Cushing's tumor excuse gets exposed

One of the most specious aspects of Texans linebacker Brian Cushing’s press conference related to his claim that the positive test for hCG caused him to fear, based on the medical information he received, that he possibly had a tumor.  And he says he spent the balance of the season fearful that he had one or more tumors in his body.

It was the moment at which we became convinced that Cushing is full of something other than hCG or tumors.  People who think they have tumors get tested for (wait for it) tumors.  MRIs detect (wait for it) tumors.  Certain blood tests indicate (do we need to say it again?) tumors.

And if Cushing spent the rest of the season thinking he had tumors, he did a great job of keeping it quiet.  Alex Marvex of points out that linebacker DeMeco Ryans, a character witness of sorts whom the Texans trotted out after the ridiculously limited time to question Cushing ended, “didn’t know anything about tumors.”  Marvez also reports that the team’s position regarding Cushing’s tumor claim was to say “no comment,” which fairly can be interpreted as a concession that “it’s not a tumor.”

We’re told that other friends of Cushing’s knew nothing about a tumor.  So, basically, Cushing was in fear for his life, and he shared nothing about his concerns to some of the folks he knew best.

Moreover, Cushing offered no medical evidence to support the reasonableness of his belief that he feared cancer.  The Associated Press sought out the input of Dr. Gary Wadler, who chairs the committe that the determines the banned substances for the World Anti-Doping Agency.  And Dr. Wadler summed the situation up perfectly.

“If he had a tumor that produced hCG, he wouldn’t be playing football,”
Wadler said.  “He would be under treatment for a malignant

Wadler also pointed out that, if Cushing had a tumor, he would have tested positive for hCG consistently.  Instead, Cushing only tested positive for hCG once.

“Malignant testicular tumors producing hCG are rather lethal,” Dr. Wadler
said.  “It is a fairly aggressive tumor and you’re not playing in the NFL

And that’s the truest statement made today as to Cushing:  “You’re not playing in the NFL with one.”

In our view, there is no tumor, there was no tumor, and there was no fear of a tumor.  What we saw today was the predictable denial of a man who made his bed months if not years ago.

When witness testimony sharply conflicts in a trial, some wonder why people would choose to lie under oath.  The reality is that the decision to lie under oath was made long before the witness ever set foot in the courtroom.

In Cushing’s case, the decision to publicly deny on Thursday ever using banned substances was made the moment he first used one.

66 responses to “Cushing's tumor excuse gets exposed

  1. Absolute shame on the sports idiots that revoted for this little cheat. Sports is getting to the point you have no idea who to believe in!

  2. This coming from a Texans fan: He sure did look foolish up there. Better to come out and admit your mistake than to look foolish and then be known as a cheater and a liar. But each to their own!
    I have to say, and jmo, he hurt himself more than he helped himself today. From the “I dont know how hCG got in me” to this tumor thing. Crazy crazy crazy!

  3. Biggest dirtbag in the NFL. His man boobs and shrunken testicles should be banned from the NFL.
    They supposedly care about the “integrity of the game” but only give slaps on the wrist to people who take roids or use spy cameras, while they give much harsher punishment to those who try to have sex with sluts in bars.
    It’s all such a damn crock of $hit! Ban this roid freak for the season and take away every award and honor he got last year, then start suspending people IMMEDIATELY when they fail a test, or at least publicize it while the appeal takes place.

  4. Read the NFLPA drug policy. Step one after testing positive is a complete physical. The physical includes an MRI of the testicles.
    Sorry, Cush. The NFL already thought of that and ruled it out.
    The only thing saving your ass now is the confidentiality clause, which allows you to say whatever you want while the league remains silent, except to say you failed and will be banned for at least 4 games.

  5. Bill Belicheat has a tumor the size of a coconut on his a$$. It talks to him when he tries to sleep, constantly whispering “cheater …. cheater ….”. He calls it “ItalianArmyGuy”
    True story

  6. This guy is a joke. If I thought one of my nuts had cancer I’d be getting that shit checked out by the time that hour ended. Not making up stupid excuses about his steroid use almost a year later. Come on, you cheat, you lie, and you barely deserve a place in this league. The point of the NFL is not to make steroid-head freaks rich. I’m ashamed by the AP going ahead and condoning this kind of behavior.

