Unnamed G.M., former teammate unload on Brian Cushing

The news that Texans linebacker Brian Cushing tested positive for a banned hormone used by some athletes after steroids in order to increase testosterone levels has confirmed for many NFL observers suspicions regarding Cushing’s possible use of steroids before joining the ranks of professional football.

How strong were the suspicions?  An unnamed G.M. has shared a damning observation with Thomas George of AOL’s FanHouse.com.

“We did our
research on him before the draft last year and we concluded he was a
chronic steroid user dating back to high school
,” the unnamed G.M. said.  “More than a few people
were surprised when he passed the steroid tests at the combine.  I think
the guy became a pro at masking it, until he was caught.  I definitely
would have taken my vote back on that [defensive rookie of the year] award if I had one.”

There’s more.  A former USC teammate offered up an indictment of Cushing’s offseason training methods in comments made to SI.com’s Ross Tucker:  “I don’t know for sure that he takes anything,” the player said, “but
every time he goes back to New Jersey for a while over the summer and
then comes back to Los Angeles he looks like a different person.  It is

Even more unreal is that so many people are buying the excuses and the spin being offered up on Cushing’s behalf.  We realize that plenty of guys cheat.  But the only way to end cheating is to impose serious consequences when a cheater is caught.  Faced with the prospect of entering the 2009 season with a bad knee, we’re inclined to think that Cushing consciously accepted the risk of getting caught and missing four games in the future if it meant maintaining the ability to start his NFL career at 100 percent.  So maybe the NFL needs stiffer penalties for banned substances — and maybe Congress should get involved if the NFL won’t take care of the situation on its own.

And for those of you who think we’re standing on a soapbox and waving this flag for the fun of it, think again.  I’ve got a 13-year-old who loves football and who is growing like a genetically-altered weed and who needs bright lines about what is and isn’t acceptable when it comes to what he puts into his body.  From the current stewards of the game, he’s instead getting mixed signals.

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  1. As if Congress doesn’t have more important things to worry about. But maybe you are right, if they concentrate on an entertainment sport like football they will have less time to screw everything else up!

  2. what the 13 yr old needs to know is this.
    #1, do it, you’ll get caught and busted and marked for life as a cheater.
    #2 he needs to see someone like cushing get about 3 lines in the paper. ‘brian cushing has been suspended for the Season for taking steroids’ and then to hear nothing else about that cheating bastid until his season is over and hes back on the field.
    your a jacktard who spat in the face of organized sports in general and the NFL specifically. You suck.
    Maybe the 12 yr old needs to see how people feel about cheaters… they are seldom admired

  3. Florio,
    Raise your own 13 year-old. Most kids get their “bright lines” from home, even when they act more interested in peers and the NFL.

  4. GAWD. Another post by you and referencing your kid. Listen, if you can’t parent your kid on what is right and wrong in life, then that’s your problem, not anyone else’s. I’m sick of hearing the general public wahhhhhh about role models and how it affects “the children.” No offense, but f&ck your children. The world is about choices, teach your own damn kid how to make the right ones. Don’t leave it up to professional athletes with millions of dollars on the line affecting their decision making.

  5. I’m a parent too and it’s MY responsibility to teach my children what’s right and wrong. I’m not going to depend on a bunch of idiot athletes to do it for me…

  6. That “former USC player” should lose all credibility when he starts his statement off with “I don’t know for sure that he takes anything…”
    And the “unnamed GM” has no proof either. These guys all probably read internet forums and look at photoshopped pics of Cush to come up with these conclusions. They have no credible evidence to back up their statements.

  7. Hey Florio, what that noise?.. OH!, it’s just the world’s smallest violin! Cry me a river Justin Timberlake, I am tired of hearing this crap.. I think you have developed more of a hate for Cushing than any other player I have seen before.. Take a Xanex and watch Family Guy

  8. Call it a soapbox or whatever Florio, just stay on it.
    Cushing sucks, cheats and blows. His ROY* tainted.
    And his apologists and enablers suck too.

  9. No. No. No. No. No. No.
    He shouldn’t be getting “mixed signals.” He should be getting one signal: the signal that you, his father, give him. Maybe if parents would stop letting cartoons and pro athletes raise their children we’d leave in a much better world. Don’t blame Brian Cushing because you can’t get a message across to your son.
    It’s the same thing as when parents bitch that their kids learned something from watching Family Guy. Hmm, well then, either A) don’t allow them to watch or B) maybe be a good parent. Either will suffice.
    And can we just quit talking about steroids like it’s the worst thing a player can do? Give me a break, guys are in the NFL because they take steroids and, honestly, I could care less. Any Biochemist worth his weight can help a player pass one of those garbage tests, and the smart money says they do.
    For every guy who gets caught, there’s probably 50 who don’t.
    And get congress involved? Are you serious? Last I checked, congress has bigger problems to deal with than what is going on in the NFL. You’re an idiot if you honestly believe congress needs to get anywhere near any sort of professional sport.
    We’re in two wars, there’s an oil-slick the size of New Jersey, the economy still isn’t where it needs to be, etc. Stay the hell out of sports, congress. It’s not like any of them know what the hell they’re talking about anyway.
    Much like you if you believe a word of anything you just typed.

