Mora takes issue with Hasselbeck remark

Gone but not forgotten, former Seahawks coach Jim Mora still has a finger on the pulse of the team he used to coach.

And it’s possibly still his middle finger.

On Wednesday, Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck posted on Twitter birthday wishes to tight end John Carlson, whom Hasselbeck called “this year’s fantasy sleeper.”

So ESPN’s Adam Schefter chimed in by pointing out that Carlson was Schefter’s fantasy sleeper last year, and that Schefter’s entire team went to sleep.  Hasslebeck responded by pointing out that Carlson will be “running routes instead of pass blocking this year.”

Enter Mora.  The one-and-done head coach wrote that Carlson “ran routes last year,” with 51 catches and seven touchdowns.  “Only blocked to keep QB from getting killed,” Mora said.  “The grass is always greener. . . .”

Hasselbeck then backed off, pointing out that Carlson will be the “slot” guy now that Chris Baker has been signed to be the team’s “Daniel Graham” tight end.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times has all the links and the screen shots.  We suspect that Mora — a good guy with a little bit (or maybe a lot) of his dad’s temper — wishes he had taken the high road.  Then again, the high road is never very entertaining.

21 responses to “Mora takes issue with Hasselbeck remark

  1. Touchy tweets are now news?…Ho hum.
    I guess no one from the Squeel City has raped anyone today…it is still a bit early.

  2. that is the second shot i have heard from hasselbeck about mora,the other talking about how the new coaching is much more creative,i think its crazy from a guy who is hurt how many times,and a team that gave up on the coach by week 5. Besides TJ housh,who else did the seahawks FO go out and get to make the team better last year,its almost like they were hoping mora would fail,look what they have done this offseason compared to last

  3. Thing is, Mora is right. Seahawks QBs had crappy protection last year and the OL needed the TE’s help a lot of the time AND Carlson DID produce well as a pass-catcher for a TE when his QB was able to get him the ball. Perhaps Hass forgets his body was held together with chewing gum and paperclips for a good part of last season and his OL sucked. Getting knocked around as a QB can cause memory loss.

  4. Bla bla bla, Jim Mora’s pissed he coached one of the worst teams in the NFL last year. He lost his job for good reason, what he says at this point is irrelevant. End of story.

  5. If Hasselbeck is expecting Chris Baker to be Daniel Graham, he’s in for a disappointment.
    Just sayin’

  6. If I remember correctly, Jim Mora jr was running around screaming we need more “dirtbags” on the O-Line.
    Instead of being a coach, he was trying to be their buddy. The players never warmed up to to Mora, and his offense was VERY predictable.
    I for one welcome the “new” creativity this current coaching staff is installing
    Mora= sour grapes!

  7. “The one-and-done head coach wrote that Carlson “ran routes last year,” with 51 catches and seven touchdowns. “Only blocked to keep QB from getting killed,” Mora said. “The grass is always greener. . . .”
    That is a valid and true statement. It’s not taking a shot at anyone. How would that taking the low road?
    The only person here taking the low road is you (not surprised it’s florio) pointing out the fact that he was a one and done head coach.
    As well as Adam Schefter showing is lack of football knowledge thinking Carlson’s numbers wouldn’t constitute a sleeper TE.

  8. OF COURSE the offense is going to be FAR more creative than under Little Jimmy.
    Because GREG TAKE A KNAPP won’t be the guy calling plays!!!
    Do y’all know that this douche and his BFF don’t let the QB change the play call at the line of scrimmage???
    In today’s NFL, Knapp refuses to allow the QB to change the play when the defense presents a different look pre-snap.
    In Atlanta, by year three, it got to the point where teams were calling out the play BEFORE the ball was snapped.
    Warrick Dunn said that.
    Little Jimmy Mora and his BFF Greg Take A Knapp are two guys who belong far, far away from a football team.

  9. FumbleNuts says:
    May 13, 2010 9:54 AM
    Instead of being a coach, he was trying to be their buddy.
    Same story with Mora in Atlanta too.

  10. Why is Jim Mora even on this blog? Dude makes dumb comments to keep himself in the news. He should just go coach pop warner football and live his life instead of trying to steal the thunder.

  11. Well Jim Mora Jr,
    How about coaching your team last year and getting your O-line to block? When you have your best playmaker blocking most of the time, you’re a bad coach who gets fired.

  12. carlson won’t even be half the player jermichael finley is gonna be this year for the pack.

  13. Jermichael Finley has no bearing on this story.
    But Mora is a twice failed coach.
    The fact that he feels the need to respond to Hasselbeck points to why.

  14. packfan4ever
    i disagree…carlson wont be one tenth of the tight end that jermichael finley will be this year
    ever since jim mora jr. fell to his knees on the sideline and put his head in his hands like a fourth grade fatty that wasn’t picked for the kickball team when his team was still in the game with time left on the clock, i knew this guy was a joke. he should never have a coaching job again including pop warner

  15. I guess absolutsaints has Absolutely no clue that Mora Sr. was a coach of the saints and the story refers to Mora Jr’s dad’s temper…

  16. Hasselbeck’s absolutely right , Carlson is a Pro Bowl caliber tight end if used properly in the offense , which is something Mora and Knapp never did with any of their players . Aaron Curry basically fell off the world after a stellar start because of poor coaching ; Forsett was obviously an upgrade over J.Jones but the coaching staff stubbornly refused to start him over Jones … Mora and Knapp couldn’t coach their way out of a paper bag …
    Carlson should have a break-out season this year .

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