Lions' Landon Cohen not conceding starting job to Suh

You can be forgiven if you’ve never heard of Detroit Lions defensive tackle Landon Cohen. He’s not exactly a household name, outside his own household.

But Cohen started four games at defensive tackle for the Lions last season, and he says he thinks he can earn a starting job this year — even though he’s going to be competing with the second overall pick in the draft, Ndamukong Suh.

“I love it,” Cohen said of competing with Suh in training camp, per the Detroit Free Press. “I love competition, man. I always say I never lost a fight in my life. I’m excited about the competition, and I think it’s going to bring the best out of all of us.”

Barring an injury or a lengthy contract holdout, Suh would have to be a huge disappointment in training camp and the preseason not to enter Week One as a starter. Maybe Cohen hasn’t lost a fight before, but he’s probably going to lose his fight for playing time with Suh.

But give Cohen credit for having the right attitude: He has to approach training camp as though he’s competing for a starting job, even though he’s more likely to get cut than he is to exit camp ahead of Suh on the depth chart.

24 responses to “Lions' Landon Cohen not conceding starting job to Suh

  1. I hope he continues to have this attitude, even after he actually loses his starting position. With Williams, Hill and Suh, adding Cohen to the mix would allow the Lions the ability for full rotation when necessary. Already much, much better on the D-line. Having 4 starting calibre DT’s would really help in keeping everybody fresh.

  2. Cohen is ginormous. It’s like standing next to the Hulk, very intimidating.
    Having said that, no chance he starts over Suh.

  3. Someone tell this dope that with the money they’re going to paying Suh, Suh could suck big giant donkey balls and still start ahead of him.

  4. It’s so bizarre, all these starters refusing to give up their job to hot shot rooks without a fight. There is a general lack of courtesy in the league these days.

  5. He put up 225 like 50 times last year in training camp. He is a decent DT, especially for being a 7th round draft choice of Millen

  6. It doesnt matter what he concedes to hes not starting over Hill or williams let alone Suh. Secondly he better be worried about keeping a roster spot. He was a starter on one of the leauges worst Dline units! Suh is not the type to come out of a game like Shaun Rodgers or Haynesworth…the rest is Lee Hill and Williams to divide and slaughter!

  7. # onesweetworld says: May 13, 2010 10:00 AM
    I didnt know Jews playe football
    “He’s not a Jew, just Jew-ish”
    – comedian/actor Jon Lovitz

  8. His best bet is that Suh doesn’t sign the contract for long long time…that’s his ONLY shot.

  9. According to Landon, competing for a starting job is analogous to a fight. But if he has never lost a fight in his life, why did he only start 4 games last year?

  10. In Cohen’s and most of the other players defense, the coaching staff has been a revolving door!
    How can anyone excel in those conditions?
    Most NFL players are pretty similar physically, it’s the mental part that separates the starters from the 6-year-and-out guys.
    Without a good set of coaches to help them learn the mental aspects of the game, they can not be successful.
    Landon has always had the physical attributes, but his success hasn’t translated to the field because of the lack of consistent and good coaching.

  11. If you’re the lions, are you really going to put your No. 2 draft pick on the bench or are you gonna put him out there and see what he can do? This isn’t a QB we’re talking about, its a DT… THAT CAN PLAY!
    And stop complaining Landon, your now making the same amount of money for a job that just got a lot easier. Be a fan, get a hot dog and enjoy your paycheck.

  12. He lost the fight at birth and wasn’t talented enough physically to be a superstar… He lost the fight in college cuz nobodies heard of him… He lost the fight in the NFL and in life because he plays for the Lions… And he’s gonna lose this fight hard to a rookie stud… That sounds like a losing record to me…

  13. When you’re drafted #2 overall, you have to play your way out of the lineup over a 2 or 3 year period rather than earn playing time. Cohen will be on someone’s practice squad or out of the league before that happens.

  14. Vaxman says:
    May 13, 2010 12:07 PM
    He lost the fight at birth and wasn’t talented enough physically to be a superstar… He lost the fight in college cuz nobodies heard of him… He lost the fight in the NFL and in life because he plays for the Lions… And he’s gonna lose this fight hard to a rookie stud… That sounds like a losing record to me…

  15. And on a related note:
    I’m not conceding defeat in the “I will eventually nail Megan Fox” battle I’m currently waging against every straight male (and possibly every straight and gay female) in the world.
    Yeah, she can practice squad me if she wants to… I’ll consider that a win for now.

  16. Cohen is actually a pretty good player. He has outplayed Andre Fluellen, who was drafted in the third round the same year. The Lions will likely have Suh, Williams, and Hill as their main rotation, but Cohen will see some time. I suspect that the Lions will cut the higher paid and less performing Andre Fluellen.

  17. Landon Cohen from Little House on the Prairie?
    Anyone ever heard of this guy?
    Was he drafted?

  18. Cohen is as strong as any player in the NFL, he put up 225 lbs. 50 times last year in training camp.
    Having said that, he has never been a starter or even able to hold down the second string. He wouldn’t have a chance of starting even if Suh wasn’t there. That’s why Sammie Lee Hill (a rookie last year from Stillman college) started over him. The only time Cohen hit the starting lineup was when we had 3 DT’s on injured reserve last year. And even then our offensive right guard (Stephen Peterman) played DT over Cohen, until Peterman got put on IR.
    I like Cohens attitude in the face of not even being able to make the team, but he just isn’t good enough to get a spot in the DT rotation.

    You are not staring over anyone Sasha Baran cohen!!!!!!!!

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