  10. So the “unnamed” GM is from an opposing team, presumably, perhaps even in the same division as the Texans. Reasonable chance that Cushing kicked his players asses at some point in the season. Maybe one of the other ROTY/All Pro candidates that Cushing beat out plays for him. Other than that the guy is a completely impartial observer and reliable witness. Whether he chooses to be “a big man” and sign the cheques he hand out or not.
    It is well documented that Cushing does his hard training in New Jersey under a specific coach and regiment. So unnamed Cali surfboy who lost his scholarship to Cushing is “shocked that Brian returns looking ripped”. O.K.

  11. Where are the “mixed signals”????? If Cushing’s on roids, he’ll suffer terrible side effects down the road. But that’s his business. And that’s not what he tested positive for. If the NFL truly cared, they’d suspend players for life for the first positive drug test [and they’d have a far better testing system in place]. As it is, they punish players for using Sudafed and don’t even care about them using HGH.
    It’s your job to teach little Florio what’s right and wrong, it’s not Brian Cushing’s job. Brian Cushing’s only job is to tackle the guy with the ball.
    “unnamed G.M.”? That’s got integrity written all over it hahaha….is it the Panthers G.M.? Maybe he’s your imaginary Steve Smith “source”…

  12. lets just end this whole debate once and for all..cushing has been doing steroids since high school..i live in new york and there was a show on the madison square garden network called the bergen catholic football story from the 2003 season..cushing was a sophmore at the time of the program and he was rail thin..in one of the coaches meetings on the show they are talking about cushing saying he doesn’t hit anybody and they didn’t feel comfortable playing him..then he got with joe defranco and the rest is history..if anyone doesn’t know who joe defranco is check out his website..defrancostraining.com, and tell me that guy doesn’t look shady to say the least.

  13. I’ve got a 13-year-old who loves football and who is growing like a genetically-altered weed and who needs bright lines about what is and isn’t acceptable when it comes to what he puts into his body. From the current stewards of the game, he’s getting mixed signals instead.
    Really? I’ve got an 19-year old nephew who was a damn good high school football player and NEVER used steroids, even though he knew that they existed because his dad told him that he’d kick his ass if he ever found out that he used them and I reiterated that position to him. He’s now in college and here’s the irony, is working toward being a lawyer and hasn’t expressed an interest in playing football past high school (He isn’t even playing intramural in college, though his frat brothers want him to join their team).

  14. If your son has your genes, Florio, he won’t need to worry about playing football. His coaches will figure that out for him. Start teaching him to pour water into cups and hand out towels. If you’re so worried about your impressionable 13 year old, how about you try being a father and role model?
    Cushing has been caught and penalized. He’s still the defensive rookie of the year.
    So…….Catch him again. Until he’s caught again, STFU!
    You ARE standing on a soapbox, dude. Congress getting involved? You ….were a lawyer? YOU? Are you serious? So we’ve got a national deficit in the multiple hundreds of billions, troops deployed in several current foreign occupations, unresolved national healthcare agendas, and many, many more enumerated national problems…….but hey, let’s make an example out of Brian Cushing so that Mike Florio’s son can know the difference between right & wrong when it comes to SPORTS. Take some responsibility for bringing your son into this world. Sit him down and tell him, lazy. If he can’t figure out that steroids are WRONG, he’s definitely going to mess up my Whopper & fries order.
    and you look like a huge tool for writing so many posts about one story.

  15. Cushing will evaporate off the steroids. He’ll turn invisible, just like Merriman for the past 2 years.
    We need to get the cheaters out of the sport, and watching a few high profile guys like Merriman and Cushing turn into pumpkins should send a warning that those who try to get an unfair advantage will be publicly embarrassed if caught.

  16. The biggest suprise in this article is that florio allegely got a female to sleep with him 13 years ago.

  17. I think the issue isn’t so much Florio’s kid, but rather those kids in situations less stable (I’m making an assumption here that the Florio household is in fact stable). If you’re trying to escape from poverty and steroids might give you a better shot of getting drafted higher and getting that multi-million dollar deal, it’s very hard to argue against the security that could provide for the player and his impoverished family. Cushing’s punishment isn’t enough of a deterrent against cheating, and that’s the point to focus on here. Not whether Florio Jr. knows whether it is/isn’t right to cheat.

