Another offseason of rehab for Bob Sanders, Anthony Gonzalez

Colts wideout Anthony Gonzalez originally hurt his knee in Week One last year.  As of six weeks ago, he was still not “where he’d like to be,” according to coach Jim Caldwell.

Gonzalez’s status for minicamp season is uncertain, and Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star writes he may not be medically cleared for full participation to start training camp. 

We’re also not quite sure when we’ll see safety Bob Sanders again.  He’s coming off biceps and knee surgeries. 

Gonzalez is more of a luxury at this point. He’s likely fourth on the Colts wideout depth chart, creating a good problem of finding snaps for him along with Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie.

Sanders is more crucial to the Colts defense.  They need a difference maker in the secondary, and he hasn’t given a lot of return for the big deal he signed late in 2007. 

Starting up the old injury watch for Sanders and Gonzalez makes it feel like last season never really ended in Indianapolis.

27 responses to “Another offseason of rehab for Bob Sanders, Anthony Gonzalez

  1. Starting up the old injury watch for Sanders and Gonzalez makes it feel like last season never really ended in Indianapolis.
    Oh, but it did. Want me to tell you how it ended?

  2. Here’s hoping Gonzalez makes it back. He’s a VERY tough and VERY smart player, with excellent hands and the guts to go over the middle. He stood out even as un underclassment at Ohio State, even with Santonio Holmes and Ted Ginn playing ahead of him.

  3. too bad eric decker was not drafted by the colts. manning wanted him because decker would have been a welker type guy in the colts offense. now decker has to wait for a qb to learn how to throw

  4. Sanders should be cut in this uncapped year. Screw him and his continuous injury. He has provenm he isn’t a man, and can’t play through injuries. He made his money.

  5. Bob Sanders was all hype. He was too small, dove at legs to make tackles and was never healthy an entire season. When you become Troy, Ed, Sean or those kinds of players then you deserve to have your name brought up.
    Irvin’s coked out self called him out on NFL Network last year and I actually agreed with him. He said, “If you want to be called a playmaker then you have to play like a playmaker”.

  6. FreeAgentPro – I beg to differ. There are but a handful of players in the NFL at anygiven time who ‘change the game’ when they are on the field. Sanders is one of them. Yes, its disappointing that he’s missed so much time, but to question his heart or toughness is to ignore facts and reality.

  7. @FreeAgentPro-
    Are you serious? Have you ever played football let alone in the NFL? As a Pats fan I have admired the way Sanders plays the game from afar. He, like many other great safties plays with a certain reckless abandon that often times leads to injuries. To call him less than a man is ignorant and a true sign you’re probably some fat guy judging from the safety of your moms basement.

  8. Austin Collie is Gonzo-lite(as of now), the Colts will definitely want Anthony Gonzalez back… the Colts love intelligent players like these two

  9. Its got nothing to do with toughness. He is just too small to play his physical style at the NFL level. He is right up there with JaMarcus as one of the worst investments of the past 5 years.

  10. “Colts wideout Anthony Gonzalez originally hurt his knee in Week One last year.”
    Incorrect. Gonzalez hurt his knee in preseason and when he tried to rush back to play, re-injured it in the 1st game. I think it was the 1st indy offensive play of the game actually.

  11. Knucklehead, you behave like a trashtalking Cheatriot fan. Though my wording was inappropriate, my intention was to say that Sanders to too small a man to play recklessly, and obviously can’t play through the injuries that result. It does the Colts no good to have a high salaried player on the sidelines most of the time, and prevents them from paying for more available player(s) who can help the team. They will probably make a decision this season to keep or release Sanders. But I understand a Pats fan support for any player who puts his heart into the game, given that your Brady suggests the Pats suffer from lack of heart in most of its players.

  12. bob sanders lmao……..hes the robaxocet guy
    …….gonzalez will be cut this season

  13. Dont get me wrong, I know Sanders is a great talent, but the guy hardly ever gets on the field. Yea, he had one great year, but he has never even played a full season. And in 6 seasons, he only had 2 years in which he played more than 6 games. Like I said, the guy is a great “talent”, but I think its a little far fetched to consider this guy one of the great safeties in the league. I’m sure many Colts fans will disagree, so let the shit talking begin.

  14. “It ended with two words: Manning Face”
    Wow, that’s…just about as clever a line as you’d expect from someone classless and pathetic enough to choose “everybodygotAIDS” as a screen name. By the way, how did YOUR team finish last year? Because unless you’re a Saints fan (who obviously won the championship) or maybe even a Pats fan (the one team who’s been more consistently successful this past decade than the Colts), you really don’t have much right gloat about the Colts being ‘failures’. Maybe you need to spend less time using outdated, juvenile insults stolen from Bill Simmons and more time learning how to write and spell at a basic third grade level.

  15. bob sanders is done.
    it was stupid to throw the money indy did at him based on his tendancy to be injured for multiple games every year.
    hes done. bone on bone is no way to play safety in the nfl.

  16. Sanders, when healthy, was not just a standout player, but was the glue that held the defense together. However, it seems like the wise thing for the Colts to do is cut their losses. He would be missed, but sometimes you just let a man go. Gonzo, on the other hand, while having some good moments, really didn’t justify being a no. 1 pick and the Colts do have other options. He should be kept around as insurance but shouldn’t be counted on to make a real contribution (can you say Hank Baskett – wonder if Gonzo could field an onside kick).

  17. I almost forgot who Bob Sanders was. But seriously, the Colts should cut him or he should retire. He can’t stay healthy long enough to make an impact anymore.

  18. Bob Sanders is going to retire and persue an acting career where his first role will be playing Samuel Jacksons role in Unbreakable

  19. Chicago6 says:
    May 13, 2010 3:30 PM
    Bob Sanders is going to retire and persue an acting career where his first role will be playing Samuel Jacksons role in Unbreakable
    What the hell are you talking about we are talking about football??……………………. both players in this article are NEVER going to make an impact anymore……..much like chicago6

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