  7. I think I speak for most Texans fans when I say:
    Cushing probably took something he shouldn’t have. Cushing probably knew what he was doing. Cushing should have come clean Thursday. But he didn’t.
    Texans fans are going to back our guy; that’s what fans do.
    I’m disappointed that he (likely) did some PEDs. And I’m disappointed that he didn’t come clean Thursday. Perhaps he hasn’t learned anything from Roger Clemens and Tiger Woods.
    But my God, Florio. You are taking this so personally. This is the first time a Texans player has brought upon the team or city negative attention anywhere near this proportion.
    Houstonians are generally mannerly and soft-spoken. But you’re pissing us off. Our radio hosts have typically said wonderful things about you, even routinely had you on the air. But you are losing a fan base, man.
    Pick on somebody with boobs your own size.

  8. Forio,
    I’m pretty sure that Cushing said he “feared” he had a tumor, not that he had one! So, what exactly is the purpose of quoting a doctor regarding what would be if he had a tumor???? We all know that he didn’t have a tumor, so what’s the point??? Me thinks you need to let this story go already because you are starting to write stuff that has no relevance to the situation.
    Know if you can prove he never got tested for a tumor, then you have a story, but this right is a bunch of journalistic crap.

  9. We get it, can we get another story please? Your hard-on for all things Brian Cushing is cool and all, but could you write it in your diary instead of writing stories portraying them as “news” or “rumors”?
    Also, the portrayal that he is the only person in the league that is using a PED is ludicrous. Everyone here that is calling for his head just because he was dumb enough to get caught for something that occurs regularly throughout the league needs to calm down with the witch hunt.
    Also, the irony of a lawyer calling out someone else on “ethics” is not lost on me.

  10. Just have Bob Costas lob some softball style interview questions his way, lie, act stupid and coming off as a total jerk off and things will be so much better.
    Look what its done for Big Mac.

  11. Where’s Wendy Testiberger to beat the sh^t out this Cartman?
    What a disgrace, hiding behind cancer.

  12. ItalianArmyGuy, I was going to write some nasty stuff about Cushing, but then I read your post and I am still laughing trying to type, correcting typos the whole way.
    That is one of the funniest things I ever read. You deserve a big “Well Played!”

  13. This cheating in sports is getting ridiculous. You cheat on a test you fail, you cheat on your girl you get dumped, you cheat in a game you get disqualified. You cheat in sports you keep you’re millions that you made while cheating, you keep your awards you got while cheating…getting suspended isn’t enough to stop players from doing this. It’s getting outta hand.

  14. Sorry but whenever I see Cushing I see a younger Romanowski. Romanowski was on the juice too.

  15. From someone who had a brain tumor, this story makes me sick…
    F–k you Brian Cushing.

  16. those who lie about cancer to cover up blatant cheating & get awarded for it deserve the worst life has to offer, take that comment however u wish to

  17. What if we find out that Cushing has cancer? It’s pretty unlikely, but how much of a douschebag will you feel like if that ends up being the case? You’re being a presumptive asshole, stop your diatribe. We know it’s slow NFL news season but Jesus Christ you’re being a dick.

  18. @Ben whateverthehellyournameis:
    Did you not read this or any other article on the subject?? If he has/had cancer, we would have/still be producing HCG. Obviously you don’t pay attention.

  19. The argument vs. PED’s is over. Eventually the players associations will seek to limit PED’s when/if they feel negative effects. For now, it is clear that the vast majority of athletes use them.
    We can all dwell in the past where indignation over PED’s was the norm, but that’s a waste.
    Individuals, especially the young, will make sacrifices they don’t understand for rewards they overvalue. That is human nature. It’s tragic. But life is tragic.
    And frankly, Viagra is a PED.
    Who is to say that HGH isn’t snake oil that actually works? Florida Boomers seem to love it. Humans have been chasing snake oil since forever.
    Ultimately, its just a game, and it’s a well marketed game. So what? The line between football kids and “little miss sunshine” pageants is zero. I don’t take joy at others mistakes or jeopardy, but at the same time, I don’t begrudge them their compulsions.