  18. I have four sons, two of whom play college football, and I agree that parents of athletes look at steroids completely differently than those without kids.
    Fans without kids are much more inclined to say, “I don’t care if the players use steroids.” Parents of athletes who elect to stay clean know the risks involved of non-steroid users going up against steroid users. They also know that if college and even many high school players want to move up the ladder, they better be willing to use, because these drugs are quite prevalent.
    I’d guess that 99% of NFL offensive linemen use HGH, for example, so if you want to get there, you pretty much know the drill. And since they use, the players they play against pretty much have to use and so on down the line.

  19. Florio, mine turned 11 this month. And he is a star. And he will have no ass at all if I ever caught him using that stuff.

  20. “we’re inclined to think that Cushing consciously accepted the risk of getting caught and missing four games in the future if it meant maintaining the ability to start his NFL career at 100 percent. ”
    Then why dont you get on your soapbox and ask the NFL why they’re living in the dark ages when it comes to the medical field.
    Why shouldn’t a player thats hurt be afforded the same treatment an everyday person could recieve to speed the recovery from an injury. There is a big difference between the two uses.

  21. 13-year-olds don’t take steroids. They smoke crappy weed and sneak dad’s beer.

  22. well your 13 yr old like my boys should no better from home training, that you dont cheat. an ap vote for an award or a suspension should not change what a parent has taught him.
    i hate the his a “role model” “oh think of the children…” BS. my sons due to being brought up properly will know who to choose as men to look up to, and shouldnt let an athlete dictate his actions.

  23. The real question is which owner is more pissed right now? Art Rooney II or Bob McNair?

  24. The Texans knew that the Cushing was a “Chronic Steroid Freak” but they drafted him anyways. The Texans knew that he wil get caught, but they took a chance. This guy has been using steroids for a long time. His life span might not reach 40. Dude is hooked and won’t be able to kick the habit.

  25. Are you serious Florio getting Congress involved? Are you saying taking steroids is much worse than sexually assaulting women, killing limo drivers, shooting up night clubs… And should your son be like you? A horrible excuse for a writer who publishes anything whether it’s true or not? You need to get off your high horse!

  26. 100% agree. The guy is a cheater. People who buy the lame excuses are really morons. They think it just so happens a guy with a juicer reputation gets a false positive but other guys don’t. Ridiculous.

  27. So, you’re telling me you’ll be calling Brian Cushing in 5 years when your son is found using steroids?
    Take a look in the mirror, Dad.

  28. @ Stone: +100000
    Seriously Florio, could you be more blatant in already coming up with excuses for why your child might not turn out right?

  29. Stone says:
    May 12, 2010 5:06 PM
    “I’m sick of hearing the general public wahhhhhh about role models and how it affects “the children.” No offense, but f&ck your children.”
    –sounds like you had a great role model

  30. Guilty until proven innocent?
    It’s likely that he took steroids. It’s not proven that he did. It’s likely that Roethlisberger raped 2+ women. It’s not proven that he did.
    You’re a lawyer, why don’t you get this?
    Oh right. You’re a FORMER lawyer. Now it makes sense.
    “Even more unreal is that so many people are buying the excuses and the spin being offered up on Cushing’s behalf.”
    What if he’s really innocent? It’s not LIKELY. But it’s POSSIBLE. And a lie detector makes that possibility sound more convincing.

  31. Bunch of idiot posts here. Apparently most who don’t have kids. Like kids really listen to parents that much anyway, they look up to and mirror athletes as that’s what they aspire to be. Not this, “your his parent, you’re supposed to teach him what’s right and wrong,” crap. Right, like they’d really listen to their nerd blogger father or nerds who blog on his website. And for those of you who don’t care you’re a bunch of idiot losers also. What these people do to themselves does matter and has an influence on the young or why have the rules in the first place. Dummies.

  32. Three things
    1. Your son should not be getting his signals from the NFL and definitely not from congress; he should be getting them from you.
    2. The government has no business getting involved with the affairs of a private company. Although you can’t tell lately our country is not supposed to operate like that.
    3. If a GM can get information that this turd has been using since high school why would anyone draft him?
    (Because he will win games and sell tickets and jerseys)

  33. For those who believe Cushing didn’t take steriods…you are either a homer…or very, very gullible. Which is it?

  34. You’re absolutely right, Florio. I myself have a 13 year old middle linebacker at home. It’s time the NFLPA and the Commissioner got together and put some real teeth and resources into cleaning up the game.
    It’s really naive to say that teenage boys should get only one message; that of their fathers. Most fathers don’t play on Sunday and live the dreams of so many young boys. Whether we like it or not as fathers, young players take cues from those who have reached the pinnacle of NFL success. And if a standout player like Cushing, who has tremendous profile cheats….it’s noticed. Even by impressionable young men.

