Five Browns starters expected to skip start of OTAs

Mike Holmgren is trying to kickstart a new era of Browns football, but the rules governing the uncapped year are getting in the way.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer writes that five starters, all unsigned restricted free agents, plan to skip the team’s start of Organized Team Activities

The list includes safety Abe Elam, who wants a multiyear deal. Linebacker D’Qwell Jackson’s agent believes the Browns “failed to live up to their promise to give Jackson an extension” before last season.  (That was before he tore his pectoral muscle.)

Defensive end Matt Roth, fullback Lawrence Vickers, and running back Jerome Harrison are also not expected to attend.  Roth, Vickers, and Elam are all represented by Drew Rosenhaus, so they seem likely to move in a pack.

Since the players are all unsigned, they could chose to skip mandatory minicamp on June 10-12. 

28 responses to “Five Browns starters expected to skip start of OTAs

  1. MORONS! GO TO WORK…. I don’t get what I am worth at work, but I go everyday so that I can make money.
    For football players, enjoy the fact that you are playing a sport for a career, something many of us only dream we could do. Go to work because you love your job, not because your not getting the coin.
    This business is really becoming pathetic. Of those mentioned, Matt Roth deserves more money

  2. Thanks, Rosenhaus. Not that the Browns are much of a threat in the AFC North this year anyway, but if you want to help hold them back, that is fine by me.

  3. OMG!! Noooooooooo!! There is no way the Browns will repeat this year as AFC Champs if these guys don’t go to OTAs! Oh wait……. the Browns suck. So who really cares.

  4. The Vancouver Canucks made the second round of the playoffs. The last time the Browns made the second round of the playoffs, Bill Bellicheat was our coach.
    Thank you for the compliment.

  5. These players need to realize they don’t have alot of leverage. Most have either had their replacement drafted or picked up in free agency. The only one of the five I would say is crucial to the next season is Jerome Harrison. The other four are extremely expendable.

  6. Also because they were starters last year doesn’t mean they were going to be starters this season.

  7. Yeah, The Cowboys REALLY made a mistake not taking him over the othaz in THAT draft. He’s become a charade.

  8. Yeah, Holmgren will be falling all over himself to renegotiate for this pack of low level talent

  9. also because, as a browns fan, i realize that this really holds no sway on how the year is going to play out.

  10. Oh no! Without these guys, how in the hell will my beloved Browns beat the likes of Kansas City, Jacksonville, Oakland, and PITTSBURGH???
    Hahaha eat crap Yinzers.

  11. These players should all follow Josh Cribbs example…he showed up…he played hard…he did his job…and he eventually got rewarded with a new contract. Josh is the definition of class. The charity work he does in this community and the way he is perceived by these fans speaks volumes.
    Holmgren should keep all of these primadonna’s on his roster until the last preseason game is played…then drop them all. Let them sit on the couch at home all year praying for someone to get injured so they can have their chance to play again. They all have a chance now…but want to give it away because their agent is a #$*%.

  12. SO WHAT!!!! Its the Browns, would you go???? The whole reason of going to a crappy place and playing for a crappy team is for money, I’d hold out too.
    Terrell Owens

  13. These 5 players are all unsigned…….whats the problem? They became pros by their own vilition….hard work, discipline, sacrifice…….they KNOW how to stay in shape…….they know the Mangini system……why come to OTAs? If the Browns want them there now, sign them.

  14. Maybe Outhaus wanted some fans in attendance to watch him bust up some flaming bricks?
    I cannot STAND that guy…ugh.

  15. “The list includes safety Abe Elam, who wants a multiyear deal.”
    I guess ol’ Abe musta been watching Family Guy reruns or something that weekend that the Browns drafted all those DBs.
    What a friggin’ moron. He’s gonna be selling insurance in three or four months if he keeps this up.

  16. Pay Vickers, Ross, and Harrison. Jackson is very expendable right now, and ought to get his butt to OTAs before they expend him. I’d offer Elam the opportunity to carry gatoraide.

  17. For all of you crying saying these men need to go to work… Shut the F up! Working out and staying in prime football shape is part of their workday. None of you can say you wouldn’t do the same thing if afforded the opportunity.
    For those of you who say who cares about any of these people, get a grip. Jerome Harrison was the BEST running back in the NFL the last 3 games last year; what makes it even better, everyone knew the Browns were going to run, run, run, and nobody could stop them. Vickers is a BEAST too.

  18. Harrison and Elam should get their butts in before some rookie takes their job.
    Roth is in a stronger position. Jackson is in danger of being redundant, I thought they might have traded him by now.
    Vickers I like but let’s face it, blocking fullbacks are not the most irreplaceable part of the team. Roth and Harrison are the only ones who could possibly hurt if they are extended holdouts.

  19. Vickers and Elam are expendable and might want to start looking for jobs in the arena league. Roth and Jackson are decent players. I am not sure either one is worry of a multi-year extension. Harrison is the player I would be looking about signing long-term. Mr. Walrus and Mr. Heckert might want to look into shoring up their d-line some. Too bad we cannot pack some of these player for a D-lineman or two. The Browns already pourous defense is going to be really really hurting without Rogers and even more so if there are any injuries.

  20. Being starters on last years team is like being a front line soldier in a war. If you’re still standing we can use you…but there’s a reason you were on the front line….because you’re expendible!

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