  20. Florio merely collects his material from other sources. Every major newswire is running stories on Cushings tumor excuse- FOX, AOL, SI, ESPN, Yahoo, and a host of other websites. Most are outraged and citing other experts to debunk Cushing’s wild reach. Whoever is advising Cushing is selling his career down the river. The Texans brass roll their eyes and won’t even comment about Cushing’s ‘surprise’ tumor story. Certainly the owner McNair never expected his team to have the worst offseason distraction in it’s history. Now they are faced with supporting Cushing’s lies – and saying they knew about the tumor risk from team doctors – or just hiding from the media and hope that the whole thing will blow over.

  21. like 3 weeks ago i probably wouldn’t have remembered he was HOU’s first round pick in 09 off the top of my head, and same could be said for many of you. why do we need to keep digging into this? peyton manning beating up a group of hookers wouldn’t get this much worthless discussion.

  22. “You’re being a presumptive asshole, stop your diatribe.”
    This coming from a guy with the name BenRapistberger.

  23. Keep running your mouth Florio. Remember what happened to Tim McCarver?
    Your time is coming you idiot.

  24. What is the point of beating on the guy? Whether he was guilty or innocent, he has been found guilty and paid the full price under the NFL rules.
    At the very least he has gotten the punishment he deserves (including $2 million plus in lost earnings, not including image damage).
    The other alternative is that he was innocent, in which case an extreme injustice has been done. I can’t see any point in piling on. On the street he wouldn’t even be guilty of a misdemeanor. It’s a less serious infraction than failing to signal when you turn on your bicycle.

  25. Karma can be a bitch, Florio.
    Let the phrase “malignant testicular tumor” run through your head a few times just before you nod off too sleep….malignant testicular tumor…malignant testicular tumor….malignant testicular tumor….

  26. We’re told that other friends of Cushing’s knew nothing about a tumor. So, basically, Cushing was in fear for his life, and he shared nothing about his concerns to some of the folks he knew best.
    just because Peter King writes about his vericose veins on SI does not mean some people dont keep things like cancer to themselves….
    wouldnt you want to spare friends & family something like that until you had to?

  27. Hey, Florio has a right to be pissed off. When he thought Cushing had cancer, he bought him a membership to the Hair Team for Men.

  28. can’t wait to hear what you texan fans will be saying in a year or two this douche… prolly the same thing bolt fans are saying bout their own cheater… haha

  29. The guys a joke and a disgrace not only to my county but to my former high school division

  30. What an ass……. I didn’t give two shits about the steriod use…. but common, will this douche bag say anything to save his image???
    Saying you have a “tumor” is low………
    God Bless You Mr. Cushing…God Bless….

  31. florio, get off cushings di** so what he tested positive for a banned substance. no one cares about your 13year old or why you have a personal vendetta against cushing. get off his nuts you bum

  32. stripping him of Rookie of Year title and compensation would send appropriate message to rest of NFL. Every award candidate should be tested before and after an award is made. Shame on NFL for condoning the behavior…wonder how many concussions are related to roid usage? These guys are killing themselves and fans love the big blows but the shortsighted NFLPA does nothing to protect players from themselves. How sad the Commissioner takes no stand.

  33. The Cushing outrage continues!
    Will the republic stand?
    I’m guessing this is the first person to lie about steroid use whom Florio’s encountered.
    For the rest of us, who actually read the sports pages for something other than football, there’s nothing new about Cushing’s lying. Seen it all before in cycling, track and field, baseball… you name it.
    All the Florio anger and all the Florio columns aren’t going to make even a teensy weensy dent in the willingness of athletes to use PEDs to achieve and sustain a career. Especially in a brutal sport like football.

  34. So when does he get a further suspension under the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy for this nonsense?

  35. Just watched his press conference and one thing is clear – as a human being Cushing thinks he’s fooling people with his excuses but he doesn’t get it that he’s not. He’s a loser as a human.
    He got to the show taking the juice and now he’s a target he won’t be able to get away with it and his weight will go down and he’ll be a step slower and he’ll be out of the league in three years. There’s a reason quite a few teams needing an OLB passed on him – he was going to get caught because he doesn’t realize his intelligence is below average.
    What an idiot and using the “cancer” excuse is the capstone.