  35. First of all, don’t think my USC ties blind me because I’m not supporting Cushing for anything except his rights to privacy.
    Second, even though I worked 40 hours a week during the summer (spread out over 7 days), I would play basketball, football and table-tennis every day for 5-6 hours and I showed up back at school in the best shape of anyone while most of my teammates looked like fat slobs because they barely did anything during the summer. Were I in high school today, I’d have to put up with the rumors like Cushing but back then I didn’t have to listen to that crap.

  36. Anyone here remember Brian Bosworth? He was a cheater just like Cushing. When he went off the juice after college he spent most of every game flat on his back ( think Bo Jackson) with cleaat marks on his chest.
    He then used a fake shoulder injury to retire after two pathetic seasons and collect the insurance money.
    Anyone remember Tony Mandarich? He went off the juice after college and spent most passing plays on his back in GB and had the distinction of having more defensive linemen trip over him than any tackle in history.
    So Cushing fans, this is what you most likely have to look forward to when bitch tits comes back after four games. He will likely get injured within a couple of games and be out for the season and on IR most of the next couple of years before he is released back into the ether as another cautionary tale to all GMs.

  37. If you are honestly concerned with YOUR KIDS body and what he is putting into it, then maybe you should focus on being a good role model instead of hating on everyone else.
    It starts at home. Always has, always will. It doesn’t matter what pro athletes do because they all are idiots. Rich, but still idiots. If they aren’t taking steroids, they’re raping women or beating them or killing dogs…pick your poison.
    Just raise your kid and STFU.

  38. I don’t know about the 12 year olds on this site but I’m 25 now and can not proudly say I wish I listened to my dad more. Kids at florio jrs age don’t listen much. Sure sometimes they do but sometimes they dont. Letting double standards exist makes kids think they will be the exception not the rule.
    Regardless, the guy looks like a steroids user, smells like one, and acts like one… you tell me what to conclude. He’s taking women’s fertility meds… likely to mask the steroids just like other athletes before him. Either you start getting serious or you admit you don’t really care about it because it helps your ratings…

  39. He should just get off and be a safety……….he could be the next Mark Kelso……….

  40. Florio is right on this one, about his kid. Can’t believe the internet heroes who hide behind their keyboard and bash his kid. That’s brave stuff.
    There are plenty of impressions made by everything a kid sees. The fact that I try to teach my own kids the right way to do things becomes harder when 50 other kids in their school (or fine examples of certain NFL’ers if you will) show a different example of life than I do.
    Kids that age will often take the word of a nobody over their own parent.
    That said, I wonder if this latest incrimination of Cushing will cause another AP re-vote.

  41. “Cushing sucks”
    Really? 134 tackles sucks? Say what you will about taking steroids and getting caught, but the guy had serious production last year.

  42. It takes a village.
    I agree with what Florio has put forward. Sure, he bares the brunt of the responsibility when it comes to raising his child but to suggest society does not play a role is foolish and asinine. I’m sure we have all grown up in households where we went against our parents wishes right or wrong. As such in cases such as this our society needs to send a strong signal about the inappropriateness of ingesting the substance.
    So, yes Florio is responsible for raising his child but society still plays a role in how that child will turnout.
    It takes a village.

  43. Considering that he was still voted Defensive Rookie of the Year even AFTER everyone knew he cheated, the message seems to be that it is OK to cheat as long as you play well. So, with that in mind, why not just let everyone do steroids, so that no one gains a competitive advantage? Who cares about their health? They are getting paid millions and they are very entertaining.

  44. Florio, I don’t always agree with you, but I do agree with you about the pressures of parenting. Parents have no control over peer and competitive pressures to be ‘ the best you can be’. Parents best advice and intentions won’t get their kid on the first string varsity if they are 5′ 10″ and 145lb. At that point, their best friend who is 5’11” and 180 lb. may have more influence. Kids think they are invinceable. Kids think they will never get caught. Parents do need help in monitoring the message that their kids hear in the media and on Sportscenter. Right now, Sportscenter is announcing that Brian Cushing was confirmed twice as Defensive Rookie of the Year even after he was suspended for using a banned substance related to steroids. There are 18 voters for the AP who need to be identified and challenged for their vote. I want to know if they have kids. I want to know if their kids play sports. I want them to justify the message that they sent to their kids.

  45. 5 of the 10 headlines on this site have to do with Brian Cushing.

  46. Oh my god. Here we go with this congressional resposibility b*llsh!t. They don’t have anytime to get involved and f*ck up the NFL too.

  47. This is the most cowardly thing I’ve ever seen… leaking these UNLIKELY rumors without putting a name behind them. I’d rather they ask ME if my mother was a prostitute!
    Oh wait… wrong team? Cool! Hang his cheatin @ss from the nearest & tallest tree!

