Britt says he received a "wake up call"

The Titans didn’t let wide receiver Kenny Britt participate in the team’s last set of practices because he admittedly was out of shape.

They wanted to keep him healthy and perhaps send a message.  If that was the intent, consider the message received.

It definitely is a wake-up call,” Britt told Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “You come in and you
think you are going to practice and you tape up and you are ready to go
out there and coaches are like, ‘Take it easy.'”

Britt has the talent to be a dominant force for the Titans, but there have been whispers about his maturity well before this latest incident.

He’s been cleared to practice and now just wants to avoid pulling his hamstring, like last year.

“That’s something we don’t want to do again, where I sit out because of
injury and get fat . . . and have to drop weight again.”

14 responses to “Britt says he received a "wake up call"

  1. He’s been cleared to practice and now just wants to pulling his hamstring, like last year.
    WHAT???? Is this English? Stop Smoking Crack!

  2. he’ll be in jail within the next 2-3yrs
    kid was an absolute thug on campus during his time at RU

  3. Titans draft some very rootable players like Pacman jones, Albert Haynesworth, Vince Young the QB who refused to go back into a game, a player who even after a year in the league doesnt know he needs to stay in shape, and oh yeah the Zero Super Bowl wins….

  4. @myeagles… LOL @ ugly women who don’t go down.
    Maybe Kenny needs to lay off the Cheeba… and from the looks of it, so does Team Florio.

  5. @eagles…You don’t like the jokes go back to pulling your hamstring like last year.

  6. … yeah … a wake up call to go hit the Crispy Creme … this guy should be called “Little Snack” … after my homeboy Casey of course …

  7. cunn9305,
    all us fat boys know that KRISPY KREME is spelt with a K and not a C. No matter where we are going, we detour for the Hot Now light out front.

  8. You don’t get FAT because of sitting out; you get SOFT because of sitting out. You get fat from EATING MORE THAN YOUR BODY NEEDS during a period of inactivity.
    You need to adjust your nutritional intake to compensate for reduced activity, AND you need to continue to work out to whatever degree your injury permits, in order to keep your overall strength and conditioning up, and to reduce as much as possible the negative effects of sitting out – go ahead, tell me this is something your coaches and doctors and therapists didn’t talk to you about. Tell me you INITIATED INQUIRIES all by your little thinking self, to find out just how far you could push yourself, to keep in shape as much as possible, so that when you could begin to fully work out the injured hammy, or whatever, again, you’d have that much less to bring back to your normal strength, flexibility, stability, etc.
    Good grief.

  9. Britt has the POTENTIAL to be really special. However, the kid needs to take a page from Jerry Rice and keep himself in really good shape.

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