  36. Hey, so he got suspended for the 1st four games of the season…… least during that time he can breast feed!!!

  37. I am a little surprised at those folks who post that taking PEDs isn’t a big deal. It doesn’t bother them.
    Then there are the morons who don’t read properly and bash Florio. For those of you in that category, go to a reading support group or something. You sound like an ignorant morons.
    For every successful user of PEDs that gets to play the national football league and make the $, there is a guy who was ousted. Most likely, that guy didn’t take the PEDs. If some of you can’t see the travesty in that, then there is no hope for you.
    Some idiot actually said Viagra is a PED. Ummm…yes but you go ahead and think it’s the same kind of thing.
    Me personally, I want to see guys who are natural competing and doing things that normal guys aren’t capable of doing. If their fake, it takes away something for me. I am in support of blood tests like the Olympics.
    I am always amazed that when a guy tests positive for PEDs or drugs, that the authorities aren’t called in.

  38. Having read this article, and responses to this article, I have been enlightened.
    Is Florio kinda a d-bag? Eh, yeah. But he’s an equal opportunist d-bag.
    Every one of us on this web page take it WAY to personally when he slams our team.
    I’m a Browns fan, as a Browns fan reading this article, I can tell you Texans fans, there is absolutely nothing wrong with what Florio wrote.
    Cushing cheated, then CLEARLY lied to try and cover it up. It makes your player look like a degenerate. No amount of loyalty can or should cover this reality up.
    Don’t shoot the messenger

  39. Note to Mr Cushing: Quite possibly the lamest (and least believable) excuse I’ve heard in a very long time. In other words,”Don’t pee down my back and then swear to God that it’s raining!”
    To those who might pass Cushing’s actions off as “no big deal” or “doing what needs to be done to succeed in the NFL”, do yourselves a favor and research the Taylor Hooton Foundation or better yet, go listen to Don Hooton speak sometime. The damage that one successful cheater can do as far as influencing the impressionable and uneducated is not insignificant.

  40. I’ve been out of touch as usual. Did someone say Cushing got a hernia trying to rape a drunk underage pit bull in a small restroom.

  41. I didn’t pay too much attention to this until he spoke. I don’t condone cheating and think anyone caught should be punished/fined/suspended and have all awards rescinded as well. I first started paying attention when the idiots in the AP gave him back the award.
    Now I have to say I’m hooked! This is ridiculous. The excuses and the lying are horrible. His agent should fire himself. With that little press conference he just ended his own career. How can he say he spent an entire season in fear for his life? Some of you asked for proof he didn’t get tested for tumors? Well THERE IT IS!!!!! If he was tested for tumors and it was negative then he knew and didn’t spend the season in fear. If he wasn’t tested then he’s even stupider than he looks and shouldn’t be allowed to walk and chew gum at the same time let alone drive a car or live on his own.
    A DR for the anti-doping agency already stated that if he had a tumor that released HCG then is would be fatal. He wouldn’t have been playing football! I don’t like lies and I don’t like cheats.
    I’m a huge Miami Dolphins fan and personally I hope they get rid of Jason Ferguson as well. If he’s cheating to stay in the game at 35, it’s time to go. I know they’re a better team with him on the field but if he cheats he shouldn’t be playing. OK sorry, that was my rant.

  42. Oh the humanity!! What travesty and total disrespect to all those people how ever had cancer or a tumor!!! What will the lazy parents do now that the AP and NFL has confirms to all the children that “It’s OK to cheat”. Now our kids will become roided monsters – all due to BRIAN CUSHING!!! Why oh why has Cushing disgraced my team, my high school, my city, my state, my country, my world! In our best Nancy Kerrigan voice, let’s scream from the mountain tops, “Whhhhyyy… Whhhhyyy…”!!!
    Give me a break! This is a dumb jock (along with numerous others out there) playing a game who did something stupid and is now backtracking on it. Shocking!!! But he did it all to humilate you and to make your life more difficult? Yawn… Get a life, losers (Florio included)!