  48. STREROIDS ARE NOT BAD FOR YOU- takin in moderation!!!!!- they are medicine given in hospitals by doctors for a reason you dumb asses,

  49. In High School, my son sat behind a kid that sucked steroids down like M&M’s
    In the end of his last season, the kid finally got sick from too much, and my kid ( no steroids) took his spot. They made him the Team Capt. because the other guy was such a flamin azzhole. The guy that didn’t take the ‘roids never got a College offer, but the one that took them did, then he blew up. He is bouncing around as a substitute teacher these days.
    If that kid had played clean, my kid would have beaten him out and gotten some help at schools, In the end it cost me money because some cheating azzwipe got the look and the clean guy didn’t.
    Right there is why it is an important issue

  50. Wow Florio- I actually agree with you for once- and you almost sound sincere today-
    Today-you have do not have integrity issues- you have integrity-congratulations- (But you still have issues).

  51. since you put it out there florio….
    your son is already getting several “mixed signals”.
    No fault of his.

  52. @Vikes#28Owns
    As a matter of fact I did. I have a Father that has never lied or cheated in any way in the time that I have known him. (34 years) He brought me up to be an individual and to make my own choices in life, based on what was right from wrong. He didn’t bring me up to care about what other people were doing or to base or judge myself on what other people were doing. The only important thing is that I did the right thing. So I reiterate, f%ck your children. Its not the rest of the world’s responsibility to be role models for your children. That’s your f@cking job, step up parents!

  53. 13 year old boys are too busy scoping out internet porn to bother with steroids.

  54. You could start your own bright lines project by putting a parental lock on this website.

  55. Relax, Mike, it isn’t going to be an issue for your “genetically altered weed” just because of the one eye in the middle of the forehead thing. I don’t mean to be judgemental towards the kid, but athletes really need that binocular vision to judge objects, speed, distances, etc. But his arm length is phenomenal for a 13 year old.

  56. get a clue-You can look at cush and see the Roid trademarks. on that note…he is a defensive player where steroids arent so prominent.. O-line 90% in the NFL are juicing and won’t fail a test. Better living through chemistry.

  57. Congress identifies the voting record of its members on every bill. Why shouldn’t the AP identify who voted for whom? It should not be an anonymous process. How do we know the vote isn’t rigged unless we can see the votes and voters. I doubt 18 people would have voted again for Cushing if they knew the public would see their vote. Why is the voting record a secret? It seems the voters don’t want to be accountable. They should be.

  58. From previous reports, Cushing didn’t appeal the suspension until February, and his appeal was turned down a few days ago. It was also reported that he passed several tests since the test he failed. So it seems that the NFL allows time to collect several test results before it makes a final decision? Was he suspended based upon the failed test in September, or the failed test plus the several tests he passed? The NFL may have wanted to see several test results to determine if the hCG was naturally occurring in Cushing’s body – in which case he would have tested positive in at least some of the subsequent tests. Because he never again tested positive, the NFL determined that he must have artificially taken the hCG himself ( injected or ingested), and it washed out of his system once he stopped taking it. I supposed they were being thorough so Cushing could not claim his body was naturally producing high levels. Nevertheless, if that is the reasoning, the NFL should come out and tell us why it took so long to suspend this ‘roider

  59. “what the 13 yr old needs to know is this.
    #1, do it, you’ll get caught and busted and marked for life as a cheater.”
    NO WAY is the lesson learned today. My advice to all potential football stars- get into steriods in high school- use them as much as you can in college and then when you are making the big money in the NFL switch to HGH!
    Sure a few people might call you cheaters, but the sportwriters will still give you awards and kiss your heiney for the most part. And the fans are always forgiving- the big lesson is STEROID USE WORKS!

  60. What is there to defend. The guy got caught. The 18 guys who voted for him should be banned from voting.

  61. For those posters who think Florio is alone is asking for Congress’ assistance in PED matters, recall that the NFL and other sports did not toughen their bylaws and testing for banned substances UNTIL Congress threatened intervention. Basically, either the NFL cleans up its act or the governement will create an independent oversight program. The NFL doesn’t want the government involved in its business. It would not surprise me if some Congressmen are monitopring this Brian Cushing controversy. I do not think they are pleased that a suspended drug abuser was rewarded again when ‘football’ had a chance to police itself. Perhaps these awards should be taken away from the AP sportswriters if they cannot responsibly represent the best interests of the NFL. Even the NFLPA came out strongly against cheaters, but the AP doesn’t get the message.

  62. over/under on ethan robert’s measurables:
    5’9″ 325 lbs.
    you don’t turn into a “different person” in 6 weeks. but i expect ethan thinks you can lift weights two times and get completely ripped.

