,” and “year” with “u,” “r,” and “yr”
    c) puts a comma in the middle of “stupid”
    d) fails to capitalize Merriman
    e) fails to put an apostrophe in “didn’t”
    f) uses “played” in the wrong tense
    g) ignores basic rules of capitalization and punctuation in sentence structure
    Yet, he calls out another for showing how stupid they are. Not to mention the fact that Merriman did indeed play 14 games in 2009 and a game in 2008, which makes his claim that “merriman didnt played last yr” completely false. Or the fact that 4 sacks in 2 injury-riddled seasons does nothing but further the argument presented by “TheVillain112.”
    Reggie’sBush says:
    May 12, 2010 11:23 PM
    @Shannahan’s Rat Teeth
    Actually by your post, Merriman clearlyyyyyyyyy has accomplished way more than Ware…
    …Off the field
    –That was funny!

  28. Is there anything funnier….Than to see grown men fawn like school girls.?…..Nice job fellas, i could do this every day on PFT, any player any team, and someone would give me stats, and the usual, he’s a great guy innuendo…too funny

  29. I think Merriman would have better luck at cashing in if he sold his sweet nickname. His nickname is like the $1,200 stero system a teenager puts in his $400 car. Unfortunately Merriman is the car and he has not performed to his nick name, since that one year…several years ago.

  30. He’ll be a Jet, then they will be the reincarnation of the 2000 Redskins. Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians.

  31. It figures that your next post is Meriman after another round of bash Cushing.
    Do they really pay you for your unprofessional garbage, and do you or SD think Meriman is really worth a #1 at this point?
    Get real Cokehead.

  32. A first round pick?!! Are you kidding me? His best days are behind him. No wonder they couldn’t get rid of him.

  33. What is it about San Diego? Merriman isn’t worth a 1st. Underperformed fro 2 years. AJ wants a 1st?
    Who is dumb enough to mortgage thier future for a guy who, face hasn’t played well for a couple of years?
    Randy Moss went for a 4th and is 10X the player! Ponderous…
    He must want to go to the Jets? Where your name is more important than production…

  34. Locker room cancer for sale!!!! We’re asking way to much, but remember a few years ago???? C’mon help us out!!! He beats women, takes steroids, and has a very bad knee but remember where we drafted him????

  35. If he gets back on the PEDs, he can start competing for Postseason Awards, thanks to the new Cushing Rule: Take Steroids to Win Awards… or after his career is over he can follow the Rodney Harrison Rule: Take Steroids and get a sweet NBC gig.

  36. “SaintsBucsPanthersSUKK s” u idiot, those are horrible Haiku’s and they’re not even Haikus at all. Haiku’s are 5-7-5.

  37. its_always_sunny_in_cali says:
    May 13, 2010 6:10 PM
    “SaintsBucsPanthersSUKK s” u idiot, those are horrible Haiku’s and they’re not even Haikus at all. Haiku’s are 5-7-5.
    The following are problems with that absolutely witty retort by one Mr. its_always_sunny_in_cali:
    1) The “Haiku’s” you refer to are not possessive. They do not own anything. They COULD have an apostrophe if you were saying “…the haiku’s words” or “…the haiku’s rhythm”. However, this was not the case.
    2) A “Haiku” is not a proper noun. It is not the name of a person or a place, and thus does not require a capital.
    3) It isn’t always sunny in Cali. Unless this is a metaphor, it is actually miserable in San Francisco in the summer months. See Mark Twain’s comments on the subject.
    4) They ARE haikus. The 5-7-5 you are referring to are syllables. Most likely you presumed they were words, which is a common error when learning about poetry. When you are reading these things, try clapping out the syllables and you will definitely not make the same mistake.
    Kindly reconsider when you pipe up in these conversations. I realize you are a Charger fan, and it’s great that you want to stick up for guys that are highly recognized in the league for a declination of spastic dances over the years. But when you throw around words like “idiot” and “u”, and criticize people for clever comments written correctly, then you begin to make Charger nation look like a bunch of uneducated southerners who probably started liking the chargers in 2006, but claim to have liked them all their lives.

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