Fisher sounds more puzzled by Scaife's absence than by Chris Johnson

Titans coach Jeff Fisher continues to not worry about running back Chris Johnson’s absence from offseason practices.

“I am sure that [Johnson] is working and that he is not planning on
sitting out the season. I am sure he’ll come in pretty soon,” Fisher told the Tennessean.

Fisher sounded more perplexed about the team’s franchise player, tight end Bo Scaife. 

“Bo must have reasons for it. He was compensated pretty well last year
and is going to be compensated pretty well this year. We’ve treated Bo
pretty well,” Fisher said.

Our PFT coach translator spits out: “Everyone knows Scaife is overpaid at $4.9 million this season.  Who is he kidding?”

8 responses to “Fisher sounds more puzzled by Scaife's absence than by Chris Johnson

  1. Scaife is overpaid, overrated, and is playing what will likely be his last season for the Titans.
    Jared Cook Jr. is going to replace him. Most likely sooner than later. Once Cook improves in blocking, Scaife is a goner.

  2. The guy is the best RB in football
    Pay him and move on. he is worth it and WILL produce the next few years

  3. overpaid, overrated, wont be back next year, cook has his spot next years. same thing everyone said last year. didn’t happen, he was a restricted fa and came back; deal with it! yeah cook has to learn how to block…like that’s done over night. don’t forget he has to learn how to produce in the regular season..learn how to think and stop saying what most fans say who aren’t as logical as they think they are.

  4. Scaife is delusional. Chris Johnson deserves to be the highest paid RB, but no way should he be getting anything close to QB money. Thats where the insanity needs to stop

  5. RB????? when did Scaife become a running back lol………… TE you mean duh duh duh duh

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