  63. “O-line 90% in the NFL are juicing and won’t fail a test. Better living through chemistry”
    Hmmm….wouldn’t they be more muscular if they are on ‘roids? Many are flabby slobs ^O^

  64. Doesn’t this raise an eyebrow towards another USC linebacker that dramatically altered his body from high school to college? AKA Clay Matthews?

  65. The fact that you can overdose and die from steroids should deter your son from taking them.

  66. Florio, quit looking to pro athletes for help raising your kid. It’s your job to raise your kid and if you are concerned about him getting mixed signals then you need to set him straight. If you can’t do that then you aren’t doing your job.

  67. really – except for the athlete and his health (potentially)- who is getting hurt or cheated w/ steroid use – the next millionaire in line for the position? (no sympathy here)…the fans? (hardly)…i submit to you that as long as they meet their physical, fiscal, and civil obligations w/ a good conscious, then they should be able to take whatever they want – for what it’s worth…

  68. anyone who thinks cushing wont influence kids to take steroids is completely nuts..i mean come on, am i the only one who looked up to bill romanowski growing up?

  69. I agree with everything you said until you said, “and maybe Congress should get involved if the NFL won’t take care of the situation on its own.”
    Keep their sorry asses out of the NFL. Congress has screwed up everything they have ever touched. Next thing you know, there will be a special “Congressional NFL assistance tax” or they’ll just simply take over football.
    Mike, please don’t say stuff like this again.

  70. so a 13 year old kid is growing genetically altered weed?
    I wouldn’t let my 13 year old do that.

  71. Okay can we stop with the “UNNAMED” sources already. Didn’t that backfire on you Florio with the whole Steve Smith/Jimmy Clausen debacle. Didn’t we learn that Florio’s UNNAMED sources are really Floria talking to himself in the mirror?

  72. FreeAgentPro says:
    May 12, 2010 6:18 PM
    “O-line 90% in the NFL are juicing and won’t fail a test. Better living through chemistry”
    Hmmm….wouldn’t they be more muscular if they are on ‘roids? Many are flabby slobs ^O^
    Actually, many steroids (D-Bol, most testosterones and deca) pretty much just help with strength and size. It’s the dieting that goes along with the cycle that will help you look either muscular or just large. Linemen go for the large, like the World’s Strongest Man competitors…..most of them don’t look muscular either, but I’ve heard of some taking freaking liters of test per week.

  73. “☻☼CBS, FOX, ESPN, NFLN nbc says:
    May 12, 2010 5:38 PM
    5 of the 10 headlines on this site have to do with Brian Cushing.”
    It’s the offseason and there’s nothing else to talk about.
    “XBOD says:
    May 12, 2010 5:40 PM
    STREROIDS ARE NOT BAD FOR YOU- takin in moderation!!!!!- they are medicine given in hospitals by doctors for a reason you dumb asses,”
    Congrats on having the ignorant post of the day. Athletes who roid up don’t take them just once. Think before you type and call others “dumb asses”.

  74. Now that Cushing has been caught using steroids (which has be known of him since high school)
    Clay Matthews Jr. will be the next one in line to get caught. This dude is a steroid user also. He’s probably sweating right now trying to stay clean so he doesn’t get caught. It’s been known and reported that both Cushing and Matthews were using steroids.
    For all you flamer fans that are going to flame me for posting this, asking for resources. Just google it. You’ll see the reports that I’m talking about. The only LB that wasn’t using Steroid that came out of that USC bunch was Rey Maualuga.

  75. If Florio is so outraged, why did he vote for cushing again? Stupid lawyers

  76. I find this GM’s comments funny. Does he seriously believe he doesn’t have chronic steroid users on his own team?
    If you’ve been around weightlifting or powerlifting for awhile, it’s so easy to spot steroid-users. And there are tons in the NFL.

  77. Another steroid user who WINS…he cheated, he’s a millionaire…he WINS!

  78. looking at you flo….the 13 year old sprouts up more like a twig than a weed….keep him playing that x box….that’s his real daddy anyway….cuz your at this website to much to be a real dad

  79. Man I wish some of these Ohio State linebackers would wise up and start juicing. Bobby Carpenter looks like he knowingly injects performance degrading substances.

  80. I love how people come on this site to flame Florio and his views.
    Obviously you should be reading a different site, there’s plenty of places to get football news if that’s really what you want.
    I agree that if somebody is awarded a distinct honor like the ROTY, then it comes out that he failed a drug test IN THE YEAR HE WON IT, and they revote to let him keep that honor, a kid could get the wrong message, regardless of what message his/her parents try to teach/reinforce.
    Here’s an idea, go start your own football blog and see how many people care about what you have to say.