  43. Well, in the end the NFL should thank Cushing. This isn’t going away anytime soon. Because he was caught (and yes Cushing apologetics, he was definitively caught…. If you don’t understand how impossible it is to test positive for this, to the levels that would give a positive, then don’t make comments about how it could happen naturally, because it simply cannot) and now continues to lie about it, the NFL and NFLPA are going to have no choice but to avoid this in the future. That means, after this, the NFL is going to have to come clean about what a player tests positive for and how much. Otherwise, players can simply say things like “it was in a drink I had” or “it’s from natural causes” without having to worry about public scrutiny.
    I think it’s pathetic. This test actually shows that, at least last offseason, Cushing had to be taking large amounts of steroids. Only reason to use hCG is to recover from extensive steroid use. Also, for people saying that a lot of players cheat by using HGH, etc, I say 2 things. First, at least they’re smart enough to take something that the NFL doesn’t test for. Second, the reason steroids is much worse, and why it is definitively banned in all sports, is because we actually know it has extensive enhancing qualities and terrible eventual side effects.
    Cushing: You were using. Everybody without their Cushing blinders on knows it. You know it. Suck it up and take your medicine. You may have just changed a lot of the drug policy for the NFL, so thank you. In a very short period of time I’m sure the NFL will begin drug testing in offseasons. I guarantee that’s where you start catching many more of them.

  44. egypt123
    But Florio makes a living doing this, what’s your problem.
    Live Slo man!!!

  45. man boobs and tiny balls.
    He did roids.
    No, the league should not “allow” roid use. That would be the end of the NFL and any other sporting league so SHUT UP on that point already.
    We don’t need pharmaceutical co’s being the 12th man on the field. So shut up.

  46. I can tell you right now. I wouldn’t be condoning the BS if Calvin Johnson from my team got caught cheating. I’d be saying, sit down, shut up and take your suspension. Just because a person likes the Houston Texans or Cushing doesn’t change what has really happened here. Cushing was cheating. Cushing got caught. Cushing is now in top notch damage control to attempt to win public sympathy and, thus, the PR battle.
    Here’s the deal. If a person gets caught drinking and driving, we get to hear his intoxication level, his actions, his statements, where he was, what he did, and any accompanying pictures. And alcohol is legal. But if somebody takes steroids or some other banned substance, we’re not even allowed to find out how much was in his system, even if what was tested positive for is leaked.
    I find it funny that originally Cushing said he took something but thought he’d win the appeal because he didn’t know it was a banned substance. This was before the public knew what he tested positive for. Then, like magic, when we do find out what he tested positive for, he changes his tune completely and says, not only did he not take anything, but he feared for his….choke….. life….. Give me a break
    What a lying, cheating dirtbag

  47. I never will understand why people will continue to deny when they have been caught red-handed. Years from now, when he is out of football and all messed up from roids I’m sure he will come clean and sell a book or something.

  48. Maybe you wouldn’t have a tuma if you didn’t take roids as that’s a bad side affect you can get with many of them. He’s like a guy who is gonna use the economy as a excuse for stealing and mugging even though he has a long rap sheet for doing it even before the economy sucked

  49. Doesn’t he know he’s just making this whole thing worse by talking? People stopped talking about Merriman and Peppers because they knew how to take the suspension and keep their mouths shut.
    Are we really that smart or is he really that stupid? We live in a world full of idiots.

  50. “We’re told that other friends of Cushing’s knew nothing about a tumor.”
    Of course can you back that statement up- yea, just like you did the Steve Smith statement. PFT- the journalistic verison of the NFL kicker.

  51. ethan robert says:
    May 14, 2010 12:02 AM
    The other alternative is that he was innocent, in which case an extreme injustice has been done. I can’t see any point in piling on. On the street he wouldn’t even be guilty of a misdemeanor. It’s a less serious infraction than failing to signal when you turn on your bicycle.
    It’s not piling on to call a liar a liar. The guy perpetuated the story by lying (poorly, I might add) about it.

  52. Oh, but Cushing is from USC and we all know their players would *never* do anything deserving of any kind of investigation ! [cough cough]

  53. screw the texans, cushing a big cheater scumbag the texans are best a mediocre franchise, they will be a .500 record or 1 game above .500 record team never will have a real winning record. it was better when there was the houston oilers.

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