  81. Hey dad. Is it worse to take PED’s or to make comments about people and then hide behind the “I’m a source” comment? Or to be the guy that allows someone to hide behind it?
    Still waiting on the LT post. If LT likes to put his “hands” on himself, why not put the handcuffs with his hands BEHIND his back?
    I’ve heard of people being anal but really?

  82. I hate to have to agree with Florio but… I may be older than dirt but I remember being a teenager and one thing will never change. When your a teenager your parents don’t know s$%t. Look at that guy on TV, he took roids, made rookie of the year and they didn’t do nothin’ to him! Dad just doesn’t know how the world works nowadays. While I am old my junk still works, I have a 6 year old daughter to prove it, and I’ll do everything I can to bring her up right. But role models are part of the equation when your dealing with the teenage brain, it’s a sad fact of life.

  83. onesweetworld says:
    I say let everyone do steroids in all sports
    I agree. Better, faster stronger…more records, more highlights.
    If you can’t compete at the highest level 100% natural then too bad for you.
    We’re talking about drugs that help an athlete heal from injury quicker so they can get back to work and drugs that help guys push their bodies to their peak performance levels allowing them to work out harder.
    Get the coke heads, rapists, thugs, dog killers etc, out of the league and let the athletes do what they want with their bodies.

  84. “We were definately going to move up to get this fine outstanding young man,but the Texans wouldn’t budge, he simply fit our whole scheme and what the Patriots are all about!”-Bill Belicheat on USC’s Brian Cushing 4/22/09

  85. All this unloading still pales in comparison to what Dez Bryant mom’s face has taken………….

  86. The sad truth is that to reach an elite level in any sport, you sometimes have to take steroids in order to get stronger, come back from an injury, etc. Your body eventually reaches a lean mass/strength plateu that you have to overcome in order to make it to the next level; steroids, unfortunately, are the answer.
    Football, especially, takes such a toll on the body that you sometimes have to either choose the unethical route of steriods or risk losing your spot on the roster. I played Div. III football and took steroids to come back from hernia surgery 3 months before camp started. I could’ve chosen to not take them, but I didn’t want to risk losing my spot.

  87. The sad truth is that to reach an elite level in any sport, you sometimes have to take steroids in order to get stronger, come back from an injury, etc. Your body eventually reaches a lean mass/strength plateu that you have to overcome in order to make it to the next level; steroids, unfortunately, are the answer.
    Football, especially, takes such a toll on the body that you sometimes have to either choose the unethical route of steriods or risk losing your spot on the roster. I played Div. III football and took steroids to come back from hernia surgery 3 months before camp started. I could’ve chosen to not take them, but I didn’t want to risk losing my spot.

  88. I played football in high school and for a few seasons in college. This was in the late 80s. Steroid use was rampant then. Almost every lineman was using. Except me. The coaches never actually said “Hey , you need to take weird drugs to get bigger and stronger!'” But they hinted strongly. I never did. The long term effects scared the hell out of me. I was never going to be a NFL player. I was just having fun, and using football to pay for my education.
    But the prospect for the better players…the risk might be worth it. Millions of dollars are at stake. If I had been a pro prospect,instead of a back up DE, and special teams player….who knows. At least more than 20 years later, my testicles still work.

  89. I think the 18 people who re-voted for Cushing should be praised, actually. They did it so he has to live with an award that will be his scarlet letter.

  90. when you say ‘unload’ do you refer to Brian doing some CUSHING in the bathroom with the lights off and water on??
    (Cushing is the new word for masturbating)

  91. Guess what, athletes have always taken measures to get an edge. Mike Schmidt has gone on the record saying amphetemines, coke, and uppers were common place in baseball in the 80’s. The Steelers o-line is another example. Hell, Jim Haslett said that steroid abuse went back to the 70’s.
    Dumb,yes…..stupid yes…..new, not @ all.

  92. Over the course of my five years at BYU, I have concrete proof of 13 to 15 guys (using steroids), and I would suspect five others…And BYU is more temperate than most programs. Being around NFL and NFL Europe players, they would tell me stuff that blew my mind. I know other schools are worse. I would bet my house you could find at least five guys on every Division I team in the country (using steroids).[5] ”
    “ My best friend was a steroid monster. I shot him up probably four times in the butt. He couldn’t do it himself. He was afraid of needles. He was naturally 245 or 250 pounds, but he got up to 312 with a 36-inch waist. He had stretch marks on his chest and shoulder and eventually blew out both of his knees. When I was with the Broncos, they brought him in for a workout. The offensive line coach came to me and said, ‘What’s your friend on?’ Another guy we played with, who is still in the NFL, would come back at the end of a season weighing 270. Three weeks into the offseason, he was 295 and buffed. It wasn’t a big mystery what he was doing. Three guys I played with in the NFL, I saw them use (steroids). The coaches knew the guys on the juice. To pretend it doesn’t go on would be a farce.
    -Jason Scukanec, former BYU Cougar player

  93. I didn’t read a word that said Florio was looking for Cushing to “raise his kid”.
    All I read is that Cushing was given people, like his 13 year old, mixed messages.
    That’s all he said. Re-read it people.
    And Florio’s right…..because of the easy information age with TV, internet, telephones, kids at a young age get this information without filter. It’s imperative for the proper sentence come down on these bonehead athletes. Kick them out for 1 year, no pay……..hmmm…..now that would begin to sink in to the cheaters.

  94. So now it’s the penalty that you disagree with?
    Where were you and your soapbox when all the previous NFL players were caught juicing?
    Why now? What’s so special about the Cushing case that you suddenly demand draconian punishment?

  95. Yes, let’s have Congress fix it right away. We can be sure that they will:
    1. Understand all the relevant information.
    2. Be aware of all the consequences of their actions.
    3. Do something for the right reason, not for personal attention or a photo op.
    Mike, If you want a “village” to raise your child, then accept the fact that he won’t have your values.

  96. maybe you should establish the bright lines, Mike, and not wait for the ‘league’ to do it. and again, without these issues in the league, you’ve not alot to write about. you’ve prospered due to the drama, and controversy in the nfl.

  97. You’ve got a kid growing like a geneticaly altered weed!?
    Good job saying your kid is on steriods…..

  98. Wow, such vitriol because Florio mentions his kid might be influenced by something an athlete did. Look, I’ve got two kids of my own, and I fully expect them to get their life lessons from me and my wife, nobody else. However, it’d be nice if things that get so much daily exposure in every media source on the planet lined up even a little with the morals we’re all trying to instill in our kids. Our society worships sports, athletes, and celebrity. Kids see the spotlight, money, and fame that come so easily to these athletes and dream big dreams about being those they idolize. I can tell my son all I want to about how cheaters never prosper, and how the best way to get through life is on your own grit, determination, hard-work and whatever god given talent or ability you happen to have, but if he sees people blatantly cheating the system with very little recourse, he’s certainly going to absorb a lesson from that on his own.
    Many of you, I suspect without kids, make it seem like kids ONLY listen to what their parents teach them, and that if we show some concern about what societal trends may be teaching them, we’re somehow handing the reins of parenthood off to our TV. I work damn hard to teach my kids the basics about right and wrong, but they’re intelligent, curious human beings with minds of their own. I only hope they absorb some of what I tell them; they’ll ultimately choose what lense to view the world through. It’d just be nice if parents like myself felt like more of the world so readily on display through the everpresent media was on our side. Yes, parents need something to point to and say, “See, just like I’ve been telling you. Cheaters never prosper. Work hard for what you want in life, that’s the only way to achieve anything. There are no shortcuts.”
    This really isn’t an unreasonable request.

  99. You want the problem to go away?
    1-Legalize the stuff. Hell, set up a mini-conference just so roidheads can bash other roidheads. I’d pay to watch. Just think of the cool signs fans will come up with (“Insert witty remark re: shrunken testicles”)
    2-2 words: lifetime ban on the first offense.

  100. Man, Florio…you gotta have seriously thick skin to run this site, huh? Some of the hostility here – directed at you – is firing ME up. God bless…

  101. @gnarlswoodson – What great insight you have to share: You watched a program 7 years ago to determine Cushing was on steroids and looked at Defrancos website to setermine he is the shady one to blame. You are a fat troll who has nothing beter to do from your parents basement…..
    Joe DeFranco was my roomate in college – and I can attest to the fact that he NEVER touched an illegal drug or steroid. He was an idiot, watched horrible tv programs, and wasnt that great with the ladies – but that is beside the point. He preaches hard work, no excuses, and NO SHORTCUTS – including steroids. This is all sensational BS – please check out defrancostraining.com to hear it from Joe himself…

  102. A whole bunch of you sound the same way when McGwire and all the baseball players were first accused of cheating. You say it’s not true until it hits you in the face. The dude was caught using a banned substance, has a history of being suspected as a steroid user, his own former teammate said he would go to New Jersey and come back and look completely different, a former GM who said he knew about his possible steroid history. You morons need more of a reason to think the dude is a cheater? How about just the fact that he was CAUGHT CHEATING. I’m not a hater, I’m a fan of reality.

  103. And for those of you who think we’re standing on a soapbox and waving this flag for the fun of it, think again. I’ve got a 13-year-old who loves football and who is growing like a genetically-altered weed and who needs bright lines about what is and isn’t acceptable when it comes to what he puts into his body. From the current stewards of the game, he’s instead getting mixed signals.
    At least he knows he will only lose a year of playing time is he is convicted of a felony.

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